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The CEO’s Wife

When I was in my late twenties, I began working for this new company. It was a very good place to work and the CEO was a great guy. He had been at the company for many years and worked his was up from the bottom. He was in his late 50’s and was a real man’s-man. He enjoyed fishing and golf and, although he wasn’t particularly good at golf, he was very competitive. I was a fairly decent golfer and a long hitter, so I often was paired with him in company golf tournaments. This allowed me to get to know him better and I discovered that the apartments I lived in were close to his house in the suburbs.

I figured he probably had a young trophy wife, so I was somewhat surprised when I met his wife at a company dinner. Come to find out, his wife, Sandy, was in her mid 50’s. But, she was an extremely attractive woman that exuded an undeniable, sultry sexiness. Sandy was Italian which gave her an exotic look. She was petite yet shapely, with olive skin, dark hair and a tight body that belied her age. She was very friendly, to the point of flirtatious, with me at the dinner. She had been enjoying the wine and was very carefree and friendly – not at all trying to act reserved. Talking with her and admiring her taunt body caused a stirring in my cock. That night, I fantasized about Sandy while I stroked my cock. I thought of how good her perky breasts and petite body would look if she was out of her clothes. Her olive skin and shapely ass pressed against my rock hard cock. She had made me horny as hell and soon I blew a huge load as I imagined myself pounding her tight pussy.

A couple of weeks later, the CEO’s secretary called me on a Friday afternoon. She said the boss was off today and needed someone to bring some papers to his house so he could look over them this weekend. He had told her I lived nearby, so she called me. Of course, I said I would – wasn’t about to say no to the boss. The secretary told me to go ahead and take off early and I was more than happy to oblige. I was looking forward to the weekend and totally okay with starting it a little early. It had been a few weeks since I had been laid and I was eagerly hoping to change that this weekend. I was giving some thought to calling up my fuck-buddy, Pam, that I have written about before. But, I was going to a party at a friend’s apartment complex tonight and was hoping to get lucky there. If not, I would certainly be calling up Pam to get some of her sloppy wet pussy. Pam was overweight and not much to look at, but she had huge tits and could fuck like a French whore. Plus, she was very orgasmic and even hornier than I was and absolutely loved getting fucked.

I arrived at the CEO’s palatial house and rang the bell. I waited a little while and no one came to the door, so I rang the bell again. Finally, his wife, Sandy, came running to the door. She was dressed in a pair of very short running shorts and a tight fitting tee shirt that was slightly damp with perspiration. As she explained, she had been out for a jog and was about to jump in the shower. I asked if her husband was there and told her I was supposed to drop off some papers from work. “Yes, his secretary told me, but I wasn’t expecting you just yet. He’s not here. He went fishing and won’t be back until Sunday”.

“Please come in and I will be right with you”, she said. I thought of just dropping off the papers and leaving, but something told me to see this through. Sandy called out from her bedroom, “I’m such a mess, I’m gonna jump in the shower real quick. Hope you’re not in a hurry. Why don’t you open that bottle of wine in the kitchen and I will be right back.” I had just had a couple of sips of this obviously expensive, smooth wine when, true to her word, Sandy bounced into the kitchen. “Don’t you live in those apartments across the road?” Sandy asked. “Well, I was jogging by there while ago and these young guys whistled and hollered at me from their balcony. Can you believe that! I am old enough to be their mother and looked like such a mess.” I was trying to frame my response without being too forward, but wasn’t at all surprised. “Well, you are a very attractive woman and obviously keep yourself in good shape” I stammered. “Oh, thank you! You are such a sweetheart! Sandy beamed. “Here’s to Friday afternoon!” Sandy said as she picked up her wine glass and toasted me. “I just wish I wasn’t going to be here by myself most of the weekend”, she pouted. “I could have gone to the lake, but I hate fishing and there is absolutely nothing to do there. Let’s go into the living room and sit down.”

