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The girl in spray-on jeans

My story starts with a group of my mates asking me to go out with them to a local club. One of my friends had some complimentary tickets and it was a shame to waste them.
So the 4 of us found ourselves at Polyanna’s nightclub drinking and eyeing up the girls. That’s when one girl in particular caught my attention. She was blond with curves in all the right places but what really attracted my attention were the spray-on tight jeans she was wearing which showed off her lovely bum as she danced and there was a hint of camel-toe too! I couldn’t take my eyes off her bum as she wiggled sexily on the dancefloor with a couple of mates.
As the night wore on, my friends decided that they wanted to move on somewhere else so I left them to it and stayed where I was and continued to atch my girl in the tight jeans.
When the smoochy songs came on, she danced with a couple of guys but they didn’t last long before they walked off and I was about to ask her myself when the DJ announced the end of the night. So that was that.
At Polyanna’s, the cloakroom is right next to the main exit and at the end of the evening it can take ages to get out because of the people trying to get their coats and there is a huge crush that can last easily half an hour.
I was standing in this crush of bodies and found the girl in the tight jeans was standing right in front of me and slightly to my right. Like all of us, her arms were f***ed forwards so our hands were in front of us. It was too much to resist. I realised that I could just about move my right hand onto here left arse cheek without anyone noticing and her not knowing who it was. I moved my hand over that lovely bum in its tight jeans…heaven. She either didn’t notice or chose not to react in any way and just gazed towards the door like the rest of us. I moved to the other cheek..mmmm. My hard-on was trying to f***e its way out, pressing on the leg of the guy in front of me, I hope he didn’t get the wrong idea.
All the time, I was caressing that lovely arse. Then I got bolder. I inched my hand lower down her bum so that my fingers started to go up between her thighs. Still no obvious reaction so I got bolder still. I pushed my hand further round so that my two middle fingers were well up between her legs. I started to move them forwards and backwards along the seam of her jeans. Still no reaction. I started to press harder against her crack where her cunt should be. I applied pressure in a rhythmic action, pressing quite hard at times. I kept this up for about 15 minutes until the crush eventually gave way and we all fell out onto the street outside, me hiding the bulge in my trousers with my coat. The last I saw of the girl was as she climbed alone into a taxi.
As soon as I could, I raised my fingers to my nose. Sniff. Mmmmm, that unmistakable smell of pussy. As I walked home, I kept raising my fingers to my nose and relived what I had just done, all the time nursing a raging hard-on. It got so bad that I had to find a quiet alleyway, pull my cock out and wank myself off. When I came, my cum just kept spurting out of me like it has never done before. What a night!

A couple of days later, I was sitting in a city centre cafe with a book and a cup of coffee when my attention was taken by the sound of girls voices. I looked up to see her! She was with a friend waiting to pay for drinks and were chattering away. My cock leapt instantly. Even better, they came and sat down at the next table to me about 2 feet away with their backs to me. I pretended to carry on reading but my mind was full of the other night, reliving every moment.
They were chatting for a while about general stuff and then the other girl asked how here night out went. My girl lowered her voice to a bit more than a whisper making it hard for me to hear but I as just close enough only to hear snippets of the conversation. I did manage to hear that she was talking about some dirty fucker who had his hand on her arse on the way out.
My cock was rock hard again and under the table managed to work my hand down my trousers to pull it out from my underwear, still in my trousers though. Now, in my left pocket there was a hole that I’d used for a secret wank before now. I put my hand in this pocket and pulled my cock through the hole. The head of my cock was now sticking out of my pocket, concealed by my hand and i’m still about 2 feet from these girls.
I still managed to hear small snippets of the conversation, enough to keep me hard whilst I gently rubbed my cock head in my hand but just reliving that night was bringing me closer to cumming. Eventually I could hold out no longer. I tried hard to disguise the tension in my body as spurt after spurt of cum filled my hand or shot up my arm, trying hard not to let any drip on the floor.
The smell of my cum filled the air and I just hoped nobody noticed it.
As discreetly as I could, I grabbed a paper napkin and soaked up the cum from my hand and arm and was just about to pocket it when a waitress came by to collect my empty cup saying “can I take that for you?”. Without thinking, I dropped the cum-soaked napkin into her unwitting hand.

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