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]The Last Weekend before School Sample

The Last Weekend before School Sample

This work is a fictional story, and is intended for the enjoyment of adults only. This is the beginning of a new story….be sure to look through My List for all the other parts. Also, check out my other stories which will be posted soon.

——— Chapter 1
Early Friday Evening
Pamie and Billy wrestling……

The last weekend of Summer had Kim feeling good; school would be starting on Monday….Yeah! She hadn’t waited to the last minute to prepare for the first day of school like she had so many times before….she had their school supplies already. She could relax this weekend and enjoy the weekend having fun with her k(i)ddos.

She also felt it would be a good weekend to finally get on-line with Match. She had been bothered lately by erotic urges, she has been a widower now for two years, and she knew she has been suppressing her needs for too long and she felt edgy and irritable, also she wasn’t getting any younger. She’d been there through the grief of loss for her k(i)ds, now she wanted to take a little time to find a man for her needs, and possibly for a long term relationship.

When she was alone, her naughty imagination would get her very aroused. The past few occasions when she’d had the house to herself , she had stripped off her clothing and went about the house feeling her pussy and tits tingle, wishing someone would come to the door and catch her naked. Later, with a less aroused mind…..she wondered what she would’ve done if someone had come to the door unexpectedly, would she have demanded the person fuck her, regardless if the person were male or female?

In the past few weeks she only felt somewhat calm was when Billy and Pamie were at home with her. Their presence had a calming effect on her, and she knew that as long as they were home with her, she wouldn’t give in to the crazy and wild urges that had been tormenting her lately.


At the moment, she was sitting in her recliner, trying to look over the ads for amusement parks nearby in San Antonio…..should they spend the last weekend at Six Flags or Sea World? But Pamie had distracted her from studying the ads. It was almost time for Pamie to go to bed, but she had begged to stay up longer.

Pamie at XX years old, was a year and half younger than Billy, and a very pretty half Latina, half white girl, with flowing silken light brown hair. She was of medium height for her age, slender, with shapely legs and thighs; her skin was honey-colored tan and very silky looking. Her face was sweetly molded, with high cheek bones and startling pale blue eyes. Her nose was small, with a cute tilt on the tip. Pamie was freshly bathed and was wearing one of her br(o)ther’s old t-shirts, it was old and she had cut it to fit her better, but she’d cut off too much, Kim would noticed very soon.

Her father had been a Latino man with a dark complexion; she had gotten her tan skin and good looks from him. Her mother’s heritage was from an English/European background, so she got her light brown hair, blue eyes, and the femininity to her facial features from her.

Kim gazed at her daughter’s face, studying the almost-aching beauty of it. Pamie had a habit of licking her lips….not just running her tongue over them, but licking them slowly and sensuously, when she was concentrating on something. It looked highly suggestive to someone watching her. Kim was sure her daughter was unaware of the way she licked her lips. Kim’s eyes moved downward, seeing her daughter’s long, slim neck and her left shoulder that was exposed by her V-neck t-shirt. Pamie’s tan face glowed silkenly from the table lamp beside her, as she sat reading a comic book with her knees partly drawn up on the couch, her bare slim thigs finely muscled and flawless.

Pamie’s pointed tit swellings poked hard at her t-shirt; her young nipples were obviously very hard, making two little points against the black material. Kim could tell her daughter wasn’t wearing bra, her gazed moved down to Pamie’s legs, her feet were parted, but her knees were together to hold her comic book up . Kim was a surprised when she noticed how much the t-shirt didn’t cover; she could see how tight her daughter’s pink panties, with a yellow slimily face, were on her small crotch. She glanced over at where her son, Billy sat on the carpet, and was glad his attention was on his video game. Turning her gaze back to Pamie, she could see where her daughter’s skin was lighter where one side her panties was pulled over her cute taut asscheek…..Kim wondered if Pamie knew how exposed she was.

Kim was suddenly distracted from looking at how much Pamie was maturing, by a high pitched squeal from Billy. He was almost XX and much taller than his little si(s)ter. Billy’s voice had started changing about a month ago, Kim had noticed, and it often embarrassed him, as it did most boys. He was upset by his game character dying again.

