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[image][/image]TEMPTATION!…i must start by stating the obvious, I have a fetish for ladies undies especially panties.
Well here’s the dilemma I faced the other day,my lady came back from her daughters house (not bl**d related to me) and brought in a big washing basket full of washing as her daughters washing machine had broke down.

She asked did I mind, and even as the words left her mouth I thought “MIND,MIND” lol! …I nearly jumped for joy,as since moving in with my lady I’ve had no instances of visiting and borrowing the odd pair of panties,
for er! Private moments.

Anyway I was hoping that I’d get to the panties before they were put in the wash, so i could smell that georgeous pussy/pee smell that lady’s produce but sadly that didn’t happen, although I’m glad as some of the items were her teenage grandaughters and It felt wrong even thinking about sniffing them.

There were a few pairs of panties, and luckily I could work out whos were who being that her daughter is in her 30s and granddaughter just over 16,so I took it that the lacy thong and sexier panties were her daughters and the boy pants were the granddaughters, so i gave them a miss.

I’d really wished I’d got to the black lacy thong before the wash and sniffed and wanked into it but it wasn’t to be, i like to sniff and breath in hard then I cum in the gusset and then eat and lick my cum from the gusset,the mixture of the lady’s pussy/pee and my jizz is delicious.

And so when my lady was downstairs I took her daughters black lacy thong into the bathroom and held it in front of me,I had trouble at first realising what was front and back but worked it out
it had a tiny lace patch at the back and a bigger lacy patch with pretty flowers on and a well worn gusset.

I was hoping there would be a hint of pussy but no, my lady’s wash is to thorough for that, so I had to imagine, i rubbed the lacy part over my cock this gave me a semi erection, I then put it on and imagined how horny I’d feel knowing that she was wearing it after I’d had my cock and balls in it and the stringy material that had rubbed my ass crack was now rubbing hers.

And then it happened I got a full hard on from the feel of the lace on my cock and the material disappearing up my ass crack and my cock just got bigger then burst out of the small patch of lace and I then knew I had to wank, and where I was going to shoot my load.

i took off the thong and placed it on the side gusset side up i knew exactly where my load was going, I couldn`t be too long so I took some steady slow but firms strokes a long stroke pulling my foreskin right back until my hand reached my tummy then a short one just exposing the head, this always made me cum quick and fast, I kept rubbing my cock over the gusset, and lacy patch where my lady`s daughters pussy would have been until i felt the cum rise up from my balls, and then carrying on with my strokes i aimed my cock right on the gusset and shot a nice healthy load right into her thong, it was quite a powerful cum as i was so horny knowing even though i`d be careful not to leave any stains she would have a trace of my cum rubbing inside her pussy and asshole.


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