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The Candle Part Two

The Candle Part Two.

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A week passed and Tommy was disappointed that Mrs Hudson had not asked him to go to her house. Of course she still visited his mother, but there was never an opportunity to speak to her as they were never alone together.

One evening, the phone rang, as Norma was near to it, she picked it up. “Oh, hello Maureen, no, I’m not busy.” Listening before speaking again, she answered, “yes of course, be about five minutes.”

Replacing the phone in the cradle, she turned to her son. “I just have to pop in to see Maureen, she’s hurt her back, I shouldn’t be too long.”

When he had heard it was her on the phone, he was hoping she wanted him to go and fix something for her. It was a bitter disappointment when his mother said it was her Maureen wanted.

Norma arrived and used the spare key she kept at her house to get in. Maureen was sat perched on the edge of her armchair. There was a painful expression on her face. “Hello Norma, thank you so much for coming, I want to take a hot bath and see if that helps to ease the pain. While I run the water, could I ask you to get me a clean nightdress and underwear from my bedroom?”

“Yes of course Maureen, I won’t be a moment.” While Maureen went to run a bath, Norma went upstairs to the bedroom to get the items her friend needed. Going through the drawers one by one, she found a clean nightdress and when she opened the drawer that Maureen kept her underwear in, she gasped. There on the top, was the wax penis. Norma knew at once what it was and what her friend used it for. Taking a pair of knickers from the drawer, she closed it and went downstairs.

After about ten minutes, Maureen called out from the bathroom asking Norma to pass her the items. Maureen came out, she was wearing a dressing gown.

“Thank you Norma, I don’t think I could have made it up the stairs.”

Norma nodded.

Maureen sensed there was something wrong with her friend, had she done something to offend her? Then she realised that when Norma got the clean underwear, she must have seen the wax penis.

“I suppose you saw it?” she said.

Norma shuffled uneasily in her seat. This indicated to Maureen that she had.

“I’m sorry if it offended you Norma.”

Norma shook her head. “Of course not Maureen, what you do in the privacy of your bedroom is your business.”

“All the same, I expect I disgust you?”

“No, it’s not that.” Answered Norma.

“Please Norma, I don’t want this to be an problem between us.”

“Okay Maureen, please don’t be offended, but where did you get it?”

Maureen’s brain went into overdrive, she could hardly say that it was a cast of Tommy’s penis. There was nothing for it but to tell a lie.

“A woman makes them, apparently she takes a cast of a real one, then she pours the wax into the mould.” Maureen hoped this would satisfy Norma’s curiosity. What her friend said next was not what she expected.

“I don’t suppose you could get one for me?” When Norma asked this, she knew her friend would know what she wanted it for. “Of course Maureen, I know I can count on your discretion.”

Maureen never dreamed that Norma masturbated. Well it wasn’t your usual topic of conversation. Not wanting to say she wouldn’t be able to get one, she said. “I’ll ask her, naturally I cannot tell you her name, but if she can, then I’ll get one.”

“How much?” asked Norma.

Maureen hadn’t thought about charging her friend. If Tommy were to make one, what would the materials cost? “Well, I’m not sure, but it won’t be very much, let me find out if she still makes them and if she does, I’ll ask her the price.”

Norma seemed happy with this and the subject changed. They talked about this and that, then Maureen asked, “How’s Tommy?”

Norma said he was fine.

“I have a couple of little jobs for him, that’s if you don’t mind?”

“No, of course not Maureen, I’ll ask him to pop in tomorrow if you like.”

The following morning, Tommy went along to Maureen’s house. He had to hide his elation when his mother told him Maureen had some jobs to do.

He was slightly disappointed when Maureen opened the door and he saw that she was in discomfort. That meant it was unlikely that she would be treating him to a repeat of last time.

“Come in Tommy, I’ve just made a pot of tea.”

Sitting with difficulty, Tommy offered to pour the tea. “No Tommy, there’s an old superstition about that. If the person who makes the tea doesn’t pour it, then they could get pregnant.” Maureen laughed at the absurdity of this and winced with pain.

“The reason I asked you to come and see me, is I have a friend who wants one of your wax toys.”

“Oh, who’s that?” he asked without thinking.

“Now Tommy, it would be indiscrete for me to tell you her name.”

“Sorry, yes I still have the mould, so it won’t take very long to make it, but I have to wait until my mother’s out of the house for about three hours.”

“Not a problem Tommy, I can ask her to come and help me because of my bad back.” Then she remembered that Norma had asked what it would cost. “The lady in question is of course willing to pay, just tell me how much to tell her.”

He made a mental estimate of the price of the candles and said, “two pounds.”

It was agreed that he would get the materials the next day and Maureen would ask Norma to come and help her the day after.

Tommy constructed a neat wooden box that had a felt lining to keep it in. the outside was covered in self adhesive red plastic dotted with silver stars. He just needed to get it to Maureen without his mother seeing it.

