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The Craving – Must Read

It was another typical Sunday morning, which meant I awoke to the feel of my husband Tom’s hand trailing across my stomach. We always had sex on Sunday mornings, usually first thing before we heard the k**s up and about.

“Mmm, how do you want me?” I asked, my eyes still closed.

“On your stomach,” was his firm command.

I obediently flipped over and turned my ass up in the air. I suppressed the urge to pee, but this was going to be quick. It never lasted more than a few minutes whenever we fucked in the morning. Here he was 42 years old, and he still had morning wood hard as steel, every single day. I always chalked it up to the fact that he was married to a gorgeous redhead like me, of course. I was slim and had a generous rack of tits on me, and knew how much he adored my body.

I felt him crawl on top of me, the warm weight of his body pinning me to the mattress, and my pussy started to tingle. His modest 7 inch dick jabbed into my ass inadvertently, until he spit into his fingers and rubbed it on the tip. Then he was aiming it right at my cunt for just a moment before he sunk into my hole.

I gasped at the intrusion, preferring a bit more warm-up but content to please him. He pounded into me, making the bed squeak just a bit, but I wasn’t worried about the k**s hearing us. They were both adults now, Matt being 19 and Breanna 18. I’m sure they’ve heard their fair share of sounds coming from our bedroom. If I had been more conservative perhaps, I would urge my husband to be quiet, to do it softer. But I was hardly conservative in the bedroom.

Tom didn’t last long, as I predicted, before he shot off inside of my cunt. Just as I was getting warmed up, in fact. But I was used to that, and most times I would relieve myself immediately after in the bathroom, usually with the showerhead. I never told him about this, since I didn’t want to hurt his feelings. And sometimes I would actually climax during sex with him. It was what most housewives would consider a fulfilling sexual relationship for a middle-aged couple with c***dren. For me, I had to spice it up in my own way to make it satisfying.

Later, I was doing the laundry while Tom was out fishing with his buddies and the k**s were hiding in their rooms. I tapped on Breanna’s door, and she instantly replied with a “come in” like usual. The girl apparently had nothing to hide, unlike me when I was her age. A strange memory of my father flashed through my head, but I willed it away for the moment. Memories of him had a way of intruding on what I was doing.

“Dirties?” I said as I entered.

I saw Breanna sitting on her bed, reading a book. She wasn’t much of a bookworm, but she was known to lose herself in the latest teen romance now and again. She didn’t even look up as she nodded and pointed to her hamper. I was a moment sifting through her clothes, doing what I assumed every mother did while rummaging through her underwear. I checked for cum stains.

I knew how girls were nowadays, and I knew how I was at her age even twenty years ago. Boys on the mind, a good few years into discovering masturbation, and probably performed a few blowjobs already. If she dated more, I might be worried that she was getting dicked regularly. But it seemed she was not letting any boys cum in her tight little pussy, and I was glad for that. Her panties had the usual slight discharge stains and nothing else. A woman was more than familiar with those.

I closed her bedroom door behind me as I left, and then tapped on Matt’s door.

As usual, there was an awkward moment of silence, following by some rustling. No doubt he was jerking off to porn again, and needed a moment to compose himself.

“Uh, come in,” he said finally.

I opened the door and pretended not to notice how he was covering his crotch by the way he was sitting with his arm casually across his lap. His computer was on, but of course it was just sitting at the desktop with nothing open. It wasn’t the most subtle way he could hide a pornography habit, but I ignored it and went for his hamper.

I rummaged through it and quickly separated some things before throwing them into my laundry basket. I had started making a point of keeping his socks separated into a pile when I gathered them. I pretended to be sorting them, but really I was squeezing them in my hand to feel for a familiar crunch. Sure enough, a good five or six of them had that feel, and I mentally made a note that he must have masturbated that many times since I last did laundry.

It was probably a strange thing for a mother to keep track of, and I honestly didn’t know why I started doing it, but I never lost track over the years. Once puberty had hit, I had taken a perhaps not-so-motherly interest in his sexual habits. Like Breanna, he didn’t date much, in fact he hardly ever went out with a girl alone. I had gone through his internet history enough to confirm that he was actually interested in girls, at least. He seemed content to ejaculate into a sock rather than some cute girl’s vagina. That seemed odd to me, but at least it was safer.

As I dumped some of the clothes I had gathered into the washing machine, I again checked his socks more blatantly now that I was alone. I turned them inside out to expose the cum stains, and even though it was probably strange, I made note of how much cum he had produced by the size of the stains. He was shooting a nice thick load, I could tell. I was glad, and in a somewhat motherly way I was proud of him for that. I hesitated before touching one of the stains, almost bringing it to my nose, but then tossed it and the rest into the washing machine.

Later in the day, I was relaxing in the living room while reading a magazine and sipping some iced tea when I heard a familiar voice in my head. I glanced around to see who had spoken, but quickly realized I had only imagined it. At first I ignored it and went back to my magazine.

But the voice came back, and I recognized it this time. It was my father, and he was definitely not in the room with me. He had been dead for ten years already. But it was his voice for a certainty.

“Melanie…” he said, as clearly as if he were standing right in front of me.

You would probably think this would shock me, but actually it was a common occurrence. I quite often heard him talk to me since he had died. That didn’t mean I thought he was a ghost, communicating from the grave. It was more like a memory of him, speaking to me from inside my own mind. I had been very close with my father, and enjoyed that I could still talk with him in my own private way.

“Hi, Daddy,” I said to him, silently in my mind.

The mental image of him stood out prominently now that he was speaking to me. I could see his familiar face with its square jaw and age lines that made him appear wise and powerful. He had a full head of grey hair, combed back away from his face. He had looked like that for as long as I could remember, except maybe without so much grey. The piercing blue eyes were what I remembered most, and what I connected with the strongest. I could feel them staring at me, even right now.

“What are you so worried about?” he asked, his voice filling my head.

I set the magazine down and stared out the large living room window across from where I sat on the sofa. I sighed, knowing Daddy could always tell when something was weighing on me.

“I’m getting those feelings again,” I replied, still in my mind only. I never spoke aloud to him, since there wasn’t a need to.

“What feelings?”

“The ones that you used to give me,” I answered, somehow not wanting to actually say the words that would have explained how I was feeling.

“I see. Those are good feelings then.”

“Yes,” I responded truthfully, “but I can’t satisfy them without you here.”

“You always were my angel,” he said. “No one could make me feel as good as you did.”

My heart ached when he said that, as I fondly remembered the times I shared with him. Ever since I was a girl, we were close. Closer than a father and daughter should have been, perhaps. He had talked to me about that quite a bit. I didn’t always understand why it was so forbidden, but I obeyed his strict wishes that I never tell anyone the things we did together.

It was fun, actually, to keep our secret. Even from my mother, who had no idea what was going on. I still had to share Daddy with her, but I always knew that he liked me the best. I’m sure it had something to do with the fact that he was older and I was just a youthful little thing.

“That wasn’t all it was to me,” he said, reading my mind. “You know that.”

I sighed. “Of course I know that. But I liked being that, for you.”

“Touch yourself, Melanie,” he said in a soft command.

I glanced toward the back of the house to make sure no one was around, and then I complied by reaching into my shorts and snaking my hand down my panties to where my smooth pussy was. I hadn’t realized it until then, but I was very wet. His presence mixed with the feelings I was having today was really getting to me.

“That’s my girl,” he said. “You know how much Daddy likes to see his favorite girl play with herself.”

“I’m not alone here, Daddy,” I said. “I can’t really play around right now.”

“You can get off without drawing attention to it.”

“Ok, Daddy. I’ll do it for you.”

I started fingering my clit, and once I started I wasn’t going to stop until I came. It would have looked so obvious if anyone could see me, but at the moment even that didn’t seem to matter. I closed my eyes and kept at it, circling my clit and flicking it from side to side. Within minutes I felt my cunt throb and squeeze involuntarily, and suddenly I was climaxing. I bit my lip and clenched my eyes shut, riding it out in silent agony, until the feeling had washed over me. I sighed raggedly, and opened my eyes.

Nothing in the room had changed, but I could tell that Daddy wasn’t there anymore. Sometimes I wondered if I was going crazy, or if he was the product of my imagination in response to some emotional need. It was true what I told him, that lately I was having feelings that I couldn’t process appropriately. I was starting to crave that forbidden sexual relationship that I had enjoyed with him all those years ago. But he was gone now, and I couldn’t have that anymore.

Up until he had died, starting in my teen years, I had been having sex with my father. It began so innocently, so sweetly, that I never once felt like he was taking advantage of me. I was old enough to know what abuse was, and I never once labeled our relationship that way. Whenever we were together, it was so wonderful and felt so good that I thought we were in love. That part, perhaps, was unnatural. But my infatuation turned into a different kind of love, one that was still familial but also something more. I respected the man endlessly. He was my father first and foremost, and I did whatever he told me to do. With that said, I don’t remember him telling me to do sexual things to him, but I remember wanting to do them. I remember seeing his penis for the first time, and that it excited me fiercely. It was so thick and long, uncircumcised, and so impossibly hard when it was erect. I could still remember the smell of it too, intoxicating and intriguing.

The taste of it was not what I had expected back then. It was just like skin, not much different and not especially good or bad. His precum though, that was much different. It was mildly salty but also very intoxicating, more so than the smell of his cock. I loved tasting his cum, and when it would finally burst forth and either fill my mouth or cover my face, I would lick it all up and swallow it. It wasn’t just the taste that I loved, but the idea that part of him was inside of me, that I was consuming his seed. It was the closest I could be to a person, swallowing the fluid he produced in reaction to the loving things I was doing to him.

I could taste his cum even now, just thinking about it on the sofa. Somehow swallowing his cum was more intimate that feeling it deep in my pussy, where it often ended up. That was delightful as well, and I never turned him down when he asked to put his cock there. I would spread my legs to invite him to fill me up, and he always reached a depth in me that my husband Tom could never reach. When Daddy would kiss me and his tongue would enter my mouth, my pussy would tingle and my wetness would never relent until we were finished.

Sometimes we wouldn’t have intercourse, we would just fool around. I loved sucking his big dick, and he liked licking my little pussy. 69’ing was difficult because I was smaller than him, but I secretly loved when he would lick not just my cunt but also my butt. His tongue would roughly slide against my little pucker, and sometimes he would try to get his tongue in there. It was so naughty for him to be doing that, but I loved being naughty with him.

I found myself masturbating again thinking about some of those experiences, and realized I needed to go upstairs to do this properly. I hurried up to my bedroom and closed the door. I peeled my clothes off and rushed to my nightstand. I opened the drawer and pulled out a nice thick dildo. Tom liked to see me masturbate with toys, and I was happy to oblige him. I sprawled out on the bed and wet the end of the dildo in my mouth. Then I reached down and found my asshole with the tip. I pushed softly until it gave way, and finally the toy was buried in my ass.

I closed my eyes and savored the feeling. Daddy could never quite fit his cock in there, even though we had tried many times. In fact, I couldn’t hold more than two of his fingers, and even then it was a strain. Now that I was married and had been having sex for many years now, I could take Tom’s dick quite easily back there. He wasn’t into anal sex as much as I was, but once in a while the mood struck him and he would take my ass. I usually touched or penetrated it while I masturbated.

I pictured the dildo as Daddy’s cock inside me, and started rubbing my pussy hard. It didn’t take long before I exploded and ended up soiling the comforter with my squirt. God, it felt good though. I had really needed that.

I stayed naked but crawled under the covers and drifted off to sl**p. The dildo was still in my ass as I laid on my side and just enjoyed the feeling of being so full. I thought I might dream of Daddy, but instead I dreamed of my c***dren. I remembered telling Daddy that I couldn’t satisfy these i****tuous feelings that I used to have with him. It was like a physical craving that I couldn’t satiate, even with intense sex with Tom. There was a unique element to having sex with Daddy, knowing it was wrong and loving it despite that. I had tried to be kinky with Tom, but it never seemed the same.

My dream took a strange turn when a casual conversation with Matt and Breanna turned into me giving Matt a deep blowjob while Breanna sat with her face directly below my pussy as I knelt over her. She was just staring up at it, not attempting to lick or touch it. Matt’s cock was just like his father’s in my dream, but in reality I hadn’t seen it in a long time so I couldn’t be sure. Still, I enjoyed sucking on it immensely, and it seemed familiar somehow. Not physically, but in some other way. It was that feeling, that i****tuous craving that I had been having. Sucking my own son’s penis was fulfilling the craving that I was having! Swallowing his thick cum pulsating from his shaft made my body tingle with excitement.

I would need to satisfy that feeling again, only in real life. But how could I?

Chapter 2

I was awakened by a tap on the bedroom door. I stirred and realized where I was, since it was unusual that I would sl**p in my bed during the day.

“Yes?” I said.

The door cracked open. Matt poked his head in cautiously. “Mom?”

“Yes, come in Matt.”

I was mostly under the comforter, but my arm was out which meant my shoulder and the top of my chest was exposed. He couldn’t see anything, except that fact that I was at least topless under the comforter, if not completely naked. I was still hazy from being asl**p, but I suspected that he recognized this by the look on his face.

“Bree just left to see a movie with Traci,” he said, his eyes staring at me but not really at my face. “I was going to see if you were feeling ok before I mowed the lawn.”

Matt’s chores included yard work, which he usually did on Sundays. He must have known I was in here sl**ping, and I thought it was so sweet that he would check on me.

“I’m just a little tired,” I said, reaching up to stretch my arm and inadvertently exposing more of my chest. When my armpit came into view, a good portion of the top of my breast probably showed itself too. I didn’t care though. The dream seemed to have emboldened me.

“Do you need anything?” he asked, his eyes taking in every last bit of me that was exposed.

I felt flattered that he would find me sexually attractive, if that was what was going on here. Would he still find me attractive if he knew his grandpa and I had been fucking each other in secret? Or would he be disgusted? I found myself intensely curious about the answer to those questions.

“Your father won’t be back until dinner,” I said. “Why don’t we talk for a little while? We never really get to spend time alone together.”

Matt shrugged. I probably caught him off guard, but he was never opposed to spending time with his old mom. I wanted to blurt it all out to him, to tell him everything that I had been keeping secret all these years. But that wouldn’t be the way to do it. I needed to probe first, find out what he thought about i****t first. I had openly talked to him about looking at porn on the internet before, maybe that could be the way to do it.

He was still standing there in the doorway, apparently waiting for me to say something. He looked nervous.

“Matt, honey, don’t just stand there. Come in here.”

He obeyed, but I could tell he was hesitant. Maybe because he suspected that I was naked. He wouldn’t suspect that I had a large dildo up my ass, though.

“Come next to me on the bed,” I said, patting my hand on the mattress.

He felt very awkward now but he obeyed. He sat on the edge of the bed first, then swung his legs up onto the comforter and stretched out next to me. He was trying so hard to keep his eyes off of me, but the poor boy was only human. It didn’t matter that I was his mother. He wanted to see my breasts because they were there, only partially hidden from his view.

“I noticed when I did your laundry,” I started, “that you had only filled six of your socks with cum this week.”

He was frozen in place, embarrassed and shocked. I had never actually talked to him about his cum socks before. I’m sure he thought he was in trouble, but of course I was going in a different direction.

“Does that mean you only jerked off six times this past week?” I asked, sounding casual and innocent like there was nothing unusual about my question.

He looked at me with wide eyes, probably confused that I had said “only” six times this week. If he was in trouble, I wouldn’t have implied that the amount of times he masturbated was too infrequent. If anything I would have scolded him for doing it that many times. I touched his arm for a moment and smiled at him.

“Relax. This is just us talking here. I won’t tell anyone.”

He cleared his throat, and then nodded.

“Is that what that means?” I repeated.

He couldn’t look at me as he nodded again. I leaned my head against his arm and put my hand on his leg. It was just an affectionate move, not overtly sexual. But the fact that I was naked underneath the covers made it a little too intimate for a mother and son. That was what I was going for.

“Thank you for being honest with me,” I said, kissing his arm and then leaning my head against him again. “That’s actually not that much, you know. I was asking because I wanted to make sure you knew that I not only approve of young men masturbating, but I also want them to at least once a day. Twice a day is preferable.”

Matt seemed to relax a bit, and I began to rub his leg. I was rewarded by seeing his pants start to tent, and made sure I didn’t make it obvious that I could see it. He might not even realize it at first, and he couldn’t suddenly adjust without drawing attention to it.

“Do you think you can try to do it more?” I asked.

He finally looked at me, still nervous but also seeming to trust me more now. After all, we were talking about something very personal and intimate, and doing so without any pretense that it was wrong or forbidden. I was letting him know that I wanted him to masturbate, so of course it should also be ok for us to talk about it openly.

“Um, sure…” He didn’t sound very certain.

“Can I let you in on a secret?” I said with a sheepish smile. I moved closer to him and whispered in his ear. “I masturbated before I fell asl**p.”

I felt the lurch in his pants, and his breathing became ragged. Oh, I would have been so incredibly happy if I could actually make him cum in his pants, but he was too old for that to happen I’m sure. I assumed he wasn’t a virgin either, by now.

“R-really?” he said, looking down at me in disbelief.

I nodded, keeping a sheepish grin on my face. “Your old mom does it too, you know.”

“But, Dad…” He seemed conflicted.

“Matt, everyone masturbates,” I said matter-of-factly. “Including your dad, including Breanna, including us. Even if you’re having regular sex, sometimes you just need to relieve yourself. It doesn’t mean your partner is bad at sex, and it doesn’t mean they’re not giving you enough sex. It just means you’re human and you have needs. It’s impossible for those needs to match up perfectly with someone else’s.”

He processed that, but seemed frozen in place still. He probably didn’t want to draw attention to his boner. I wanted so badly to see what was underneath those pants.

“I’ve seen what you look at on the internet,” I chanced, hoping it wouldn’t ruin this moment.

He turned pale, and swallowed. Shit, I may have crossed the line. Time to steer it back to my goal.

“It’s perfectly normal, you know.” I rubbed his arm, trying to comfort him. “Even the things you might consider to be freaky or perverted. People like to fantasize about things they don’t actually want to act out, sometimes. I know some of the things you’ve looked at are pretty wild, and it doesn’t make me think any less of you. Actually, it’s encouraging to me that you’re turning out very normal. I would worry if you didn’t look at those things.”

Poor Matt was very confused, I’m sure. I needed him to say something, so I could proceed in the right direction.

“For instance,” I continued, “I know you like to watch videos of anal sex. Right?”

Matt was still pale, but he nodded.

“Did you know that I like that too?”

He glanced at me, maybe a bit shocked to hear his mom say such a thing. “Really?”

I nodded enthusiastically, making sure he knew that I was being honest with him. “Of course.”

He swallowed again, but licked his lips while he tried to think of the way to ask what he wanted to ask.

“Have you ever…you know…?”

“Have I ever…had anal sex?” I said, hoping to encourage him.

He nodded, and I smiled.

“You really want to know what your old mom does in the bedroom?”

He nodded again, but suddenly realized that it might be wrong to want that, so he tried to backtrack. “Well I…no, you…not really…I mean…”

“Matt,” I said, trying to calm him by putting my hand on his chest. The comforter was dangerously close to falling below my tits. As it was already, he could see cleavage. “It’s normal for you to think about those things. I’m flattered that you asked me. It’s a compliment that you can view me that way, and be curious about me. I would be happy to answer your questions about sex.”

