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the bishop

my husband and just married moved to the big city for his first pastorial job.
after a few weeks I was asked to come to the bishops house by his wife I could hardly refuse. I was so nervouse I was shaking I was wearing one of my ankle lenght dresses i usually wear to church.
Denise the bishops wife gave some tea and we talked about three cups later she got up as her two older c***dren came in both colledge age and twins, they sat across from me and the daughter sat with her legs open , I blushed looked away we began to chit chat and as we talked she unxzipped her b*****r pants and pulled out the biggest cock i have ever seen, I gasp turned red tried to stand up, I couldnt. To my amazement and disgust she put her mouth to his throbbing member. gasp nooooo i though I must be dreaming, the boy stood up walked toward me his huge tool drooping I was mesmerized , I couldnt look away, he pressed it to my lips noooooo I groaned but he pushed it past my lips and his taste flooded my mouth . I was so ashamed, I liked it I had never done this beforemy husband would be mortified . he began pumping in and out and i began sucking like it was natural he gagged mme i tried to lift my hand but i could’nt he began to push it deeper and deeper i choked he laughed relax he said It wil be easier. I felt my dress being lifted my panties pulled off as his s****r spread my legs and began licking me. he drove his cock deeper and she licked , i was on fire suddenly I wanted his cock down my throat I wanted her to never stop licking. Orgasms began to shake my body like I have never had before. suddenly his cock exploded in my mouth swallow he said , I did as much as I could. Forty five minutes ago I never would have thought of such a thing. he pulled it out of my mouth and wiped it on my face . suddenly the were both sitting across from me again (To be cont)

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