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The Gift Part 2 of 2

With Jim’s revelation to me that his wife was now talking about other men oggling her and her dreaming of them secretly lusting after her I told him it was time to put the dildo to use because his fantasy was coming into the home stretch.

I told him the next time she went pantiless make sure he has saved up a day or two’s load for her pussy. WHen she arrives home grab her, hold her, kiss her. Then lead her to the bathroom. Undress her and tell her, “I can smell the sex on you and even though I would love to lick you from head to toe right now I think I want to pamper you first.” Start the shower or bath and continue to caress and kiss her. Bather her or shower her gently rubbing and soaping every nook and cranny of her body. Then when she is both squeky clean, relaxed and horny as hell dry her off and lead her to the bedroom. As before before fucking her he was to go down on her and eat her to an orgasm or two. I told him to fuck her good all while whispering, “It makes me so hot knowing how you are turning on so many men.” Dump your saved up load in her and then slow the pace a bit. Caress her and tell her hot she is. How you love pleasing her and that nothing gives you more joy than than seeing her have pleasure.”

If Jim wasn’t hard again I told him to think of the payoff. Get hard and again tell her he wants to please her. Go down on her and start slurping up his own cum from her freshly fucked cunt. As she begins to get off again whisper to her, “I would do anything to please you baby, even help you get another cock if it would get you off.” At this point she will be wild with lust and its the perfect time to drop your tongue to her pretty little puckered asshole and slide the dildo in her cunt. Fuck her and lick her at the same time. I told Jim this would blow her mind and he confirmed it did. SHe said it was the hottest experience she had ever had.

From then I told Jim it was just a matter of repeating this process while adding some gangbang porn to the mix every once in a while and perhaps a cuckold video or picture left on the computer screen. After a few weeks he sent me a message saying she had asked him something he would never thought he would hear. He said she asked him, “Would you really want me to get the ultimate pleasure even if it wasn’t from you?” Luckily long before I had told him what the answer should be and he played it cool and delivered the line like a pro. “Of course babe I would do anything for you and this would be the second greatest gift I could give you. I even know the perfect person if you’re ever serious and ready.” He was then to leave it alone and let her bring the point up to him again and in a couple more weeks she did. He of course told her about a friend of his (me) who actually had experience with couples in regards to this circumstance. He talked me up and she told him to set it up if he was willing she was willing. Success.

I arrived at the bar and strolled in. Jim and his wife were in a booth in a slightly darkened corner. I walked over and Jim introduced us all. I sat and we talked and chatted about life and love and travel and religion and politics. The usual stuff. AFter a few drinks the conversation got lighter and friskier. I was on one side of Jim’s wife and he was on the other. In the dim light I could see him rubbing her thigh and she was rubbing her chest and neck as it got pinker and apparently warmer. She was getting horny. I took these signs as a green light and took the initiative.

“So did Jim tell you about me?” “Yes,” she replied. “Really, he told you what I like and don’t like sexually?” “Well, I mean…” “Its OK I know he didn’t tell you. Its not like I fucked him. He doesn’t know.” These words made her smile as if a very dirty idea was put into her head. “I basically like to have my way.” “What do you mean?” She asked. Jim sat quietly through all of this. “I like a woman who is smart enough to let me guide her to ecstacy. To do as she’s told because she knows its only going to benefit her.” “Hmmmmmm, I like the sound of that.” “Well that is music to me ears darlin’. I need you to do something for me then.” She was eager and Jim was in heaven. “Sure, anything.” Take off your panties right here at the table. Smell them and then pas them to Jim and let him smell them. He will then put them in his pocket and go bring your car around to the front.” She was in shock but then smiled widely and began shimmying out of her panties at the table.

If anyone had been looking they would have had an idea of what was going on but the light was dim. She pulled them out and holding them like a bowl of water pressed them to her nose and inhaled. She then handed them to Jim with a smile. He gave them a smell and a quick lick and stuffed them in his pocket and headed for the door. AS Jim disappeared out she sat a bit closer to me. Her breath was a bit heavy. Her breasts heaved up and down. “Is your pussy wet?” I asked. She blushed and said, “yes…very wet.” “Stick your finger in it and then hold it up in the light.” She did it and it glistened. “Lick it off and then kiss me.” She moved with sensuality and instinct. Naturally sexy.

She tasted good. Her lips soft and warm and sweet. The kiss was brief but it aroused her even further. “Jim should be out front unbutton two more buttons on your blouse.” She did it. Her cleavage spilled out. “Lets go.” She got out and walked slowly and confidently out in front of me. The look from the other patrons were obvious that they knew she was getting fucked tonight. We both got to the car and I told her to get in the back seat. I climbed in with her. “Jim my friend, know of any scenic moonlit spots?” “Hell yeah, why?!?” “Because a woman like this deserves more than a simple evening in bed.” Jim began driving and immediately our hands were on each other. Her hands went up and down my back as mine did the same to her with one coming to rest on her full round ass.

