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the girl,the bf and me

Alright this 1 night I was at this bar I know when I meet up with this girl well we started talking -n-drinking,1 thing led to another,her ol man shows up I thought I was gonna get into a fight,so I walked away,she comes up to me bout 20 min.later said everything was cool she broke up with him…I thought
“alright im getting laid for sure” well we have a few more drinks head back to her place(I had no idea me an her would be fucking at her place,thought we would have been back at mine)but then here we are we have a few more beers,start stripping our clothes off,I start kissing and nibbling on her neck,take her top and bra off,(while she takes my shirt off),then i work on her breasts -n- nipples,her nipples are incredibly sensitive -n- immediately stiffen between my finger n thumb,she starts to moan,as her fingernails are digging into my back and shoulders,i start to bite her nipples gently,scr****g them w/my teeth giving her extreme pleasure,i switch from the left to the right driving her wild with each bite,and each time i grazed my teeth across them.All the while I was taking care of her she had undone my pants during this and was fondeling my balls and stroking my cock which is now rock hard and ready for her. As she was doing this lil did I know she would be using her own juices(she was mixing them so she could enjoy mine and hers together(she really luvs pussy juice and cum mixed which i found out later))we ended up on the sofa,she got down on her knees and was very impressed with my size(8 1/2″) started giving me the wickedest blow job i’d ever had.She started by softly kissing the head and the shaft,running her toungue on the underside in circles,reaching my balls kissing and licking she was really enjoying this (but I think I was enjoying it even more) she then opened her mouth and started taking my cock deeper and deeper (she had built up enuf saliva to make it easier for her to suck) wow she was doing a fine job with a very talented mouth and toungue,i could feel her toungue slither across my cock licking quicker up n down the sides,from top to the bottom using her teeth as well scr****g the shaft and head,swirling her toungue inside my pee hole trying to get all the juices out of me as well.Between her lips sucking and her toungue wrapping itself around me,i was sure to not last very long in the clutches of her talents.She was using her hands and nails across my thighs and balls,between her kissing and licking,fondeling and grasping me i was in the best place ever.
pure pleasure awaited both of us,for I picked her up and we positioned ourselves in a most unusual 69 on the sofa,im on top she on the bottom where we could pleasure each other together ive got 1 knee on the side of her,my other foot is positioned on the floor,I have a thigh in each hand spreading her open with my mouth on her clit,im making vibration sounds,biting and sucking it at the same time driving her insane…(she has my cock in her mouth sucking and licking its like a vaccuum)shes already cumming…(1 of many to follow) i then move lower so i can taste her sweet necter licking and kissing i devour her sweet pussy i have her where i want her or where she wants me,doesnt matter I know we are both in heaven now…she does this thing with her fingers,mouth and toungue she has me exploding deep in her throat,she swallows every drop as I am drinking all of her…I get up she slips a condom on me and says “ready to fuck my sweet pussy?” I just smile and said “Yes I am ready to fuck your sweet pussy and that ass of yours too” she’s standing at the end of the sofa wiggling her ass at me like its a fucking bullseye and my cock is the dart.I grab her by the hips aim the head at her and slide it in slowly,just so the heads inside then I put a lil more in waiting so i can enjoy this moment,teasing her I pull out just so the head of my cock is in,I can feel her pussy grabbing at me her muscles are very strong and she’s very I keep doing this a few more times,driving her wild and out of her mind with desire and a****l lust she looks back and screams “Damn it will you fuck my pussy now with your cock,cant you see I really need to be fucked?” “I really need your cock in me baby,just slam it in me ive gotta have it”.So with that I give her what she wants I drive my cock all the way inside her with 1 stroke,she gasps at this movement(because all her air is gone from her she has no voice in which to scream)so i give her a second so she can catch her breath and adjust to my size,after this is done i start to thrust in a rythmic motion nice and steady not too fast and not too slow,she has an incredibly tite pussy,I can feel those muscles again gripping me her juices are steady flowing nice and slick and very very im fucking her she reaches back to rub her clit but she goes past it and starts to feel my cock as its driving deep inside her….shes fucking back at me while looking into my eyes she has this wicked looking smile on her face,one of pure pleasure and ecstacy..During which Im pinching her left nipple and she’s pinching her right nipple..After about 10 min. of fucking her and the 4 or 5 times she’s been cumming,i can’t take it anymore i need to expolode into her smoking hot pussy,so I tell her i’m ready to cum in side her “she says wait i want you to cum on my face” she gets off my cock pulls the condom off wraps her mouth around me and just as im about to explode in her mouth she lets me cum all over her face and eyes …then she cleans up my cock with her toungue licking up every drop….at the end of this i feel im being watched,I look up and it’s her bf smiling.Im here no clothes on w/his gf the same as me,i try to say sumthing and he says”Relaxe man u were set up to be with her,she sucks a mean dick doesnt she?” all I can do is agree,I look towardds her and she’s their smiling at me and nodding in agreement.We get cleaned up some dress,and she comes up hands me a beer and say’s “thanks for a great night and hope to cum again w/you” blows me a kiss and away i go….her ol man just smiling and watching as I leave….had a few more good times after that…

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