He seemed to calm down, and relaxed a bit.

“And to answer your question,” I continued, “yes, I have had anal sex and continue to have it with your father.”

The mental image that must be going through his mind right now, picturing his mother and father engaging in such a depraved act, was having a strange effect on him. He was imagining it, and somehow didn’t think to hide his erection as he shifted his pants to accommodate it rather than hide it.

“Can I tell you something else?” I said, quickly trying to build on this unexpected but very welcome turn of events.

He nodded. I kept my eyes on his, despite my desire to stare down at his crotch.

“I think it’s a very nice compliment when a boy has an erection,” I said.

He instantly tried to hide his boner, like I thought he would, but I reached for his hand and stopped him. That motion had the side effect of brushing my knuckle against his tent. Neither of us expected that, but I knew it would help my goal in the long run.

“Don’t hide it, please,” I said, not quite begging but certainly in a tone that suggested I was asking something of him rather than demanding. “It makes me feel really good that I can do that to you.”

Matt looked at me strangely, perhaps fighting a temptation as I hoped, and then let his hands fall to his sides. His obvious erection was now sprouting in his pants for me to see, and I chanced looking down at it with a big smile.

“Wow,” I said, “impressive!”

He got a sheepish smile, but didn’t say anything.

“Thank you,” I said, kissing his shoulder. “You have no idea how much it means to me that we can be open like this.”

“Mom?” he said just then, as if he finally had the courage to contribute to the conversation.

“Yes?” I asked, resting my cheek on his arm.

“Are you naked under there?” was his question, so innocent and brave.

I smiled, in a devilish way that was playful and revealing on its own. “Maybe.”

The temptation to tear the covers away and expose myself was so powerful, to throw myself on him and pull his pants down to free his penis so I could envelop it with my mouth. But I restrained myself, knowing this would have to be a slow and steady movement towards intimacy that wasn’t quite within normal boundaries.

“I…was just wondering,” he stammered.

I shouldn’t press my luck, but I couldn’t resist putting one last feeler out there.

“I bet you were,” I replied. “I wasn’t going to say anything, but I did find some interesting web sites in your history. Some rather…naughty sites.”

Matt fidgeted, but didn’t say anything.

“It’s still completely normal for you to fantasize about things that you would never actually do,” I reminded him. “But if I ask you a question, will you promise to answer me truthfully?”

He nodded, and his stare was both frightful and intense.

“Do you ever fantasize about having sex with a f****y member?” I asked boldly. I chose not to be specific about which f****y member, hoping that would encourage him to give an honest answer. Really, it was either me or Breanna that would have to be the objects of his fantasies. And it was perfectly normal for someone to have an occasional sexual thought about their parent or sibling.

He nodded, and my heart leapt.

“Thank you for being honest,” I said. “Don’t tell me who. You can keep that a secret. I used to fantasize about that too. With my father, actually.”

Matt seemed curious now, as I hoped he would be. I wasn’t about to reveal the extent of our relationship though. Not yet, anyway.

“Really? Grandpa?” Matt seemed quite surprised.

I nodded. “Oh yes, for a young girl it’s very common. I didn’t want to embarrass you, honey. I just wanted you to know that you don’t have to feel bad for having those feelings. Why don’t you go mow the lawn now, and some time we’ll talk more about it, ok?”

He nodded, and quickly leapt up from the bed. He was probably eager to leave the room so his erection wouldn’t continue to be the focal point. I thought for sure he would either go to his room first, or the bathroom, to jack off. But to my surprise he went downstairs and out to the back yard immediately. I hoped I hadn’t embarrassed him too badly. I felt the dildo in my ass again, still buried deep in my backside, and began to rub my pussy.

“Oh Daddy,” I said in my mind, as I sighed contentedly. “Do you really think I could fuck my own son?”

Daddy didn’t answer, but just forming the entire question in my mind was enough to get me off. I came hard underneath the covers, probably getting fluid on the sheets, and finally withdrew the dildo from my ass. I thought I’d better wash them, else Tom wonder what I had been doing. He didn’t know that I masturbated, even though I had made it apparent to Matt that everyone did. I knew Tom masturbated very rarely, as I apparently had a keen sense for that. Breanna was still a mystery to me though, I had never caught her or seen evidence that she did so. Maybe my skill was only for men, as I could probably guess when Matt would be jerking off just by the time of day. He might not always cum in his socks though, so I had to just guess at what I had said to him at the beginning of our conversation.

Imagining him whimpering as he jerked his thick cock and filled those socks with his sperm made my pussy throb…

Chapter 3

That night during dinner, Matt was secretly staring at me the entire time. Whenever I would catch him, he would look away and never meet my stare. Then I would get distracted talking with either Tom or Breanna, and in a few moments he would be staring at me again. Surely he was viewing me in a new light now, maybe even imagining what I looked like naked under my comforter. Maybe he was picturing me sucking his father’s dick or taking it up the ass. I felt a thrill as I hoped he was doing all of that.

Tom was the recipient of my extra arousal that night. I begged him to stick it in my ass, something I usually let him decide to do on his own. But I really needed it this time. I let him fuck my pussy for a few minutes to satisfy his need to attend to my needs, but at that point my need was to be dominated by him, and taken in a forbidden way. I sucked him expertly and even licked his balls, hoping that he might cum before he got it in me. Then he could fuck me all night.

But apparently our sex in the morning had been enough to drain him, and he didn’t cum until he stuck it in me. Unfortunately he didn’t last more than a few minutes, which was typical when we had anal sex. It excited him a lot apparently, which made me wonder why he didn’t ask for it more often. He grunted and thrust into me sharply, which hurt in a good way, and unloaded his sperm in my butt. I moaned appreciatively, letting him know I enjoyed this particular part, which was true. It was the one thing I hadn’t done with Daddy. He had never shot his cum into my ass. I would give almost anything to go back and change that. The only thing I could do now to even come close to rectifying that forbidden desire was to have another f****y member do it instead. A f****y member that wasn’t supposed to do it, specifically. That f****y member was not my husband.

Monday was the day I did all my errands, since Tom was as work as Matt and Breanna both had jobs. Just the usual part-time jobs k**s their age had. Breanna was a barista and Matt worked construction. They would be gone most of the day, doing their own thing when their shifts were over. We usually didn’t see each other until dinner during the week. It hadn’t taken me long to go grocery shopping and then drop some things off at the dry cleaners. I might go shopping sometimes too while I was out, but Daddy felt like talking today. When he first spoke to me, I decided to just go home in case he wanted me to cum again for him.

“You’re being bad, Melanie,” he said as I pulled into the driveway.

“I know, Daddy,” I said. “I can’t help it. I don’t have you to satisfy those cravings anymore.”

“Nothing would make me happier than you satisfying those cravings. But you must tread carefully. Matt won’t just start having sex with his own mother. I didn’t just start having sex with you.”

“Fucking,” I corrected him. “We didn’t just have sex. That’s what you did with Mom. You and I fucked.”

He knew I had always enjoyed swearing when we were together. He had never really been a man to swear, even when he got angry. Maybe that made it all the more naughty when we did say those words.

“Fine. But still, you know I’m right. How do you plan to seduce him?”

I took the groceries inside and hurriedly put them away while Daddy and I talked. I felt the heat starting to build in my stomach, and it would need to come out through my pussy.

“I don’t know yet. I need to find out if he even likes i****t. I didn’t really find any i****t web sites on his computer, I only alluded that I had.”

“But he did admit that he fantasized about fucking a f****y member.”

“That doesn’t automatically mean it’s me. It could be his s****r.”

“Wouldn’t the two things go hand in hand? Even if he’s only ever thought about Breanna, the act of fucking his s****r would eventually lead him to think about fucking you.”

That made sense, and as I stripped off my clothes and laid on my bed, I thought about how I might exploit his fantasy regardless of which one of us, me or Breanna, he had thought about.

“I wish I had your big cock, Daddy,” I said, spreading open my pussy as if to invite him to penetrate it.

“You had the tightest little pussy I ever had,” he admitted. “Nothing felt better than cumming inside of it.”

“I wish you had fucked my ass,” I said, getting on my knees and pushing my ass into the air, reaching back with both hands and spreading it as if for him to see.

“I wanted to, baby, but I didn’t want to hurt you. I was afraid. I never wanted to hurt you.”

“I know, Daddy…” I was actually crying now, I realized. “And you never did. How can I make anyone understand what we had? I don’t know if I can ever make someone that happy again.”

“Don’t be sad that it’s over. Be happy that we had it at all. Relish in the possibility that it’s possible to try again with your son.”

I sniffed, still spreading my ass with my face buried in my pillow, but felt better now that he had said that. I fell down onto my belly and relaxed for a moment before rolling over and just laying there. Daddy didn’t say anything else to me, and I didn’t say anything either. I absently played with my clit but didn’t actually seek a release. The emotional release he had given me was enough for now.

Thankfully, Tom didn’t want sex that night. I would have gladly given my body to him, but I was too emotional to enjoy it. And my thoughts would have been on my son, picturing him on top of me and not Tom. I wasn’t ready for that yet, since I had never fantasized about him in that way before. I had imagined sex with Matt of course, especially recently, but had never replaced my husband with another man during the act. I suppose I would feel guilty about it, although I knew it was normal for a man to replace his wife mentally. Sometimes I wondered if Tom ever thought about fucking our daughter while he was plowing me. I wouldn’t think badly of him for doing it, in fact I was intrigued by the thought. I almost thought to ask him, but for some reason I held off.

The week went by quickly for some reason. Tom had to work a few late nights, which meant dinner with just the k**s. I had to keep myself interested in what Breanna was saying while she was talking, because I kept thinking about Matt and what must be going on in his mind. What if he knew what I had been thinking about lately? What if he knew his own mother was trying to fuck him? Would he be able to process the emotions that were involved with an i****tuous relationship? Would he be able to realize that I wasn’t in love with him, and that he shouldn’t be in love with me? i****t was something special, but it wasn’t the same as a committed relationship like a marriage, with its long-term security and relative normalcy. I knew I would never replace my mother, and Matt would never replace his father.

But it would take our mother/son relationship to an entirely different level. He would know me intimately, both my body and my mind. He would know more about me than even my own husband, in many respects. We wouldn’t have the years of experience with each other than I had with Tom, but in my own experience once the i****t started, it would go very strong for the first while. It would be new and exciting, and secretive and forbidden. Sex in those contexts was always heated and intense.

I needed to build on that conversation we had the previous Sunday, when I was naked in bed. Should I try to be naked around him, innocently of course? Or should I engage another sexual conversation with him, hoping that it would become natural and familiar? I could try to get him to open up, admit his fantasies, and admit mine to him. That was a dangerous move, if my i****tuous plans were my own interest only, and not his. I didn’t want to f***e Matt into something he didn’t want, and wasn’t ready for. That would do irreparable damage, as the vast majority of i****tuous relationships did for that very reason. This would have to form naturally, of its own doing.

But the seeds had to be planted. I could strongly hint without actually saying anything. I could build intimacy that wasn’t necessarily sexual in nature, with the hope that it would build to that. I spent the entire week pondering what to do, while still doing my usual routine of checking Breanna’s panties and Matt’s socks and internet history. I was curious if, knowing that I checked them, his routine would change. But he hadn’t deleted his internet history, thankfully, from which I could see that he was still looking at very naughty things like anal sex and even some kinky things like piss play and b********y. Maybe he was trying to shock me, knowing I was looking at these things too.

His cum socks were especially full this time. He seemed to be shooting bigger loads this week, maybe more than one at a time even. He had a dozen or so for me to wash, which seemed to confirm for me that he wasn’t trying to avoid my knowledge of his sexual activity. Should I somehow leave him a message, like he was doing for me? I thought long and hard about that while I rubbed my pussy with one of his crunchy socks down in the laundry room. I came with his dried cum mixing with my pussy juice, and then threw the thoroughly soiled sock into the washing machine. That had felt especially good, knowing his cum was touching my pussy. Should I somehow let him know that I had done that? No, that would be too much. I was starting to go out of my mind considering the possibilities of how to proceed.

I felt like I was ignoring Breanna with all of this going on, so I made it a point to spend the entire day with her on Saturday. We went shopping, which was her favorite thing to do, and I made sure there was lots of girl talk. She was usually very open with me, telling me what boys she liked and even how far some of her dates had gone with her. I knew one boy had put his hand down her pants, and that she had felt another boy’s penis through his pants. I didn’t press for details, but she seemed especially conscious of my concerns for her. I realized that I was missing out on an opportunity to have a closeness with her that I was trying to have with my own son. Just not in a sexual context.

We sat in the food court of the mall eating soft pretzels while we talked. Breanna had just finished telling me about something that had happened at the coffee house where she worked. There was a rare pause in the conversation, which I took full advantage of.

“Breanna,” I started, “let’s have a mother/daughter conversation.”

Breanna seemed amused. She was so beautiful when she smiled, with her long reddish hair that was a mix of my red hair and her father’s darker color. Her green eyes seemed to be laughing at me.

“What do you mean, Mom?” she asked. “I thought that’s what we’ve been doing this whole time.”

I laughed. “No, we’ve just been having a good time. A mother/daughter conversation is like the time you came home from that date with the football player, and you confided in me that he had put his hand down your pants.”

Breanna turned red, but maintained her smile even through her embarrassment. “Mom…”

“Hey,” I said, trying to quickly take away the embarrassment from the situation. “Don’t you ever feel bad for telling me something like that. That took a lot of courage! I’m proud that you told me something so secret.”

She met my stare briefly, maybe a bit surprised at how strongly I was defending her. “…Thanks.”

“That’s something a daughter tells her mother when they’re close, like you and me. You know what else she tells her mother?”

Breanna shrugged.

“That she liked it…a lot,” I said with a smile.

Her mouth dropped open, and she nearly reached across the table and smacked my arm.

“Mom!” she blurted out.

“It’s ok,” I laughed. “Why shouldn’t you like it? Do your girl parts not work or something?”

That did bring a playful smack, but she seemed to really brighten up after that. She talked openly about going to second base with a few boys, and I didn’t push her to admit that she had gone all the way. But she also didn’t say she hadn’t, so I chose to believe what I had already suspected. If her panties were any indication, at least they were pulling out. Not a completely safe way to go, but better than the alternative.

“Can I ask you something about Matt?” I finally said, burning to bring him up with her.

“I probably don’t know anything about him, but sure,” was her response.

“Do you know if he’s still a virgin?”

She shook her head. “I don’t know, sorry. He doesn’t tell me stuff like that. I got out of him once that he had gotten a blowjob from Stephanie, the volleyball champ, during his junior year. But that took some prying.”

“Really?” I said, completely interested and not hiding the fact. “Why do you think he’s so secretive like that? Usually b*****rs and s****r like to brag about their dates.”

Breanna shrugged. “Matt’s not really like that. He likes his privacy.”

“He’s told me some things,” I said, steering the conversation a bit where I hoped it would go.

“Like what?”

I pretended to be somewhat hesitant. “Well, like some of the stuff he looks at on the internet.”

“Come on, he’s a guy,” Breanna said with a sarcastic look. “All guys look at porn. That’s how you know they’re alive.”

I nodded. “You may be right about that.”

“Well, I mean…not Dad, I’m sure,” she started backtracking.

I waved her weak attempts away. “Honey, you shouldn’t worry about things like that. Even if your father did, which I honestly don’t know, I wouldn’t be bothered by it. Like you said, all guys do it.”

“Wow, you’re ok with that?” she asked in disbelief. “That’s very…progressive of you.”

“What about you?” I asked, keeping her father out of this. I wanted this to include only myself and my two c***dren.

“What about me?”

“How often do you look at porn on the internet?” I asked boldly.

Breanna turned red again, which was a dead giveaway that she at least looked at porn once in a while. Otherwise she would simply dismiss it.

“I don’t…I mean, you know…”

“Ok, ok,” I reassured her. “So the answer is not ‘never’ but it’s also not ‘all the time’ either.”

She giggled. “I can’t put anything past you. Does that make you disappointed in me?”

I frowned. “Why would you ever think that, my dear? I could not be more proud of you, and I hope you know that. The normal things you do in your private life have no bearing on the kind of person you are, in my eyes.”

“Thanks, Mom,” she said, with an expression of gratitude.

“Besides, even I’ve seen a penis or two online.”

She burst out laughing at that. “I can’t imagine you actually searching for that, though.”

“Has your b*****r ever…um, I’m not sure how to put this exactly…”

“Just say it, Mom. I don’t mind.”

“Has Matt ever said anything to you that would indicate that he fantasizes about you or me while he masturbates?”

Even though she had tried to reassure me that she wouldn’t be shocked by what I said, I could tell that she was. Her mouth dropped open and she just stared at me for quite a while.

“Uh…no, I can’t imagine he ever has or ever would.” Breanna cleared her throat. “I don’t think he would ever tell me, even if that was true. Why would you even ask me that?”

“I have my reasons,” I said, but her face told me that wasn’t a good enough answer. “I found some porn sites on his computer that had i****tuous themes.”

Breanna raised an eyebrow, but wasn’t put off by any means. I took that to mean that she must have thought about i****t at least once or twice. I needed to build on that theme immediately, if so. I leaned close to her and gave her a very serious stare.

“You would tell me if he ever…tried something with you, right? Even if it was a long time ago. I wouldn’t tell your father or anyone else. I would keep it between us.”

Breanna seemed embarrassed, and I could tell she was hiding something. That small recognition made my pussy ache suddenly, and I had to suppress a moan. I tried my best to keep focused on her face while I waited for her to say something.

“I mean, maybe when we were little…” Breanna turned very red at saying that aloud. “You really want to know about that? I would think you’d hope we never fooled around.”

If only she knew how much the thought aroused me…

“Any mother would hope that her c***dren never got into trouble,” I agreed. “But that kind of activity is very normal for young c***dren. Obviously he never got you pregnant or anything so damaging. Do you not want to tell me?”

Breanna shrugged. “As long as you won’t be mad at us. If Matt knew I was telling you, he’d kill me.”

I waved the thought away. “I’ve already had a nice long conversation with him about sex and fantasies and stuff like that. It’s ok.”

“Ok then. Well, yeah when we were little k**s we would show each other our privates and stuff. I think he touched me…down there, once or twice out of all those times. I touched his…thing…many times though. I remember thinking it was funny looking.”

I tried to keep from laughing, imagining a young and adventurous Breanna squeezing her b*****r’s little weenie and wondering what in the world such a thing was used for.

“You can’t make fun of me,” Breanna protested.

I shook my head, trying to stifle my reaction. “I’m sorry, that was very rude of me. Please, continue.”

“You promise not to tell, right?”

I nodded. “Of course. This is just between you and me.”

“Well…I wanted to know how he peed out of that thing. So I made him pee while I watched. Then he asked to watch me pee, so I did. My pee hole was in a different place, and he seemed very interested in that, so I let him get real close to my…private parts…and he stuck his finger in there and poked around and stuff.”

Breanna was being incredibly frank and honest with me, but she looked like she was about to crawl into a corner and die. I didn’t want her to feel so bad about it, but I guessed it was normal. Most people would think such activity was shameful, rather than arousing like I thought. It reminded me of Daddy putting his manly fingers into my pussy and bringing me such pleasure.

“All of that is totally normal,” I said in a very motherly tone. “Some b*****rs and s****rs go even further than that. They lick each others’ privates and sometimes try to…join them together.”

