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The boys last day. Toward the end of day

After I swam for a bit I came up to the pier . Robert asked what was wrong, I said to hop on the deck. He climbed up and sat beside me, I pulled his legs apart and got between them and pushed him flat. I took his dick and began to suck him. Danny swam up to watch, I reached down and rubbed his butt. He pushed his butt out giving me access to his hole. I rubbed and pushed till my finger went in. He pushed down with his arms shoving my finger deeper. Robert was hard now and I tongued him as I sucked. He started to moan, Danny moved closer to me and stroked my dick till I was stiff. He said it’s so big. I kept fingering one and sucking the other while my own dick was getting played with. Even though the bottom of the pond was muddy it wasn’t deep, so I let go of the pier and started stroking Danny. My sucking on Robert did it’s job and he started moaning and his legs shook. Even though the hand on my dick was small he knew what he was doing, and I felt I was getting close. Dannys butthole started spamming and sucking my finger deeper, I so badly wanted to replace my finger, but I knew I was to big at this time. Robert started going limp and I told he to get back in the water. He jumped in beside me, splashing us. I said ” do you see Dannys hand” he said yes. I told him to replace it, then lifted Danny up on the deck. I wiggled my finger out of his butt and laid him down so I could suck him. Roberts hand was a little bigger and felt great. His pace was a little faster and I was so close. I sucked Danny with a vengeance for I wanted him to dry cum as I shot my load. All the action caused the smaller fish to investigate and taste all around Robert and me. Their ticklish taps on my butt, legs and back was to much and I let out my load. ” Oh cool” Robert yelled watching my cum shoot out in the water then suspend floating till the fish gobbled it up. Danny finally started shacking then went limp. I told them to get their showers and dress. They both complained about dressing but I reminded them we were heading home.
The drive home was quite, and Robert leaned against Danny and napped. A couple of miles before town we stopped for dinner and I told them they can never tell their moms what I let them do. They agreed, then I explained that they can’t get caught playing together anymore. They started to protest, but I cut them off by telling them every time Danny comes over and Roberts mom was out they can do what they want for a while. I promised them I’d bring them back here every summer and when I go hunting I’d take them. They both agreed to that. When we got home I took Danny across the street to his mom, and Robert went inside to say hi to his mom.
All was going great, the boys kept their promises and during Thanksgiving break we went to my uncles. On my way up there I made a deal with the butcher shop for meat and we played together for three days, then came back with the meat I purchased. No one knew the difference since I get it processed before I get home. Danny couldn’t make it for winter break so it was just Robert and I. ( that’s another story) two years later we broke up, and the last I heard the boys were caught one last time and they were forbade to see each other again.
I’ve moved on and met a wonderful woman with two boys

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