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the book store

I love sexual fantasies. What is it? I think I’m past addiction, when i say that i get so excited… I love to read about others and their fantasies, I am always having them, through out the day, and i mean all day… 
I was at the book store in the erotic section… took a little courage but curiosity and my intense arousal these days got the better of me, There I am reading when suddenly I notice that some one is standing very close to me. I look up he a very tall and thick. He is so lovely. He was smiling at me, I smiled back.   Hum…  and  he looks down at himself, I couldn’t help but notice he had a very delicious and sizable bulge in his pants. I’m hot just thinking about it. This is new, I am just beginning to explore my sexual identity with out all the guilt and “he” shows up. wow, I must have some kind of great connection to the universe, “Ask and you shall receive”…
I am ultra aware these days of the way my nipples feel at the slightest thought of sex, or that warm feeling between my legs  and how my clit actually throbs and spasms in the morning just at the thought of maybe some one kissing me on my inner thigh, or rubbing my nipples or gently circling my clitoris using my juices to soften they’re touch. I say “some one” because now I’m open to it possible being a woman…. 
Well, I cant help but smile at this lovely bulge in his pants but now what. He sees that we have the same erotic book and ask what chapter I’m reading. I tell him its the one about the fantasy writer and his editor. He says he’s reading the same story. I tell him to prove it. He steps closer to me and shows me, same chapter… then asks if i would like him to read to me.
We go to a very private corner of the bookstore and sit down by a window. I can see the ocean from here, it’s a little over cast, these are my favorite days. He pulls a large cushion chair over, the chairs are what drew me to this bookstore. We sit together, its funny and I laugh because there isn’t that much room. He takes my right leg and places it over his left thigh. We snuggle in.
I feel like I have known him for years. He begins to read softly, I listen to his deep voice vibrate, I watch his jaw and temple muscles flex. I watch his lips moving as the words pour out, I wonder and then fantasies that he is a good kisser, Im hoping. I can feel the vibration of his voice in his chest against the side of my breast. I can smell him, he smells so fresh. As he turns the pages I study his hands, they are very large, I feel so sensual, I want to rub my body against his. I fantasies that he is putting his finger in me and rubbing my clit. The story he is reading is so sensual, it’s amazing, my desire and arousal are amazing. 
I close my eyes and start to visualize us on a soft bed.  I feel him push into me, closer. I can hear and feel  his breathing on my neck.  A soft kiss and his hand is on my thigh. I let my head fall back so he has more to kiss. I keep my eyes closed, that way every move he makes is a surprises. His hands closer to my inner thigh and slightly up close to where it is so warm and moist. I am ready and throbbing between my legs. He take his coat and covers us, we look cozy, I feel so comfortable. As he kisses my neck I feel his hand on my breast and his thumb rubbing over my nipple. I spread my legs slightly and adjust myself closer. He unbuttons my blouse  unsnaps my bra and is cupping my breast, holding my nipple between his fingers. I cant help it, I moan and exhale. I feel for him and I find it, I begin to rub it up and down slowly, then I wrap my hand around it firmly I want to feel his flesh, he is so warm. His hand all the way my skirt and has his finger in me. I moan again, my breathing and his are deep. He is inside of me, I’m rubbing his penis tightly and then softly I trace around it. I use my thumb to rub the bottom tip where it’s so sensitive, he moans and put his finger in me deeper, his thumb pressing down on my clit and rubbing softly.
I spread my legs slightly further apart, I want to mount him, this isn’t good I think we have pushed our welcome at the bookstore. He whispers in my ear, ” Lets go some where more private” I don’t think I just get up and walk out to the parking lot with him. We walk over to his car and he pulls my body against his, and begins to kiss me long and hard. He puts his hand down the front of my skirt and in me so fast that I can’t think… I  moan and exhale and press into his hand. “I want you inside of me” I say softly between my deep breaths. We get the back seat of his car, the windows are tinted, we have privacy. I get on top of him and feel the passion of him entering me makes me ache. He grabs my ass and pulls me in to him harder. I’m ready, this all too much for me… I don’t stop myself, I just let the sensation move through my body. I’m so loud, I surprise myself  a lot these days. I couldn’t help it. We finish together. I stay on top of him kissing, I can feel another orgasm exploding out of me. Kiss me forever…

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