Breanna shrugged. “I guess I’m lucky we never tried that.”

Oh, how lucky you would be, I thought to myself.

“Well, maybe that explains why Matt is finding an interest in i****t fantasies lately. Maybe he’s remembering what the two of you did together.”


I waited for a bit before continuing, hoping the tension in the air right now would thicken just a bit. I guess I was getting off on talking about i****t with, ironically, a member of my immediate f****y.

“Have you ever…thought about i****t before?” I asked finally.

Breanna just looked at me for a moment, then glanced down nervously.

“I’ve thought about it a lot since those times with Matt all those years ago. Sometimes I have dreams where Matt and I are having sex. I’ve never acted on those dreams though…”

Something in her tone suggested that maybe she wasn’t telling me everything. Why would she be so open about telling me her sex dreams, but hold some small detail back now?

“Breanna…” I reached across the table and grasped her hand in mine. “That’s not why I asked you that. Don’t worry, I’m not interrogating you. I just want to know because I am curious, not because I suspect something.”

“I know,” she said, smiling back at me. “It’s just…interesting timing is all.”


“Because just the other day, Matt and I were joking around, and for some reason I told him about one of the dreams. I think he kinda freaked out, and I tried to pretend I was just joking, but I think he knew I wasn’t.”

“I see. Maybe you started something going in his mind then. That must be why he was searching those sites.”


I was glad to be able to steer the conversation away from i****t between Breanna and Matt, because that wasn’t what I was trying to encourage. However, there was always the possibility that a sexual relationship between Matt and I could be proceeded and encouraged by sex between the two of them. That wasn’t something I had spent a lot of time thinking about. But truth be told, I was afraid of getting up and leaving anytime soon because of the wet patch that had formed in my pants. I guess these thoughts were something I would need to sort out.

I changed the subject and we chatted for a while longer before leaving. Even though I appeared to be paying attention to Breanna, I was very engaged in my own perverse thoughts. I was obsessed with using the information she had given me to somehow direct matters with Matt, and I even considered whether or not to include her in my plan. I was intrigued with the idea of knowing that she and Matt were fucking, and that I was also fucking him. What would Daddy think of that?

Chapter 4

That night, Tom was called into work after dinner for an emergency all-nighter, which I protested against even though I actually would enjoy the night to myself. Of course Tom refused to budge and did leave for the office, but reassured me that we would have a night out soon. I let him go without too much fuss, and went to run a hot bath soon after. The k**s would be fine on their own, watching TV or going to their rooms to be alone, while I relaxed and sorted out my thoughts.

I had the strange compulsion to leave the bathroom door open, and I justified it by thinking that I needed to be able to hear the goings-on in the house if the k**s were in their rooms. It was a weak excuse, but it would do just fine if either of them questioned me. And I was guessing that of the two, Matt would not question it so much as become intrigued by it.

I gently set my naked self into the soothing hot water of the tub, with the door wide open while Matt and Breanna were each in their rooms, and closed my eyes. I could have drifted off to sl**p like this, but I wanted to stay alert in case one of the k**s decided to walk past. Even if it was Breanna, I found the idea of her seeing me naked somewhat exciting.

It took a while, and I worried that the hot water would cool off too much, but eventually I heard one of their bedrooms doors down the hall open. Footsteps creaked across the floor and then stopped when they neared the bathroom. I could picture Matt walking past and realizing that his mother was taking a bath and the door was wide open. I could imagine him hesitate, then find the courage to peek his head inside to see if he could catch a glimpse of my naked body.

I kept my eyes closed, though it took all of my concentration, so that he could get an eyeful in secret. I hadn’t used any bubbles, and the water was perfectly still around me. He would be able to see everything, including my bare cunt. Did he ever imagine that his mother shaved her pussy? Would that intrigue him at all? I was aching to open my eyes and catch him standing there, maybe with an erection straining through his sweatpants. When I imagined that enough time had passed for him to get a good look, I opened my eyes and tried my best to keep them straight forward, using my peripheral vision to observe if anyone was standing in the doorway.

To my disappointment, I didn’t see anyone. I would have been excited to see either of my c***dren. I felt lonely for some reason, and even wished Daddy would come talk to me. But he didn’t, and I found the silence almost unbearable right now. I decided to masturbate, hoping it would settle my nerves. I did it quietly, with as little movement as possible. It was almost casual, effortless, the way I rubbed my pussy and fingered my clit. I couldn’t climax like this, though. I needed more tonight than simple idle rubbing.

I started to lean forward in order to push myself up and out of the bathtub, when something caught my eye in the doorway. I had been expecting to see the full image of Matt or Breanna before when I had hoped either one was spying on me. What I was actually seeing was Matt’s face almost hidden behind the doorway on the other side. To my utter glee, he had been spying on me! Just not so openly as I had expected. Thankfully, when our eyes met, he didn’t run away or try to hide himself. He just stood there, almost invisible but now knowing that I saw him.

“Matt?” I said, not trying to cover myself in any way. I knew he could see my breasts, with my nipples hard from my excitement. In fact, he had probably seen me masturbating just now too. God, how that made my pussy ooze…

Matt stepped further into view, but stayed coy while standing there technically outside the bathroom in the hallway.

“Is everything ok?” I asked, pretending that I was surprised to see him there.

“Yeah, I was just…passing by,” he said. Interesting, he wasn’t trying to explain himself.

I nodded, and glanced past him before motioning him toward me.

“Come in here, in case your s****r sees you.”

He obeyed, not taking his eyes off of me, and entered the bathroom. “Should I close the door?”

I smiled. “No, then it would be suspicious. Right now, it’s just us talking.”

I wondered if he would catch that I was suggesting that he was here to do something suspicious. Or that I intended to also. He stood a few feet from the tub, watching me carefully. It must have been notable to him that I was allowing him to look at my naked body. He must have registered the fact that I wasn’t showing any shock or embarrassment.

“Were you…” He seemed to be implying something that he didn’t want to actually voice.

“Masturbating?” I finished the thought for him.

He turned red, but nodded.

“Yes,” I said, not showing any trace of shame or inhibition. “But I couldn’t get there, unfortunately. I’m just too tense I guess.”

I leaned back and stretched my neck, letting him get an even better view of my breasts. I tried to be as sensual as possible with the way I moved. I looked over at him after my stretch and saw that he was openly staring at me.

“Don’t you ever masturbate in the shower?” I asked, with a hint of a smile.

“Yes,” he answered. “I just didn’t really think you did it.”

“I told you the other day that everyone does it.” I stretched my leg, raising it out of the water and very sensually running my hands down it.

“Yeah, but…” He shifted uncomfortably. “Imagining it and seeing it are two different things.”

“That’s true. But you aren’t supposed to see your mother do such a thing.”

He looked ashamed when I said that. That was ok, it wouldn’t last very long.

“But you did, so we shouldn’t pretend it didn’t happen,” I continued.

His face showed a strange expression of relief and confusion. I knew this would be an important turning point, if I could pull it off.

“Wouldn’t it be nice if it were the other way around, too?”

“Mom…” Matt was really struggling with something, I could tell.

“What?” I asked innocently.


“Matt, come here.” I held my hand out, expecting him to step closer and take it.

He stepped closer, hesitantly and slowly, but he didn’t reach for my hand. He just stood there, conflicted and confused.

“Hand me a towel, please,” I said, and rose up out of the water.

He pulled a towel from the rack and handed it to me, while I stood there dripping wet for him to observe. We just stared at each other as I slowly toweled my body dry. He kept eye contact with me the entire time, rather than eyeing my nakedness up and down. I found that arousing somehow, but I didn’t know why.

“Your father is going to be gone until tomorrow,” I said, breaking the silence. “Let’s talk more after your s****r goes to bed, like we did the other day. I really enjoyed that.”

He nodded. “Me too.”

I wrapped the towel around my body, pulling it tight but leaving it low enough for my cleavage to be obvious. It was almost frustrating how carefully he was avoiding a lustful gaze of my body.

“Why don’t you sit with me in bed tonight for a while, and we can talk then,” I offered, knowing he would take me up on it.

“Ok,” he agreed, rather sheepishly.

I smiled at him, then left the bathroom and headed for my bedroom.

I laid in bed for what felt like an eternity waiting for Matt to show up. it must have been two hours or more before I finally hear my bedroom door, which was already open part way, creek open all the way. I glanced over at it to see a figure in the darkness standing there.

“Matt?” I said.

“It’s me, Mom,” came Breanna’s voice.

That was a surprise. And her b*****r might appear at any moment too. What would she think about that? Why was she here right now?

“Is everything ok?” I asked.

She tiptoed forward, trying to be quiet.

“That’s what I came to check,” she replied. “You seemed kinda down tonight. I just wanted to make sure you were ok.”

I was touched by the gesture, and despite the fact that I was expecting Matt to show up and possibly have some form of sexual contact with him, I didn’t want Breanna to leave.

“You’re so sweet,” I said. “Do you want to come lay with me?”

Breanna answered by approaching the bed and walking over to the other side. She pulled back the covers and crawled under them, then scooted closer to me and put her arm around me. I waited for her to say something about the fact that I was naked, but she stayed quiet.

“You can sl**p here tonight if you want,” I said after a moment, “but you have to take your clothes off or else I’ll feel out of place.”

Without a word, she stripped off her t-shirt and yanked her panties off. Now we were both naked together under the covers, with much less convincing than I would have thought necessary.

“That’s better,” I said.

She sighed, and threw her arm over me again. Her hand grazed my breast and rested just underneath it.

“I guess I’m just feeling lonely with your father gone,” I said. “The intimate contact with someone else soothes me.”

“I got the sense from all our talk today,” Breanna said, “that maybe you were trying to tell me something. Was I right?”

I stroked her hair with my free hand and held her head against my breast. Oh, how badly I wanted to tell her everything. Including trying to fuck her b*****r. The temptation was so strong, especially right now being so physically intimate with her. But she wasn’t the object of my i****tuous intentions. If I told her, then it might interfere with my plans to fuck Matt.

“It’s…difficult to talk about,” was my response.

Breanna looked up at me in the darkness as if she could see my face. “Telling you about how Matt and I fooled around as k**s was hard for me to talk about. But after I told you, I felt a lot better. In fact, it made me feel closer to you. You promised not to tell anyone about it, and I trust you to keep your promise. If there’s something you want to tell me, I promise to keep it a secret too. No matter what it is.”

I kissed her on the forehead and squeezed her against me, feeling her nakedness against mine.

“This is a big one though,” I warned. “And I don’t think you’re ready for the burden it would put on you.”

“Mom, you can trust me,” she persisted. “Did you murder someone?”

I knew she was joking, but it felt just as shocking if I were to tell her about me and her grandfather. I was so tempted though, I could feel my resolve melting.

“I didn’t murder anyone, but it will be just as shocking to you I’m sure.”

Breanna propped herself up on her elbow and seemed intrigued. I was afraid of that.

“Now you have to tell me. I’ll tell you more about me and Matt as k**s if you do.”

“There’s more that you didn’t already tell me?”

She nodded. “Oh yeah, we fooled around lots more. For some reason, it makes me feel good to tell you about it. I guess it’s because I know you’ll keep it to yourself, and it feels more normal when someone else knows about it and is ok with it. I’m even ok telling you that I masturbated already tonight, before I came over here. That isn’t weird, is it?”

“No, honey. It’s not. Thank you for being so good to me. I’ll tell you my secret, but you have to know that this is potentially a life-altering piece of information, not just for me but for you too. Knowing this secret about me could make you look at me differently.”

“Whatever it is, I want to know and I want to help you through it.”

My pussy was aching and soaking the sheets beneath me. I had never been this aroused before without sexual activity. I was even afraid Breanna would become aware of it and freak out. I guess this was it, I was about to tell someone for the first time about my father and me.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but Matt had been spying on us from the doorway, like he had done earlier when I was taking a bath. I wish I had known, because I would have taken more care in choosing my words. But as it was, I told Breanna everything as if she and I were best friends talking about boys that we had fooled around with.

She took it all in, how Daddy had begun touching my privates when we were alone, and then progressed to showing me his big penis, which I was invited to touch. Eventually he started licking my pussy, and then I would lick his penis, and watch him stroke it over my face until it exploded in sticky white goo. I explained how much I loved the taste, especially as I got older and could appreciate how precious an act it was for him to give me his seed, to allow me to consume it.

I explained too that we started fucking, and I used that word when I told my story. When I reached the end of what I chose to share with her, I only then realized that Matt was standing there listening. Breanna saw me looking in his direction, and followed my gaze to where he stood. She didn’t seem shocked by his presence, and didn’t try to cover up her bare breasts. She simply waited for me to say something to either him or her.

“I’m telling you this,” I said, “both of you apparently, because I trust you both to keep this secret from your father. He doesn’t know about it, and it would kill him to know that I was still fucking your grandpa up until he died. You can’t act any differently around him, even if you’re having a hard time dealing with it.”

“Mom,” Breanna said, touching my arm. “We won’t tell anyone. If you’re ok with what happened, there’s no reason to get anyone else involved.”

Matt stepped closer to the bed. “Is that what you were trying to do earlier? Get a sexual reaction out of me?”

I felt embarrassed, but nodded. “Ever since he died, I haven’t been able to satisfy these cravings. You can’t possibly understand what it’s like, to live a secret so deep and forbidden but also so exciting and physically pleasurable. It’s not something that can just be cut off, abruptly ended. I…just can’t stop having those feelings. I need i****t, I crave it. But I don’t have anyone to do it with anymore. Do you understand?”

Matt was taking his clothes off as I spoke, and Breanna moved closer to me. She reached for my breast and gently cupped it, staring into my eyes. I could barely make out her expression in the dark.

“Matt and I have been fooling around for a while,” she said. “We’ve never fucked, but we’ve done just about everything else.”

My mouth hung open in shock. “But…the socks…”

“We masturbate together sometimes,” he said, getting into the bed with us. “Most of the time I cum on her, but sometimes I still use the sock. I guess it excited me to know that you were washing them and knew that I was filling them with cum.”

I felt his hands touch me, on my sides and on my thighs. It felt so good to have two sets of hands caressing me.

“I don’t know what to say,” I said, but inside I was bursting with excitement.

“Don’t say anything,” Breanna said. “Just let Matt fuck you. He’s always wanted to.”

I felt his hard cock touch my stomach, and reached down to grasp it. When I couldn’t get my fingers all the way around it, my pussy melted.

“It’s big, huh?” Breanna said. “You should see how much he cums.”

Without saying anything, my own son drove his big cock up into me, his own mother, and claimed my pussy for the first time. It was so wonderful, feeling that familiar stretching of my cunt around such a big cock. It felt incredibly similar to Daddy’s. I could close my eyes and imagine it was Daddy fucking me, but that would ruin this wonderful experience. I loved that it was my son doing this with me. And my daughter was here too to share in the experience,

Matt didn’t last too long, as I’m sure the whole situation was overwhelming. Breanna encouraged him with a sexy, throaty tone as he grunted in warning and then thrust deep into me. Hearing her encourage him to cum deep in me sent me over the edge, and I climaxed too. I could feel his thick load shooting into me, filling me wherever his cock wasn’t already taking up space. It was like a hot flood of pleasure that filled every crevice of my womanhood. Afterward, he stayed buried in me like that for a few minutes, catching his breath.

“How’d it feel, b*o?” Breanna asked, smiling brightly.

“So good,” he replied. “I love you Mom.”

I stroked his face. “You have no idea what this means to me.”

He leaned down and kissed me, long and hard. He even thrust a few times, still hard inside of my cunt. When he released my mouth, I glanced up at Breanna.

“Why hasn’t he ever fucked you?”

She shrugged. “I guess it felt wrong somehow, but of course so did everything we were already doing. It was that last barrier we didn’t want to cross.”

“But now…” Matt added. “Are you ok with us doing it?”

“Of course I am,” I answered. “In fact, you feel ready to right now.”

Breanna spread her legs next to me, and made it obvious she was ready for him to fuck her. Matt withdrew from my body and crawled over to her. I watched with a great deal of love as the two of them melted together, their mouths and their arms and their hips. Matt penetrated her deeply, and the two of them grunted as they found their rhythm.

I stroked Breanna’s hair and Matt’s back as they fucked. He lasted much longer, of course, but eventually gave in and filled his s****r with his seed, causing her to climax right along with him just like I had done. I loved seeing them like that, watching them stroke each other and kiss for a long while after.

Once the sex was over and we were all just chatting casually, basking in our newfound intimacy, I explained how they would have to act whenever their father was around. It was for his protection as much as theirs. They couldn’t chance a feel or a sexual remark, or else it would arouse suspicion. They had to swear to keep it between the three of us, no matter what. That might mean that days would go by without any sexual contact. But it would be worth it, in the long run. They could continue to have a sexual relationship for many years, even after they each got married and had their own families.

Matt especially seemed to like that idea, that he could fuck his s****r even if she had a husband and he had a wife. He asked if he could fuck me again after we finished talking, and I eagerly complied. I knew how important it was to make each fuck important, and the best it could be. After he made me cum with his wonderfully thick penis, I whispered in his ear that soon he would get to fuck my ass too. Hearing that sent him over the edge and he gave me a second load, his third of the night.

We all fell asl**p after that, and I dreamed of Daddy all night long. He seemed very happy for me, and was glad to see that his legacy was continuing on. I promised him that I would do everything I could to keep it going.

The next morning, I awoke to the blissful feeling of my two k**s each laying next to me. They were naked, just like me, and Matt was already hard. I pulled the comforter back so I could see his cock. I hadn’t gotten a good look last night, only a good feel. It was beautiful, uncircumcised like his grandfather and so thick. I grasped it in my hand and moved his foreskin back and forth over the head. He moaned and stirred, obviously enjoying that. I knew how to please a big cock, after all.

I leaned over him and started to suck his cock. Without waking Breanna, I proceeded to give him the best blowjob he ever had. I licked his balls, took him all the way into my throat, jerked his shaft while I sucked the tip, everything I could think of to make him cum. After only a few minutes, I was rewarded with a mouthful of his semen, thick and copious. It tastes so good, even better than I remembered his grandfather tasting.

“Mom, that felt so good,” Matt muttered. “I still can’t believe we’re doing this.”

“Doing what?” Breanna said, stirring awake. “Hey, you two are fooling around, aren’t you?”

“We can do that without you once in a while,” I said with a smile. “Just like the two of you can.”

“What about you two?” Matt said.

Breanna and I just looked at each other.

“I think the fun in that would be for you to watch us,” I replied. “But with that intention, I would be more than willing to put on a show.”

Matt’s cock twitched, no doubt as he pictured the two of us eating each other’s pussies.

“Mom, will you show us how to do anal?” Breanna said, hopping up onto the bed with excitement.

“Your father will be home soon, but I promise the next time we have a few hours, Matt will have both of our asses.”

“That sounds great!” Matt said with a grin.

“Now, both of you need to take a shower and have breakfast. We have to act normal most of the time, don’t forget that.”

“We know,” they both said simultaneously.

“We’ve been good at keeping secrets this long,” Matt said.

“Yes, that reminds me,” I said, looking at Breanna. “I seem to recall you telling me quite frankly that you and Matt had never done anything sexual with each other. Now you tell me that you’ve been secretly masturbating together?”

