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The Controller Part 3

A few months had passed and Lauren had finished her gap year, finally moving to UCLA. The parting was bitter sweet as Lauren was totally devoted to me and it took considerable effort to calm her emotionally and mentally to accept that being away from me would make her stronger, without loosening the bond between us. Having spent months almost continually naked catering to my every sexual demand with both Mom and I, it was equally difficult not having her in bed with me and it took me time to adjust. Mom however more than made up for Lauren’s absence but I felt that something was lacking.

My mental powers had also developed over the months and I now tried to focus on an element of Quantum Mechanics that had always intrigued me. You see I had read an article where a woman used her mental powers to grow a plant from a seed using the power of her mind and in my fertile and febrile teenage male mind, I thought it’d be cool to make my cock grow thicker and longer, by concentrating on the sub atomic particles. Max Planck once said “I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.” My experiment in using my consciousness to alter matter was eventually a success, but not before one significant and tragic error.

You see the fateful day when my world came crashing down was the day Mom was on top in a reverse cowgirl position. This took place four months after Lauren had left to attend University and during those four months, Mom and I would fuck every night, three times a night except on her menstrual cycle during which time she would give me a BJ before I went to sl**p.

That fateful day was a day I am still filled with remorse over, even though my emotional and sexual life is now fulfilled, because at the time I felt (and still feel) an idiot for destroying not just a relationship but a life as well. As I mentioned, my Mom (Julie) was on top and my cock was in her ass and we were really going at it hard, my Mom thrusting herself down on my cock in a frenzy, while rubbing herself in an almost vicious manner to cum. So to prolong the sensation I tried to think of anything to take my mind off what I was doing. That is when my mistake took place. I thought of making my cock thicker and longer while I was inside her.

Mom initially screamed as she thrust down on my cock embedded in her ass, just as I thickened it to the size of a fist and couldn’t move to lift up. That was how much I had stretched her. Oh if only I was concentrating on what I was doing. Not only had I caused her a combination of pain and pleasure by doubling the thickness of my cock that was ripping her ass open, I had started to focus on the length of my cock making it grow inside her as well. The irony is the extra thickness pushed her into orgasm. One long fateful continuous orgasm. An orgasm which literally was so extended that her heart could not cope with the pressure and she had a fatal heart attack there and then, her ass embedded on my cock. Being a stupid teenager, I just thought I was giving her the ride of her life. Little did I know that she’d experienced a ride to her death. I even though when she went limp that she’d just passed out from the excitement so I continued fucking her ass until I came. Then after climaxing and finding myself in a bit of a mess and my Mom limp on top of me, I realised, oh fuck yes I realised that I had just killed my Mom fucking her ass with my enlarged penis.

For someone supposedly in control, I wasn’t much of a Controller right there and then. The incident was the stuff of nightmares. As if explaining to the authorities that yes, I had enjoyed sex with my mother and fucked her to death wasn’t bad enough, it devastated Lauren, caused a huge rupture in the extended f****y with many blaming me, some blaming Mom and others blaming my long dead father citing the fact that I had not grown up in a satble f****y environment. What the hell do they know? There are many single parents who do just fine thank you very much and Mom was and always will be my Mom. The Press had a field day and although the authorities decided not to charge me, for many years I felt they should have locked me up and thrown away the key.

There was also another problem that again I had failed to consider. I couldn’t make my cock go back to normal. I just mentally could not project my thoughts to make my cock back to its original size. Maybe it was the emotional trauma. Maybe it was the guilt I felt. Either way I was now cursed (and later blessed) with a donkey cock, 15″ long and 4″ wide when erect and every time I looked at my appendage it took a lot to stop me from bursting out crying at the physical reminder of what had caused my Moms death.

Lauren and I started to feel more estranged. She still loved me but the authorities were now involved and for a couple of months, I was moved to a hospital under psychiatric observation while Lauren struggled to get back to her studies. Most of my extended f****y wanted nothing to do with me, except for my Aunt Abbi (Moms s****r) and my Uncle Jeff (Aunt Abbi’s husband). So after release from observation, the authorities accepted my Aunt’s plea to allow me to stay with them. I stayed with Aunt Abbi for almost f******n months until my 18th birthday, when I also went to UCLA as a freshman and Lauren as a Senior.

