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The Back Rub Part 1

The Back Rub Part 1

A work of fiction

Sixty year old Alice Potter gave a groan from the pain in her back as she tried to get out of bed. A long time sufferer of lumbago, she knew the only thing that would ease it was to have a professional massage even though this would provide short term relief. Her G.P. Doctor Mould’s advice was to work it off and he resisted her request to be referred to a chiropractor. Fortunately, her friend Helen had been a physiother****t before she retired and had in the past helped to relieve her painful condition by manipulating her spine.

Alice remembered that her friend would be away until the weekend, that was four days away. There was nothing that she could do other than try doctor Mould’s proposal to attempt to work through the pain.

Big mistake.

Having made her way downstairs, she tried to get dressed, but this proved too painful, so she managed to have a quick wash and with the aid of a hot water bottle, she sat in her armchair. That was how her son Simon found her when he returned home from school.

Alice had Simon late in life, her husband Frank died when Simon was six years old. Even though Alice was still young, well fifty two wasn’t exactly old and there had been some interest from a couple of gentlemen who Alice had not found attractive, she devoted herself to bringing up her son.

Simon was a six foot dark haired boy, more academic than athletic, probably best described as a fairly good looking nerd. He idolised his mother and would do anything for her.

Upon entering the house, he saw his mother seated in her armchair still wearing her nightclothes. “What’s up mum?” he asked, the concern evident in his voice.

“It’s my back son, I tried to work through it, but it feels worse than ever.”

“I’ll get Mrs Kale, she’ll be able to help.” Simon knew that his mother’s friend had helped in the past.

Alice shook her head, “no Simon, Helen’s away until Saturday.”

Thinking quickly, he said, “I’ll phone the doctor.”

“Waste of time son, he won’t help, I’ve tried before, the only thing that helps is a massage.”

“Is there no one else I can call?”

“No, I’ve taken some painkillers, they’ve taken the edge off, so maybe I can get up and make your dinner.”

“No, you stay there, I can make my own dinner, but first I have to find some way of helping you.”

“Well, there is one thing we can try, that’s if you don’t mind?” Alice wondered if her son was going to object to her suggestion.

“Yes, of course mum, you know there’s nothing I wouldn’t do to help you.”

“If you go to the bathroom and get the baby oil from the medicine cabinet, you’ll need to put the bottle into some hot water, then when it’s warm enough, you can rub some on my back.”

Simon went to get the oil and returned a while later with the bottle in a jug of hot water.

Alice had managed to get up and was kneeling on the chair, her hands resting on the back.

“I’m sorry to have to ask you this Simon, but you’ll need to lift my nightdress up to get to my back.” Alice was glad she didn’t have to look at her son, she knew he would be embarrassed.

Simon took hold of the hem of the nightdress and began to lift it up. His mothers white cotton underwear came into sight. He looked away. “How far to I have to raise it mum?” he asked.

“Enough to get to the small of my back, maybe a bit higher as I don’t want you to get any oil on my nightdress.”

Alice shivered as he pulled the gown up over her buttocks, whether this was due to the cold air hitting her back, or because her son was seeing more of her than he had done before she was uncertain.

“Make sure the oil isn’t too hot,” she warned.

Simon knelt down to take the bottle out of the jug. He removed the top and tipped a small amount into the palm of his hand, it felt comfortable. As he turned to stand up, he gasped. His eye line was level with his mothers backside and he could see strands of dark pubic hair sticking out from the crutch of her underwear.

“What’s the matter?” his mother asked with concern.

“Oh, I nearly dropped the bottle of oil.”

“Well be careful, I don’t want it all over the carpet.”

He stood and placed his hands on her back. Moving carefully to ensure not to hurt her, he began to massage the oil into her back.

“Oh Simon, that feels so good, but your hands are beginning to dry out, put some more oil on them.”

He knelt again and tipped a bit more oil onto his hand. This time he moved nearer his mother to get a closer look. He began to wonder how much hair his mother had between her legs.

