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Teaching Me the Hard Way

“Another thrilling Friday night,” I snigger to myself as I check my facebook one more time. I have my Pandora up loudly set to the station I always have blaring when I am home alone—it seems too often these days. My daddy and I live here just the two of us now but he always seem to be working. Which is fine, I am more than able to entertain myself but it can get lonely. I find myself more and more chatting with the strangers I have been warned about since I was young and writing horrible things about what would happen if I were to meet them.

Brushing the dark thought from my mind I watch one more cat video before getting to work on a paper that is not due for another week or so. At least if Daddy does come home early I will not have to worry about it, at least, that is my excuse for being the nerd doing my work early.

Daddy said he was going out with some friends to the bar and he did not know what time he would be back. He trusts me to be home alone, his only rule being to just not burn the house down: So far so good.

After a quick dinner and three pages of proof of my thesis I stop and get changed into my pajamas. Tonight that happens to just be a silky robe with nothing underneath. It is too hot for layers tonight. As I am finishing up my writing, my lips mouthing the words to some Nine Inch Nails, I hear a tapping noise. Curious, I turn down my music and realize it is someone knocking on the front door. I check my phone—it is 10:30. Maybe daddy locked himself out?

I quickly leave my room and head to front door, which is down a small hall and through the kitchen. It has to be him, I convince myself pulling the door open. Who else could it be this late?

With a sinking heart I realize how wrong I am. Two men around my daddy’s age are on the porch. I close the door just slightly, holding the frame with one hand and my robe closed with the other.

“Can I help you gentlemen?” I ask politely, biting my lip.

“I’m Mark and this is Robert,” He says pointing to the other man with him, “We’re here to see Roger.”

“My Da—Roger isn’t home right now,” I say nervously, my grip on the door getting tighter, “You’ll have to come back.”

“No, no, we’ll just come in and wait for him,” Mark says smoothly, shoving on the door.

“Please, you can’t,” I plead but the two men push past me easily. He has to be about least six foot three compared to my five foot four. Robert is around the same height though a few inches shorter. Both men have some facial hair but it is clean cut. Their clothes are also in good condition though not business attire. “It is Friday night,” I tell myself, trying not to worry. Why else would these two men be here if not to see Daddy? He must be coming home soon. “Ok, but please, if he is not home soon, can you two come back tomorrow or something?”

“Of course, darlin’,” Robert says calmly, winking up at me. It is the first time he has spoken. His gruff voice takes me aback for a moment before I close the front door.

With both hands on the seam of my robe I take a quick glance towards the kitchen. I need to go get changed as well. Daddy would not approve of me being this underdressed while he is not around. “Can I get you guys anything to drink while you wait?” I ask politely trying to hide my rising nerves. I have never been great with strangers.

“Water please,” Mark says. Robert nods in agreement.

I return the nod and scamper off to my bedroom. I grab my cellphone and type out a rushed text to daddy: Come home soon please. Company I throw on some black panties and bra along with shorts and a tank top. Feeling a little less exposed, I grab two glasses down from the cabinet having to stand on my tippy toes to reach and fill them with some cool water. Quietly, I bring the water back into the living room only to find Mark sitting there.

“He’s in the restroom,” Mark says when he sees me looking around.

“Oh,” I respond simply, setting both glasses down on the table before him. “Here you are.”

He raises a finger, “Bring it to me.”

My face contorts in a half smile. He is a bossy one it seems. He reminds me a lot of my daddy. Licking my bottom lip before biting it, I mumble shyly, “Here you are then.”

He puts his hand on the glass but does not take it from me right away making me linger. His other hand brushes the straps off my shoulder a soft whisper following, “He said you’d be a good girl.”

His touch sends chills through me, his words making me freeze. I feel like I just swallowed a rock. “W-what…?” I stutter, my face turning a deep red. Finding my footing, I back away from him only to bump into something solid: Robert. I feel a soft rumble from Robert- He’s laughing. Without turning around, fear rising in my stomach, I try to bolt but he catches me around my waist, a hand over my mouth. I scream against his tight grasp trying my hardest to squirm out of his grip.

Mark is staring straight at me, sipping his water sitting back on the couch. He looks perfectly calm. My eyes prickle with tears from the panic, my heart thumping against my chest. I feel hot breath on my ear, the voice belongs to Robert.

“Don’t cry yet darlin’. We haven’t even started yet.”

The tears streak my cheeks and I thrash harder in his grasp. I feel as if I’m drowning from the panic. Without thinking, I bite Robert’s hand hard getting whatever flesh I can between my teeth. Tasting bl**d on my lips, I feel his grip release a string of obscenities following in that deep voice. I turn and run back towards the kitchen. Maybe I can get a knife or some kind of a weapon. I do not know. I hear Mark behind me yelling something at Robert before I feel his body weight slam into me. He has me pushed up against the kitchen wall pinning me there. With his large hands he f***es me to turn around his grip shifting to my throat. His free hand finds its way across my cheek, the slap stinging and leaving me a little dizzy.

