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Tender Thoughts and Moments with Daddy.

Holidaying on the Mediterranean suited my parents, who were both naturalists. Nudity was never an issue, and I grew up in that relaxed atmosphere, seeing men swing as they walked past me.

Being an only c***d, I was left to my own devices and thoughts, reserved and curious, I self-psychoanalysed, watched with interest and hoarded those days, deep in the recesses of my mind.

I knew where babies came from, but never questioned how they got there, even when I stumbled on my mother in the process with three men in our hotel room one night.

That night saw the end of my blissful c***dhood, as my parents parted their ways and left me with a doting father to navigate my teen years which lay ahead of me, a voyage of discovery and a bonding that tied a father and daughter in sometimes embarrassing situations, but our love for each other saw us through them.

I have always had a wicked sense of humour and for my fifteenth birthday I asked my father for a vibrator, and I asked him matter of factly and with a straight face.

His expression was the joy of the day over the breakfast table. Nudity we both could handle, even shopping for my first brassiere at thirteen was done without fuss, as he accompanied me into the changing room area and stood guard while I tried a few on. Not content on hiding I opened the curtain for his approval and let him watch his growing up daughter, getting familiar with her now found power, my breasts, I could see daddy was uncomfortable with the racy brassieres, as I took them off and tried another on.

That, apart from witnessing my mother’s little gang-bang that night in the hotel room, was the first inkling about sex, that was creeping into our lives, I saw with daddy’s uncomfortable shifting, I had physically aroused him, and that in turn, excited me in a strange way, I had never been sexually aroused and the wetness I experienced in my crotch, was the beginning of many such feelings.

Asking for a vibrator was my cheeky rapport and now I was becoming a flirt and a tease.

But, before that, there was that first holiday together where I got to know daddy as never before.

That summer when our thoughts returned to holidaying, I wanted to go back to where we used to go, I wanted to go naked on those dunes, and seven years had passed since our last trip.

Back we went and the first problem we encountered were the rooms, we had booked, two, was now one, a clerical error and full capacity saw us sharing the room together, the second was the bed, it was double, someone had assumed we were a married couple. I burst into a fit of laughter at the expression on my poor father face.

Being excited just to be back was my over-riding concern, sl**ping with my father at that particular moment in time, meant nothing to me, I just wanted to get out onto the beach and toast my body with rays, and see the men of course, but I was not going to tell my father his nubile daughter was now fast becoming a dick watcher.

Sex for teenagers tends to be handled (Pardon the Pun) with fun, for me it was a way of lightening up the seriousness of subject the feelings, and the perceived awkwardness surrounding the subject matter, I was close to my father, and I knew his life since their separation was sexless, and I also knew I was fast becoming a sexual person in my own right and daddy saw that too.

‘Oil me up daddy’.

I stood completely naked as he turned with a shocked expression on his demeanour. I was holding a bottle of Amber Solaire and as he turned to face me I walked towards him and turned my back on him, still proffering the bottle, which he took, it was the first time daddy had seen me in my all together, especially with a small tuft of coiffured pubic hair atop my pubis.

His hands were strong, I could feel it as he stroked my bare back, even my nipples hardened, and I marvelled at their immediate response to his touch, a sense of power surged through my body, and that wetness was coming back, the hair on my pubis was hiding the fact I was a horny little bitch.

‘There’, he said thickly, but I was not finished, ‘Do my bum’, it was more a command than a request, and I smiled to myself when I heard the noise the bottle made as daddy squeezed the plastic bottle, but when his hands started kneading my pert cheeks, I groaned, I think daddy knew my body was responding to his touching so near my intimates.

‘My turn to do you’, I said, wickedly turning to full frontal so daddy could see me in my entirety. I took the bottle from him and ordered him to take his clothes off.

He stood in his boxer shorts facing away from me as I liberally applied the sun screen, my hands were everywhere, as I lovingly applied and massaged.

We never spoke, each of us lost in our own little worlds, I was still completely naked and enjoying the fact that I was, and as I reached up and massaged his shoulders, I pressed my breasts against his back and my pubic hair against his boxers, his body heat was making me brave, ‘Just a little bit more daddy’, I said, now my own voice was thick and mucousy, I am sure my father was picking up on the change, but said nothing.