When the massage was over, he cleared away the bottle of oil and the jug. Upon his return, he saw that his mother was standing up, her nightdress now in place.

“Thank you Simon, I feel so much better, I know it must have been difficult for you to do that for me.”

Without thinking, he answered, “that’s alright mum, anytime.”

“Maybe my son is starting to grow up,” she thought to herself.

Simon prepared the evening meal and did the washing up. They relaxed in front of the television. When it was time for bed, he got her a hot water bottle and helped her up the stairs. Alice asked if he could bring her a bowl of warm water, she told him she wanted to wash her face, in fact she was concerned that she hadn’t had a chance to wash between her legs and was worried in case there were any unpleasant odours from that area. Not bothering to put on a clean pair of knickers, Alice climbed into bed and with the water bottle against her back, she switched off the bedside lamp.

In the night, the bottle went cold and was still pressing on Alice’s back. Come the morning, her back was as painful as the previous day. She found she was unable to get out of bed to get a clean pair of knickers.

“Simon, Simon, can you come and help me?”

Simon rushed from his room, he was still in his pyjamas. He knocked and entered when she said to come in. “It’s my back Simon, the bottle went cold in the night and it feels worse than yesterday, can you get the oil and do my back again?”

He went downstairs and prepared the jug of water and the oil. Returning to his mothers room, he found she had managed to climb up onto the bed and was kneeling.

“I’d better warn you Simon, I don’t have any underwear on, so you’ll need to stand close to me to make sure you don’t see anything you shouldn’t.”

He placed the jug on the bedside cabinet and took hold of his mother’s nightdress. As he focussed on the bedroom wall in front of him, he realised that if he were to look, he would have the answer to how much hair his mother had down there?

Taking the bottle of oil, he poured some into his hand, he wasn’t concentrating and the oil overflowed from his hand onto his mothers backside.

“Careful Simon, it’s going everywhere.”

“Sorry mum, shall I get a cloth and wipe it off?”

Alice was aware that to do so would allow him to see her most intimate place. “NO,” the word almost came out as a shout. Levelling her voice, she said, “no son, it wasn’t much.” In fact the oil had run down between her cheeks and onto the hair around her opening. “Just concentrate on rubbing my back.”

Simon began to rub her back as he had the previous day. As the pain began to diminish, Alice allowed herself to take her body weight from her hands onto her forearms. This caused her rear to raise up. Now Simon was able to see the thick growth of hair between his mothers legs. He instantly became erect.

“You need some more oil Simon, but try not to spill it this time. He tipped some oil into his hand, then, before he applied it to his mothers back, he eased his erect penis out of his pyjamas and pulled back his foreskin. Wrapping the oily hand around his penis, he began to smear the oil over it.

It was a second or two before Alice realised what was happening. Simon pressed the head of his penis against the hair, the oil that had run down had made the hair shiny. There was no resistance as he slid into his mother’s vagina.

“Oh god no Simon, stop, I’m your mother, you can’t.”

As his mother began to resist, he gripped her hips to prevent her from moving away from his penis. Simon couldn’t believe how good this felt and his mothers words went unheeded. He began to see saw in and out of her.

Again she pleaded with him. “Please Simon, you cannot do this, it’s morally wrong, you must know that?”

Despite her protests, her body began to react as a small wave of pleasure rippled though her. “Urghhh, no son, we cannot do this, urghhh.”

Then he spoke, “please mum, I need to, I need to finish.”

His thrusting became more urgent and Alice realised what he meant. He wanted to ejaculate up inside her.

As a second wave rushed over her, Alice cried out, “NO Simon, you can’t do that inside me.” Realising that he was ignoring her pleas, Alice pressed her face into the duvet as she felt the first thick ribbon of her son’s semen spurt up inside her vagina.

Simon froze when he first began to ejaculate inside his mother. Then pulled back and in again each time he shot his semen into her vagina.

The feelings coursing though his sixteen year old body was a mixture of pleasure and pain. He had never experienced this when he masturbated.

