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The Cuckold Story By: BMAN

I guess it all started when the job market crashed. My husband Tom lost his
job at a company he had been with for twenty years. Tom was 51, I’m six
years younger than him. We had been married for 25 years. I was still
working at my job and fortunately making enough to keep us afloat. The
weeks turned into months and still nothing for Tom. He was becoming less of
a man, more docile and spiritless. He began doing all the things around the
house that a woman would do.

I didn’t really mind that, but he became less of a man in the bedroom. I
was 45 and I was not sexually dead yet! That’s when most our trouble
began. I was upset and mad, then I met Jake. He was a foreman at the
company and he was black. He was sure build like a black stud. Big upper
body, muscular chest and thick arms. Kind of looked like a football player,
nice tight muscular ass, big thighs and best of all he was divorced.

I began an affair with him, we met after work a few times a week at a hotel
close by the company. Then one evening he brought his friend Luther along.
At first I was reluctant, I never had sex with more that one man at a
time. I soon learned what fucking your brains out meant. Finally one day
Jake asked about my husband and what he thought about all this.

“Oh, Tom doesn’t know what I do at work or after work.” I quickly replied.
Jake smiled, “you ever think about get’in him involved?” I laughed and
took another sip of my drink.”Tom? God no. He’s not the greatest bedroom
performer. I don’t know what he would do with other men.”

“You see? You just go say’in that without really know’in.” I laughed
again. “I don’t know why you would even want him with us.”

Jake took my hand and squeezed it. “There’s noth’in like a cuckold
husband.” I stared at him for a moment. “What the hell is a cuckold

“It’s a guy who has to watch his wife get fucked by other men but not by
him. His wife only allows him to have sex with her lovers.” “Kind of sound
like a Femdom thing.” I tried to imagine Tom being sexually used by Jake
or Luther. It sounded like fun.

“OK, but how I get Tom to go along?”

“You just invite me and Luther over to your house for dinner some
evening. Then leave the rest to me and Luther.” That Friday I invited Jake
and Luther to dinner. I told Tom I was having some friends from work
over. He seemed delighted and went to work on preparing a meal for that
Friday. I didn’t tell Tom that Jake and Luther were black.

When I introduced them to Tom, I delighted at the expression on his
face. I’m sure he was expecting a couple of stuffed shirts from the
office. Not two muscular healthy black men from the warehouse. When the
supper was finished Jake came up to me. “Why don’t you got take a nice
bath now. When you come back we’ll have a surprise for you.” I smiled and
quickly went to my bathroom.

I finished my shower, slipped on my robe and went back to the living room
for my surprise and it was quite a surprise. I saw Tom bound hand and foot
to a kitchen chair. He was completely naked. He was gagged with this black
ball in his mouth that was fastened to a leather strap that went around his
head. Ropes were around his thighs and tied to the chair arm, forcing his
legs wide open.

I recalled that it had been a log time since I saw Tom naked.. Jake was
busy twisting and pinching Tom’s nipples. It was also nice to see Tom’s
dick was half hard and twitching. “There’s that fine look’in wife of
yours!” Jake said. “She likes to ride her pussy on black cock!” Luther
pulled his shirt off and stepped out of his pants. His big black cock was
completely erect.

Luther stepped up to Tom and rubbed his hard dick all over his face. “You
like that black cock? I’m gonna fuck your wifes pussy with this big black
COCK!” Luther pulled my robe off and bent me over the table right in front
of Tom. He spread my legs apart so Tom had a perfect view of my ass and hot
pussy. Luther slid his fingers in and out of me before sliding his thick
black dick inside me.

I could just imagine Tom tied up naked in the chair watching as Luther
fucked me hard. My heavy breathing turned to moaning and I rocked my ass
back against Luther. The head of his big dick was making me cum. I screamed
and bucked, slamming harder against him until my orgasm subsided. I stood
up and looked at Tom. His dick was completely hard. Jake was playfully
slapping it back and forth with his hands.

Jake grabbed Tom by the hair and yanked his head back. “See? That’s how
you take care of white pussy! You pound it till it screams!” It was Jake’s
turn. He kissed and sucked my hard nipples. He licked my neck and kissed me
hard on the lips. I felt his tongue slide in and out of my mouth and it
gave me the shivers. His fingers pulled and twisted my nipples and my pussy
was tingling and ready again.

Jake laid me down on the floor on my robe, opened my legs and slid his
thick black dick deep into me. I let out a groan as he entered. Like some
big a****l his hips slammed against my thighs and my boobs shook with each
stroke. I glanced up at Tom and I saw his chest breathing in and out as he
watched. Then I saw something I didn’t expect. Tom’s hard dick twitched
several times then he actually ejaculated. I saw the sperm gushing from the
head of his dick.

I guess the sight of that set me off my orgasm hit me like a freight
train. I screamed out loud again, groaning in between the shrieks. “You
one of the best fucks I ever had!” Jake said as he stood up and put his
paints on. “Look at this bitch husband of your’s!” Luther shouted. “He
just likes to shoot his cock all over!”

Jake laughed as he helped me off the floor and kissed me again. “You need
to tame that bitch! Learn him how to control his cock!” I smiled at
Jake. “I don’t know really how to do that.” He grabbed me and pulled me
close to him. “Let me and Luther take this bitch for a week. We know a few
black women that’ll teach him some respect!”

The thought of Tom being at the mercy of a bunch of black women actually
excited me. “Sure, I think that will be good for him.” Jake untied Tom
from the chair but left his arms and hands tied behind his back. “It’s
time for you to clean your wife’s pussy!” Jake pointed for me to lay down
on the kitchen table. “Spread your legs and let your bitch lick you

Jake removed the gag from Tom’s mouth and shoved his face down into my
pussy. “LICK! Lick it all clean!” I heard a loud crack and it was Luther
giving Tom a hard slap across his ass. “You heard the man! Clean the
woman!” In all our years of marriage that was the first time Tom ever got
close to my pussy. He never gave me oral although I had sucked his cock
many times in our 25 years of marriage. I just leaned back and enjoyed his
tongue sliding up and down my pussy.

