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The Controller Part 1

During my early teens I suffered a head injury which left me in a c*** for about two months. This story is not about my time in hospital but rather when I came out of the c*** and was discharged. The MRI scans did not reveal any abnormalities but I was anything but normal after this incident. You see I could hear peoples thoughts and see peoples aura. In fact I found I could control people remotely. More of how that works later.

With my newly discovered talents like any horny teenager I wanted to push boundaries and see what I could get away with. My first attempt at control was to get my s****r to strip while she was asl**p. I simply inserted the suggestion that she was feeling warm and she threw off her covers and removed her night clothes. I could sense when her persona altered so I knew if she wasn’t fully under my abilities but could be aware of what was happening to her.

The second time I got her to give me a blow job. I crept into her room, willing her to remain unaware of my presence. I then suggested to her to strip which she did immediately and conveyed a thought that I wanted my cock sucking and that she would love nothing more than to lick and suck my cock and taste my spunk. It went well to start with. My s****r removed her night clothes and proceeded to lick my penis sensually and with real effort. However as I got more and more excited at her amazing oral skills, I could not exercise my control over her and she began to become aware of her surroundings. This was a calamity for me as she would soon be fully conscious of what she was doing to me and I would be in deep trouble. So I willed her to cease sucking me and go back to sl**p and after she had settled, I crept out of the bedroom, sexually frustrated with a raging boner and a desperate need to cum.

Obviously I could not continue and enjoy her sucking me if I could not continue to control her as I enjoyed the benefits of a good blow job, or any other type of sex that my imaginitive and horny mind could come up with. I had to fix this obvious flaw in my abilities. I just didn’t know how. I tried compartmentalising my mind so I could control a person and at the same time enjoy the experience. It didn’t work. I tried a few simple experiments on our pet cat who absolutely hates me. He scratches and hisses whenever I am in the room. So what I tried was to be in the same room as him and impose my will on him by making him come to me and nuzzle me. That went fine. However I then decided to eat a bar of chocolate while making him nuzzle me and that’s when everything went wrong. No sooner had I focused on the taste of the chocolate than my control of the cat weakened and “Fleabag” promptly hissed at me and scratched my face. I needed a different approach. I found the answer on the internet and in particular the articles on subliminal telepathy.

This was a Eureka moment. I f***ed a suggestion on to the cat that I was his best friend and wonderful to be with and he happily nuzzled me as I then tried separately eating a bar of chocolate. No scratches! Now this was made possible by embedding a suggestion word or key word and when I spoke that word, he bacame all loving and attemtive, enabling me to enjoy the chocolate without looking like I had just gone ten rounds.

So back to my s****r and our relationship is a complicated one. She hates me, pure and simple. Like most siblings we have a love, hate relationship. I started off my urging her persona to view me in a positive light by making her appreciate me as a young man and not as a b*****r through boosting her empathy towards me. This had almost immediate unintended consequences. She would get flustered around me as if I was a man she wanted to get initmate with but was embarrassed by her feelings. She became very touchy feely and would take many opportunities to caress my arm or fondle my hair.

I have to say I was quite enjoying her attention and new found adoration. So I decided to kick things up a notch. I implanted the suggestion that whenever she was around me she would start to feel strong sexual arousal. The first time however she excused herself from the f****y room, drawing our Moms attention to her departure. I also excused myself a couple of minutes after and crept upstairs to find her naked on her bed masturbating furiously. She was so horny she hadn’t closed her bedroom door entirely.

Damn she looked hot! 5’3″ slim and a redhead with a real sexy ass and gorgeous boobs with really prominent nipples that stuck out 1/2″ when erect, she looked amazing and I was so turned out as she moaned out “fuck me, fuck me now” while masturbating. Taking a deep breath I entered her room and she immediately stopped playing with herself. I stepped forward as if on automatic and moved directly to the edge of her bed, my bulge all but visible through my jeans. My hand seemed to have a will of its own as I touched my s****r for the very first time, caressing her left breast and teasing her nipple. “I need you” she cried. “Fuck me now”. Now this was definitely not her usual attitude to me but I wasn’t going to complain. I took my clothes off as quick as I could and leant in for a passionate kiss.

Her hand reached for my cock and she started to rub my prick and I plunged three fingers into her cunt, using my thumb to vigorously rub her clit. My s****r bucked upwards forcing my fingers deeper into her cunt, her tongue mashing with mine as she mewled into my mouth. Pulling her mouth away from mine she cried “fuck me, fuck my cunt, I want you inside me”. I lifted her legs and parted them, placing my rigid cock against her soaking pussy. With a single plunge I entered her to the hilt and her cunt clamped down on my cock as she cried out in pleasure.

“I’m cumming” she cried, “fuck me hard”. I redoubled my efforts and rammed her steaming wet cunt as hard as I could, going faster and faster like a jackhammer. “Argh yessss, harder I am cu..cumming” she shouted. My spunk started to build up and my cock swelled as I was but moments away from a really huge climax. I pulled out of her cunt and scooted up the bed presenting my cock to her lips. She took my prick in her mouth just as I blasted torrents of spunk into her mouth. “Swallow my spunk, eat it all” I cried. My s****r took every drop and swallowed it all. Like the cat that had just tasted the cream, she licked her lips to savour every last taste.

“What the fuck are you two doing?” Oh shit, “Mom I can explain”.

Part 2 to follow.

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