When his erection subsided, he pulled himself out of her body. Seeing his semen start to dribble out from between her legs, it suddenly dawned on him exactly what he had done. He had f***ed himself on his mother.

“Oh god mum, I’m so sorry.” He sobbed the words.

Alice didn’t answer. Flinching slightly when he pulled her nightdress down in an attempt to cover her humiliation.

He tucked his penis back into his pyjamas and ran from the room, he was crying.

Like the pain in Alice’s back, the shock of what her son had just subjected her to was subsiding. Alice rolled over on her side into the embryo position. It was then that she felt the trickle of Simon’s semen running out and onto her leg, she did nothing.

Alice woke. Looking at the clock, she saw she had been asl**p for five hours. The house was in silence and she wondered if her son was still in his room. As she went to get up she realised that she wasn’t feeling any pain. Putting on her dressing gown Alice went out onto the landing. Simon’s door was ajar, the room was empty. Even after what had happened he had still made his bed.

There was no sign of him downstairs, he had made himself a cup of tea. He had even washed up the crockery and left it on the draining board. Alice made a pot of tea and sat down. What was she going to do, how was she supposed to react to something like this. If only Helen was at home. “Oh god,” she said out loud, “I can’t tell anyone about this, not even Helen.”

It was starting to get dark. Alice got up to turn on the light. It was nearly six o’clock. Where was her son?

Wondering what to do if he didn’t come home, she heard the sound of the key in the front door.

Moment of truth.

The living room door opened and Simon walked in. his head was bowed and he just stood in the doorway. Alice realised that it was up to her to speak first.

“Simon, I’m going to say something and I don’t want you to interrupt me.”

He merely nodded.

“I have had time to think about what happened. I think it pointless to report this.” Simon understood what she meant, he was guilty of rap*. He understood also that she wouldn’t want the shame of standing up in court and admitting that her son had ****d her.

Alice continued. “I know it’s going to be..” she was about to say “hard.” Then realised that word was inappropriate. “What I mean to say is it’s going to be difficult, but I want to try and put this behind us. Whether we can go back to the way things were before… Anyway, best to try and forget it.”

It was some time before Simon spoke. His voice broke slightly as she started to speak. “I know you can never fully forgive me mum. I am truly sorry.” He started to cry.

In the past when he was upset, his mother would put her arms around him and tell him everything was okay. Instead she stood away from him and said. “Come on Simon, what’s done is done.” Then as if to show that the subject was closed, she asked. “What do you want for dinner?”

Helen Kale returned on the Saturday and sensed that all wasn’t well with her friend. Alice dismissed it as a migraine.

“So Alice, are you ready for our night out tonight?”

With all that had happened, Alice had forgotten that they were supposed to go to London to see a show. Knowing that Helen had already paid for the tickets, Alice could hardly drop out now.

“No, of course not Helen, what time should I be ready for?”

“I’ll knock for you at six, the show doesn’t start until eight, so we have time to get there and have a drink first.”

After Helen left, Simon came downstairs. “Was that Mrs Kale?”

“Yes, you know I’m going out tonight to a show?” Simon heard the lack of enthusiasm in her voice. He had really spoiled things all round.

At four thirty Simon was sat reading when his mother came into the living room. He was surprised that she had a towel wrapped around her. He noticed that the clothes she was going to wear were laid out over the back of the chair.

“Do you want me to go upstairs while you get ready?” he asked.

“I expect I’ll be home late, you’ll probably be in bed, so if you need to do it…”

Simon shook his head slightly. “Sorry, I don’t understand.”

“Alice walked over to the armchair, kneeling on the front, she loosened the towel. “If you need to do it, it will have to be now, I’ve lubricated myself.” Then the towel dropped away.

Simon stood there for a second. His mother was saying it was alright to do it again. His penis became erect and he unbuckled his belt. Dropping his trousers and underpants, he stood behind her. There was a trace of Vaseline on her pubic hair.