When he was able to go to Maureen’s house, he put the box in a shopping bag and told his mother he had some tools to fix a leaking washer at Mrs Hudson’s. Her only comment was, “don’t charge her too much.”

Maureen gave Tommy the two pounds for the wax penis and put it away in the sideboard. Her back was feeling slightly better and she promised that as soon as she was fully recovered, then she would let him watch her using her toy.

Several days later, Norma called in on her friend. “Any news about you know what?”

Maureen went to the sideboard and took the box out of the bag and handed it to her. “There is a small charge of two pounds,” she said.

Norma handed her the money. As there was nothing Maureen needed, Norma seemed glad to leave. Maureen wondered what Norma or Tommy would say if either of them knew.

When his mother returned, she took the distinctive box out of her bag and said, “I’m just popping upstairs for a minute.”

Tommy stared at the box. “What’s that?” he asked.

“Oh nothing, just some bath oils Maureen gave me.”

“Can I see?” he wanted to see her reaction.

“Not now Tommy, I want to put them away and then make dinner.”

He thought she seemed flustered at his request. He guessed she would lock it away in her bedroom. His only option would be to ask Maureen.

When Maureen asked Norma if Tommy could repair her garden fence, he was hoping that this time she would take things further, she seemed pleased to see him. “Hello Tommy, have you come to repair my fence?” His face dropped, so she added, “of course afterwards I might let you watch me use the candle.”

He set to repairing the fence and two hours later he had finished it.

Maureen made him tea and a sandwich, she could sense his impatience.

Leaving him to finish his lunch, she went to the bathroom to remove her knickers and wash herself.

Returning, he had finished, so she cleared away the dishes and after closing the curtains, she asked, “are you ready to watch me masturbate?”

He nodded his head enthusiastically.

Maureen adopted the same position on the armchair as she had the first time he had seen her insert the wax penis into her vagina. As she eased it into her vagina, he pressed his hand into his lap.

Maureen said, “is watching me giving you an erection?”

He nodded.

“Would you like to masturbate while you watch me?” her voice quivered as she spoke.

“You wouldn’t mind?” he asked nervously.

Maureen shook her head, “no, then I can see the real one in the flesh.”

Tommy unbuckled his belt, then undid his trousers. His hands were shaking as he slid his trousers and pants down to his knees. Maureen gasped when she saw his penis fully aroused.

“Oh Tommy, it looks better in the flesh, would you mind if I touched it?”

He flinched, no one had ever touched him down there and he felt nervous.

“If you let me play with your cock, then I’ll let you push the wax one in and out of my pussy.”

His penis twitched when she said this. Maureen realised that the boy was excited by talking dirty. “Do you like it when I say rude things?”

“Yes, mum always said you were a lady and never used bad language.”

“I don’t normally, but when I’m playing with myself I like to say rude things.”

Standing up, he shuffled towards her due to his trousers and pants having dropped down to his ankles. Maureen stretched her hand towards his penis and he shuddered when she wrapped her hand around it.

“Take hold of the end Tommy, but don’t push it in to hard.”

His hand was shaking as he took hold of the end of the candle and began to move it in and out of her vagina. He stared in awe at the shiny juices that trailed along it’s length when he pulled it out.

Her hand was working up and down on his penis. Tommy thought he had died and gone to heaven. Then he heard her making urghhh noises. He guessed that women got a feeling like men did.

“Does that feel good Tommy? What you’re doing feels good in my pussy, urghhh.”

“Oh Mrs Hudson, no one’s ever done this for me before, it feels wonderful.”

“Would you like it to feel even better Tommy?” she asked. Releasing his penis, her free hand removed his from the candle and she took it out of her vagina.

“Why have you stopped?” he asked, his voice full of dismay.

“Kneel in front of me Tommy.”

He did as she asked, then realised what she had in mind. She wanted him to put his penis inside her. He thrust his hips forward.

“Slowly Tommy, you have to do it slowly.” Taking hold of his penis, Maureen guided it towards the opening, which was wet enough to take it inside her. “Now ease forwards until I ask you to stop.”

He did as she asked and he felt her tense up as the tip started to enter her. “Stop for a moment.” He stopped. “Move a bit more.” He was watching her face, her eyes were shut and there was a pained expression. All of a sudden, it just seemed to pop inside.

They both gave a grunt as it did.

“Now you can start to fuck me Tommy.”

Her eyes were still closed and he glanced down to see that he had most of his length inside her. “You want me to….” He was afraid to repeat what she had said.

As if reading his mind, she said, “I don’t mind if you say it Tommy.”

“You want me to fuck you?”

“Yes Tommy, I want you to fuck my cunt.

He groaned when she said this. “You have a lovely cunt Mrs Hudson.”

He began to move his hips back and forth. This brought little oohs and aaghs from her. He didn’t care that she was sixty, the same age as his mother. Then he remembered. The red box with the stars.

“Mrs Hudson?”

“Yes.” Her eyes remained closed.

“You remember you asked me to make another wax toy?”

“What about it?” her eyes opened slightly.

“Well when I delivered it to you, it was in a box that was red and had stars.”