Breanna shrugged. “I didn’t want to lie to you, but I thought you were on to us, and that was why you were asking those questions. I didn’t know that I could trust you with our secret.”

“I see,” I said, pretending to be upset but of course only happy at where we all ended up. “I think maybe you need to be punished.”

Breanna smiled. “Maybe Matt should punish me with that giant cock of his.”

“Oh yeah!” he exclaimed.

“No, no,” I interrupted. “You two can fuck each other’s brains out later. Go shower first. Separately!”

I watched them dance down the hall after each other, naked and free. I wanted to cry, I was so happy.

“I’m proud of you, Melanie,” Daddy said.

“I love you so much, Daddy,” I replied. “Nothing can replace you. But this couldn’t be a better way to honor you and all you did for me.”

“Make them as happy as you made me.”

I closed my eyes and smiled, before retrieving the big dildo from my nightstand and spitting on it. I needed to prepare if I was going to take my son’s big cock up my ass.

Chapter 5

Tom wanted my ass the next time we had sex. I was never one to deny him, and often I enjoyed the feeling of his modest cock invading my precious butthole. The whole time he was plowing my ass from behind, though, I was thinking about Matt. How it would feel to have my son’s much bigger cock doing this to me, defiling my body in such a depraved and filthy way. It excited me so much I came without even touching my cunt.

Tom assumed, of course, that it was due to his cock. He slapped my ass when he realized why I was clenching so hard just then, and then thrust deeply and let his cum go inside of me. After he was finished grunting and weakly thrusting his hips against me, he pulled out and collapsed onto the bed, his slimy cock already starting to soften.

“You usually don’t cum from anal,” he said, smiling.

I looked back at him and returned the smile. “I guess you just hit all the right spots.”

He was staring at my ass, probably admiring my gaping hole that he had stretched out and abused. I loved showing off my body, to him and to my c***dren. I couldn’t stop thinking about them. I even remembered Daddy staring at my tight little butthole fondly, just like Tom was doing.

“What’s on your mind?” Tom asked, reaching for some tissues to clean himself up.

I moved onto my side, keeping my ass off the sheets but relaxing with his cum dripping out of me.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

He shrugged. “You’ve seemed a bit distant today, is all. Are you feeling alright?”

“More than alright,” I said, hinting at the good ass fucking he just gave me. “But I have been distracted thinking about the k**s.”

“Oh?” He seemed genuinely interested. “Are they in some kind of trouble?”

“No, no. Nothing like that. But I do worry that I’m not spending enough time with them.”

Tom frowned. “I wouldn’t say that. If anything, I’m the one who has been neglecting them.”

“That’s not your fault. Your work sometimes takes you away, but you’re providing for us. You’re with us even when you’re away.”

He smiled at that. “You’ve always been very understanding. What do you have in mind, then?”

I reached back and wiped at the cum trail that was forming down my ass, feeling the texture of Tom’s cum and noticing how it was different from Matt’s. It was a bit thinner, and not nearly as much volume either. I guess it was due to age, or maybe Matt was physically more like my side of the f****y. His cock was bigger than Tom’s, for sure.

“You’re going to that work retreat next month, right?” I asked. “How long is that for?”

“Four days. You should take the k**s somewhere, have a mini vacation without me.”

“That would give me a chance to spend more time with them.”

I suppose if he knew what had transpired only two days ago between me and my two c***dren, he wouldn’t be so eager to help satisfy my desires. In truth, I just wanted to indulge my cravings for i****t with my c***dren. I hadn’t been able to fuck Matt since the other night when Tom had been working a late shift. But, oh, what a wonderful night that had been. Being filled up with my son’s cum twice, and watching him do the same to his s****r, my beautiful daughter. I had masturbated many times since then thinking about it.

I’m sure it was difficult for Matt, and maybe Breanna too, to avoid any sexual contact while Tom was at home. But I had made that rule very clear to them both. I knew the power that i****t had, how it was like the first time you fell in love, only stronger. Something about the forbidden f****y connection made it so much more intense than any other sexual conquest. That’s what I had felt with Daddy all those years ago, and I was so blessed to be able to experience it again with not just one but two of my c***dren.

I hadn’t really interacted directly with Breanna, only encouraged her when she fucked her b*****r. Matt had hinted that he wanted to see us fuck each other. I didn’t feel that way about girls, but I would gladly indulge him for his pleasure. Breanna hadn’t objected, but I assumed like most young girls she was curious and willing to experiment. And after all, it wouldn’t be the first pussy I had ever eaten.

While Tom slept, I laid awake in bed next to him thinking about everything. Where would we go? Where could the three of us have sex with each other outside of the house, and still be safe? I masturbated silently so as not to wake Tom, and after a small and unfulfilling climax, decided to get up for a drink of water.

I passed by Matt’s room and stopped at his door. I wanted so badly to go into his room, pull back the covers from his sl**ping body and ride his big cock until it exploded inside of me. But I couldn’t do that without making at least some noise. Matt’s room was too close to mine and Tom’s. But Breanna’s…

I glanced further down the hallway at her door, and bit my lip trying to convince myself that this wasn’t a good idea. But my desires won out, and I slowly opened Matt’s door to peek in at him. He was lying on his bed without the covers, sl**ping with a wonderfully full erection. I crept toward him, completely naked myself, and gently wrapped my fingers around his big cock. I carefully pulled at his foreskin, masturbating him like I knew he liked, until he stirred awake with a small moan.

“Mom?” he said, a bit surprised and even embarrassed maybe.

I put a finger to my mouth. “Quietly. We’re going to Bree’s room to have sex.”

He smiled and was instantly awake now. We carefully moved our way out of his room and down the hall toward Breanna’s room. I opened her door slowly and the both of us tiptoed inside, careful not to make any sounds. I closed the door behind us, and then turned to where my daughter was sl**ping soundly.

“How should I wake her?” Matt whispered into my ear.

I reached for his cock and held it firmly in my hand. There were so many different things I wanted to do with him, I didn’t know where to start. I tugged on his cock while I pondered his question.

“Why don’t you eat her pussy first?” I suggested. “I’m sure she would love to wake up to that.”

Matt was only too happy to oblige, and he moved toward his s****r. I watched as he pulled back her covers and lifted her leg as she stirred. She didn’t object, although she was still very sl**py, but looked down to see her b*****r’s head between her legs. I could see her melt immediately, and spread her legs even wider for him.

The two of them were good at being quiet about it, especially when I could see how much Breanna was enjoying this. I moved closer and knelt next to her bed, so I could touch her face. She smiled up at me, and started to grimace as she was approaching an orgasm. I kissed her forehead softly and motherly as she came, stroking her hair and saying soothing things in her ear. She clutched at Matt’s head as he continued to eat her, and I could see him move lower to lick her ass.

Breanna moaned deeply, and lifted her legs even higher to give him access.

“Your b*****r is eating your ass,” I whispered into her ear. “That can feel so wonderful if you let it.”

Breanna nodded and reached for my hand, squeezing it tightly. I touched her breast and gently pinched her nipple in response. It was ok for us to be sexual with each other without actually performing lesbian acts. It was part of the closeness that i****t made possible.

“Matt,” I said quietly, “you’re going to fuck your s****r’s ass tonight. Keep licking her until she’s nice and relaxed and ready for you.”

He more eagerly ate her asshole, and Breanna groaned with delight. I kept massaging her breasts, and thought about reaching down for her cunt while her b*****r gave her ass his attention. I thought perhaps it would be too much so soon, and I wanted Breanna to focus on the anal sex that she was about to get.

“Have you ever taken a cock there?” I asked my daughter.

She shook her head, her eyes closed in depraved pleasure. I was surprised actually, since she was so beautiful and I knew she had been with boys before.

“Have you ever touched yourself there while masturbating?” I pressed. Now I was just getting myself off with these questions.

She nodded, and finally opened her eyes and looked at me. “I let Matt watch while I put two fingers in my ass.”

I stroked her face and hugged her close to me. “Good, that’s good! It will feel so nice for him, and hopefully for you.”

Matt withdrew from his s****r’s ass finally and aimed his aching cock at her tight entrance. I leaned forward and sucked on him for a short while, getting him nice and wet. I could taste his precum, and worried that he wouldn’t be able to bury his cock in her before came. Even still, this would be a wonderful experience for the both of them. For all of us, in fact.

“Her asshole will be very tight,” I instructed. “Almost impossibly so. But after you get inside, it will start to open more. You just have to go slow until she gets used to you.”

Matt nodded, and began to penetrate her. I encouraged him as he pressed the tip of his cock against her pucker. It didn’t give right away, but then suddenly he was two inches in. Breanna tensed up, but assured me it didn’t hurt. I told him to be gentle, but to keep pressing forward.

Soon he was about halfway in, at which point I told him to start fucking in and out of her. He obeyed, and was thrusting into his s****r’s ass with a nice steady rhythm.

“I…don’t know if I can hold back,” he warned after only a couple of minutes.

I nodded. “It’s ok, that’s to be expected. But you want it to feel as good as possible, so try your best to last until you can get all the way inside of her.”

He closed his eyes and held still for a moment, holding back his impending orgasm. Then he resumed fucking her ass and thrust deeper each time. Breanna was grunting with each thrust, taking more of her b*****r’s large manhood into her tight backdoor.

“You’re doing great,” I whispered to her.

“It does feel good,” she said between grunts, “but in a weird way.”

“I know,” I said, kissing her cheek. “Your b*****r needs to cum now, but I want him to be all the way inside of you.”

Breanna groaned at hearing me say that.

“Matt,” I said, “stop thrusting and try to slide all the way into her. When you bottom out, just let it all go inside of her ass.”

“Oh god…” He almost came right then, but somehow managed to keep his resolve.

Together we worked his cock into Breanna’s ass. She was encouraging her b*****r now too, whispering naughty things to him and assuring him that she needed his cum deep inside of her gut. Matt finally blew, and hard too, once he felt the ring of her asshole clench tightly around the root of his shaft. I could see it in his face, how much pleasure he was getting from his s****r’s body.

“Clench as hard as you can on him,” I told Breanna. “Squeeze him with your ass.”

She moaned as she felt him squirting deep inside of her. She was masturbating her cunt now, and once he was finished emptying his balls into her, she climaxed. I watched how she rubbed at her cunt while she came, harder than normal and in jagged movements. She was having a particularly strong orgasm herself.

“That’s my girl,” I cooed in her ear.

“God, Bree,” Matt sighed. “That was fantastic.”

Breanna nodded, but couldn’t quite speak yet. She was still coming down from her climax. He slowly pulled out of her ass, and once he popped out I saw the familiar fascination on his face that I had witnessed with Tom earlier. He was staring at the way her asshole gaped and dripped with his cum. Breanna held her ass apart for him to let him get a good look. She was such a good little girl, being a slut for her b*****r. It made me proud of them both.

“Was that your first time having anal sex?” I asked Matt.

He nodded. “And it was better than I could have imagined.”

“I’m happy you both had your first time with each other, then.” I was absently rubbing my cunt now, almost involuntarily.

“Can you still fuck Mom?” Breanna asked him.

“Um, sure,” he said. “I mean, I’m still hard and all. It might take a while to cum though.”

That certainly wasn’t a problem. But it wasn’t an intense, heated fuck. Matt cleaned his cock off and slid it into my sopping cunt easily enough. But I laid my head in Breanna’s lap and she played with my hair while Matt kept a slow but steady rhythm sawing in and out of me. It felt like a casual f****y moment more than sex.

“I think we should get away this week,” I said, fingering my clit while my son was plowing my pussy but not really earnestly seeking release. “How about we go visit your aunt Sarah?”

Breanna smiled, watching her b*****r’s big cock disappear into me as he held it there and sighed with pleasure. “I’d think you would want to be somewhere more private, with just the three of us.”

“We’ll have our opportunities to enjoy each other,” I said, feeling my pussy start to contract with the beginnings of a climax. “But right now we just need to spend time together, with f****y. That’s what makes our new relationship so special.”

“Is that how it was with Grandpa?” Matt asked, a bit of a huff in his voice from his efforts.

“Oh yes,” I said, starting to rub my pussy harder. “I knew even back then that the f****y connection, even with those that you’re not having sex with, is really important. It makes the connection with those that you are intimate with even better. And you haven’t seen your aunt in a while now. I know she misses you both.”

“That’s fine with me…” Matt started to trail off as he approached another orgasm. I timed my own to join with him, and was rewarded with the hot feeling of sperm rushing into my womb as my loins exploded in pleasure. We both rutted together like that, all the while with Breanna stroking my hair, and fed off each other’s orgasms.

Wow, it had been a while since I had felt something like that! It must have been the casual approach to it all, talking idly and just chatting while the sex was happening. You couldn’t do that even with a spouse. Just the two partners interacting sexually would take all of their focus. But having a third person to watch really made it relaxed and mellow. After our orgasms had faded, Matt and I stayed connected like that for a while.

“You both should get some sl**p now,” I said finally, finding myself ready to drift off any moment.

Matt pulled his penis out of me and squeezed it, no doubt just a reflex after having such a nice orgasm. Breanna surprised me by leaning her face down to mine and kissing me on the lips. It wasn’t a serious kiss, or especially passionate, just an affectionate expression of thanks. I smiled up at her.

“Next time,” Matt said, “you two should do that during the fucking. That would be hot.”

Oh, my silly immature boy… He needed to learn the difference between doing something just for the sexual thrill and doing it to increase the bond between us. That would come in time. I had been the inexperienced one when it came to me and Daddy. I never had to teach a younger partner about the ways of i****t. Maybe this was how Daddy had felt too. That made my heart warm, thinking about how the roles had reversed.

Chapter 6

We all separated and went off to bed. I crawled back into my own bed with Tom, who was still snoring soundly, and slowly drifted off to sl**p. I immediately started dreaming about Daddy.

I was my younger self, very young in fact, and Daddy was licking my pussy. It felt so good, so real, like he was actually doing it to me. I reached down and touched his hair, and savored the feel of his experienced tongue lashing at my little clit.

“Things are going well, I take it,” he said to me, his face still hidden between my legs.

I nodded. “It’s so wonderful, being with them. I finally know how you felt.”

He smiled. “I had you much younger than them. Just like this, in fact.”

I was definitely in my younger body in the dream, but I was also still my modern-day self. It was a bit bizarre, but I could feel my pussy have to stretch much more to take his fingers. It reminded me of those first times…

“Daddy, did you ever…” The question lingered at the edge of my mind, but the things he was doing to me made it hard to concentrate. I was about to cum any second.

“Ever what, dear?” he asked innocently, even though he was jamming two fingers into my cunt in a sawing motion and rubbing my clit with his thumb.

“Sarah…did you two…” I couldn’t finish the thought as my climax took over. It felt so real, like it was really happening. My dreams had never been like this before. Maybe it was because of the craving I was having for i****t. It was being satisfied in a way, but somehow I was still wanting more.

“Good girl…good girl…” Daddy kept cooing at me until my orgasm subsided. “Your s****r and I were never as close as you and I were. But she may have a story or two to tell.”

I was intrigued by his words, but before I could ask him what he meant, I awoke and found myself staring at the ceiling in my bedroom. I glanced over at Tom, but he was gone. It was growing light out, so he must have gone to work and let me sl**p in. He was usually more thoughtful toward me after I gave him anal sex. I would probably get a nice text from him later, a bit on the naughty side but mostly just to say he loved me.

Matt and Breanna would be gone already, off to work. I would have the house to myself for a while. I started by taking a nice hot bath, to soak and think about what to do next. It had been dangerous, what I did last night. Dragging the k**s out of bed so that we could have a threesome together while their father slept. If he had heard us, or for any reason gotten out of bed and checked on either of them…

Perhaps one day, after many years of feeling him out, I would be able to tell him about everything. I would have to wait until my mother died, or else he might try to talk to her about Daddy and I. I couldn’t chance that. I didn’t want the poor woman to have those thoughts during her last few years.

I remembered what Daddy had said in my dream, that Sarah would have a story or two. It had only been in my head, but it made me really want to ask her. How in the world could I? It would be the same danger as telling Tom. She would go right to our mother and tell her that Daddy had abused me. It wouldn’t matter how much I stressed the fact that it was consensual. She would say that a girl that young can’t consent, and that i****t was wrong.

Still, I loved my s****r and looked forward to visiting her. I couldn’t divulge my secret, but I could find out what was happening in her life. She was a few years younger than I was, but hadn’t had a very good marriage. She had a daughter that was Matt’s age, but had divorced her husband almost five years ago. He hadn’t been in their lives much since. I felt sorry for my niece, Kristie. I had a wonderful father figure, better than most could ever dream of, while I was growing up. Kristie never had a good one, and now had none at all.

I absently played with my butt while I relaxed and thought about them both. For some reason, having my fingers in my ass always felt good, even in a way that wasn’t really sexual. It just relaxed me. I absently masturbated my ass while I thought about my s****r and niece, and suddenly an image of Matt fucking Kristie came into my head.

That sent a powerful shiver up my spine, and I realized that the thought aroused me incredibly. Then I thought about Matt fucking Sarah, and I just had to start rubbing my cunt. I sloshed my hand in the water, busily bringing myself off while I thought about all the naughty things our families could do together. Poor Matt was the only male in my sordid fantasy though, so he had a lot of fucking to do. He might be able to fuck two of us, maybe, but if we even thought about a third one he would need to watch us go down on each other. He apparently liked seeing girls having sex.

I came hard and closed my eyes to savor the feeling. The hot bath water had relaxed me so nicely, and having two fingers up my ass had made it feel even better. I felt naughty and stuck a third one in, just to give my ass a good stretch. Three fingers was about how much Tom stretched me, but not nearly as much as Matt’s would. I looked forward to discovering how that actually felt.

I called my s****r later that day and she was overjoyed to have us visit her. We planned it out for this weekend and I called Tom to tell him. He was so busy that it would probably suit him to have the weekend to himself and finally have some private time. I knew he loved his f****y, but sometimes a person needed private time. I suppose it was silly of me, but every time we would be apart I felt the need to let him know that he could masturbate in my absence. He probably did anyway, but somehow I felt like it made us closer if I told him that I approved and even encouraged him to. It made him laugh, of course, but secretly I think he liked that he didn’t need to feel guilty about it.

It was a two hour drive to see Sarah, and the car ride was filled with talk of sex. Matt and Breanna had already fallen into a kind of familiarity with the whole thing, much faster than I anticipated. But, they had some experience with i****t apparently, masturbating together and all. It wasn’t fifteen minutes before Matt had his cock out in the backseat. Breanna was sitting up front with me, but had noticed it with a wide smile.

“Hey, you two,” I scolded playfully. “No fucking in the car, I have to get us there in one piece, and I can’t do that if I’m distracted.”

“I bet you can’t jerk off and cum,” Breanna challenged him, though it was obviously a weak challenge. He was male, after all. But it was her way of making him do it, for her own appeasement.

“You know that’s not true,” he said, clutching his big meat stick and waving it back and forth. “But I’m not gonna do that. Why should I jerk off when I have two sexy ladies who will fuck me?”

“Good point,” Breanna agreed. “I would fuck you right now if Mom didn’t want me not to. Sorry.”

“Come on, Mom,” Matt protested. “Wouldn’t it be hot to have us fucking back here while you drove?”

“Yes, that’s the point!” I laughed. “I couldn’t keep my eyes on the road. Besides, you’ve had quite enough sex lately to be satisfied. I know you two fucked in the shower this morning.”