“Let me open myself.” Alice reached round hand with her hands, she pulled the lips of her vagina open. Simon moved forward and pressed the tip into the opening. Alice groaned and he assumed that this was out of discomfort.

“I’ll try to be quick,” he said.

His mother said, “no, take your time, last time you made me sore.”

It felt surreal, the last time he had f***ed her, ****d her. This time she offered herself and was asking him to take as long as he needed. He kept his movements slow, at last he could make it last longer.

Alice bit into the back of the armchair, trying to suppress the feelings that were building up inside her body. Not understanding why she had offered herself to her son, the last thing she wanted was for him to know that she was gaining any pleasure from their coupling.

As Alice felt his penis moving in and out of her, she began to wonder how big it was? When her husband had made love to her, it was always in the dark, she had never held it, let alone seen it. It hadn’t felt as large inside her as her son’s did now. Frank had always finished quickly, always using a condom because he was adamant he didn’t want c***dren, so she never felt his release inside her. Alice conceived Simon because she had used a pin to sabotage his supply of condoms.

While this was occurring, Helen was getting ready, she discovered that she hadn’t got any decent stockings, Helen never wore tights. Knowing Alice also preferred stockings, she knew her friend would have a spare pair.

Walking up to the front door, she rang the bell. When the sound of the bell echoed through the house, Simon instinctively pulled out of his mother.

“No Simon, it’s too early for Helen, they’ll go away, you need to finish.”

Dutifully, he re-entered her and carried on.

Helen guessed that Alice was in the bathroom and unable to answer the door, maybe Simon was out, so she walked around to the side gate.

When Simon had put out the dustbins, he had forgotten to close the gate. Had he remembered, he and his mother would have been alerted that someone was coming round the back when the gate gave it’s high pitched squeak.

Helen approached the door and noticed that the living room curtains were closed, there was a slight gap and she looked through.

Suppressing a gasp, she saw Simon. He was naked from the waist down and it was obvious that he was having sex. The question was, who with?

Helen was soon to discover who, when Simon groaned as he released inside his mother’s vagina. He moved away to pull up his pants and trousers. It was then that Helen saw her friend Alice get up from the armchair and wrap the towel around herself.

Returning to the front of the house, Helen rang the bell again. This time Simon answered the door.

He looked ill at ease as he said, “hello Mrs Kale, you’re early.”

Trying her best to keep her composure, Helen said, “yes, I called to see if your mother has a spare pair of nylons.”

Inviting her in, Helen saw that Alice was dressed.

“Hello Alice, I don’t seem to have a decent pair of nylons, I don’t suppose you have a spare pair?”

Alice went to the cupboard and found a pair.

“Thanks, we might as well go now, beat the rush.” Suggested Helen.

“Okay, I’ll just go and put my makeup on.” With that, Alice left to go to the bathroom to apply her makeup.

Simon was sat in the armchair.

Helen unwrapped the nylons. Looking at Simon, she said, “so, do you have a girlfriend yet Simon?”

He blushed, “no, I don’t have the time.”

“No,” thought Helen, “too busy fucking your mother.”

Kicking off her shoes, she sat on the other armchair and began to put on the stockings.

“Oh, do you want me to go upstairs?” he asked.

Helen shook her head, “no, it’s alright, I expect you’ve seen your mother putting her stockings on, if not more.” This remark caused him to blush a deeper shade of red.

Helen spread her legs apart as she fastened the stocking tops to the clips on the suspenders and was surprised to see Simon press his hand in his lap. “Good lord,” she thought, “he’s just fucked his mother and now he’s excited seeing up my dress.”

After they had left, Simon sat and pondered what was happening. His mother had said to try and put what had happened behind them, then tonight she had offered to let him have sex with her.

When they returned from seeing the show, Alice refused the offer of a coffee when they reached Helen’s house, living five doors away from each other. Helen wondered if Alice wanted to get home for a particular reason.

“I have to go out tomorrow Alice, so I’ll pop in Monday when Simon’s at school, we can have coffee and a chat.” She waited for a response.