I followed Sandy into the impeccably decorated living room. I couldn’t help but stare at her shapely ass through the thin material of her clinging bath robe. I sat down on the couch and, to my surprise, she sat down right beside me. Her bath robe was rather short and it hiked up quite a bit when she first sat down. I caught a good view of shapely, tan legs. My gaze must have been fixed on those beautiful legs a little too long and when I looked up, Sandy’s eyes met mine with a knowing, sly smile. I could feel my face flush with embarrassment when Sandy broke the uncomfortable silence. “I really enjoyed talking with you at the dinner a few weeks ago. I think you are going places.” she said. “I was kinda d***k, I didn’t misbehave, did I?” Sandy asked. “Unfortunately, no” I smiled. “You are such a sweetie!” Sandy smiled and put her hand on my leg. “So, do you like my legs?” Sandy asked, “I noticed you looking at them a minute ago”. “Yes” I stammered, flushing again. “That’s okay, I am feeling rather neglected lately, so a little male attention is nice” Sandy said, putting me more at ease. “My husband works all the time, travels a lot, and when he isn’t working, he is off fishing or golfing”.

“Hey, would you mind rubbing some lotion on my legs?” Sandy asked, “I always put some on right after showering, but I didn’t want to leave you waiting”. “Of course, but are you sure it’s okay?” I asked. Sandy just smiled and threw her shapely legs onto my lap and handed me the lotion. I rubbed the lotion between my hands to warm it up and began spreading it onto those incredibly tan legs. I was doing arithmetic in my head trying to keep my stiffening cock under control. Sandy’s legs were positioned where she could tell if I got an erection, so I was trying, to no avail, to keep from getting any harder. “Ohhhh, that feels sooooo gooood! You have such big, strong hands!” Sandy sighed. My cock was rapidly stiffening as I rubbed and massaged her luxurious legs. Sandy shifted her legs, wiggling a little, which put my erection into full gear. I thought I felt Sandy begin to move her hips subtly against me. It was very gently and I couldn’t be sure, but I sensed she was becoming aroused. My eyes had been fixed on her sexy legs and I failed to notice that her nipples had stiffened and were obviously erect beneath the thin material of her robe. Her breasts were small and perky, but she obviously had incredible long stiff nipples. Now, I couldn’t take my eyes off her hard nipples. I noticed her face was flushed and she began to slowly gyrate her sexy full hips against me. I pressed my fully erect 7″ cock back against her. “Oh my, we better stop!” Sandy sighed. “I’ve been horny all day and it just got worse after I knew you were coming over. Then, those young guys whistling at me got me going as well!” Sandy admitted. “If you keep rubbing my legs, I’m not going to be able to control myself and I’m sure you don’t want anything to do with an old lady like me” Sandy said. “Can you not tell you are turning me on as well?” I asked Sandy. “Well, I did think I felt you getting hard, but still didn’t think you would really want me” Sandy cooed.

I decided to go for broke and said, “Sandy, I think you are an extremely sexy, attractive woman and I’ve thought so since the first time we met! Yes, I want you bad!” I said. “Are you SURE you’re husband is not coming back today?” Sandy reassured me he was not. “Let’s go to the bedroom, hun! I need this SO BAD! My husband seems to have lost interest in sex and we haven’t done it in months!” Sandy sighed. “I was going to be up all night with my vibrator if you had left me high and dry!” she said as this was giving m a great visual.

Sandy wiggled out of her robe and let it drop to the floor and she led me to the bedroom. Her body, as I imagined, was superb. Amazing for a woman of her age, Sandy was petite, trim and fit. Her breasts were smallish, but perky, and those nipples, oh my! Her erect nipples stood out a full inch or more from her breasts and their dark brown color contrasted nicely with her olive skin. Her ass was slightly large, but full and shapely. She laid back on the bed and pulled me down. We began kissing passionately, our tongues swirling together. My hands were running all over her sexy, responding body. Her hips were gyrating on the bed – this was truly a sensual, horny woman that needed sex badly. I kissed and sucked on her outrageous nipples for a long while. Admiring how long and erect her dark nipples responded to my attention. I kissed my way down her beautiful body as Sandy threw her shapely legs open wide. I could tell she wanted me to perform cunnilingus on her and, of course, I was more than ready to oblige. I was kissing around her pussy lips, teasing her a bit. She was fully aroused and wanted no part of this teasing. She pulled my head down right on her warm, wet pussy. I was astonished how wet she was! “Sorry it’s so wet, baby, but I told you I’ve been horny all day!” she moaned. “Eat my pussy, baby, I need to cum so bad!” Sandy demanded. I began to lick and probe her amazing pussy with my tongue. I was all over the place, not being very experienced, so Sandy hunched me with her sexy hips trying to get me on her clit. Sandy opened up her swelled pussy lips, exposing her engorged clitoris. “Right here, baby, this is my little hot button and it drives me wild when you do it right there. Ohhhh YES, right FUCKING THERE!!!” Sandy grunted. My tongue flicked over clitoris wildly, back and forth, up and down. I could tell she was in extasy and, in no time at all, her hips hunched me with a steady rhythm. Her pace increased as she hunched against my probing tongue and her breathing was fast and heavy. “Oh yes, OH FUCK YESSSSS! I’m cumming nowwwwww!!! Sandy screamed as she exploded into a huge, full body orgasm. Her sexy body flailed all over the bed as she continued to moan and groan – fully embracing her incredible orgasm.