Maureen started to feel a little uncomfortable were this was going. “And?”

“The other day when mum returned from visiting you, she had the same box.”

Maureen placed her hands against Tommy’s chest. “Stop a minute Tommy, look, if you say anything to your mother, then I will deny that I told you. Your mother saw mine by accident, she asked me where I got it, I made up some story that a woman made them, she asked me for one.”

“So does my mum masturbate?”

Maureen tried to read his face, was he angry, disappointed, or did the thought that his mother masturbated excite him?

“Well, I don’t suppose she bought it for a paperweight.”

It was then that she felt him swell inside her. It was obviously the latter.

“Does it excite you Tommy, imagining your mother pushing your wax cock into her cunt?”

Tommy groaned and Maureen felt his penis swell again as he ejaculated inside her vagina.

When Tommy had left, Maureen although disappointed that he had come before she had a chance to, she thought about his reaction when she had raised the subject of his mother pushing the wax copy of his cock up inside her vagina. It had obviously excited the boy to the point that he had come. Maureen wondered how Norma would react to the knowledge that it was a copy of her sons penis and that he knew his mother was masturbating with it.

The next time Norma called round to see Maureen, she sensed that her friend had something on her mind. “Have I done something wrong Maureen?” she asked.

Maureen shook her head, “I’m sorry Norma, it’s not something I can discuss with you.”

Not satisfied with Maureen’s answer, she said, “we’ve been friends for a long time Maureen, I’m certain that there’s nothing we cannot talk about.”

After a while, Maureen turned to Norma and said. “I’m afraid that what I have to tell you may ruin that friendship.”

“Surely you can’t have done anything to deliberately hurt me Maureen?”

Placing her head in her hands, Maureen let out a sob. Of course it was put on for effect. Norma went over to her friend and placed her arm around Maureen’s shoulder. “Please don’t upset yourself, I’ve always believed it’s better to get things off your chest than to bottle them up.”

Wiping her eyes with the cuff of her sleeve, Maureen looked at her friend. Uncertain how Norma was going to react, she started to tell her about the time Tommy had come to fix her light and had broken the candle. Of course the two women were aware that they both masturbated, so it was mentioned in veiled terms. Maureen explained that she was concerned that Tommy might mention it to Norma, relating the account of what had happened where she had lived previously and why she had to leave.

“But I don’t see how this would affect our friendship Maureen.”

“There’s more Norma, I couldn’t take the chance of Tommy telling you and I sort of admitted what I used the candle for.” She waited for a response, if Norma was going to become angry, it would probably be now.

“Oh, how did he react?” asked Norma.

“He was extremely understanding and promised he would keep my secret, but I think I might have been a little too candid as I mentioned that the candle was not exactly like a man’s appendage.”

Norma thought for a moment, then said, “well maybe you should have kept that to yourself, but what’s the problem?”

“Well, he must have felt upset and wanted to make it up to me.”

“You mean he tried to replace the one he broke?”

“Not exactly Norma, he made a cast of his, you know?”

Norma’s mouth dropped open. “You mean the one you got for me was Tommy’s?”

Maureen nodded.

“Oh no, thank god he doesn’t know.” The look on Maureen’s face told Norma that her son did know. “Oh Maureen, you didn’t tell him it was for me?”

“No,” said Maureen f***efully, “it was when you took it home, he recognised the box.”

“So he asked you about it?”

Maureen nodded, “yes, he asked me if you masturbated, but I said I wasn’t able to answer his questions and that he should speak to you.”

“Oh no, how did he seem, I mean, was he upset or angry?”

Maureen hesitated.

“Please Maureen, I need to know.”

“To be honest and I don’t think you’re going to be very pleased, but I noticed that he had an erection.” Maureen waited for this piece of information to sink in.

Norma’s head was spinning, how was she going to face her son?

“What am I to do Maureen?” she asked.

“Listen Norma, maybe the best thing would be to say nothing, he probably won’t mention it.”

“Yes, but the fact that he knows, I’ll have to speak to him about it.”

It was then that Maureen had an idea. “Supposing I ring him now and ask him to come here, he knows that I use the candle, there’s strength in numbers.”

“You wouldn’t mind?” Norma sounded relieved that her friend was going to be there when she broached the subject.

Maureen gave nothing away when she asked Tommy to come round. He turned up about fifteen minutes later. There was a look of surprise when he saw that his mother was there.

“Oh, what are you doing here mum?” he asked.

It was Maureen that answered. “Your mother wants to discuss something with you Tommy, she thought it might be easier if I were here, I explained how you broke my original candle and how you replaced it with the wax cast.”

Tommy glanced at his mother, then at Maureen.

Norma spoke next. “I expect you think I’m perverted?”

The boy shook his head, “no mum, it’s just I never thought you…. well you know that you felt like that.”

Norma felt slightly relieved, but the fact that not only did he know she masturbated, but was doing it with an exact copy of his penis.

She was flabbergasted by what he said next. “So does it feel okay?”

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