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The back story of Sarah, a girl from the bar.

The back story on Sarah.

In the 2 years I spent as a bartender, Sarah and Kelly were the two girls that I fucked just to fuck. The other 13 I actually liked in some way or another, I mean I didn’ want to marry them or anything, but they all had some charm.

But not Sarah. Sarah liked to hang out on most weeknights with her “Girl fiends” I say that loosely as most of the time she spent bitching about what ever girl wasn’t there that night, or cock blocking them time and time again.

How these chicks put up with It for as long as they did, I’ll never know.
Anyway, as a bartender you are a shoulder to cry on, a friend to talk to, and sometimes a lover to fuck. You also listen to the lives of countless people unfold. A silent partner to their sadness, anger, love, and life.


Ok. So here is how I ended up with Sarah.

She was drinking with some “friends” one saturday night, I walked out to smoke a butt, and when I came back in, the shit had hit the fan, her two girlfriends and one of their boyfriends were chewing her out, rightly so I’m sure about her being two faced, and bla bla bla bla…

They left after a huge shit match, and let poor litle sarah at the bar with no ride home.
She had flirted with me before, as most d***ks do, but on this night I decided she was just right for the fucking… I mean picking.

I told her I’d give her a lift after close if she wanted it, and that was all it took. for the next 3 hours she sat there driving me nuts with all her sob story bullshit, and as a good bartender, I gave her that crutch she needed.

I also dropped a bunch of seeds, “oh your such a cutie” ” oh if you were my girl, I’d take care of you” bla bla bla. I don’t remember the B.S. , But I could tell it was working.

At close, I took her to the car, and off we went. We didn’t get a mile when she asked “you wanna hang out somemore?” That was all it took.

With in the hour, I had her stripped and fucking.

The first fuck was acutally nice, she never complained. I started out right by eating her pussy. She came hard, and after that she was up for what ever.

But there was a problem… She wouldn’t give blow jobs, so I joked to her that She had to be a two hole girl to be with me.

It was B.S., but I did get her to admit to having anal sex once back in highschool. I asked her if she was up to try it again, and Bam before she had a chance to really think it over, I was slipping it in. I fucked that ass with her little cries and moans for close to 20 minutes before I came, and when I came it was right in that ass.

I let her spend the night, and the next morning, I fucked her again before she left. This was more like hate fucking. I took off the mask, and fucked her in every postition I could think of. She complained some that first day, mostly about her sore asshole then all the positions I kept putting her in, but the funny thing was she did what ever I asked.

Reverse cowgirl “I don’t really like that too much” Bam! I’m fucking her that way.
Girl on top, girl on bottom, doggy, belly fuck, side fuck, ass fuck, finger fuck, in the kitchen, in the shower while I watched the game… It was all the same.

“Can we not do this?” Bam, I’m pounding that ass in the shower before she goes to work. “No baby, I’m on the rag” Bam, I’m Switch fucking her pussy and ass back and forth for half an hour straight.

“Oh,baby You just tore it open yesterday” That was my favorite. She liked to tell me that I’d “torn” open her asshole and that it needed time to heal. Bam.
I’m jack hammering that ass with d***k dick for an hour. She liked it, It gave her something to complain about.

This shit was great. I mean here is what I call a sport fuck, that is someone I can’t stand, and she has givin me a reason to stand her. FUCKING!

That was all I needed. I hung on to sarah for almost 5 months. hell she even stayed at the house for two weeks once at the end.

Little by little the complaints got worse, and the fucking got worse, and then she started talking about moving in. I had to bail, but I got a bunch of out fuck sessions on tape before I dumped her.

So thats Sarah.

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