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The Biggest Fish

The Biggest Fish

This weekend was planned weeks ago, to go camping before summer ends but at the last minute there is a conflict and your daughter has plans. Instead of cancelling the trip after all the preparations were made you decide with your husband to go ahead anyway, just you and your man.

Loaded up, you settle in for the drive. The conversation is torture and you are starting to think you should have stayed home. Your saving grace is that you know soon you will arrive by the lake and before the sun sets, the vodka you brought will be 3 fingers down.

You arrive at the site and just as you get settled in, your husband announces that he wants to wake up early and catch a big fish but he needs you to guide him in to get the boat in the water. You have been working all week and did all the prep for the trip and were hoping to enjoy the evening and just sl**p in. He insists that the boat must be in the water at 5:30 to get the best fish so it’s better to do it tonight.

The conversation turns into commotion and that is when you see me there. You don’t realize at first who I am but I had seen you get out of the car. Quickly I offer to help your husband with the boat instead, he thanks me and off we go.

I saw how my presence there took you by surprise but you quickly realized our secrets are safe and this was just an amazing coincidence. I was there with my s****r, your husband assumed she was my wife and after helping with his boat he offers a beer. I accept and say thanks and see that my s****r has already found a new friend. There we all are, two men drinking beer and talking about motors and fish, 2 ladies rolling their eyes at the testosterone soup.

Soon after the sun sets and it seems we’re all friends but what about that big fish? Morning comes early and though fish are dumb they don’t often jump into boats, so your husband decides early to bed means early to rise and says his goodnight. Your bottle is now 5 fingers down with a little help from my s****r who seldom drinks, I think she had 2. She’s had a long day too and is ready for sl**p, so she excuses herself with a yawn to make zzzz’s.

Already we hear the snoring of your fish dreaming man, we look at each other with the exact same grin thinking what are the odds and how perfect is this. I take your hand and say come on, let’s go for a walk and so we do. We stumble down the long path that leads to the beach, far away from the boats and the pier.

The sun has been down for less than an hour but the sky is so black, such a deep contrast to the brightest of moons just above the horizon. A gentle warm breeze provokes the leaves into song and the sound of crickets and frogs give the song soul, helping to make the atmosphere complete.

The moments before this were all fantasy games on a messenger site but this time it’s real. I stop walking with my hand gripping yours; you take one more step before turning around. Face to face our lips meet as I place both hands at your face, slowly and gently I push back your hair, grazing your ears with my fingertips as we share a long kiss. I’m caressing your sweet neck with my tongue in your mouth as I feel your hands sliding lower on my back. You feel my groin swell as you’re hands glide down further to my waistline. I expect you to reach even further down, thinking maybe you want to feel the ass that I caught you checking before the sun went down but no, you stop at the waistline, hesitating for a cool moment and bring your hands to the front.

Struggling at first, you open my pants and fall to your knees, smothering my groin with your face and your tongue. I feel your breath and your hair, I feel your cold nose and warm tongue and I feel a surge of euphoria as I brace myself against a large tree. My hands back at your face as you take it all down, smooth and steadily your soft lovely lips glide up and down my shaft occasionally stopping to work magic with your tongue. I try to hold on but I am clearly overwhelmed and cum in your mouth quite accidentally but the slurping and swallowing that ensues is not the end, you continue to suck and when you finally stop, you look up and say thanks for all those late night stories, pull up your pants and let’s walk.

We go down to the lake and there we just talk and caress. After a while we decide to test the waters and go for a swim. Naked in the cosmos we splash and play around, this ocean is ours, at least until dawn when the fishermen come to prove the men they are.

In reality we knew we had limited time before we might be found out so we retreat to the shore. Now we are freezing and that warm gentle wind is punishing us for our carnal sin. I hold you tight to stop you from shivering till we’re lying on the beach in a lovers embrace. Touching and feeling but not just for warmth, we indulge in what we only knew as fantasy before.

Warmer now, you are able to relax and I taste and touch you the way I know how. There was touching in the water in our spirited play but not like this, now it is sensual, arousing, and clear. I take authority like you had earlier on our way to the beach, my head buried deep in your muff. Licking and kissing at your lips and your clit, I make my face wet with your love. Your climax is slow but I really don’t mind, all this tasting has got me quite hard. A few minutes more and you finally let go, your hands push at my head through a clitoral O.

Your breathing is hard but not fast as I raise my head. I settle back down with my head at your breast. In the quiet night air you whisper quite softly, telling me we should go. I ask you to wait, just a few moments more and you tell me that it’s been a long time since you have felt this way; you say it’s been an incredible night and of course I agree. Sharing one more heartfelt hug before gathering our clothes starting our way back up the path.

We arrive back at the place where we had stopped earlier and I let out a chuckle, you smile and smack me in the way only girls get away with as they tell men to shut up. I pull you in and we share another kiss, this time I’m eager and you’ve been warmed up. I grab at you now and I pull you down to the ground as you willingly go. My pants aren’t off yet but with your pussy exposed I plunge at your hole. My cock is inside you as I wrestle with my jeans. You are moaning in anticipation of a rhythmic flow as you remove your top once more.

Finally fucking we both surrender to the moment, passionately moving to our own erotic dance. Deep moans in the night and a few raunchy words in the mix, we reach amazing heights in our sexual bliss. I cum just moments ahead of your vaginal O, filling you up with my load. I thought it was over but I squirt a bit more as we lay in the bushes, my dick still inside you, together alone. Catching our breath, thinking surely it’s done. I roll off of you and we both look up at billions of stars, one streaks across the sky and I ask if you made a wish because I did.

Again we collect our clothes and make our way back to the camp where we decide to sit and share fingers 6, 7 and 8 of your bottle. We talk for a while about ordinary things till we hear a stir. It’s our fisherman friend preparing for the catch.

As he comes out he sees us both there and asks if we stayed up all night. Without blinking you simply said yes as he heads for his boat. Just a few steps away he turns back to say, “Hey buddy, are you sure that’s okay? You wouldn’t want that girlfriend of yours to get the wrong idea.” He then turns back to his boat in pursuit of the greatest of fish.

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