“Fine Helen, now I really must go, I don’t want Simon to worry as it’s getting late.” With that she left her friend standing at the gate.

Closing and locking the front door, Alice went into the bathroom. Stripping off, she washed herself between the legs and applied some Vaseline inside her vagina. Not bothering with a nightdress, she just put on her dressing gown.

Simon heard his mother come in, he had been awake since he came to bed.

Alice tapped gently on Simon’s door. “Are you awake son?”

“Yes mum.”

“Can you come into my room, but don’t turn my light on?”


Alice removed her dressing gown and climbed onto her bed. A moment later, Simon entered the room. The light from his room barely lit his mother’s room, so all he saw was her shape on the bed.

“What was it you wanted mum?” he asked expectantly.

“Do you want to put it in me again?”

There were a million things he wanted to ask her, but thought that his questions might cause her to withdraw her offer.

Dropping his pyjama bottoms, he approached the bed. “Did you?”

Before he finished the question, she answered him. “Yes, I’ve prepared myself.”

He entered her slowly, he knew she wouldn’t mind if he took his time. They both groaned as it slipped inside her. As he began to fuck her, for that’s what he was doing, it wasn’t making love. Married people made love. Boys who had sex with their mothers were motherfuckers.

He rubbed his hands along her back, no longer having to hold her by the hips. It was then that he realised that she was naked. His hands slid down the sides of her back and started to go underneath to where her breasts were.

“No Simon, keep them on my back.”

He moved them back to where they were. Then he said, “can I ask you a question mum?”

“What is it?”

“Do you, you know?” he was half afraid to say it.

“Do I what?” there was a note of impatience in her voice.

“Do you come?” He finally blurted it out.

“Listen Simon, just be content that I let you do it and finish inside me, if you’re going to ask me personal questions, then it stops, do you understand?”


Alice buried her face in the duvet to suppress any sounds of pleasure, she could just about handle the shame of letting her son have sex with her, but was determined that he wouldn’t know she gained any gratification from their union.

He carried on in silence until he finally reached his climax.

After he had withdrawn, he stood there in the darkness. “I think you should go back to your bed now son and please shut the door.”

After he had gone, Alice slipped into bed. Her body had almost reached the point of her orgasm. Now she needed to bring herself off before the feeling disappeared completely. Her hand moved down between her legs, her pubic hair was matted from her son’s emission. The sticky mess aided her fingers as they probed deep inside her vagina. Using her other hand, she gently rubbed her clitoris. Soon the long awaited orgasm started to sweep over her. “Oh Simon, I need your come inside me, urghhh.” Alice’s body jerked as wave after wave swept over her. Finally spent, she drifted off to a fitful sl**p.

On the face of it, this Sunday was like any other. Alice made their lunch, they watched television until it was time for their evening meal which normally consisted of sandwiches and a dessert that Alice had made earlier.

Later Simon went to take a bath. Alice sat and contemplated the last few days events. Unsure what Simon thought about her allowing him to continue have sex with her, she knew she needed to try and give him an explanation.

Alice took her bath, while she soaked in the hot water and idea came to her, then wearing only her dressing gown Alice entered the living room and told Simon that she needed to talk to him. She could see he was feeling uneasy, so she said, “I owe you an explanation Simon, you’re probably confused as to why I allow you to keep doing it to me even though we both know it’s wrong.” Simon remained silent, so she continued. “After that first time, I was aware that I no longer had the severe pain in my back, then while I was getting ready to go out with Helen yesterday, I was feeling the onset of the pain again, that was why I allowed you to do it again. I was concerned when you were doing it on my return home from my night out that you thought I was permitting you to enter me for the purpose of gaining some form of gratification, when it was in fact to prevent the terrible pain I get from my backache. So as long as you realise that it is purely an arrangement that cannot deviate from, you entering me to relieve yourself and my keeping free from pain then we can continue with this arrangement, but you cannot attempt to touch me or ask me questions about whether I get any sort of feeling. If you do, then the arrangement is over, is that understood?”