Breanna smiled sheepishly. “Yeah, that was pretty hot.”

Matt nodded. “It’s so hard not to, even when Dad’s around.”

“I know, I know.” I sighed. “Just remember, you can’t get caught. And, it’s more fun when you save it up. It makes the sex more intense, when you’ve been waiting all day, maybe even two or three days.”

“Two or three days?!” Matt exclaimed.

Breanna just laughed. “I don’t think he can go that long.”

“Is that a dare?” he asked.

She shook her head, laughing. “No, please, don’t try it. I don’t wanna go that long either.”

“You know the two minute rule, right?” I asked them both.

They just shook their heads.

“When your father leaves the house, you have to wait a full two minutes before doing anything. That gives him time to turn around and come back for something he forgot. And you shouldn’t ever fuck in the living room. At any time, he might come home early or pop in to get something. You’ll get used to listening for the garage and the front door.”

“Yeah, but sometimes I might wanna fuck Bree in the kitchen,” Matt said, still playing with his massive boner.

“Mmm, yeah that sounds nice.” Breanna was getting horny now, I could tell. She was fidgeting.

“Maybe we shouldn’t be talking about this right now,” I said. “Matt, put away your dick and stop arousing your s****r.”

He shrugged and stuffed his meat back in his pants. We were quiet again for most of the remainder of the car ride. It seemed my k**s had nothing to talk about except for sex. I didn’t much care for that, I wanted them to still be a normal f****y. I knew it was possible because I considered me and Daddy and my mother to still be normal.

“You know,” I said finally, “you both should try to get to know your cousin Kristie. She’s had it very rough these past few years.”

“Yeah, with Uncle Brian moving out and all,” Breanna agreed. “I used to text her once in a while, but I guess we just lost touch.”

“Wouldn’t it be cool if…” Matt started to say something, but chose not to finish.

“I know what you’re thinking,” I said to him, “and the answer is no. Unless you want to tell me that you and your cousin have secretly been masturbating together like you and your s****r.”

“Mom…” Breanna whined. “Are you still holding a grudge about that? It worked out for the better, didn’t it?”

“I’m not holding a grudge, but I just want to know if there’s anything I should know.” I glanced over at her, then back at Matt. “You can tell me and I promise I won’t be upset. Even if, say, you went all the way with her.”

“I have not fucked Kristie,” Matt promised me. “I think I remember seeing her naked once. When we were little. I’m sure she looks nothing like that anymore.”

“We used to talk about boys and stuff,” Breanna said. “Just the usual, what we thought their weiners looked like and stuff. Stupid stuff like that. I’ve never even seen her naked, so Matt is one up on me.”

“She is a sweet, sweet girl that really needs some friends,” I said. “If, and I mean if with a capital I F, she is somehow by some miracle like us, you can fuck her. But you are not to bring it up, or instigate it at all. Am I understood?”

Matt and Breanna both nodded.

“Thank you. I don’t want to punish you by withholding sex, since I know you’d just fuck each other anyway.”

They both smiled, and the rest of the car ride was quiet but relaxed.

When we arrived at Sarah’s house, we were met with a particularly warm welcome. She hugged me for a minute straight, and I thought I saw her eyes tear up even. She gave Matt and Breanna big hugs too, and introduced Kristie to them as if they had never met before. It had been a few years, and Kristie had grown up a lot. She had been a scrawny girl, tall and skinny. But now she was an elegant woman, with curves and a rack that I’m sure Matt noticed. Our f****y was blessed with those genes, apparently. All of us women were thin and stacked, that rare combination that wasn’t too skinny or too curvy.

I helped Sarah cook dinner while the three k**s sat in the living room and chatted. Breanna especially had taken my advice and tried her best to get to know Kristie. I was grateful for that, and hoped to god that Matt didn’t say anything stupid or pop a boner in front of her.

“Your k**s seem wonderful, Mel,” Sarah said to me.

I smiled. “They are, it’s true. How is Kristie doing with everything?”

Sarah shrugged. “She doesn’t talk to me much, but I think she’s doing better. For a while there, she thought her dad would come back and at least visit her once in a while. But of course, he never has. She’s starting to forget him, finally.”

“How are you doing?” I asked.

“Oh, fine. Just fine.”

I glared at Sarah and changed my tone. “Sarah. How are you really doing?”

She met my stare for a brief moment and her composure seemed to drop just a bit.

“It’s difficult, I won’t lie. I get very lonely. As you could probably tell when you called me.”

“Are you seeing anyone?”

She almost laughed at the thought. “Are you k**ding? The few times I’ve tried to date, all they wanted was my body.”

“And did you ever give it to them?”

“Melanie!” she exclaimed, and we both laughed. “You know I’m not that kind of girl.”

Suddenly I remembered what Daddy had told me in the dream. I decided to somehow steer the conversation toward him, and hope that it led somewhere.

“Do you ever think about Daddy?” I asked her plainly.

She nodded. “Sure, lots. Why do you ask?”

I shrugged. “Just wondering. I’ve been dreaming about him a lot recently.”

“Oh yeah?” She busied herself with the oven for a moment. “I dream about him once in a great while. But mostly I think about him when I’m lonely at night and I remember how he used to hold me when I was little.”

I clung to that statement, and tried my very best to draw it out without revealing too much.

“He used to hold you?” I asked. “How do you mean?”

“You know, he’d hug me real tight when he said goodnight. Or sometimes I would be on his lap and he’d put his arms around me and just hold me like that.”

“I see.” I waited for a moment. “I don’t remember him doing that with you. But I do remember something similar with me.”

“I’m sure he did it with both of us. He was very affectionate.”

I nodded, holding back a smile. “Yes, he certainly was. Do you ever think he crossed a line?”

Sarah almost stopped what she was doing, but continued preparing dinner. I could tell, though, that something bothered her.

“I don’t want to disrespect his memory,” she said flatly.

I didn’t know what to say. She was obviously insinuating something, but I got the impression that it wasn’t a fond memory for her.

“I don’t think anything you say about him would do that,” I assured her. “We all know he was a great man. What could possibly change that about him?”

Sarah glanced at me, and seemed to be fighting something internally.

“I suppose I could tell you, since it’s been so long.” She was struggling to find the words. “He used to touch me at night.”

My eyes went wide, with what must have appeared to be shock but was really eagerness. But I did realize that what might have sounded arousing to me could certainly be traumatizing for her. Maybe she didn’t react in the same way to his ministrations as I had. I needed to tread carefully here.

“Do you mean…” I pretended to not want to say the words.

She nodded. “Yes, he touched me…down there. I never told anyone because…”

I set down the utensil I was using to help prepare dinner and hurried over to my s****r. I gave her a big hug and squeezed her tight. She squeezed right back.

“Oh, Sarah,” I said. “You don’t need to feel bad about that.”

“I don’t, that’s the thing,” she said. “I never felt bad about it. Even when you asked me just now about whether he crossed a line or not. It just never felt wrong. So I let him do it. I always blamed myself, that I helped make him that way.”

I looked right into her eyes. “Sarah, you didn’t do anything wrong. He used to touch me too.”

Her eyes went wide. “Really?”

I nodded. “And I loved every minute of it.”

It had just come out, and I hadn’t intended to say that. But apparently the whole shock of what my s****r revealed to me had broken down a barrier that I had thought was in place. Her face told me how shocked she was.

“Mel, what are you saying?”

It was too late now, but that didn’t mean I had to reveal everything to her. I glanced toward the living room to make sure the k**s weren’t within ear shot.

“Daddy used to touch me too. And even as a little girl, I loved it. I loved every minute of it. I didn’t ever feel that it was wrong. It made me feel special. I wanted to please him, and if touching me did that then I wanted to be there for him.”

Sarah was beyond shocked, but it was probably what allowed her to respond uninhibited.

“I felt the same way,” she responded.

I couldn’t find the words to say, I just hugged her again and didn’t let go. She was hugging me back just as tightly, and I could tell that something wonderful had developed between us. A new level of openness, more than just a sibling connection. This could be the start of what I had been calling the “craving” but what was really just a depraved, sexual desire that only i****t could satiate.

“After dinner,” I said finally, tears in my eyes unexpectedly. “We’ll talk about this. I want to hear everything.”

I pulled back from her and she was smiling. She caught one of my tears, and I laughed and wiped at my eyes. I wasn’t crying because I was sad. I was happy, so very happy, for her mostly but also for myself that I could share something with her that no one else could share with me. I didn’t need her to tell me, I just knew that Daddy must have been the same with her as he was with me. It didn’t make me feel less special. It made me look at Sarah as being more special than I realized. I was so happy for her.

Chapter 7

Dinner was full of conversation. Sarah and I kept exchanging glances and knowing looks from the secrets that only we shared. But our attention was on our k**s. Breanna and Matt were both excitedly adding to the conversation, finding things to laugh about with Kristie. I noticed how pretty Kristie was again. She had the long red hair that my s****r and I both had. Her freckles and green eyes made her gorgeous. I’m sure Matt would think the same thing. I knew how it was, after i****t had taken place. You looked at all your f****y members in a sexual light, just like you would a stranger that you were attracted to. There was a careful balance there that I hoped he would learn quickly.

After dinner, Sarah suggested we all watch a movie. I was dying to talk to her, but of course we couldn’t just disappear together. I had planned this trip so I could be with my k**s as much as with my s****r and her daughter. We all had to be together this weekend, to enjoy each other’s company. Somewhere in the very back of my mind, I secretly hoped for more with Sarah and Kristie. It wasn’t a sexual desire to be with either of them, but rather for all of us as a f****y to be together. To watch my son fuck his cousin, or watch my s****r stroke my daughter’s hair while her b*****r fucked her ass. Or to eat my niece’s pussy so my son could get hard after fucking his aunt and me. The combinations seemed endless, even though with only one male they were actually somewhat limited.

When the movie ended, my s****r finally announced that she was going to bed. I knew that meant we would be talking later, after the k**s were asl**p. I pulled Matt and Breanna aside and reminded them that they needed to be quiet while they slept in the living room. My s****r had a blow-up mattress that they would use. Kristie’s room was small and I had assured Sarah that my c***dren would be fine sl**ping together. Most siblings wouldn’t be, especially b*****r and s****r, but of course these two would probably prefer it.

It hadn’t been lost on them that I wasn’t forbidding them from having sex with each other. Just that they needed to be quiet. I also told Breanna to keep her top on, just in case someone got up in the middle of the night to get a drink. I had a feeling as I kissed each one goodnight that my daughter was going to get a pussy full of cum within the hour.

I gave it a while, and then went to Sarah’s room. She was lying in bed reading, and smiled when she saw me open the door.

“I was hoping you wouldn’t wait too long,” she said.

I was wearing a nightgown, but underneath I didn’t have anything on. I always slept naked, ever since I could remember. It seemed Sarah did too. She was completely naked, with her breasts exposed to me without inhibition.

“I see you haven’t changed a bit,” I said, eyeing her chest.

She waved a hand at me dismissively. “Oh, come on. We’ve slept naked together before. Why would I start wearing pajamas now?”

I shed my nightgown and slid into bed with her. It wasn’t a sexual display. When we were girls we were often naked together. This was just a way for us to rekindle that youthful experience. It was actually quite innocent. But I had a feeling our conversation wouldn’t be.

“Where do we even start?” I asked her, sidling up next to her and holding her arm.

“I get the feeling you have more of a story to tell,” she said. “But I think I should go first, because I’m afraid that you’ll outdo me and I’ll look tame in comparison.”

“Have you always suspected?” I asked, referring to events that were thus far unspoken between us.

She shrugged. “I mean, since he was touching me, I just assumed he was touching you. I figured you either blocked it out, or just didn’t want to talk about it. You seemed to be getting on with your life just fine, unlike me.”

“So it affected you? In a bad way?”

“No, not necessarily. But it made it hard for my marriage. Brian just couldn’t satisfy me in that special way. It was like a craving for something that I could never actually have.”

I kissed her arm. “I know all about that craving. I practically invented it.”

We both laughed.

“Yeah, well,” she said, “I couldn’t exactly get it from another man. Daddy died and Brian was the only person I could…fuck.”

She knew that we used to say swears when we were little, trying to shock the other person. It was a silly game that we played as girls, but considering the subject it seemed appropriate.

“You and Daddy fucked, then?” I was finally able to ask her, since I was dying to know.

“Yes.” She was quiet for a moment, but I didn’t break free from holding her arm. “Are you disappointed with me?”

I looked up at her and touched her face. “Oh, Sarah baby, I would never be disappointed with you. I’m so happy you told me. Now we have something else in common.”

She smiled, and something in our bond solidified at that very moment. Not that I would, but I felt that I could bend down and starting eating her pussy right now and she’d not only let me but be excited about it.

“Was it as good for you as it was for me?” she asked. Her eyes were sparkling, no doubt with tears of joy.

I nodded enthusiastically, my expression reflecting the sincerity of my words. “It was the best I ever had.”

Suddenly we were embracing full on, and our naked bodies crushed against each other felt so good. More interestingly, I could feel her pussy on my hip and it felt wet.

“Sarah!” I exclaimed in mock surprise. “I’m your s****r!”

She found that really funny, and I was afraid she would wake the k**s with how loud she laughed. We both cracked up and had a nice s****rly moment of fun.

“I’m so glad you came,” Sarah said finally, still hugging me. “Wanna have some fun?”

I eyed her carefully, but was smiling. “What do you have in mind?”

She had this devious look in her eyes. “Remember when we used to touch each other?”

I couldn’t believe she was referring to that. When we were little and discovering our bodies, we used to touch each other’s vaginas. It wasn’t a big deal now, but bringing it up and obviously insinuating that we act it out again was.

“You’re horny, aren’t you?” I said.

She nodded. “Please, Mel. I haven’t had sex in so long. I really need to get off. We can think about Daddy while we do it. I’m not a lesbian, but I really want to do this with you.”

“Ok, ok,” I assured her. “I’ll do it. Just, don’t beg. It’s such a turn-off.”

She playfully slapped my arm, and then sprawled out on the bed. “Have you ever been with a girl?”

I was so surprised by this side of my s****r, but honestly part of me felt sorry for her because she was obviously so undersexed. I really wanted to make her feel good, even if it meant crossing some barriers that even I had never crossed.

“Maybe,” I said, smiling.

“You sneak!” she said. “I bet you’ve done all sorts of things I’ve never done.”

“It sounds like you’ve done everything with Daddy that I did.”

I moved forward and propped myself up on my elbows between her legs. I was staring right at her pussy, which looked a lot like mine. She kept it shaved very close, and it was already red with excitement. She seemed embarrassed that I was so close to her like this, but she didn’t hold back. She spread her legs even wider, and her pussy opened just a bit.

“Brian never ate my pussy,” she confessed.

I looked up at her with all seriousness. I felt so sorry for her in this moment, that she hadn’t ever enjoyed something that every woman should get to have. I didn’t even say anything, I just lowered my face and planted my lips on her cunt.

It shocked her, even though she was basically hinting at me to do it, but after I started working her clit with my tongue, I heard a deep moan escape from her throat. I ate her pussy good, or at least what I thought was good since I didn’t have much experience on the giving side of the act. I could tell when she started to climax even though she didn’t warn me. Her pussy was so juicy and wet, when I went to slide a finger into her I could barely feel any friction.

Her reaction told me everything though. She grabbed my head and held it down on her cunt. I fingered her while I sucked on her clit, and she seemed to keep cumming for a long time. Her juices were soaking the sheets underneath us. My face was smeared with her cunt fluid, but I didn’t care. This moment was all about her, and I wanted her to enjoy it. This didn’t mean that we were lesbians, but it aroused both of us that we were related. Somehow that overcame the fact that we were the same gender.

I was in a frenzy eating her pussy, and it just seemed natural at that moment to snake my tongue down to her ass and munch on it. Her surprised moans told me it was the right thing to do. I lifted her ass off the bed and held it apart while I darted my tongue all around her tight anus and finally stuck the tip right into her pucker.

“Oh, Mel!” she exclaimed. “You’re being so naughty!”

“Sssh,” I scolded her while I ate her asshole. “The k**s will hear you.”

She put a hand over her mouth, and her eyes were shut tightly as she enjoyed the sensation of her own s****r licking her butt. I finally stuck a finger into her and she nearly jumped off the bed. I was firmly manipulating her clit with my other hand, flicking it hard and rubbing it in circles.

“Oh god!” she cried out finally, and squirted right into my face.

I was taken aback by that, as I had never done it myself so powerfully. It was just like a cumshot, splashing against my nose. My mouth had dropped open instinctively, and her fluid dripped down and landed on my tongue. I just sat there like that, staring at her in astonishment.

She looked up at me, and for just a brief moment, there was a tension as we were f***ed to acknowledge the bad things we were doing right now. But after that moment broke, Sarah started laughing and couldn’t stop. I must have followed suit because I eventually collapsed onto her, my head resting on her stomach.

“Oh my god, I can’t believe we did that!” she said.

“You really needed that,” I said, resting my chin on her stomach as I looked up at her.

“Thank you, Mel,” she said. “Daddy never made me squirt like that.”

I smiled, remembering fondly the times Daddy would eat me out, pussy and ass.

“I still see him,” I blurted out.

She looked down at me and frowned. “What do you mean?”

I wasn’t sure how she’d respond, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to tell someone.

“I know it’s all in my head,” I started. “But once in a while he talks to me, and when I talk back he answers.”

“Really?” She seemed interested, and sat up, both of us totally oblivious that her cunt juice was still dripping down my face.

“Usually when I’m feeling lonely or when I get that craving.”

“I know what you mean,” Sarah replied. “I get that same feeling. But I’ve never had him talk to me before.”

“It’s just my crazy imagination,” I admitted. “But it helps me when I can’t satisfy the craving.”

I left out the fact that I had found a way to satisfy the craving as of late. But I wasn’t going to tell my s****r about that yet.

“Well, you can’t do anything else to satisfy it,” she said. “Except eat your s****r’s pussy…”

I smiled at her and reached for her tits. I groped them both openly, without any bit of modesty or inhibition.

“There’s nothing like a nice big cock though,” I said, smiling. “Tom’s isn’t as big as Daddy’s was.”

Sarah nodded. “I know what you mean. Brian’s is pretty damn small. I’d take what I could get, though, the few times he would fuck me.”

“I figured, you know, once you had Kristie, that things were better between you. But it didn’t last?”

Sarah shook her head. “Kristie was a blessing, for sure. But not a sign of all the sex we were having. I think he thought it would shut me up if he finally got me pregnant. Guess not.”

I hugged Sarah again, ignoring the fact that I hadn’t received any sexual release myself yet. But that could always be done later, alone. Or with a certain young stud of a son.

“You should get some sl**p,” I said, moving off her bed.

“Wait,” she said, “aren’t you going to sl**p with me?”

“Sure, but I need to shower first. Someone got me all wet.”

Sarah smiled and winked. “Hey, I know you’re not really into lesbian stuff or anything, but there’s a vibrator under the sink that’s waterproof.”

I laughed. “Oh, you’re bad. But so am I. Thanks.”

I bounded off down the hall, completely naked with my nightgown under my arm, and hurried into the bathroom down the hall. I started the shower and let it run nice and hot before getting in. I skipped out on the vibrator, even though I was horny as hell after all that, and due to the fact that now I knew Sarah and Daddy fucked. That felt so good, knowing I could finally share that with someone.

