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The Approaching Storm

It was a warm summer night, and my window was open, a
gentle breeze blowing across my sheets. In the far
west, I could hear the sound of a summer thunder storm.
It would probably reach us within the hour, I thought.

I heard another sound — and suddenly realized that it
was the sound of my bedroom doorknob being turned,
rattling gently. The door creaked open, and my mother
stood there. In the dim light coming from the hallway
I could see that she was wearing a short nightie, and
I had no idea what she wanted.

“Mark, are you asl**p?” she whispered.

“No, Mom,” I said. “I’m just laying here, listening to
the thunder in the distance.”

She sat on the edge of the bed. “I’ve always liked
summer thunderstorms at night,” she said. “It reminds
me of all those old spooky movies your father and I
used to watch together.”

My father had left us over three years ago, and I knew
that my mother missed him terribly.

“You and Dad had a lot of things going for you, huh?”

“Yes, we did. He really knew how to take care of a
woman’s needs — if you know what I mean.”

“I think I do.”

“I miss his manliness, Mark.” She put her hand on my
thigh, and I could feel the sudden warmth of her hand
through the sheet.

“There are other men, Mom,” I said, my voice quivering
just a little.

“Yes, Mark, there’s you!” She moved her hand upward,
and then I felt her other hand touch my leg.

I didn’t know what had come over her. I could feel her
hands shake as she moved both up my legs, and then I
could feel the pressure against my cock.

I just lay there and didn’t say a word. I was afraid
that she might stop. I could feel her hands reach under
the covers and find my bare legs. Then, she moved the
covers off of me altogether.

I was a virgin, and hadn’t ever even thought of some-
thing like this. It kind of scared me, it wasn’t like
my mother to do something like this. I didn’t know how
to react, but at 14 I was rock hard anyway.

I was wearing only my jockey shorts. I felt her hand
move up my thigh to the bulge in my crotch. When her
hand came into contact with my throbbing hardon through
my shorts, it was like a jolt of electricity went
through me. I moaned softly.

“Oh, yes,” she whispered. “That feels like a real man’s
cock to me. It’s about the size of your father’s hard
dick, Mark.”

She leaned over me and put a hand on either side of the
elastic band of my shorts. She put her fingers under
the elastic, and I moved my ass off the bed to let her
pull them down. She pulled them across my cock, and
there was an audible slap as my cock jumped up and hit
me in the belly.

She pulled them all the way down to my ankles, and then

“I want to suck your cock, Mark.”

Then she leaned over me, and I could feel her hot
breath on my balls as one hand went to my cock and the
other to my balls. Suddenly, I could feel her tongue
flick out and lick the underside of my dick as she held
it in her hand and guided it toward her mouth.

“Ooh, your balls are so big and hairy,” she whispered
as she hefted them and began to gently massage them.
Then, she slid her tongue all the way down my shaft,
and I could feel her lips on my balls. The sensation
of her hair falling on my thighs was driving me nuts,
along with her hot breath on my dick.

She made smacking noises with her lips as she kissed
my hairy balls, and then I could feel her tongue on
them, running under them and around and around them.

She opened her mouth wide and gently sucked one tes-
ticle into her mouth, running her tongue all over it.
Then she sucked the other one into her mouth. As she
sucked on my balls, I could feel her stroking my cock
slowly, gently, running her fingers across its head,
smearing the sticky fluid over it. Then I heard a
smacking sound as she moved her fingers to her lips,
tasting my pre-cum.

Then she moved her tongue back to the base of my cock
and ran it all the way up the shaft to the head. She
opened her mouth wide, and suddenly, my cock was
engulfed in the warm wetness of my mother’s mouth. I
could fell her sucking and swallowing as she took it
all the way into her mouth, and I heard a gagging sound
come from her as it touched the back of her throat.

She took it out of her mouth and ran her tongue along
it as it lay across my belly. Then, I could feel her
tongue on my pubic hair, swishing around and around.
I loved it. I didn’t know what to do or what to say,
so I just lay back and enjoyed it.

She gripped it firmly by the base and guided it back
into her mouth, and she began to stroke it as she
sucked hard on it. Her other hand was on my balls,
pulling the hairs gently, massaging and kneading my
balls, I was in heaven.

I could feel her hand move lower, to the crack of my
ass, and she gently inserted one finger, touching the
opening to my asshole. I couldn’t stand it any more. I
began to thrust upward with my hips, and then, I was
actually fucking her in the mouth. I reached and grab-
bed a handful of her hair and pushed her head down on
my cock. I thrust rapidly in and out of her mouth,
sending my cock all the way to the back of her throat
each time. It felt wonderful!

She gagged, and I released her. She sped up her strok-
ing, and I whispered, “I’m going to come, Mom.”

She sucked even harder then, and I thrust my hips
upward as I shot my load of come into her mouth. I
could hear swallowing sounds as I shot wad after wad
into her mouth. Still, she kept my cock in her mouth
as I shot another and another gush of hot sperm into

Then, she released my cock, letting it fall against my
heaving stomach. She opened her mouth, and let the
remaining cum fall out as she moved her lips up and
down my throbbing cock.

Suddenly, she lifted her gown over her head and posi-
tioned herself above me, and when her cunt touched my
cock head, I could feel just how hot and wet she was.
She lowered herself down on my throbbing cock with
ease, all the way to my balls. Then she began moving
up and down on my swollen dick. I forgot everything
then, The feeling rushing through my body were over-
powering and I reached up and tweaked her nipples as
the bounced up and down on me like a lady rodeo rider.

She writhed and moaned, and screamed and came — just
in time for the rolling thunder to signal the approach
of the storm. I grabbed her ass and thrust upward,
cumming into her.

She fell over and I was released from her warm wet
wonderful place. The storm approached as we fell asl**p
in each other’s arms.

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