Having listened intently, he nodded, then said, “may I ask a question please?”

“Yes, as long as it isn’t to personal,” replied Alice.

“Why don’t you find a boyfriend?”

Alice was totally unprepared for this. Thinking quickly she answered, “well, apart from the fact that any men in my age group are either married or I’m not attracted to.”

He put his hand up. “Simon, you don’t have to do that, just ask your question.”

“What about the noises?”

Alice stiffened, it was not a question she wanted to answer, but rather than refusing to answer which might give him the wrong impression, she tried to think of a convincing reason for the grunts and groans that he had evidently heard her make. “I have to tell you that there were times when you were inside me that I felt some discomfort, that is one of the reasons why I asked you to take your time, does that answer your question?”

“Yes, thank you.” Although he appeared to accept the explanation, Alice guessed he was disappointed that she hadn’t admitted that she was gaining pleasure when he was having sex with her.

“Well I think that covers all I want to talk about and I suggest we get an early night.”

When they reached the landing, Alice said, “if you give me a minute to get ready, then you can come in when I call you, but you have to leave the light out.”

Alice took out a clean nightdress and opened the draw of the bedside cabinet, she opened the jar of Vaseline and scooped a blob onto her finger, this she inserted up inside her vagina. Climbing into bed, Alice called out to tell her son it was alright to come into her room.

Simon carefully made his way too the bed, he half expected his mother to be kneeling up on the bed as she had the last time she gave her consent for him to enter her. Instead he could make out the shape of her sitting up in bed. “Listen Simon, I want you to take off your pyjama bottoms and get into bed beside me.”

He did as she asked and when he was settled, she said, “okay Simon, I’m going to allow you to enter me while you’re on top, but you must keep your weight off me.”

Simon’s heart started to thump in his chest.

“Let me just hitch my nightie up around my waist, I’ve lubricated my vagina.”

His heartbeat increased upon hearing her say the word vagina.

Pushing down the duvet, Alice said, “if you climb between my legs, then you can push it up inside me.”

He did as she asked, taking care to keep his weight off her. His attempts to penetrate her were unsuccessful. When he had entered her from behind it was easier. “I can’t get it in mum,” he said with a tremble in his voice.

Alice reached down between their bodies, “here let me try.”

He jerked as she took his penis in her hand and positioned it at the entrance to her vagina, she now had a sense of how large her sons penis was and her voice trembled as she said, “try now Simon.”

He pushed forward and he slid inside her. As he moved he realised that it felt much better doing it this way. After a few minutes, she asked him to stop and he thought she was going to ask him to discontinue. Instead she said, “let me bring my legs up, that way you can get better penetration.”

Alice placed her hands behind her knees and pulled her legs up as far as she could. When he resumed his thrusting he found he was able to go deeper. It felt even better. Then his mother started to make the noises again, so he tried to ignore them.

“Are you nearly their Simon?” she asked.

“Not quite, are you getting sore?”

Alice knew if he took much longer then she would have a massive orgasm and he would know that he was making her come, so she said, “yes a little.”

He started to thrust in earnest and began to get the tingle he always got when he was ready to come. “I’m nearly there mum, argh.”

As he began to come inside her, he felt her body begin to jerk. He knew she was coming as well, but he knew not to say anything. If she wanted to pretend that she gained no pleasure from him fucking her, then he was quite happy to go along with the deception. He deliberately groaned louder than he normally did and her body gave another jerk, this was accompanied by a loud groan. To make her think he believed that she didn’t gain any pleasure, he said,” sorry mum if it’s uncomfortable.” Then he pushed the boundaries. “I’ve nearly finished coming inside your vagina mum, urghh.”

He carefully climbed off of her and lay on the bed to get his breath back.


He assumed she was going to ask him to go to his room. “Yes mum.”

You can sl**p in my bed, that’s if you want to.”

This was unexpected, “are you sure mum?”

“Yes, I mean just in case we need to do it again in the morning.”