He sat on the carpet bare-chested, wearing an old, faded pair of jogging shorts with an elastic waist and a tie string. Kim noticed that his hair was getting ragged, she needed to get it cut, he was as tan as his s****r, and very handsome. He back muscles were very toned; he was filling out, he was going to be muscular like his father was.

With a soft sigh, Pamie put her comic book down on the couch, leaning back with her hands behind her, she closed her eyes and stretched and arched her back. Her little nipple points protruded more and the slight curve her budding tits flexed and the black t-shirt material became taut. Kim smiled, her little tits were maturing nicely, she thought.

Pamie got to her feet, and went into the kitchen. Kim turned her gaze back to her son and she felt an odd sensation ripple through her body. She thought for a moment, that it was Jose sitting there on the carpet….not her son, she felt a surge of arousal that faded quickly. She was an attractive woman of 36 with needs….Damn It…..she had to find a boyfriend, her youth was slipping away.

She knew she could look good, when she needed to. At the moment she wore a middy blouse, tied beneath her shapely B-cup tits, and a wraparound skirt tied at her slim waist. Like her daughter, she was braless. Kim really didn’t need a bra to hold her firm tits any more than her young daughter did. Her skirt hung open, half-way up her thighs when she crossed her legs on the recliner. She was very pretty, with shoulder length dark brown hair. She was slender, with shapely legs and thighs. Her skin was light tan, but not natural like her ch(i)ldren, she had to tan herself on their pool deck. Her face had high cheek bones like Pam, with intense hazel eyes. Her nose was small, with a cute square tip.

A movement at the kitchen archway caught her eye, she saw Pamie peek around the corner at her older b*****r. She could tell by the look, Pamie wanted to play her favorite game….she wanted to wrestle Billy. Pamie quickly and silently snuck up behind him.

But Kim was tired and didn’t want the noise or commotion, “No wrestling,” she said, before Pam could pounce.

Pamie giggled and jumped on Billy anyway, as he tried to jerk away, the k**s paid no attention to their mother. Billy tried to crawl away, but Pam clung to his naked back, tickling at his ribs. Billy started laughing and grabbed at her hands.

Squealing, Pam suddenly rolled and shifted her weight on his back, and they slumped to the carpet together in a heap. Kim watched them with a half-smile. As long as they were laughing, and not really fighting, it would be okay she thought…..sometimes Pam would get mean.

Billy pinned his si(s)ter on her back, straddling her stomach and holding her arms above her head. Pamie squirmed and bucked, laughing at him, her silky hair fanned about her cute face on the carpet. She kicked her feet in the air, trying to buck him off. Her slender thighs flashed, her tight pink, Smiley Face panties being revealed.

Pamie stopped struggling; she drew her knees up, her t-shirt falling around her waist. Kim stared trance like at her daughter’s crotch. She could see the panties drawn into the crack of Pamie’s adorable little ass, she saw the satiny smoothness of her daughter’s asscheeks, and a cute little camel toe at the crotch.

Kim began to tremble, gripping the park flyers so tightly that her knuckles were white. Her small tits tingled around her areolas, swelling, and a surge of heat radiated along her inner thighs.

Then Pam suddenly and unexpectedly, twisted her lithe body to the right and arched her ass up, bucking her br(o)ther off. Then, as he fell to one side, she pounced on him, straddling his chest. But, as she struggled to pin his arms above his head, Billy bucked and tossed frantically, laughing with pleasure. His powerful movements caused Pamie to suddenly slide up along his naked chest, with her knees along his raised arms. Her t-shirt twisted around her slim waist and her pantie covered crotch was pressed at his chin.

Kim gasped, her hand flying to cover her mouth to stifle a moan. Billy stopped struggling instantly, and Pamie’s body stiffened, her pale blue eyes glazing over. Kim stared hotly at her k(i)ddos, then she noticed the head of her son’s erect cock poking from the waist band of his jogging shorts…..the string had come untied.

Kim almost orgasmed…….

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