After my shower, I had one of my s****r’s bathrobes on as I tiptoed down to the living room where my c***dren were sl**ping. They were underneath a nice big blanket, sl**ping mostly separate unlike how I expected. But it was better if they didn’t sl**p curled up together. That would give too much away. Though I had a feeling something else might be given away before this weekend was over.

“Matt,” I whispered, and poked my son on the shoulder.

His eyes opened. “Mom?”

I opened my bathrobe to show him I was naked underneath. “I need to fuck.”

Breanna stirred but just rolled further onto her side. Apparently she was going to stay sl**ping while her mother and b*****r had quiet sex next to her.

Being quiet was hard, but I managed to keep things soft and gentle while I rode Matt’s big cock. I didn’t bother to suck him off first, I just needed his meat inside of me. I did all the work, guiding his penis into my hot wet pussy and sliding up and down on it. I let him grope my tits while we fucked, and finally I felt the climax building in me. He must have felt it too, because he started fingering my clit.

“Yes!” I hissed, keeping my voice to a whisper. “Yes, honey…”

I came hard on my son’s cock, and moments later he came too inside of me. I felt his sperm splashing my walls as his powerful spurts filled me. He grunted and groaned, and I held a finger to his lips to remind him to keep quiet. I glanced over at Breanna who was still sl**ping. Somehow that was sexy in and of itself, knowing that she had no idea what was going on right next to her. I let Matt enjoy his orgasm, clenching onto his cock and moving my hips to massage him to total satisfaction. When he seemed satisfied, letting out a long sigh, I leaned down to kiss him gently and then rose up and off of him.

“Thanks, babe,” I said, and went back upstairs to Sarah’s room, giving no thought to how I would explain a cum stain on my side of the sheets if she saw it.

If it hadn’t been so dark, maybe I would have seen someone hiding around the corner in the kitchen, watching us. If I had paid more attention, and not been so distracted by the need to fuck, I might have seen Kristie standing there in her pajama shorts and camisole, spying on the forbidden scene that had just played out. She must have been getting a drink, or maybe had heard some of the commotion that her mother and I had made. Or maybe Matt and I were louder than I realized.

If only I had noticed that she had just watched me fuck my son, I might have been afraid. But since I hadn’t, I would hurry up to my s****r’s room and fall asl**p naked next to her without realizing what my niece now knew. I would have seen the girl’s shocked expression, the wide eyes and frozen stance, and perhaps the way she stared at her cousin as he laid with his slimy cock pointing straight up at the ceiling. I would have seen her gasp at its size, and reach down her shorts to touch her pussy absently while she thought about what it would feel like inside of her.

If only…

Chapter 8

I woke up with an arm around me, and instinctively thought it belonged to my husband Tom. I smiled and rolled over, but even before I opened my eyes I could feel something different about the warm body that was next to me. I smiled even wider when I realized it was my s****r, Sarah. She was still asl**p, so I cuddled up to her and enjoyed the feel of her naked body against mine.

I almost drifted off again, but then a familiar voice kept me awake.

“You’re not mad, are you?” Daddy asked.

Sometimes I spoke out loud to him when I was alone, which was usually when he appeared in my mind. I had to keep quiet now though, and only answer him with my thoughts.

“About you and Sarah?” I asked, knowing that must be what he was referring to.

“She was never a replacement for you,” he answered. “I loved you both, equally.”

I smiled. “I know, Daddy. I just can’t see how you were able to keep up with both of us. If she was as horny as I was, that is.”

“Oh, she was. But you were a bit more energetic. Somehow, I found the strength to endure both of you.”

I almost laughed at that. I could imagine Sarah as a horny young thing, eager like me for her Daddy’s touch.

“Are you going to be able to keep up with both of your c***dren?” he asked.

“Well, I really only need to keep up with Matt, and he has his s****r to fuck too. If anything, he’s the one who needs to worry.”

“I always wanted to see you and your s****r come together. Watching you both last night was quite a thrill.”

I would have gasped if this conversation wasn’t happening in my mind.

“You did? I would have done anything you wanted, if it made you happy. But I guess since we didn’t know you were fucking both of us, that would be hard to bring up.”

“You don’t have to worry about missing out on that opportunity,” he continued, “because your k**s know what the other is doing. And now that you’ve had a taste of pussy with your s****r, you shouldn’t hold back from enjoying your daughter the same way.”

I thought for a moment on that. “I’m not a lesbian, Daddy. I did what I did because I love Sarah and she needed it.”

“It’s the same with Breanna, my sweet little granddaughter. She’ll feel the same way about it. Girls are special that way. They’re wired differently when it comes to sex. They can enjoy each other even if they’re not lesbians. You plan to keep fucking Sarah, don’t you?”

I hadn’t really thought further than this moment, but the prospect of it was exciting. I guess Daddy was right. i****t trumped any barrier that I might have constructed around my sexual desires.

“Maybe,” I replied. “I wish you were here to watch us. And to help.”

“I’m always watching, dear. Always.”

Sarah stirred just then, and I was brought back to reality. She yawned and hugged me against her.

“Morning, sexy,” she said. “I’m so glad you slept here with me. It was so nice to not be alone in bed after all this time.”

I kissed her arm. “Maybe Kristie would sl**p with you too, if you asked her.”

Sarah shrugged. “She does her own thing, I don’t know if I would ever have the guts to ask her. And then there’s the whole naked thing.”

“She’ll be fine with it,” I said dismissively. “It’s not like you’ll make her eat your pussy, and your ass, and take your squirt to the face.”

Sarah’s eyes went wide as she smiled and swung her pillow at my face. A small pillow fight ensued until I finally gave up and hopped off the bed.

“Why don’t I make everyone breakfast?” I offered, pulling on the robe I had been wearing after my shower last night.

“That sounds great!” Sarah said, heading for her adjoining bathroom. “I’ll be down after a shower.”

I made sure my robe was securely fastened and I left Sarah’s room to head to the kitchen. Matt and Breanna were both already at the dinner table, sitting across from each other and apparently just talking. I kept finding myself relieved that they weren’t acting like two horny teenagers in love. Maybe they had a better handle on this i****t stuff than I thought. Still, it was comforting. I still didn’t know as of yet that I had actually been spied on last night fucking my son in the living room, by my niece Kristie.

“How did you two sl**p on that mattress?” I asked as I rummaged through Sarah’s cupboards.

Matt just smiled. “Great!”

Breanna seemed indifferent. Maybe he hadn’t told her that the two of us had sex right next to her. I had a hard time believing he wouldn’t brag about that to her.

“Hungry,” Breanna said with a yawn. “Are you making breakfast?”

“Yep.” I found some pancake mix and just enough eggs to scramble for everyone. “Is Kristie up yet?”

“I don’t think so,” Matt said.

Sarah came down eventually, her hair wet from her shower, wearing shorts and a simple t-shirt. She kissed both of my c***dren on the head as she passed them.

“I hope that inflatable mattress was comfortable enough for you both,” she said. “If you come to visit more often, maybe I’ll see about getting a pullout sofa.”

“It was ok,” Breanna said. “The company was the worst part.”

We all laughed, but I was actually surprised that Breanna was keeping up the appearance of the normal sibling rivalry that most b*****rs and s****rs would have. sl**ping with their sibling of the opposite sex would normally be almost repulsive, after all. I wondered if they messed around before, or after, Matt and I had our tryst.

“Aww, I’m sorry,” Sarah said. “We can throw some cushions down somewhere else if you want to sl**p separate.”

I quickly dismissed the notion. “They’re fine with their current sl**ping arrangements. No need to go to extra trouble.”

Breanna winked at me, slyly enough that no one else saw. I would have to be careful with that girl, else she do something unexpected that I wouldn’t have a quick response to cover over.

Soft footsteps alerted us to Kristie finally joining us. I barely looked up from making breakfast to acknowledge her, but even with just a glance I could tell she was especially shy this morning. She was staring right at me for a good long while, then at Matt, then at the floor. Something was bothering her, or maybe I just didn’t know her personality good enough yet. I hoped that would change by the end of the trip.

“Kristie, what do you want?” I asked. “Pancakes, eggs, bacon?”

She was still wearing her pajama shorts and camisole, not immodest by any means by very relaxed for the setting. Maybe that was how she and Sarah were, since after all it was just the two women here. Kristie was a young adult by now. I knew Matt wouldn’t mind seeing his cousin like this, and I secretly had no problem with that, but the mother in me still had an inkling that it was too revealing.

“…Eggs,” she finally answered, and quickly found a seat at the table. I noticed she didn’t sit next to either Matt or Breanna, but instead on one of the sides between them.

“That’s my little bird,” Sarah said. “Hardly eats anything in the morning.”

Kristie was totally quiet the rest of breakfast, just listening to everyone else talk and wordlessly eating her scrambled eggs. When she was finished, it seemed she wouldn’t look anyone in the eye. But something kept making me think she was staring lasers into me, even though when I would glance over at her she wasn’t.

I had an idea, just in case there was something she needed to talk to her mother privately about. Maybe having Matt, Breanna and I here was making her uncomfortable. I knew how young girls were, with their drama and thinking every little thing they felt was earth-shattering.

“How about Matt and Breanna and I go to the store this morning and get something for a nice dinner tonight.”

“We can all go,” Sarah suggested, but I was already on top of it.

“I want it to be a surprise for you and Kristie,” I said. “We won’t be gone long, I promise. Then we can all go do something fun.”

Sarah seemed a bit confused, but when I kept motioning with my eyes at Kristie, she seemed to get what I was trying to do.

“Ok,” she agreed. “I can’t wait to see what you have planned. Kristie and I will clean up the dishes then.”

Kristie nodded and was immediately in the kitchen, collecting the pans and plates into the sink. Something was definitely bothering that girl, and I felt bad about it. I had no idea, of course, that I was the source of her troubled spirit. But I knew Sarah would help her with whatever it was.

Something as simple as a trip to the grocery store was so pleasant with just me and my k**s. Even though the three of us were having a secret forbidden sexual relationship, we were also still a f****y. We laughed and joked around while we picked out things to eat tonight. Matt and Breanna continued to behave like a normal b*****r and s****r, which I knew was not as easy as it may have seemed. The sexual tension between them must have been there, after all, but they kept it below the surface. They could release that tension later anyway.

I dragged things out a bit to give my s****r plenty of time to talk to her daughter. I hoped nothing serious was happening. On the car ride back, I thought to ask my own c***dren if they knew what was going on with her. But I decided against it, as I didn’t want to alert them that something was wrong if they didn’t already know.

When we came back to the house, Sarah was in her office and I didn’t see Kristie. I let Matt and Breanna put things away while I went to talk to her.

“Is everything ok?” I asked, talking softly so no one else would hear.

Sarah smiled. “As far as I can tell. I’m not sure what you may have thought was going on with her, but she didn’t say anything was wrong.”

I was surprised at that, judging from the way the girl had been acting earlier. “Are you sure?”

She nodded. “She talks to me about stuff, so I’m sure she wouldn’t hold back if it was important.”

I shrugged. “Ok, glad to hear it then.”

Chapter 9

The rest of the day we lounged around and chatted, and the k**s did the same pretty much. They took Kristie out for a while to have some fun, maybe go to the mall or whatever k**s did nowadays. Sarah and I talked about Daddy quite a bit, and shared stories of some of the things he did with each of us.

It was very comforting to picture Daddy fucking Sarah while at the same time he was fucking me. I should have been jealous, maybe angry even. That seemed to be the logical emotion to be feeling. But I wasn’t. I was only happy to know that my s****r, who I loved, had experienced the same wonderful relationship with her father that I had. My pussy was soaking after hearing her basically talk dirty to me as we shared our very detailed and depraved experiences.

“Are you as hot and bothered as I am?” she asked with a smile after finishing a particularly filthy tale.

I nodded. “Wanna masturbate, like old times?”

She laughed, but did reach her hand down into her shorts. We had always been close like this, even touching each other as c***dren. We had never seriously sought sexual release with each other though, only played around. This would be two full grown adults both openly touching themselves in the presence of the other. It felt naughty, just like I loved.

We watched each other carefully as we rubbed our wet cunts. I reached into my shorts just like Sarah was doing, not showing each other our goods but it was quite obvious what we were up to. We weren’t hiding anything from the other, it was just more convenient to quickly rub one out without getting naked. The k**s could come back at any moment, after all.

Sarah let out a long ragged sigh as she found the right spot on her clit, and rubbed it around and around in a circle. She was only distantly aware of me, I could tell from her face. Apparently she really needed to cum. I was right there with her, too.

I sunk two fingers into my dripping cunt and roughly pulled upward on my hole. I really needed a big cock in there, and knew I’d be fucking my son as soon as we could manage it. I found myself fascinated with the idea of telling Sarah everything about me and my k**s. I loved the idea of watching her fuck Matt too. But that would leave Kristie completely in the dark, alone while the rest of the f****y was having their fun. And I would never think about telling Kristie about us without her mother’s consent. That was not for me to reveal to her.

Sarah came while I was thinking about that, and I realized I hadn’t been paying enough attention to my pussy. I quickly rubbed harder and faster, and saw her smiling at me very contentedly as I finally climaxed myself. It felt good, but wasn’t entirely satisfying.

“It’s probably not the same as getting cock,” Sarah said, very relaxed now. “But it sure does in a pinch.”

“Do you masturbate much these days?” I asked, still fingering myself but in a completely casual tone.

She nodded. “Unfortunately, it’s all I have. Kristie and I have an understanding about that.”

My curiosity was piqued now, since she mentioned her daughter. “Oh?”

“Remember the vibrator in the bathroom? We both use it. It’s probably not the most conventional mother-daughter arrangement, but I figure if I’m having orgasms all by myself, she’s entitled to also. It’s not like she isn’t doing it on her own anyway. We might as well be open about it.”

I smiled. “I don’t suppose she knows about…Daddy.”

Sarah’s eyes went wide, but she laughed. “No, I haven’t told anyone except you about that. I don’t know what she’d think if she knew. She probably thinks her old mom is a prude, or an old maid.”

“I’m sure she doesn’t think that,” I assured her, finally withdrawing my fingers from my pussy. “Does she date much?”

“You mean, is she getting it regularly?” Sarah corrected me. “I don’t think so. She hasn’t told me she lost her virginity. I think she would, though.”

Interesting, indeed. If the girl was a virgin, it might make her more inclined towards i****t. A big part of fucking Daddy was learning about sex, and doing it with someone I trusted completely. If the girl was as shy as she seemed, maybe a motherly hand guiding her in the ways of pleasure would be welcome.

“Have you ever thought about…you know…” I didn’t say the words, but I think she caught my drift.

“With my own daughter?” Sarah thought for a moment. “I mean, I don’t consider myself attracted to girls, but I know it’s not the same with f****y. Like you and I, for instance. It wouldn’t be that I was attracted to her as a woman, but I guess I could see myself interacting with her on a maternal level. What do you think?”

I couldn’t help but jump on that. “I would thoroughly enjoy showing my daughter how to masturbate, how to make herself feel as good as possible.”

“Is that what you did?” she asked.

I guess I didn’t realize that I was basically saying what I would do in her shoes, and since I did have a daughter, it only made sense that she would think along those lines.

“No,” I admitted. “Breanna isn’t like Kristie in that sense. She’s very independent. I’ve talked to her about things of the sort. If she needed it though, I certainly would. Do you think Kristie needs help in that area?”

“Maybe. I know she wouldn’t refuse, but I couldn’t just make her do it. I would want her to want to.”

“Maybe I can help with that,” I offered. “I can approach her as a concerned aunt, see if I can make her comfortable enough to tell me how she’s doing in that regard. Would you be ok with that?”

Sarah nodded. “Oh, I would absolutely love that. Ever since Brian left, I’ve been really worried about Kristie. She’s become a bit of a recluse.”

“I would steer her your way,” I said. “But if you don’t mind, I could also show her some things…”

Sarah nodded. “I wouldn’t have any problem with that. I know you could share some things with her, for sure.”

That sent my mind spinning. While I was not sexually attracted to the girl, per se, I was attracted to the idea of encouraging i****t. Would Kristie let me, though? I thought about it intently until the k**s returned home later that afternoon.

Kristie seemed in better sorts now. Maybe hanging around her cousins was helping to bring her out of her shell. I could sense a difference when she looked at me, too. There wasn’t that same feeling of tension in the air. I was sure Matt and Breanna wouldn’t have clued her in as to the i****tuous nature of our f****y, so that wasn’t it. I would still have some work to do on that front.

Dinner went well, if I did say so. I was a good cook, after all. I sat next to Matt at the dinner table while we ate, and he was fidgety. I knew he was horny and tried to settle him by touching first his leg and then resting my hand on his crotch. He was so hard and thick beneath his shorts. There was no way he would be able to stand up without revealing it. I should have left him alone, but I couldn’t help myself. I starting stroking him off through his shorts. He was very good at hiding his reaction, but his cock was jumping and throbbing. I needed to get him alone for a quick blowjob to ease his nerves.

I finally excused myself to go to the bathroom, and figured if Matt was able to, he would find a way to join me. I left the door cracked a bit, as an invitation to him. After a minute or so, probably how long it took him to calm down and let his erection subside, I heard him approach from down the hallway.

“Mom?” he whispered as he carefully opened the door.

“Come in, Matt,” I said, smiling at him. “This has to be quick, though.”

He must have been reading my mind, because he closed the door behind him and starting unzipping his shorts. The door hadn’t latched, but normally it would stay all the way closed the way he left it. However, it had started opening on its own and stayed cracked again, maybe two inches at the most. I didn’t notice, and neither did he of course in his current state of intense arousal.

“I’m gonna blow any minute,” he said, releasing his giant cock from its confines in his underwear.

I licked my lips, never tiring of seeing his wonderful penis. I knelt in front of him and began stroking his length, hearing him moan as I did so. He was already leaking precum. That was good, because I really didn’t want this take very long. Who knows what the rest of the f****y would think if they knew we were both in the bathroom together.

I lowered my mouth to his cock and began sucking on it. I firmly stroked his shaft with one hand and massaged his balls with the other. I knew I could make him cum almost instantly, and yet part of me still wanted to savor the experience. That was part of my creed, after all, to make each and every fuck with my son and daughter as pleasurable as possible. I released his cock from my mouth and bent lower to suck on his balls.

“Oh, Mom…” He sighed raggedly, obviously enjoying this.

Normally I wouldn’t look away from what I was doing, since I was typically very involved in my blowjobs. I couldn’t even say that something caught my eye because it really hadn’t. It was more like a feeling that we were being watched. I kept sucking and licking Matt’s balls, but I diverted my eyes off to the side where the door was. I realized it was cracked, not shut like I had thought. My heart nearly stopped as I saw a pair of eyes in the crack.

Something told me to keep going, to hide the fact that I had seen the person there. If it was Breanna, then everything was fine. If it was Sarah, the world wouldn’t be over but I would certainly have some explaining to do.

But if it was Kristie…

It was so difficult not to just look in that direction and identify the person. But I didn’t want Matt to know someone was there. That could be horribly embarrassing for him. I could handle the embarrassment later when I faced the person. I kept glancing in that direction, trying to even confirm that it was actually a person and not my imagination.

“It’s not,” Daddy’s voice echoed in my head.