Before long she was searching for my cock and I had her blouse completely open. Jim had a hard time concentrating on the road with the show going on behind him. As we pulled onto a drive leading to a small beach on a lake her tits were free of her blouse and bra and her skirt was gone. As jim opened the door to get out the car light showed that she was so wet she was wetting the car seat. She made a move to go down on my now free bulging black cock but I had a handful of hair and stopped her. “Ouch!!!!,” she said. “Shhhhhhhhh. I lead you follow remember.” Yes I remember.” Holding her hair I pulled her out of the car. I pressed my body into hers and bent her slightly back over the car. Her legs spread instinctively. “You want this cock don’t you?” “Yes, yes, yes,” was all she could muster between breaths.

I glanced at Jim and instantly he was on his knees licking her pussy. She was in heaven. Being kissed and groped by a stranger while her husband ate her pussy. “Are you a sexual queen?,” I asked. Again all she could muster was a “Yes, yes, yes.” I pulled her a away from the car and spun her around. Kneeling I began licking her pussy while Jim feasted on her asshole. She was feeling and pulling and licking her tits lost in the moment. We both felt her knees get weak and she orgasmed once, then again and then again. On the third go round I stood up again. “I don’t want you falling over. ” With that I guided her to her knees next to her husband. I removed the rest of my clothes and standing there nude I glanced at Jim. He grabbed my cock and guided it into his wife’s mouth. She didn’t hesitate. She engulfed it and tried to swallow every inch. Before long she was bobbing back and forth spit seaping from the sides of her mouth and dangling in tiny trails. I grabbed her head after a while and began fucking her mouth. She was in heaven and simply relaxed and played with her pussy as Jim played with her tits.

Using her hair I ended up again moving her around. This time standing her back up. She looked down at Jim his face near my spit shined cock and smiled. I picked her up and laying her on her back on the hood of the car told her to play with herself. She once again began licking and rubbing her tits with one hand and playing with her pussy with the other. I stood in front of her my cock inches from her dripping slit. I looked at Jim and he crawled over. She looked at him. He looked at her. “Are you ready babe?,” he asked. “Fuck yeah,” she replied. With that, Jim grabbed my cock again and directed it right to the opening of his wife’s cunt. I grabbed around her thighs and with a powerful thrust sunk all nine inches into her sopping wet, inviting snatch. She inhaled as if it was her last breath. I gave her a moment o get used to it and then began slowly rythmically stroking her insides with my cock. Minute by minute the pace sped up. After ten to fifteen minutes she was fucking me back. Jim was in awe. He had never seen her like this. Pure bliss on her face. Sweating, with the squish and splash sounds of her pussy and my cock as they collided again and again.

Eventually she began to lose it and knew she was cumming. I fucked her harder and faster grabbing her by the shoulders to plow every inch into her. She froze and opened her eyes wide. I knew what was happening and instantly pulled my cock out of her. She immediately squirted. Her juices shot into the air. Hitting all three of us in the face. The minute she stopped I pulled her off the car hood and back down to her knees. She attacked my cock. Worshipping it with her lips and tongue. Before long she was licking my balls and working her tongue toward my asshole. I knew if she went there I would cum and I wanted it inside her, not outside. I picked her up again and turning her way from me pushed her face and tits down onto the hood of the car.

“You know what to do don’t you?,” I asked. “You’re a good little whore for this strange cock aren’t you?” “Yes she replied I love it. I love being a whore for strange cock.” “Where do you want me to put my cock?” “Use my dirty shithole.” With that she reached back and spread her cheeks. Her pussy gaped open and I stuck my cock back into her wet slit briefly to get it wet again. Spitting down onto her asshole I rubbed it in with my cockhead and slowly began to push. She relaxed more and more as she began filling the quiet night with descriptions of herself. “Fuck my asshole.” “Use my holes like I’ma cheap whore.” Before long ‘plop’ my cockhead slid into her asshole. Slowly I worked the length in and in no time I began fucking the tight warm hole like it was a pussy. She soon reached back and began playing with her pussy. From time to time both of us would glance at Jim who was on his knees jerking his cock off as he watched.

I fucked her asshole until it was as loose as a pussy and felt her beginning to orgasm again. This sent me over the edge and as she came I came filling her shithole with warm wet sticky cum. We collapsed on each other. After a few minutes I pulled out of her and leaned against the car. Jim rushed in and as my cum began dripping out of her ass he lapped it up. I was happy she was happy and JIm, well he may have had the best time of all of us. (If what happened in the ensuing years was any indication he certainly did.)

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