She was breathing so heavy that I was hoping she was okay. I was also hoping she would recover soon, because my erection was raging and I needed to cum as well. In a few minutes, she took my thick hard cock in her small hand and began to stroke me. Soon, she moved her mouth toward my cock and began licking the sensitive head of my cock. It felt so incredibly good, but I wanted her to take my cock into her mouth. She continued to tease me with her tongue flicking over my erection. Finally, she took my cock into her warm mouth and I let out a groan of extasy. “Damn, I love how hard you get, baby! I haven’t had a cock this rigid in so long!” Sandy said as she slurped my thick 7 inch manhood into her sexy mouth. I wanted to blow my load into her mouth, but I also wanted to fuck her amazing pussy. Plus, I figured a woman as horny as she was needed to cum more than once.

I pulled my cock out of her mouth as I felt myself getting close to cumming. I positioned Sandy on top of me and she eased down on my cock. She had to open her pussy lips as she eased down in my very thick cock. Her pussy was incredibly tight and, even though she was soaking wet, it took a while to work my big cock all the way inside her. She gasped and grunted as I pressed my cock all the way in. Sandy began to ride me, slowly at first, as she worked my cock inside her to the hilt. “How did you know I love it on top, baby?” Sandy gasped as her pace increased. I loved watching her sexy, olive skinned body gyrate on top of me, her elongated nipples bounced as I twisted them into full arousal. In no time at all, Sandy was cumming again. Screaming at the top of her lungs, she came again, “Oh fuck me with that huge cock, it feels so fucking good!!! I’m cummin again, baby, now NOW!!!”

I managed to not blow my load just yet, but my balls were full of hot semen and my cock was so hard it felt like it was about to explode. I turned Sandy around and got behind her. “What are you going to do to me now?” she asked. I think she was afraid, or maybe wanting me, to fuck her in the ass. But I wanted more of that amazing wet pussy from behind. It always feels so tight like that, I couldn’t imagine how tight her small old cunt would feel. “I’m going to fuck your horny little hole doggy style, Sandy. I’m going to give you a fucking you will never forget!” She guided my rigid cock inside her with a moan. It did feel incredible, just as I thought. I could feel the head of my cock bottom out in her pussy. I was grazing her G spot with my cock and it was driving her absolutely wild. Sandy became a cumming machine, having one orgasm after another. She had lost all inhibition as she diddled her clit while I pounded her pussy from behind. Her pussy conuvulsed time and time again as I lost count of her orgasms. Sandy could tell I was about to cum, so she reached around and took my balls gently in her hand. I rammed my cock in her to the hilt, bottoming out on each thrust. She felt incredible and I couldn’t hold back any longer. My cock began to erupt inside of her squirming pussy. Sandy gently squeezed my balls as my hot semen spurted inside her. It felt like I came for several minutes as my cock just kept twitching and squirting hot cum. Sandy made sure she drained my balls and knew exactly what she was doing to give me an incredible orgasm.

After this, Sandy became a frequent visitor to my apartment to get her sex fix. She had a tremendous libido and was a freak in bed, as I found out in our many trysts. I had more than a few complaints from my neighbors as she was always loud in her orgasmic bliss. No matter what we did in bed, we almost always ended up with me pounding her from behind. My cock driving against her G spot brought her to multiple orgasms and she was incredibly tight like this, so this was definitely our favorite position. As far as I knew, her husband never suspected anything and I’m sure she was happier now that she was getting laid on a regular basis.

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