I didn’t answer, as I was obviously distracted. I went back to sucking Matt’s cock, playing my tongue around the head and making a good show if it. I stroked him slowly as I did so, trying to make him last just long enough for me to notice who was watching us, since I knew they would probably run off as soon as we were finished. He was groaning and his cock was jumping in my grasp, ready to shoot off with one firm stroke or strong suck.

I chanced a full on turn of my head toward the door, without giving myself away to Matt. But I locked eyes with the person on the other side of the door. I could immediately tell by those beautiful green eyes that it was Kristie. Shit, this could be really bad. But no matter what I did now, it wouldn’t get any worse. I might as well make this a good show for her, and maybe the pure arousal of it all would keep her from running off and calling the police. It was only a brief moment, but she was staring right back at me, and we were f***ed to fully acknowledge each others’ presence.

I turned back to my son and lifted his balls, spurred on somehow by this odd situation. I snaked my tongue down his sack and toward his ass. I had never licked a man’s asshole before, and surely this would take Matt by surprise. He might even cum all over my face and hair if I did it, which I didn’t want because then it would take longer to clean up. But I found myself wanting to shock Kristie, to show her how bold I was. I didn’t know why I felt that way, but it was palpable. I needed her to know how depraved I was, and how far I was willing to go.

“Oh god…” Poor Matt was the helpless victim of this show, barely able to contain himself.

I found his anus with the tip of my tongue and I tickled it first before flatly licking at it, dragging my tongue against it in a filthy display of obscenity. He had about five seconds before he was going to burst, but I made it as wonderful as possible for him, and our hidden observer, as I licked his butt and stroked him off until he was ready.

“I’m coming,” he breathed, looking down to see what I would do about that.

I opened my mouth and carefully stroked him off, touching the tip of his cock to my tongue. I was looking right at him when he burst, and a shot of cum launched into my throat. He fired off spurt after spurt, filling my tongue and mouth. I waited until he was finished before swallowing, then went back to sucking on him so I could get every last drop out of him. I could tell from his expression that it had been really good for him, maybe even the best blowjob he had ever experienced. That made me very happy, even if something bad was about to happen should Kristie freak out.

I gave him a quick throating before standing up and hugging him tightly. The blowjob had not been very motherly, for certain, but my hug was purely maternal. He hugged me back just as tight. He was facing away from the door now, and I looked back toward the crack. Those green eyes were there still, just as intent as before. I looked right at Kristie and smiled. I tried to convey in my facial expression as much love and warmth as I could. I wanted her to know that what she just witnessed wasn’t an act of abuse or selfishness, but one of pure love.

After a good five seconds of our locking eyes again, she was suddenly gone. I hoped she would take this the right way, and not tell her mother. I would probably have to do that myself soon, though. At least I had given her a good show, if she had allowed herself to be aroused by it.

“That was great, Mom,” Matt said, and pulled his shorts back up. “I’ve been dying all day to fuck you.”

“Are you and Breanna being good?” I asked, giving him a stern look.

He smiled. “Yeah, we were quiet last night. Before you came down.”

So he had fucked his s****r before I had my way with him. Good for both of them. All things considered, I was impressed that he had performed so well for me, and given me such a nice load. Even his orgasm just now had been thick and full. Youth was adding something to our i****t that I hadn’t experienced with Daddy. Or maybe he was just too busy giving Sarah his cum too. I was grateful Matt had his s****r to help relieve him. I wouldn’t be able to keep up otherwise.

Chapter 10

Matt left the bathroom first, and I just knew when I went back downstairs that Kristie wouldn’t be there at the table. It would be too uncomfortable, for the both of us but especially for her. However, to my shock, when I returned to the dinner table, she was seated at her usual spot. For a moment, I thought maybe I had been mistaken, and it had been someone else spying on me sucking off my son. But those green eyes were unmistakable, even now as I glanced at her nervously.

She met my gaze without hesitation, almost like she was challenging me now. Was this girl something more than her shyness had let on? Had I awakened something in her, maybe something her mother had felt with our father all those years ago? This would be interesting…

After dinner, we all watched a movie before heading off to bed. No unusual conversation had ensued. Matt seemed more relaxed, of course. Kristie didn’t lock eyes with me again, though I found myself glancing at her repeatedly. I was burning with a desire to know what she was thinking. Here I had just resolved to never tell her my secret, and now she knew. Worse yet, I would somehow have to tell Sarah about what had happened. I dreaded that, despite the fact that she would probably understand and even be ok with it. That conversation had to happen tonight, when I was alone with her. Maybe if I ate her pussy first, it would smooth it over.

When we were all heading off to bed, Kristie seemed to hesitate. Was she giving me an opportunity to talk to her alone? I watched her carefully, and when it wasn’t obvious, she looked right at me and smiled for just a moment before disappearing into her bedroom. Was that an invitation? That really intrigued me, but I had to think about it more. I kissed my c***dren goodnight and hurried off to Sarah’s room. I would have liked to have given them a more proper goodnight gesture, maybe squeeze Matt’s cock or encourage Breanna to go easy on him tonight. But I was too distracted.

After Sarah and I brushed our teeth and undressed, we both got into her bed naked and she turned the lights out. We talked idly, nothing sexual and certainly nothing serious enough to try to steer the conversation toward i****t. She probably felt that we had talked enough about it earlier when we had masturbated together. I didn’t want to push the issue, so we said goodnight and she was quickly off to sl**p. I, however, couldn’t keep my eyes closed.

Some time later, after about two hours, I finally got up and pulled my robe on, with the intent of talking to Kristie. I just had to know what she was thinking. I closed Sarah’s door quietly behind me and headed toward Kristie’s room. The door was cracked, just like the bathroom door had been. That seemed like a big coincidence, but maybe I was just assuming.

I crept into her room and closed the door behind me. She was asl**p in her bed, under the blankets and turned away. I tiptoed toward her, careful not to make a sound, and approached her. I stopped at the edge of her bed, thinking she would stir awake any moment and see me. But she seemed to be fast asl**p. I gently sat on the edge of her bed, but she still didn’t move. I just watched her sl**ping, listening to her gentle breathing. She was such a beautiful girl. And she was good at keeping a secret apparently, since she hadn’t told her mother what she saw earlier.

I gently stroked her hair as I admired her. She was a heavy sl**per it seemed. I was not the type to m***** someone in their sl**p, rather I would just wake them up and take what I wanted, as was the case with my k**s. But for some reason I felt the need to touch Kristie, to awaken a desire in her without her consciously knowing. I began lightly touching her neck, and her shoulders. She was wearing her camisole, and I lightly moved my fingers beneath the thin straps and grazed the top of her chest with my fingertip.

When she didn’t respond, I continued to touch her gently. I moved lower to the swell of her breast, then to her nipple. If she was awake, she was certainly good at hiding it. Her nipple hardened under my touch, and yet her face betrayed no flinch or movement. It really seemed that she was fast asl**p.

I released her breast and moved outside her camisole down to her stomach. I had to move her blankets away from her, and revealed that instead of her pajama shorts she was wearing a thin pair of white panties. Even in the dark I could practically see through them. I casually lowered my light touches down her side and over her hip. Still no reaction. I reached beneath her camisole and cupped her breast from this angle. Still nothing. I squeezed her breast gently and enjoyed the feel of her soft young flesh. She had a great set of tits for someone her age, not large really but firm and supple.

I stopped m*****ing her boobs and diverted my attention to her panties. I hooked my finger under the waistband and slid my fingers underneath the thin fabric. I gently felt her ass, admiring the roundness of it for how slim she was, and continued touching her there until she finally let out a small sigh. I carefully observed her face, to notice if she was actually awake and secretly letting me do this to her. Her mouth had opened just a bit, but she was still asl**p. This was so much fun, I can’t believe I never tried it before. She was the perfect target of my little game, too. A pretty little thing that was so much fun to touch and feel.

I moved from her ass back to her hip and then agonizingly slowly moved toward her crotch. I felt no hair even as I moved inward to her pubic area. Imagining her shaving her pussy was erotic, and made me want to touch her there even more. My fingertips felt their way toward her mound, which was wonderfully available to me since she was lying almost on her back. As I got closer to her precious cunt, I heard her breathing change a bit.

She was getting aroused, but was still asl**p. I wondered how far I could get before she woke up, and what she would do when she did. I felt her flesh change from firm skin to moist softness, and I knew I had reached her vagina. I carefully extended my finger further until I could feel where her lips crested at her clit. When I touched her little nub, she moaned audibly, but didn’t wake up. I gently felt further down her slit to where her steaming virgin hole was, and could tell she must have been masturbating or at the very least was incredibly aroused before I got here. Could she have been masturbating at the thought of me blowing my son? My pussy was already wet, but was getting just as steamy as hers thinking about that.

I gently began masturbating her, finding her clit again and circling it with the flat of my finger. Her hips moved involuntarily, thrusting just barely at my ministrations. I wanted to make her cum so badly while she was still asl**p, but imagined she would probably wake up before that happened. Still, being so aroused at what I was doing would make it difficult for her to argue against it. Or so I hoped, anyway. She could very well burst out of the room screaming. Still, I didn’t imagine that would happen.

When I was confident that she wouldn’t wake up from the physical motion, even if the orgasm itself did wake her, I stopped trying to be gentle and began working her pussy. She was breathing heavy now, still moaning occasionally, as I fingered her. I kept working her clit, but every so often I would slide my finger between her lips and touch her opening. She was so wet, I could have penetrated her effortlessly. But I didn’t want to do that, only make her cum. Her clit was the best way to do that right now.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, her head tilted back and her hips came off the bed. She groaned deeply, and her thighs started to quiver. To my delight, while still appearing to be asl**p, Kristie had a very full orgasm. The poor girl came hard, it seemed, completely helpless to my touch. The power I had over her body was thrilling, as if I had more control over her reactions that she had in her sl**ping state. I expected her eyes to open at any moment and stare up at me, but they were closed the whole time.

When she came down finally, I kept my hand on her pussy for a while, rubbing it soothingly as the wave of her climax rolled over her. Her breathing calmed, and her moaning stopped. I was dying to cum myself now, and would need Matt’s help with that again. I withdrew my hand from her panties and stood from the edge of her bed. I watched her for a few moments longer, tempted to try to eat her pussy while she slept. But I couldn’t imagine getting away with that, not after she had already climaxed so strongly.

I left her room and closed her door behind me. I couldn’t believe I had gotten away with that, and the feeling was incredible. I wondered if I could fuck Matt without waking him, but as I crept downstairs I could see that my c***dren were already going at it. I wasn’t exactly the role model for inhibition, but I was disappointed they were being so obvious about it. After all, anyone could come down these stairs and find them fucking.

“You two,” I whispered as I approached, shedding my robe. “You’re not following the rules.”

Breanna was on top of Matt, riding him while he was feeling her tits. It was just like how I had fucked him last night. They looked at me and smiled sheepishly.

“We’re being quiet,” Breanna said, still moving on top of her b*****r.

“Did we wake you?” Matt asked, casually as if his s****r’s tight pussy wasn’t milking his cock.

I shook my head as I knelt down next to them, my nudity probably giving away my intentions.

“No, but still.” I pushed Breanna off of him and took her place. “What if Kristie came down here?”

Matt groaned as a new pussy swallowed his cock, and we started a good fuck rhythm while Breanna sat next to us rubbing her cunt. I shouldn’t have been so rude and f***ed her off of him, but I really needed a good fuck right now. Judging by the amount of cunt cream all over Matt’s cock, Breanna had already cum at least once. It was my turn now.

Breanna was facing toward us, but I was facing the stairs the way Matt and I were positioned. I was staring at them, imagining the sl**ping girl just past them that I had been playing with. I came hard thinking about that, and squeezed Matt’s cock for all he was worth. He enjoyed it, I could tell, but he didn’t cum. Maybe my blowjob earlier had eased him enough to last for a while. Good, then he could still give his s****r a nice thick load tonight. I didn’t want to be greedy, after all.

When I finished enjoying my climax, I looked back at the stairs and was surprised to see someone hiding there. It was Kristie, crouching just beyond notice unless you looked carefully. When she saw me looking at her, I could just make out a smile. That little rat, she must have been awake that whole time! At least I knew now that she was ok with everything that had happened. Still, I should talk to her before alerting Matt and Breanna to the fact that she knew what was going on.

I returned her smile, and leaned down to kiss Matt before dismounting his big cock so Breanna could get another turn. She climbed right onto him in my place, and the fucking commenced. I moved behind her and reached around to feel her breasts, knowing Kristie could see us. It was exciting to think that she was watching her aunt and cousins having a threesome. It was even better knowing that apparently she enjoyed it on some level, too.

Matt came hard in his s****r, filling her cunt with his plentiful seed like he had done with me last night. Breanna was more youthful and energetic though, and really worked his cock with her tight cunt while he shot off inside of her. She started grinding her hips down onto him, almost unbearably twisting her pussy around his shaft. He gritted his teeth from the pleasure, and finally collapsed underneath her. She smiled proudly, like she had just won a contest.

“That’s a good boy,” she breathed.

I enjoyed seeing this side of my daughter, finding many similarities between her sexual persona and mine. It was reminiscent of how Daddy would say “good girl” to me when I took his load or sucked his cock just the way he liked it. That warmed my heart even more.

Kristie was gone from the stairs now, but it didn’t matter. I knew that she knew. Now we would have to address the matter somehow tomorrow. Should I tell Sarah, or let her daughter tell her? How would I tell my k**s? It seemed logical, unavoidable, that we all needed to know what was going on. Again I found myself feeling sorry for Matt, as ironic as that seemed considering he was buried to the hilt in tight pussy at this very moment. He would need to dig into his reserves to keep up with all of these horny women for the rest of the trip. If Kristie was a virgin as her mother believed, then that was just another precious thing to be shared among f****y now. It was so beautiful in my mind, I wanted to cry.

I laid with Matt and Breanna for a while, whispering about nothing and everything. It was exactly what I wanted from this small vacation, spending time with them and growing as an i****tuous f****y. The bond we were sharing was getting deeper, I could already tell. The way we were so casual with each other, having just committed depraved i****t only moments ago, was a blissful thing. It was more than the simple afterplay between two lovers after heated sex, or the way a husband and wife grew accustomed to each other after years of intimacy. This was something else, a secret that we shared that elevated our intimacy to a new level. It was separate from the intimacy between Tom and I, or the intimacy between myself and each one of my k**s. All three of us were something else entirely now, when we were together. I pictured myself eating Breanna’s pussy and licking her ass, out of pure desire to please her and not out of any lesbian hunger on my part. That’s what was so beautiful about all this.

And now we could share this intimacy with my s****r and niece. I so wanted to tell Matt and Breanna about Kristie, and hope that she would let Matt fuck her. All in good time, I was certain. Now I needed to get back to bed with Sarah, and prepare her for what would come next.

Maybe tomorrow night, we would all sl**p together down here in the living room, or have an orgy in Sarah’s big bed. While I was laying next to my s****r, who was soundly asl**p, I imagined us all getting lost in fuck, and after Sarah and I were exhausted, we would just lay there and watch our k**s keep going, the girls taking turns on Matt’s thick cock until he couldn’t take it any more. I drifted off to sl**p thinking how nice that would be.

Chapter 11

The next day proved to be interesting. At breakfast, Kristie still acted like her shy self. When we would both happen to glance at each other and lock eyes, she would smile sheepishly and look away. There was a knowing expression in her eyes, but she didn’t do or say anything to let on that she knew what my f****y was up to. I desperately needed to fuck that girl, and I wasn’t sure if it was her innocence or her sly nature that made me desire her so much. This was the closest I had ever come to feeling like I was sexually attracted to another woman.

I hadn’t showered yet, so after we ate together I went upstairs to the bathroom in Sarah’s room to get ready for the day. After I had stepped into the shower, I heard the bathroom door creak open. I just assumed it was either Sarah popping in to get something, or maybe Matt trying his luck at another blowjob. I didn’t bother to look at who it was, I just waited for them to say something.

When they didn’t, but I was certain someone was standing there, I finally peeked around the shower curtain and saw Kristie standing there. I just stared back at her, trying to get a read for her demeanor. Was she here to confront me, or did she intend something else? She was wearing shorts and a nice top, not her pajamas with the thin panties. That would have been inappropriate for breakfast with the f****y. Well, any other f****y.

“Is everything ok?” I found myself asking dumbly. I guess I just didn’t know how to start the conversation that needed to happen between us.

“Does my mom know?” she asked, ignoring my question.

I just looked at her again, wetting my hair under the showerhead idly as we locked eyes. I shook my head in response, somehow in total helplessness to this girl. Was it my attraction to her, or the fact that she possibly held my life in her grasp with what she knew? Not to mention, what I had done to her last night while she pretended to be asl**p.

She smiled a bit, not intending to show me any particular emotion but simply unable to keep her devilish thoughts to herself.

“I saw you and Matt,” she said flatly.

I nodded. “Yes, I know.”

She shook her head. “No, I saw you two before that. In the living room the night before.”

I was shocked to hear that, truly unaware that we had been spied on. I guess that explained her strange behavior the following day, then. It all made sense now. But the change in her since then was quite drastic. Maybe she had taken the time to think about it. Maybe seeing her cousin’s very nice cock being sucked off played a part. Maybe she was attracted to him already, or me even, judging from what she let me do to her last night.

“It was shocking enough to see you and him,” she continued. “But to know that Bree is in on it too…it’s so surreal.”

I pulled the shower curtain aside a bit, revealing my wet nakedness to her. There was no point in hiding anything from her now. She seemed to enjoy being this close to me while I was naked, too. I could see it in her face, the slight widening of her eyes when I exposed myself to her. The bathroom door was shut behind her, so no one else was going to hear or see us.

“Were you awake the entire time last night?” I asked, letting a smile curl at the corner of my mouth.

She blushed. “Not at first. But once you really started going on me, I figured I would play along. It felt wonderful, by the way.”

I found my hand snaking down my stomach instinctively, like there was an itch that needed to be scratched from inside my vagina. I was getting aroused, and something very sexual was possibly going to happen at any moment.

“Is your mother going to suspect anything if she knows you’re in here?” I asked.

She shook her head. “I told her I was coming in here for some girl talk. She said she would give us some privacy. I’m guessing we don’t need to worry about Matt or Bree discovering us, either.”

I couldn’t hold back a full on smile now. “You’re a smart girl.”

She started pulling off her clothes, and once she was naked she stepped into the shower with me. Without another word, she grabbed the body wash and a luffa and began soaping me up. Her gentle hands felt great over my skin. I let her touch me everywhere, and she didn’t shy away from feeling the goods. She seemed to especially enjoy my breasts, but she also found my ass and even reached for my pussy.

“I’m not a lesbian,” she said after a while. “But I still appreciate a gorgeous woman. And you’re very gorgeous.”

“It runs in the f****y,” I replied. “You seemed to get the best of our genes too.”

I started soaping her up next, and I couldn’t help but imagine what Matt would say if he knew what we were doing right now. He was dying to see two girls go at it, and he probably would at some point soon.

“Mom doesn’t know that I know,” Kristie started, “but I found out about her and Grandpa.”

My eyes went wide. “How on earth did you find that out?”

She shrugged. “I’ve heard her talking to him in her sl**p. I suspected it wasn’t just a dream, since it happened more than once. And you just confirmed it.”