Jake and Luther took Tom away with them that night and it was not until the
following Friday I saw him again. I had to admit I had missed his company
and all the things he did around the house. That Friday at work, Jake said
they would bring Tom back home. I was kind of excited as I heard the front
door open and they walked in. I didn’t hardly recognized him. His whole
body had been completely shaved except for the hair on his head.

He had a silver ring around his dick and balls. His balls hung over the
ring and I could see every wrinkle in his scrotum. His nipples had been
pierced and there a silver barbell through each nipple. His ears had been
pierced also. Each ear lobe had a stainless steel male symbol in each
ear. He had a large black collar around his neck with silver studs and a
big silver ring.

Jake had a black leather leash in his hand. He clipped one end on the ring
on Tom’s collar and handed me the other end. “Here. You can lead him
around like a dog all day. Make him do whatever you like.” Jake said. I
could only think of one thing to say. “Get on your knees!” Tom quickly
dropped to his knees and spread his legs open.

“I’m impressed,” I said to Jake. “Watch this,” Jake said. “Open your
mouth, Bitch!” Tom quickly obeyed. Jake took his semi hard dick out and
shoved it in Tom’s mouth. “Suck on it, Bitch!” That was the most erotic
and arousing thing I ever saw. Tom sucking on a big black dick right in
front of me.

“What did you do to him?” I asked. “We just showed him what kind of bitch
he was. Made his white ass red about eight or nine times a day. Taught him
some respect.” I started to rub my pussy because it was getting
excited. After a few minutes, Jake’s dick was thick and hard. He pulled it
out of Tom’s mouth. “How about if I stick this hard cock up your wife’s

“Yes. Sir. Please, “was Tom’s reply.

Jake yanked Tom to his feet using the collar. “Get your ass in the bedroom!
I want you to watch a real cock service your wife’s pussy!” He shoved Tome
into the bedroom where he tied a cord around his dick and balls then
ordered Tom to kneel by the bed. He handed the long end of the cord to me.
“Every time your pussy id feel’in good. You just give that cord a hard
yank. Let your bitch know how you like to be serviced.”

I really liked that idea. I stripped off my clothes, slid onto the bed and
gave the cord a yank. His dick and balls jumped and I heard him grunt. I
did it a few more time just for fun. I like to watch his dick jump up and
down. Jake began kissing me and sucking my tits. He knew that drove me
crazy. I a minute we were humping like two a****ls. I liked to hear Tom
grunt so I pulled the cord a half dozed more times.

Jake rolled off me and I saw Luther standing over Tom, his black dick
pumping in and out of Tom’s mouth. I don’t care how many times I see that,
it always excites me. This time I watched until Luther actually came in
Tom’s mouth. The sperm mixed with saliva was dripping down his chest and
stomach. It made me wish I had a dick to stick into Tom’s mouth and make
him suck it. Jake untied Tom’s hands and shoved him into the bathroom.
“Clean your ass up! Then make us some supper.”

After supper, Tom was in the kitchen cleaning ans washing up. Jake, Luther
and me were sitting on the sofa watching television. I was not too
interested because it was basketball but Jake and Luther liked it. Tom came
into the room, walked up to the sofa and knelt down on the floor in front
of us. His voice was timid. “Everything is done, sir.”

“You a clean bitch?” Luther asked. “Yes, sir.” Tome replied. “Show me
your pussy, bitch!” Tom turned around, bent over, grabbed his ass cheeks
with his hands and pulled them apart. I couldn’t believe it. His pink
little hole was stretched out in the open for everyone to see.

Jake smiled at me. “Now, you get to watch while we fill your bitches white
ass with some black cock!” They took Tom to the kitchen and tied him
across the table. His legs were stretched apart and his ass was open. Jake
smeared some lube on his hard cock and worked it into Tom’s ass. Tom yelped
then groaned as Jake began to hump him.

I was getting wet just watching and I thought maybe that’s how Tom feels
when he see me getting fucked by these two black guys. I watched the
muscles in Jake’s muscular ass clench together then loosen as he pumped in
and out. I knew before this was over I was going to have to have another
good fucking by Jake or Luther. I didn’t care which. Jake moaned loudly as
he rammed his hips forward.

His load emptied, Jake backed away from Tom. I saw the sperm still dripping
from Tom’s ass and slowly running down his legs. I quickly grabbed Luther
because I wanted him to fuck me with his hard dick and not Tom. We went to
my bedroom and Luther gave me a few more wild orgasms that would last me
the rest of the evening.

Back in the living room, Tom was standing next to the sofa where Jake was
sitting watching television. Tom’s legs were spread apart. Jake was
playfully slapping Tom’s balls with his open hand. Each time Jake hit him
on the balls, Tom’s body would jolt. I don’t think Tom minded too much
because his dick was standing straight up hard………..

A year had gone by, Tom was now 52 and I turned 46. Tom had become the
perfect cuckold husband. Jake and Luther sill come by they make Tom lick
their huge dicks and suck their hairy balls right before they fuck me in
front of him. Once every month, Tom is taken somewhere to service a group
of black women. I’m not sure what they do with him, but he always looks
pretty damn tired when he returns. I think they sexually abuse him in every
way possible.

I really don’t care as long as he serves me well. He has no problem getting
hard when I play with him. I tie him to the bed, climb on top him and ride
his dick until I scream with joy…………End

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