Alice woke before Simon. The curtains did little to block out the brightness of the early morning light, so Alice carefully got out of bed, as she looked back at the place she had vacated, she saw the large stain left by her sons semen that had leaked out of her during the night. Pulling the duvet back over the spot and eased on her dressing gown. Leaving her son to sl**p or so she thought, Alice went downstairs.

After she had left, Simon sat up in bed, he was unsure why his mother had not offered to let him have sex with her, maybe there was too much light in the room.

Alice started to make breakfast as soon as Simon entered the living room. Avoiding eye contact, she asked, “what would you like for breakfast Simon?”

“Just tea and toast mum,” he answered, then added a question, “how is your back this morning?”

Alice stiffened at the question. “Oh, it’s fine son, you just sit down, your breakfast won’t be long.”

They ate their food in silence which was a relief to Alice as she did not fancy any references to their previous nights activities. Announcing that Helen was coming round for coffee, Simon said he was going swimming, he had completed his exams and was no longer required to attend lessons.

After he had left, Alice took a bath and dressed. Knowing Helen would be round about 11 o’clock, she sat in the armchair waiting.

Helen arrived promptly at eleven and Alice made the coffee, she placed some biscuits on a plate and entered carrying a tray. As they sat with their coffee, Helen waited until Alice had put down her cup and saucer before she spoke. “Alice, I need to speak to you but I’m worried that it might cause a falling-out between us.”

Alice looked puzzled. “Come now Helen, how long have we known each other, I doubt there is anything you could say that could lead to us stop being friends.”

“Very well Alice, I’ll come straight to the point, I know about you and Simon.” Helen watched as the colour drained from her friends face.

There was no denial, Alice merely asked, “how did you know?”

Helen explained about the time she had called round and what she had seen through the gap in the curtains. Neither spoke for several minutes, then Alice said. “I expect I disgust you?”

In all honesty, when Helen first saw what Alice was doing with her son, her stomach had churned, but in the time between then and now, she became aware that far from being revolted by this, she found it was causing her to be aroused.

Alice jumped slightly when Helen placed her hand on her arm. “Listen Alice, I’m not judging you, I would like to try and understand though.”

Alice began to explain how it had started when Simon had f***ed himself into her.

“You mean he ****d you?” Alice nodded. “And you didn’t report it?”

Alice shook her head, “no, how could I admit that my son had done that to me.”

“What I don’t understand is why you continued to let him have sex with you.”

“Because I found I was enjoying it, of course I couldn’t admit that to Simon, I’ve told him that it brings relief from my back ache.”

Helen laughed, then apologised when Alice showed her annoyance. “Sorry Alice, but Simon isn’t stupid, he’ll know that you’re letting him do it because you like it.”

“I don’t know what to do Helen, part of me knows it’s wrong and I should stop it, but I know that I would only start doing it again. Please tell me what to do Helen.”

“I can’t tell you what to do Alice, I can only point out the things you may not have thought of, such as why this is considered wrong, mainly because the risk of damaged c***dren, of course there’s no chance of that. Another reason is the harm it could cause to your son, but as he instigated the first time it’s unlikely to cause him any lasting effect unless you persist in pretending you’re not having pleasure, though he’ll probably only get a dented ego.”

“So you’re not disgusted by all this Helen?”

The other woman wondered if she should dare say what she really felt about this. “Don’t be offended Alice, but to tell you the truth I find this a little stimulating,” she waited for a reaction.

“Was that because of what you saw?”

“Yes, but please don’t be angry only when we returned from the theatre and you seemed to be in a hurry to get indoors, I guessed you were going to do it again, to my shame when I got home I had to masturbate.” Helen waited for her friends reaction.

“Wow,” said Alice, “it affected you that much?”

Helen felt relief that her friend hadn’t taken offence at her confession, she decided to be completely honest. “I’m afraid there’s more.”

Alice indicated for her to continue.