Before revealing what happened when Lauren and I finally got back together I think I should mention a lttile about Abbi and Jeff. Aunt Abbi was Mom’s younger s****r and aged 31. Jeff was a former college professor who really helped me with my studies and preparation to attend UCLA and was 55. They had met at college when Aunt Abbi was a freshman and had a torrid affair that somehow they managed to keep private. Married for 20 years, they had no c***dren as Jeff fired blanks and although they had wanted a c***d, the lack of little ones didnt seem to affect their way of life or their love for each other.

The first three months I stayed with Abbi and Jeff, I was fairly withdrawn and didn’t socialise with others my age or even go out much. Jeff home tutored me as I just couldn’t face being the butt of jokes or snide remarks about how my Mom had died or being teased as the Donkey Cock Killer by any of the students. The girls would either look at me in horror or obvious sexual arousal and the guys with either a venemous look, a snide smirk or would just ignore me altogether. I was a freak, I felt like a freak, I had a freaks cock and it was all my fault.

Then everything changed and once more for the better. Jeff had to go on a lecture tour for three weeks and the first few nights, the routine was the same as usual. Then I think it was about the fifth night of his tour, Abbi walked in on me while I was in the shower. Even though I hated the size of my murdering cock, I still had physical needs and right now I was horny and beating off in the shower. A stifled gasp drew my attention and I turned to see my Auni Abbi, her mouth covered by her hand as she gasped in shock at the sight, or rather, the huge cock, before her. “So it’s true” she exclaimed, “it is fucking huge”. I immediately went to cover myself as best as I could. “Don’t hide that beautiful cock from me” said my Aunt Abbi. “Don’t ever hide that beautiful cock” she declared. As if on auto pilot Abbi took a couple of steps forward so she was directly in front of me, the shower glass being the only barrier between us. Abbi then lifted her sweater off her and removed her t shirt and bra. “That looks really swollen sweetie” she said before bending down to remove her jeans and underwear. Stepping into the shower, Abbi gazed longingly at my hard moistened cock, the precum dripping from it. Falling to her knees she reached out and dipped her head extending her tongue. Licking the tip and lapping along the shaft, Abbi then stretched her mouth to f***e the very tip of my prick into her mouth. It felt amazing. We both fell to the floor of the shower as Abbi positioned her mouth and neck at a straighter angle to f***e more of my huge cock head into her mouth, as she delicately licked the glans. Pushing deeper so that she had about three, maybe four inches in her mouth (she honestly could not take more), Abbi lashed my extremely sensitive penis as fast as she could.

It was just too much for me. I felt my balls lurch as a massive load of cum came out of my cock straight into Abbi’s mouth, overflowing it. Abbi started to swallow but could not keep up, so she allowed me to finish cumming over her petite tits and face. Spent with the f***e of my ejaculation, I felt dizzy for a moment as Abbi used her hands to scoop up my spunk from her breasts and her face and feed herself with it. Then without a word or any further intimate contact, Abbi stood up, grabbed a towel to dry herself off with, along with her pile of clothes and walked out of the bathroom to go back to her bedroom.

It was maybe half an hour later that I got out of the shower, shocked at what had happened and very, very relaxed and mellow. Dressing, I realised that Aunt Abbi had sucked me off and swallowed all my spunk without any controlling influence by me. I didn’t go after her to her bedroom. Instead I went back to my own room, still not fully comprehending what had happened. I did know that a change was happening. That change was one of hope and a removal of self doubt. A woman had just blown me, my Aunt had just blown me, my Moms s****r had just blown me, I had just been blown by a woman who wasn’t afraid of my Donkey Cock and didn’t need to be controlled.

What was the future? What did Aunt Abbi want from me? I was to find out soon enough.

Part 4 coming soon.

Updated: October 21, 2016 — 1:30 pm

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