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The Cure PT 4 Coachs secret

They walked together in silence down the ramp, ,past the showers and into the private office .Coach was so turned on that his 11 inch cock that has been concealed for so long, burst like a tent pole in the sllky shorts containing lt .Sharon with all her innocence asked what it was, after all this is an all girl school and faculty .Coach said im a woman from the waist up but my crotch is all dick and balls . If i show it you must promise to tell no one . Sharon agreed and and gasped when the big purple headed dong was inches from her soft supple lips . She tried to take it all in her mouth but the thick rod made her gag and her eyes welled up . Coach thought her how to jerk it while sucking it off . Soon long tendrils of slobber were running down his cock and balls . The frothy goo soaked sharon shirt revealing protruding erasure shaped nips .Coach fucked her mouth like a hard-driven horse .Jets of cum shot out in three pulsating waves washing down her mouth and chin. She finally got dick

Updated: October 21, 2016 — 12:02 pm

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