“You run again and you will get worse. Understand me?” Mark’s words are crisp and clear. The tone to his voice reminds me of when Daddy is angry… Struggling to take a breath I do what I can to nod at him, tears falling from my eyes. He lets up just enough so I can breathe. My cheek feels like it is on fire—The sensation is both painful and somehow pleasurable. Should I really give in to these men? Daddy why aren’t you home yet?

“I’m going to let you go and you are going to apologize to Robert,” Mark is staring straight into my eyes. He releases me off the wall and I see Robert has joined us in the kitchen. Rubbing my throat gently for a second, I peer up at him. He has wrapped a towel around his hand but it does not appear to be serious. I stand there silently for what must be a little too long because Mark grabs me by my hair and shoves me down onto my knees. “Stubborn little brat aren’t you?” Mark smirks licking his lips, “Since you aren’t much for talking we’ll just use that mouth for something else, won’t we?”

I look up at him quizzically but it does not take me long to piece together what me means. I’ve written enough smut to men like them… I can hear Robert undoing his belt. “No,” I beg, “I’m sorry. I’m just scared and nervous and a-and,” Mark doesn’t let me finish speaking using my hair as a handle to whip my head around to where Robert has already exposed himself. I cannot protest as his large cock is shoved into my small, unprepared mouth. I gag as he tries to push himself all the way inside. He pulls out but not enough for me to close my mouth. He does this repeatedly pushing on my gag reflex with his hard, throbbing cock.

“Now you bite me this time, you little Slut,” he grunts looking down at me, “And I will shove this cock into your young, tight ass instead of your pretty lips. You got me? Now suck.” He rams his cock all the way into my mouth, his hands now in my hair instead of Mark’s. Slut The word makes my pussy ache. Only one man ever calls me slut. Through the tears brought on by Robert’s unrelenting thrusts I can see Mark has sat down at the dinner table and removed his shirt. He still has the calm look on his face. “Eyes on me, you little bitch,” Robert chokes me on his cock smothering my face with his body. My fingertips tap the floor it being my only way to beg for air. Robert pulls back and I cough gasping violently.

“Don’t be too mean to her Robert,” Mark says almost kindly, “She’ll behave if she knows what’s good for her.” His words send a shiver up my spine but the reprieve from Robert’s use of my body is only brief. He pulls off my shirt and makes me take off my shorts, leaving me in my bra and panties. Robert’s hand dips into my bra his fingers twisting each nipple in turn making me gasp from the pain. Turning my head once more, he shoves his way back into my mouth now finding a small rhythm and I give in sucking the head of his cock roughly. The way Robert grunts and growls in response is almost too much.

“Just close your eyes and think about Daddy…” I tell myself as I lose myself to Robert’s brutal face fucking. I feel drool dripping down my chin, my eyes burning though I have them shut tight. I am snapped back to my reality as I gag once more on Robert’s cruel sized cock. Two giant invaders who seem hell bent on destroying me. That is what is happening–not play time.

I put my hands up and push against Robert’s hips trying to remove him from my mouth. I want to bite him again but he seems the more violent of the two; threatening. He pulls out and I whimper, “Please, please no more.”

Robert laughs audibly, slapping his cock on my cheek repeatedly, “Hey Mark, she wants me to stop.”

Mark walks over to us. He looks like he’s checking me over. I put a hand to my face and feel it is covered in tears. My knees are a bright red from kneeling on tile which he seems to notice at least. Without answering Robert, he scoops me up off the floor and walks me back into the living room, throwing my body down on the couch. He rolls me over so my ass is up. I hear him undoing his belt just as Robert did and I bury my head against the cushions.

“No please…” I beg, “Please.”

“You don’t make the rules here, princess,” Mark whispers before I feel him bring his belt down against my ass. The sting is brutal, the impact catching my breath. He does this repeatedly each time making me cry out weakly. I try to roll over but he catches my stomach with a crack of his belt leaving me winded. I hear a deep laugh that would have to be Robert. Trying to cry quietly, I lie back on my stomach like he had me before and keep my hands by my face for protection.

“Which end do you want Robert? I think it’s time we taught her how to be a real good girl.” While he speaks he tugs my arms away from my face and behind my back using his belt to restrain them. They’re talking about me like I’m nothing more than a little fuck puppet. “Only daddy knows how to pull my strings…” I try to jerk my arms out of the belt but the response is immediate and painful. I feel one hand smack my ass, the other catches my face, making me squeal in pain.

Robert comes within my blurred vision and I know it is his hand I feel burning on my cheek. I feel a pair of hands on my legs spreading them apart and then the ripping of fabric as my panties are torn off my trembling body. It has to be Mark. His fingers trace my pussy lips, one swirling gently on my clit. I let out a small moan, cursing myself the instant I do.