I swallowed, feeling very nervous that I had spilled my s****r’s secret. It wasn’t mine to reveal, and I hoped she wouldn’t hold it against me that her daughter had found out by my slip of the tongue.

“You can’t tell her that I told you,” I said with all seriousness. “But now that you know, I can also tell you that I had the same relationship with your grandfather.”

She nodded. “I guessed as much. I mean, he had two daughters. It makes sense.”

I started soaping her lower half, and even though I had rubbed her pussy last night, I still felt apprehensive about touching her intimate places.

“It’s ok,” she whispered. “I like it.”

Her permission made all the difference, and I started soaping her pubic area. I loved feeling how smooth she had shaved it.

“Are you a virgin?” I asked her bluntly.

She nodded. “Technically speaking.”

“Oh boy,” I said, rolling my eyes. “You k**s these days. What does that mean?”

She laughed. “I’ve never had a cock in my pussy. But I’m a bit of a butt slut.”

“Meaning? You’ve done anal?”

She nodded. “A lot. In fact, that’s the only way I’ll let a boy fuck me. I want to save my pussy for the right person. And, I can cum from anal so it’s not a big deal for me.”

“I see. You’re lucky, then.”

“Do you think…” She seemed to trail off, maybe hesitating to ask her question. “…Matt…?”

My heart swelled, like a mother who just found out her daughter was engaged or pregnant. She wanted my sweet little boy to put his penis inside of her butt. I hugged her close to me, our soapy bodies squishing together.

“My dear,” I said, “nothing would make him happier. You’re referring to him only fucking your ass, right? Or do you want him to…”

She shook her head. “No, just ass. I mean, that could always change. But right now I’m fine keeping it all in my butt.”

“Your mother is going to be very surprised. She thinks you’re a virgin.”

Kristie nodded. “She will be surprised. But does that mean you’re going to tell her about everything? You and Matt and Bree? And me, I guess?”

I was flattered that she just assumed she would be added to the mix, without asking Matt and Breanna. I knew they would be happy to include her in our sex, though. It didn’t even cross my mind that they would have a problem with it.

“It’s not my place to tell her about you,” I said, rubbing shampoo in her long hair. “I can only tell her about me and my f****y. Unless you become involved with us.”

“Aren’t I already?” she smirked.

“Last night doesn’t count,” I joked. “You were asl**p, remember?”

She laughed and started shampooing my hair. We washed each other and then rinsed each other off carefully.

“I usually take advantage of the shower head while I’m in here,” I said, hinting at some sexual activity.

“Oh yeah?” she said with a grin. “That’s too bad.”

I frowned. “Why?”

“I was hoping you would let me eat your pussy instead.”

For some reason, I lunged forward and grabbed her against me, then locked lips with my niece. Something about her mannerism, or the whole strange situation we were in, made her irresistible to me. Feeling her tongue respond to mine and snake into my mouth against my invading presence in hers made my pussy tingle. She broke free from my kiss before I would have let her go on my own, and knelt down.

I watched her with intense eagerness as she moved into position underneath my pussy and very gently approached it with her mouth. Feeling her tongue take that first broad lick on my cunt set my body on fire. The fire wouldn’t subside either, as she started her assault of my clit and even lashed her tongue below to my ass. This girl was adventurous, more so than I would have ever suspected. The fact that she only had anal sex, and apparently a lot of it, really said something about her.

I came quickly, right onto my sexy niece’s hungry mouth, but she didn’t stop eating me. She just shifted to my ass and stayed there, licking and penetrating with her tongue. She did so with much more energy and intention that I had ever felt from oral sex. It made me want to be eaten like this a lot more.

“Where did you learn to munch like this?” I said with a ragged sigh.

“Girls I know,” she replied. “They eat pussy the best. Guys usually lick ass better though.”

“You’re doing a fine job yourself.” I reached down and grabbed her hair, holding her in place. “Keep going.”

She obediently ate my asshole for as long as I wanted. For a “technical” virgin, she was a real wildcat. I was dying to see Matt fuck her ass, to see what she was capable of.

“God, I could almost cum from that,” I said as I released her from my grasp.

She smiled, still licking me there. “It takes some time, but eventually you could do it.”

“I suppose you saw me licking Matt’s ass while I was sucking him off?”

“I was surprised you would do that, but I would totally do that for him too. His cock is so big, I really want to feel it inside of me.”

I turned the shower off and we both started toweling ourselves dry.

“Let’s worry about your mom first,” I suggested. “There will be plenty of time to play later. How are we going to approach this with her?”

“I think you should talk to her first about you and Matt and Bree. She’s pretty open-minded. Since you were both fucking Grandpa, I’m sure she can’t object to it.”

I was still worried about Sarah’s reaction, but Kristie was right. How could she object to something she herself had done?

“Ok, I’ll tell her about the three of us first. Once she knows, I think you need to come forward and reveal to her and to Matt and Bree that you know about everything. And that you want in.”

She leaned forward and kissed me on the lips. It was a quick kiss, full of excitement.

“I can’t wait till we’re all fucking!” she said with a giggle. “It seems so crazy to think that it would ever happen, but it could be happening as soon as tonight.”

“One thing I’ve learned,” I warned, “is to never rush these things. Don’t worry, even if your mom doesn’t want us all to be together, you are always welcome to fuck me and my c***dren any time you want.”

Kristie smiled, and started dressing. This time, she left her panties off, she just pulled her shorts on over her naked body. They weren’t the most form-fitting pair, and her pussy might be visible if she was sitting just right. Maybe she planned to tease her cousin a bit. I was ok with that, so long as she didn’t go any further for now.

I pulled my robe around my naked body and we left the bathroom together. She bounded off while I finished dressing.

“What a lovely girl,” Daddy’s voice sounded in my head.

I smiled. “Yes, she is. You would have loved being with her.”

“I’m sure I would have. She’s going to be a handful. I wouldn’t let her fool you, she won’t be a virgin for long if you’re all fucking each other.”

“You’re probably right. But you were my first. I think it would be wonderful for Matt to be her first.”

“Just be careful, dear.” He seemed to be especially protective of me right now. “Make sure she understands that this relationship needs to stay a secret. For the good of everyone involved.”

I nodded. “I understand, Daddy. You’re right, of course.”

“And don’t worry about Sarah. Just tell her what’s happening, and what you want to happen. She’ll go along with it.”

“How do you know?”

I could feel him smile in my mind. “She’s eager to please. I should know.”

I almost laughed at hearing that. I suppose she was more like me than I probably realized. I shouldn’t hesitate to let her in on this secret that was bursting at the seams to get out. Why shouldn’t I include her in all the fun?

I quickly finished getting ready, and then headed downstairs to have a private but revealing conversation with my beloved s****r. I couldn’t wait to tell her what I had in store for us all…

Chapter 12

Despite Daddy’s assurance that Sarah would be completely understanding and accepting of what we were all doing, I was apprehensive to talk to her. I had intended to, right after that lovely i****tuous shower with my niece, her daughter, Kristie. But when I made my way downstairs to find her, she was sitting at the dinner table with my two k**s, smiling and laughing and having a good time. I couldn’t bring myself to break that up. So I sat with them and joined in the conversation.

She had a long errand to do that would take up the rest of the morning, so it was just me and the three c***dren until we met her for lunch. Matt and Breanna didn’t know it yet, but their cousin was about to be introduced into our little f****y orgy. And I knew Matt would really enjoy hearing about Kristie’s affinity for anal sex. I was looking forward to seeing what the girl was capable of, if she was true to her word.

Kristie hadn’t come downstairs yet, so I was left sitting with my two k**s. They were all smiles, and I felt Matt’s hand start to creep up my thigh. I smiled and let him find my hip, then my crotch, until he had a finger inside of me. Breanna was practically fidgeting in her seat.

“I’m really horny, Mom,” she said.

“Me too,” Matt agreed. “When can we fuck?”

I had a delicious idea, but I couldn’t tip them off yet if I wanted to surprise them.

“Let me go check on Kristie,” I said, withdrawing from Matt’s pleasant touch. “I think she’s feeling sick this morning, so she might be in bed. If so, we can play for a little while. Quietly.”

I was lying about Kristie being sick, but I wanted this to play out just right. I hurried upstairs, amused at how eager I was feeling to fuck my k**s, and lightly tapped on Kristie’s door. I didn’t wait for her to answer, though, before I opened it just a crack and peeked inside.

Kristie was sitting on her bed, doing something with her iPad. She looked up at me and smiled.

“Want to have some fun?” I whispered.

“Yes!” she breathed, practically leaping off the bed. But I held up a hand to stop her.

“Wait for about ten minutes,” I instructed. “Let me get them going first, and then you’ll come down and surprise them. They don’t know yet that you know.”

Her expression was devilish, both excited and delighted. I had never seen such a look of lust on a girl before. I hoped we were in for a real treat, and that Matt’s cock could handle her.

I went back downstairs and continued my ruse that Kristie was sick. Matt and Breanna started peeling off their clothes right then and there at the dinner table. Apparently they weren’t too concerned with their cousin discovering us down here, though it was still entirely possible that even if she was sick she could come down for a drink and see them naked. I wondered if they somehow knew what I was up to.

“You know,” I chided, feeling my own clothes start to itch, “she could still come down here at any time.”

“We can do it somewhere else,” Breanna suggested, shredding the last bits of her clothes and standing up from the table completely nude.

That wouldn’t really work with my secret plan to have Kristie discover us, so I waved the thought away.

“She was out cold,” I lied. “We’ll just be quick about it.”

“Me first then,” Breanna said, grabbing her b*****r’s hand and pulling him into the living room. “I don’t even care if Aunt Sarah comes home and finds us. I need Matt’s big cock inside of me now.”

I smiled as I watched the two of them make their way into the living room, like wild and free young lovers romping with complete abandon, and settle onto one of the sofas. I was glad that Breanna didn’t just hop onto her b*****r’s stiff cock, but instead she bent between his legs and started blowing him. It was good for her to learn that she shouldn’t be selfish when it came to sex.

I stripped out of my clothes and sat next to Matt, stroking his chest and feeling him reach for my breast. We kissed softly,, yet quite passionately, while Breanna pleasured him with her mouth. He was groaning wonderfully, and I was jealous that my daughter was getting to taste his thick meat and not me. Maybe I would get to suck on him for a while after he let one loose in his s****r.

Finally Breanna couldn’t resist, and she quickly jumped up onto her b*****r and playfully wriggled her hips around on top of him, rubbing her pussy on his erection and teasing him just a bit before she allowed him to plunge himself into her. I took turns kissing each of them deeply while they fucked. I was masturbating now too, without really thinking about it.

I heard a creek from the stairs and glanced over to see Kristie standing there with a giant smile on her face. She was naked, which would help instantly alleviate any fears Matt or Breanna would have upon seeing her. Somehow they didn’t notice her yet though, since they were too involved in giving each other pleasure. I motioned with my free hand for Kristie to approach, and she did so very quietly.

Before they heard her, she was right up on us. She stood behind Kristie and waited for just a second before reaching her hands around her cousin and cupping her breasts. Breanna probably thought it was me for a moment, until she saw that I was still seated next to Matt and using both of my hands on myself, fingering my cunt and rubbing my clit. Her eyes went wide and she whipped her head around.

“Oh my god!” she gasped, at seeing her cousin standing there.

Matt surprised me in that he didn’t miss a beat when he noticed Kristie. In fact, when he saw her there and registered that she was naked, he started thrusting harder up into his s****r. Breanna groaned from the rapid fucking, but seemed to be simultaneously melting into her cousin’s hands as Kristie roamed her fingers all over her body. I was thrilled to be observing this.

“You knew,” Matt said to me, huffing as he pounded his s****r’s tight pussy.

I nodded. “Surprise.”

“Oh god,” Breanna moaned, “I’m gonna cum.”

Matt really gave it to her now, speeding up even more and literally bouncing her on top of him with the strength of his thrusts. Breanna squealed with delight when Kristie’s tongue found her ear and neck and she began sucking on her.

“Want to watch him fill her up?” I asked Kristie, though I was actually saying that for Matt’s benefit. Hearing me say that would probably push him over the edge.

Kristie smiled. “He needs to let his first one go, so he can last longer with me.”

Matt threw his head back and exploded into his s****r, probably imagining that he was about to fuck Kristie’s tight pussy next. If only he knew what he was actually going to do.

Breanna slowed her movements and was finally grinding her hips gently against her b*****r. Her movements were so loving, so careful and methodical. She was a good lover, I was proud to notice. Matt would need some tight young pussy from her if he was only getting ass from Kristie.

“My turn,” Kristie said, moving into place as Breanna traded positions with her.

Matt’s dripping cock was still slimy with his s****r’s pussy juice, and to my delight I watched Kristie bend down and start sucking on him without hesitation. He groaned as she took him all the way into her throat, which impressed me greatly considering his size. He grabbed her hair and held her down on him, and she didn’t object to his control. She apparently liked being submissive to him. I would have to remember that when I found myself craving a good ass licking.

“Matt,” I said softly into his ear as he had his cock stuffed into his cousin’s face. “Kristie doesn’t let anyone fuck her pussy.”

He looked confused, as she was obviously very experienced sexually.

“She only lets boys fuck her ass,” I continued. “Can you promise to keep things that way?”

He smiled and nodded. “I think I can handle that.”

He released his grasp of her head, but she didn’t pull back from his cock. She just kept slurping on him and enjoying the taste of Breanna’s pussy. Breanna was sprawled out on the floor behind them, her legs spread wide and her chest sticking out a bit with the way she was propped up with her hands on the floor. She heard everything we were saying, and was smiling brightly.

“I can’t wait to see this,” she said.

Kristie took that as her cue, and climbed up on Matt’s lap. His hands were all over her tits, which were comparable to Breanna’s. Young and firm, not very big but enough to squeeze and enjoy. I saw an opportunity to be involved, if just for a brief moment.

“May I?” I said to Kristie, and knelt behind her. I grabbed Matt’s throbbing erection and positioned it near her tight asshole, but leaned forward and licked her there first. She moaned when she felt me do that, and waited patiently for me to get her nice and wet before guiding my son’s penis into her butt.

Once the head was positioned just right, Kristie sat down on him and his entire cock sunk right into her. We were all shocked at how easily she took his impressive size. She groaned and her butthole tightened around his shaft.

“God, he is huge!” she exclaimed. “That’s the biggest cock I’ve ever taken.”

Matt didn’t thrust just yet, in case she needed time to get used to it. She propped herself up with her hands on his chest and arched her back a bit to get the angle right. She had done this a few times before, I could tell. Everything about her movements told me so.

“Just hold still and let me do it all,” she said to Matt. “This first time, anyway.”

He was all too happy to obey, and he literally put his hands behind his head and relaxed underneath her body. Kristie proceeded to slide his dick in and out of her asshole, in very methodical movements, undulating her hole around his cock and rubbing it from every possible angle. He grunted when she bottomed out on him, which she did as she alternated between taking his entire length and only half of it. This girl knew what she was doing.

I had been so involved in watching them that I hadn’t noticed Breanna crawling over to me. She got between my legs and suddenly I felt her tongue on my pussy. I looked down and smiled as my daughter went down on me for the first time. I lovingly stroked her hair and face and finally just held her against my crotch as she munched.

Kristie enjoyed seeing that, and began to speed up her fuck motion. Matt couldn’t keep his hands off of her and finally grabbed her hips as she bounced on him. There was no more undulating, or half strokes, or careful movements. Their fuck rhythm had changed to pure thrust and withdrawal, in and out. He slammed his cock up into her ass to the hilt, and pulled out almost all the way, then rammed it back inside of her. She was grunting and groaning deeply with every thrust.

I came before Matt did, feeling my eyes flutter and my pussy tingle before I exploded into Breanna’s mouth. She savored the taste of me, dragging her tongue across my clit and flicking it before going down to my wet hole and plunging her tongue up into me. She was inexperienced of course, but I wouldn’t have known from the wonderful way she ate me out.

Kristie started to breathe heavy. She hadn’t touched her pussy once this whole time, but I could see in her face that she was going to cum. I admired her for that ability, to have an orgasm with only anal stimulation. I had experienced that a few times, even right before we left on this trip with my husband Tom. But this girl could apparently be legitimately satisfied from the pleasure her ass gave her. I wanted to get to that point.

Finally her thighs began to quiver and her movements became jagged. Matt was still pounding his cock into her poor butthole, and didn’t look to be stopping any time soon. But seeing his cousin have an anal orgasm on his cock must’ve been hard to last through. I could see the signs in him that his orgasm was approaching faster than he thought it would.

“In me,” Kristie breathed, her eyes closed tightly as her face screwed up with pleasure.

Her answer to his unasked question was followed by a very intense climax. She grabbed Matt’s neck and held onto him as it happened. Her head dropped down almost to his chest and she started whimpering. I heard what sounded like urinating, and looked between them to see her pussy squirting copiously onto him and the sofa. What a mess that would make, and yet she didn’t seem to care. The pleasure that she must be feeling made me very jealous, even though I had just cum myself.

“Oh my god,” Breanna said, also seeing what was happening from between my legs.

Matt finally broke, and he grunted loudly as he began spewing into his cousin’s tight butt. He kept pounding until the pleasure was too much, and he collapsed underneath her while she continued to hump herself against him. I could see a victorious smile cross her face when she saw, and no doubt felt, her cousin fill her ass with his cum. That hadn’t taken very long, and it might have surprised her as well as the rest of us.

“That’s it,” she breathed. “That’s a good boy.”

She knew how to talk to him, how to be sexy and depraved at the same time. That was a delicate balance, to maintain soft femininity while harshly wrenching the cum from a cock. I couldn’t wait to see how Matt’s sexual prowess would evolve after this experience, and many more with her.

“Fuck!” he spat. “That shit was hot!”

Kristie stood and turned so he could see her ass. She reached back and pulled her cheeks apart and showed him her gaping hole, abused and dripping with his cum. My god, this girl was depraved.

“This ass is yours,” she said, turning to look at him while she stayed like that. “Don’t ask for it, don’t wait until I offer it, don’t hesitate to claim it. You control it, you decide when it gets filled. Don’t worry about whether I want it or not. I always do. Period.”

Matt looked shocked, though I don’t see how he could be after that. He hadn’t expected Kristie to be so sexual, it seemed. He was still rock hard, even after two good fucks in a row.

“I don’t know what to say,” he said. “Will you marry me?”

“Oh no,” Breanna said, moving between them. “You don’t get away from me that easily.”

I thought maybe she would playfully fight for her b*****r’s attention, but to my surprise she turned toward Kristie and stuck her face right into her cousin’s ass. She munched and slurped on Kristie’s butthole, eating the cum from it and savoring the taste. I was jealous again.

“You didn’t tell Mom, did you?” Kristie asked me, her expression unaffected by her cousin eating her ass out.

I shook my head. “I couldn’t before she left. But I will when she gets home.”

“Let’s eat lunch together first,” Kristie suggested. “I want Matt to be ready for another round when she finds out. She’ll need to feel his cock inside of her to believe it.”

All four of us smiled at the idea, and I found myself kissing Kristie hard while Matt and Breanna pawed at her body and licked her. One of them munched on her pussy while the other found her asshole. I couldn’t tell who was doing which, but I didn’t care. I needed this girl to lick my ass right now, and I grabbed her hair and pulled her head down to my crotch. The k**s could do whatever they wanted with her body, as long as her mouth was mine.

To be continued…

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