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the camping trip

Joey and I had been friends since pre-school, we did nearly everything together. We graduated from the seventh grade and his father said he was taking him camping and wanted to know if I’d like to come, I asked my mother if I could go and she said yes. I packed some clothes and grabbed my sl**ping bag. Mr. King pulled in the driveway and spoke with my mother while I climbed in the van.
Soon we were on our way to the mountains and setting up camp. Joey asked if we could go exploring, his dad said to stay close. We ran down a path to see where it led to, and found a stream. I stripped down to swim when Joey said he didn’t bring his swimsuit. I said I didn’t either,lets skinny dip and jumped in the water, with Joey soon to follow. We’ve been nude together many times growing up and never thought anything about it. After swimming we laid on the grass to dry off. Joey asked me if I ever rubbed my dick before, I said like in the shower?
He said no, rubbing it till it was hard. I said no my mom says it’s dirty, and asked if he did. Yes a few times he said,it feels good. Mr. King called out for us so we dressed and headed back to camp. Dinner was ready when we got back,so we settled down and ate.
After dinner and cleaning up we laid out our sl**ping bags(joeys and mine were beside each other) and dressed for bed. After joking around for a while Joey nodded off. The sounds of the outdoors was a little scary to me so I got up and went out the tent to sit by Mr. King. He was drinking a beer and watching the fire when I walked over to him,he smiled and asked why I was still up. I said the noises made me nervous and couldn’t sl**p. He motioned for me to sit on his lap, so I came over and hopped up the his lap,he put an arm around me and we watched the flames together. After a while I was getting hot, Mr. King said if I was to hot take off my pajamas.I asked what if someone sees, he laughed and said nobody is out here so go ahead and strip down. I stood up and undressed, leaving my underwear on and sat back on his lap. He pulled me back against his chest and moved his arm around my stomach. He asked if I was having fun, I said yes and enjoyed camping. I told him the only time I camp is with them. I asked if I could ask him a question that he wouldn’t tell anyone else I asked, he said of course you can, I said ok. Is it wrong to play with my peepee, he laughed and said no, why do you ask.I said Joey told me that he played with his and said it feels good. Mr king asked if I did, no I said because my mother told me it was dirty. He said if you want to,go ahead and do it, I won’t tell your mom, and he put his hand on my crotch. After a few minutes I felt his hand move up to the waistband of my underwear and asked if he could take them off, I got scared but said ok. I stood up and raised my arms, he leaned over and pulled them down. “Well, you’re not much bigger than Joey” he said, “hop up and put your feet on my knees”. I sat between his legs and put up my feet. He asked if he could show me how to rub my dick and make it big and feel good, I said yes please.

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