“Oh you like that?” Mark chuckles his fingers now rubbing back and forth on my clit repeatedly. My legs wiggle slightly and I try to pull away from him moaning once more. My teeth sink into my lip and I try to close my legs but Mark is sitting between them. While still rubbing my clit Mark takes a finger and shoves it into my young pussy. “Fuck,” He sighs heavily, “Robert this girl is so tight.” He thrusts the finger in and out a few more times a small growl coming from him.

His touch is both repugnant and electrifying. I feel like I am starting to burn from the inside out. I bite down harder on my lip but I cannot deny the moans escaping my violated body. Each one brings me to a lower level of shame and self-loathing. “Please stop… My daddy will be home soon. Please” I beg, panting lightly. I cannot bring myself to look at Robert or try to look at Mark. The humiliation has me restrained tighter than the belt.

I hear both men laugh. Robert walks in front of my face and pulls my hair so I’ll look up at him, “There is no one here to save you, you stupid slut. Mark here is going to make you feel really good and you’re going to suck my cock like you mean it this time. Or else.” He stares at me momentarily, petting my face with an oddly gentle touch. It is followed promptly by a stinging slap that makes me cry out.

“OK, ok,” I answer quickly shying my face away from him before he can slap me again.

“Good girl,” I hear Mark say behind me. I feel something big pushing against the lips of my pussy and I immediately panic. “Let’s see if I break you in right,” Mark pushes slowly inside me taking his time to get every inch in. He is grunting in pain which matches my moaning cries against the couch.

“It hurts,” I whimper only half telling the truth. His thick cock did hurt but worse it was starting to feel good.

“Take it,” Mark growls out to me, starting to f***e his cock in and out of my pussy faster. “I can feel how wet you are you little whore.”

I moan again, louder this time, my face a harsh scarlet color. I am mortified at the pleasure coursing through me.

“It sounds like the little girl likes it Mark. She’s blushing,” Robert smirks before pulling my hair again to bring my head off the couch. “Remember what I said: Like you mean it.” He slides his cock into my mouth and I am almost happy to have something to muffle the noises coming from me. Mark is pumping in and out of me harder now stretching my insides to accommodate his large, throbbing cock. I lose myself to the pleasure sucking on the head of Robert’s cock like a lollipop. Moaning against the head of his dick I push my face further down it as if begging for more, which he is more than happy to give me. “Damn man, he did say she was a little slut but fuck… She sucks cock so well.”

Mark pulls out of my tight, dripping pussy and tells Robert to swap. Begrudgingly he pulls himself from my lips and moves himself behind me. Moving me so my chest is resting on the arm of the couch and I’m up on my knees, Robert f***es his thick, throbbing shaft into my already wet pussy. I cry out harshly, whimpering as Mark places his cock into my pouting lips. Sucking on his cock, I taste how my own arousal the shame enough to make my blushing continue.

“Don’t you like being used like a little whore?” Mark growls fucking my face roughly.

“I know she does,” Robert grunts, “Call her a whore and she squeezes her little pussy so tight…” Both men are panting heavily as they pump in out of my holes. “You’re just a helpless little slut,” Robert continues, his nails digging into my hips and he pulls my restrained body down onto his cock over and over again.

Mark pulls out of my mouth abruptly, my moans no longer stifled. He moves to my side still stroking his hard cock with one hand. With the other he finds my clit and starts to rub it as Robert continues to pound my body relentlessly. “Tell me if you want to cum you stupid slut,” Mark orders.

His touch along with Robert’s pummeling has my orgasm building. The thought of asking to cum to these men who have used me makes my eyes well up with tears. I do not want to give them the satisfaction but I cannot deny the tension building. “M-may…” I start.

Mark interrupts me, “Say it you dumb whore. Ask me to cum. Tell me how good we made your little slut body feel.” Mark removes the hand from his cock and wraps it around my throat choking me brutally while Robert keeps working my poor, abused pussy.

“Please,” I strain through his grasp, “May I cum? Pretty please?” It is difficult to speak but I manage the words.

His fingers tighten around my throat until I begin to feel light headed. Leaning in close to me, Mark whispers gently into my ear, “Cum for Daddy right now, little girl.”

My body responds to the phrase before I realize I am coming and coming hard. Why did he say that? My mind tries to grasp the question but it cannot. My own moaning drowns out my reason, my body trembling from orgasm.

Mark releases my throat licking his lips satisfactory. His hand has returned to stroking his still hard cock.

“Fuck… This slut is soaking wet…” Robert groans pulling his cock from my dripping pussy. I know my face is bright red but I am too drained to care too much.