I reached down and eased his boxer shorts over his hip and pulled them over his ass cheeks, where the rested, I did not know the reason they did not fall down all the way to his ankles was hat he had an erection, and feeling his daughters naughty hands all over his bum and anus, brought him close to a tipping point, especially as my finger tips toyed with his anal opening.

He never turned to face me and show what I had done to him, instead he reached down and pulled his boxers back up and walked straight for the bathroom, where he closed the door, and I assumed, was having a wank.

When he emerged later I was wearing a bottle green bikini and admiring my refection in the full length mirror, ‘What do you think daddy’, I asked him, my eyes looking to see if he was still bulging, my composure and my excitement had taken the awkwardness out of the interaction and he relaxed, and I watched as he removed his boxer and reached for his bathing shorts.

He glanced at me and caught me coveting his manhood, but I just smiled to put him at ease. I planed to sl**p naked every night beside him, and planed to be close to his body, and if he got aroused and was hard, I planed to do more.

At last on the Beach, Nudity, Sex, and more Teasing Daddy.

It read 35C and the sand was too hot under my nude feet, so I put my shoes back on, and promised myself to buy flip-flops. We were some thirty-five miles further North from where we used to holiday, I think daddy was too scared in case he should bump into my nymphomaniac mother, little did he know my own DNA was firing up as my eyes scanned the horizon for naked men.

There were people s**ttered all around the beach, and as the beach stretched for miles upon miles, there were places for seclusion amongst the dunes, that was where ‘Swingers’ were and where I wanted to watch.

There were a group of older men sitting singularly around a middle-aged couple, she was nude and oiling herself, whilst he just lay alongside her. The men were rudely staring and she was acting like a mannequin dummy in a shop window, but obviously enjoying the attention, that’s when daddy spoke, ‘This is what your mother liked doing and why we always came here, year after year’.

I looked at him, and wondered if she was on that same beach further South, the thought excited me, and I stopped and faced daddy. ‘Let’s put the towels down here and I can get an all-over’, meaning sunbathing nude.

I could see he was weighing it up, as he looked towards the woman being ogled by the horny old men, who were now touching themselves unashamedly, ‘What about them’, he asked, studying my face?

‘Let’s find out’, I retorted excitedly, and reached back and undid my bikini top, freeing my tiny assets, already some of them were noticing the girl with the small breasts and hard nipples, and as I walked up the beach and into a dune, I stepped from my bikini bottoms and looked directly at them, as if challenging and daring them to come and sit with me.

Daddy spread the large beach towel and I sat down in the middle, I could feel the excitement between my open legs, I was wetting non stop, ‘How do you feel’, asked daddy, he was standing in front of me, his hard cock in front of my upturned face, a small dew-like bubble forming from his seminal fluid, ‘Can I daddy’, I asked thickly?

He never did answer my plea, as his cock was lovingly entering my open mouth and the slight salinity of his life-giving fluid dispersed over the surface of my tongue and my lips formed a perfect seal around the circumference of his meaty shaft, he groaned loudly, releasing a deep ache into my mastications on his glans.

He watched as one by one the men approached to watch the young bitch perform, I was crudely masturbating and chewing on my daddies cock, this was what I was made for, as I let daddy slip from my pink lips and lay back onto the bright yellow cotton towel, ‘Fuck me daddy’, I said like a dirty little whore, ‘let them see how much you love me’.

I watched the tortured expression on his face relax as he sank slowly to his knees between my legs, my feet searching his midriff as I pulled him into my open cunt, ‘Let them see you cum in me’, I moaned, my head swimming, ‘Fuck me’, I moaned over and over, the man inside me moving around was just a cock, and all I could hear was the approving and applauding from the men gathering, my young body was exciting them, and my willingness to have open sex, made one shoot in my direction.

Seeing this rouge semen splat onto my face drove daddy wild with passion, ‘This is my horny daughter’, he said with a****listic fervour, ‘she will fuck all of you’, and the warmth of his spreading semen inside me, told me he had finished, and as he rolled off my sweaty body, I closed my eyes, not wanting to see the aged bodies enter me and hump.

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