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The Granny down the road

It all started as horny young boy , I would watch this older woman in heels and stockings seamed of course walk down the road and then go and have a wank. At eighteen I gave her a lift somewhere and had a sly feel of her breasts and thought it good .

Fifteen years later my mother asks if I can sort out a lady down the road who some electrical issues and not a great deal of money. I meet her with my mum and it is Joan she says she remembers but I cannot stop looking at her lovely legs and nice suit she on.
I had arranged to do the work over a few evenings and maybe a Saturday we get on very well and just like being near every time I go back to my flat and have a good tug. Anyway one Saturday I drop a note through the door saying I would like to get to know her better she phones me me and says how much better and then she says we need to talk about this face to face .

I arrive at tea time on Sunday evening she has a skirt and a cardigan and blue mid heeled sling backs and looks nice we seat down on opposite sides me on the sofa her in the chair she looked at me and smiled and said do you know how old I am I said yes she asked my age and told she was more than twenty five years older than me . I then said about her coat and seamed tights or stockings and her heels and how I would watch her walk down the road and then she worked out what I did and laughed.

She moved across onto the couch and smiled at me and asked if I was sure about this I said I was and she said what would your mother and I said it would be a secret she said it would be. At that point she undid her cardigan to reveal the top half of her corselette and pulled out one of her tits and asked if I liked it I reached across and played with it and kissed her my other hand moved her skirt up yo reveal hair stocking tops which she assured she always wears and will always wear them for me.

This went on for about 30 minutes , and we kissed and cuddled and then it all stopped and she looked at me and said this is not fair I have shown you mine what have you got for me . I undid my trousers slipped them off and sat back down I was semi hard I slid down my pants and my cock became very erect she smiled and kissed me and leaned back and said I think that needs releasing and gave me the beat hand job I had ever had.

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