“Get on your knees, now,” Mark directs, pulling on the belt to drag me off the couch. I comply fairly quickly I think but he still wraps his hand into my hair and makes sure I am sitting up straight. I whimper lightly but don’t try to fight. I do not have the energy.

“Look how obedient she is once she’s been fucked like a little whore,” Robert snickers placing on hand on my face and pushing my head back so I will look up at him. I return his gaze but only for a moment before the humiliation of it all starts to set in. My legs are still trembling from orgasm.

Both men settle in front of me, their hands working on reaching a climax of their own.
“It would have been nice to fill your little pussy with cum baby doll but this I couldn’t pass up,” Robert still has a hand on my face, “If you think you can’t look at me now… I don’t know how you are going to look at him…”

The way he says it makes my stomach lurch. They have been hinting at it all night realize only to add my disgust. Daddy… they know about Daddy. How was I going to explain this to him? Panic and shame rise in my throat. I feel like I’m suffocating. I pull my face away from Robert’s hand and start to tremble, tears streaking down my cheeks.

Mark groans in response to the sounds of my sobbing, his climax imminent, “Fuck…” He reaches his end first, his thick, white cum shooting all over my tear stained cheeks. I feel it dripping down my face and onto my chest. For good measure he shoves the head of his cock into my startled mouth one last time before falling back on the couch now spent.

Robert is not soon behind. With one hand now in my hair he pulls my head back and cums on my forehead trailing his load down my face and into my mouth making sure to coat my lips. Once he releases my hair I hang my head trying to turn away from them both but I am unable to move much.

“You look like a cute glazed donut,” Mark smirks pulling himself up off the couch. He replaces his shirt which he had brought in and left on the floor, his hands fumbling with his zipper next. Robert also tidies himself up. He hardly looks like the sadistic asshole who had been taking every opportunity to smack me around tonight.

Reluctantly I lick my lips clean, the salty taste rushing my senses. I can feel their cum sliding down my cheeks still and onto my now filthy chest.

Mark gently pets me under my chin and reaches for his belt behind my back. His last article of clothing–Stopping short of untying it he crouches down talking almost kindly to me, “You know, why don’t you keep the belt. Maybe it will fit Roger.” Without touching me further he stands up and they both head for the door.

That unsettlingly familiar feeling of panic begins to take over again. “Wait you can’t leave me like this!” I cry. My face is covered in cum, my panties have been torn off, the bra I was wearing completely disheveled and soaked in tears, cum, and drool…

“Do tell Roger we stopped by. It is a shame we missed him,” Mark winked before closing the door behind them both.

Trying to calm myself down and I attempt to release myself from Mark’s knot behind my back. He did not tie it tightly and now no one was here to stop me from wiggling free. “Almost…” I mutter to myself feeling the belt loosen. Getting up on my shaky legs, I run to the bathroom and use the mirror over my shoulder to finish with the belt. I can hardly stand to look at my face as I do so. With the belt off my now sore wrists, I wash the drying cum from my face and chest. I have red marks on my cheeks where Mark and Robert had slapped me, the thought making them sting just a little. I also have a long red mark across my tummy where Mark had gotten me with his belt.

With a towel in hand I walk back into the living room and go to lock the front door. “I swear that I will never unlock this door again unless Daddy is home,” I say to myself with my fingers still trembling. As I turn to go get in the shower, I notice a note on the floor with my name scrawled across it.

Hey guys,
Have fun with her tonight. She is my little girl and princess. She can be stubborn, even with me sometimes but she is obedient. If she isn’t, use f***e. A lot of it. You have my blessing. I am sure she will let you inside if you tell her it is to see me. You know we have already talked about the basics via email. She will probably put up a fight at first but fuck her well and she will be like putty in your hands. She’ll be a good girl.

My heart is racing as I continue reading, a confused look now on my face.

Do not worry if she cries. She will be… and she’ll probably be embarrassed. Push her. She deserves it. Teach her what she’s asking for. Humiliate the little slut. Oh, she loves being called a slut and a whore no matter how she reacts. Now saying all goes as planned, I want you to leave this note by the door when you leave. I need her to understand what this night is about.
Little Girl,
I know I have been working a lot and have been too busy to play with you like you need. Tonight while I’m down at the bar I will be thinking of you and how my two friends are going to use you like the little, fucking cum slut you are. The next time you decide to write ****, home invasion erotica and share it with those “men” you find online– Make sure you do not share it with the network too. Next time the punishment will be much worse. This is about your safety. Trust me. Remember I am your Daddy. You may think you know what you want but I always know what you need.
Get cleaned up. I’ll be home soon.

Love Daddy

Sinking to my knees, I bring the paper to my face head butting it gently. I feel like I could laugh but the twisted feeling in my stomach keeps it from becoming audible. “Daddy…” I sigh letting the first happy tears of the night slide down my cheeks, “Thank you.”

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