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The Controller Part 2

“What the fuck are you two doing?” Oh shit, “Mom I can explain”. Yes folks I had just been caught with my nineteen year old s****r Lauren in bed straight after she had just swallowed my cum and was licking up the last after taste. Now if you have read the first Chapter you will know that I was blessed with a freak of nature in that I could feel a persons aura or thoughts, following an accident.

However right now I was in the shit because my Mom (Julie) had just caught us and I had no idea in that frantic moment what to do. I am younger than Lauren at just sixteen which is the age of consent in the UK. Being younger and being a typical horny teenager, I had tried a few things out using subliminal telepathy to my own advantage. Yet right now I was literally floored and couldn’t think straight. That’s when Lauren came to my aid in a very surprising way.

“Go find your own cock to suck bitch unless you want to share, cos this man is all mine” screamed Lauren. This gave me the opening I needed to gather my thoughts and I directed my will towards Julie, quenching the indignation and anger I could feel emanating from her with a deep feeling of longing and desire.

My Moms pupils just dilated there and then and a strange calm came over her as she lasciviously licked her lips. She threw off her robe standing naked before us, her shaven cunt glistening with juices that were freely flowing from her cunt and coating her entire area. Taking a step forwards towards us both, Julie reached out and caressed Lauren’s breast that was slippery with the sweat of our earlier passionate encounter.
Bending over the bed, Julie stuck out her tongue and ran it sensually over Lauren’s breast, pausing at her nipple to lick and suckle. Lauren pulled her Moms face from her breast and lifted her up for a passionate embrace, their kiss lingering as they hungrily tried to outdo the other with their intimate tongue action.

I was now more composed and transmitted a further thought to Mom, increasing her sexual arousal and belief that what she was doing with both Lauren and I was not just a natural expression of love and desire but something she needed repeatedly to feel complete.
Releasing her daughter from her passionate embrace, Julie slowly kissed down Lauren’s body until she came face to face with her wet and wide open cunt. Lapping tenderly at her labia and dipping in to her cunt, she then licked upwards, taking the bud of Lauren’s clitoris between her teeth, biting gently and sucking the hardened and aroused nub into her mouth, then started to lick feverishly and rapidly, pausing only to f***e two fingers into Lauren’s ass.

The pleasure started really getting to Lauren as she bucked and grabbing her Moms head, she f***ed her Moms face tighter against her cunt. “Fuck her Dan, fuck Mom as she makes me cum” cried Lauren. Stiff as a board, I clambered over the bed to get behind Julie’s gorgeous ass and rubbed my hard cock against her opening. Then in one shove I entered her cunt, causing my Mom to give out a muffled scream as I bottomed out in her soaking wet cunt.

“Lick me faster, I am almost there” cried Lauren as Julie continued to lap at Lauren’s cunt and flick her tongue over her clit. Her cunt clamping tighter on my cock, Mom started to scream into Lauren’s cunt but never stopped licking, her body shuddering as she clamped tighter and tighter in the onset of orgasm.

The pressure was too much and I felt that all too familiar point of no return as my spunk started surging up my shaft. “Cummin Mom” I cried as she f***ed her cunt hard back against my groin and clamped her vagina as tight as she could. Lauren grabbed my Mom’s hair tight in her fists and pulled her to her cunt shouting out “Momma, do it…I … cumin…ahhhh…yeessssssss, yeesssssss, ahhhhh!”.

That was the very first time I have ever experienced not just a threeway but a threeway where all three involved climaxed at the same time.
Now I needed to get my thoughts in order. Lauren’s response to the entire episode was from the embedded sexual desire she felt for me. I added to this position by imposing my will on her to accept that she also needed Julie to feel sexually complete and that when combined with me participating at the same time, the experience would be even more satisfying than if she was with Mom on her own. Heck I needed to be the one in control here. As for Julie, well I made her feel that she needed sex repeatedly with me to feel complete and that she should express herself sexually with Lauren in my absence. Again however, Julie would feel more fulfilled if she experienced sex with both Lauren and I at the same time.

“Dan honey I am hungry, you k**s fancy pizza?” “Sure Mom, I am famished” I replied. “Well Dan you will need your energies now that both Lauren and I want you and love you so much. I certainly want your superb cock inside me and as for you my darling Lauren, I want you to suck my cunt and make me cum”.

Part 3 coming soon

Updated: October 21, 2016 — 1:30 pm

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