“You recall I called to borrow some stockings, well I couldn’t help noticing when I was putting on those stockings how Simon reacted, you know he must have been able to see up between my legs when I was doing up the clips of my suspenders, he obviously found it arousing as he pressed his hand into his lap.”

“Good god,” exclaimed Alice, “he must have a thing for older women, I’m sorry if that offended you Helen?”

Helen thought for a moment, “I’m going to take a risk on damaging our friendship, but to tell you the truth Alice when I was masturbating I imagined that I was in bed with you and Simon.”

The shock was apparent on Alice’s face and for a moment Helen thought she had gone too far, she appeared to be thinking for a moment then said, “if you help me sort my problem out Helen I’ll let you sl**p with me, Simon and the Coldstream Guards.”

Helen recognised that the offer was intended as a joke. “Tell you what Alice, if I do sort your problem, I’ll hold you to that but without the Coldstream Guards.”

Alice hadn’t considered that Helen would want to make her masturbatory fantasy’s a reality, the mention of sharing a bed with another woman caused a long buried memory started to surface and she felt herself redden up.

“Sorry Alice, was it something I said?”

After all that had been brought out in the open, Alice decided to come clean to her friend. “It’s my turn to take a risk with our friendship Helen,” she waited to see Helen’s response.

Helen cocked her head to one side and her brow creased slightly. “You’ve got my attention Alice, what earth shattering revelation are you going to shock me with?”

“Well several years before I married Frank, I was in another relationship.”

Helen nodded as she had been going out with another man before she chose her husband. What Alice said next caused her jaw to drop.

“It was with a woman.” Alice waited for Helen’s reaction. When none was forthcoming she quickly added, “of course I would never dream of making advances towards you Helen.”

For an instant Alice thought she saw a look of disappointment on her friends face. Then to her amazement Helen said, “I wouldn’t mind.”

Alice wasn’t sure how to respond, if she said the wrong thing she might frighten her off. “I don’t think you’d be comfortable making love to an old woman like me.”

It was then that Helen leaned forward and kissed Alice on the lips, it was just a brief contact but enough for Alice to realise that Helen was serious.

The next kiss was more passionate, it had been so long since Alice had been this close to another woman. Her mouth opened but she held back from putting her tongue in the other woman’s mouth, it was Helen who took the initiative. Her tongue darted into Alice’s mouth and at the same time she brought a hand up and cupped Alice’s breast. Alice moaned into Helen’s mouth, she knew that this was not Helen’s first time with someone of the same sex.

They broke off the kiss and started to undo each others blouses, both eager to get to the others bare breasts. Taking it in turn to suck on each others nipples until they felt the familiar throbbing between their legs.

Alice started to remove her skirt and then her knickers, Helen hesitated. “What about Simon?”

Alice shook her head, “he’s gone swimming, he’ll be gone for hours.” Then she carried on removing the rest of her clothes. Helen was not far behind her.

Helen lay back in the armchair, her legs d****d over the arms, her vagina fully exposed. Alice knelt between Helen’s legs and latched her mouth on the furry opening. The other woman jerked when she felt Alice’s tongue delve deep inside her..

Swimming was a washout as there was a problem with chlorine levels at the pool and Simon headed home. As he walked up the garden path, he realised that he had forgotten his key.

For a second time, the side gate was open and Simon was able to walk round the side without the telltale squeak to alert anyone to his presence.

He saw that the living room curtains were closed. Unsure what to expect, he carefully took hold of the back door handle and the door opened. The door between the kitchen and living room was ajar and he pushed it fully open.

By this time it was Alice who was on the receiving end of Helen’s tongue. Alice’s eyes were closed as she writhed in pleasure.

As Simon stepped into the room, he stepped on the squeaky floorboard.

Alice’s eyes opened. “Oh god,” she cried as she tried to push Helen’s head from between her legs.

Helen raised her head and looked up at her new found lover, then she turned her head in the direction that Alice was looking.

Simon just stood there, his mouth opening and closing but nothing coming out.

Part 2 Coming Soon

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