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The Limo

I picked the lads up in the limo at 7 pm sharp. I was hired by Matt’s father to take Matt & his mates to their school formal then onto a night club or two & return them safely home. Three of them jumped in & were straight into the bar fridge, they looked very smart in their hired black tuxedo’s. Then my eyes lingered on Matt as he walked to the Limo door, he was a looker, captain of the school football team, short cropped blonde hair, a chiselled jaw line, broad shoulders & a tiny waist. Yum I thought to myself as he climbed in & took a seat in the back with the others.
I returned to pick them up at 11 pm. I had refreshed the bar fridge & the boys downed as mush alcohol as they could. Two of the lads had to be dropped home, the other 2 wanted to go to a local strip club. I dropped them off at the Pink Pussy, a local venue with maybe not the prettiest girls but some very hot live dildo & sex shows. The boys returned to the limo at about 2.30 am with what i can only assume was a stripper/hooker & i was told to drive them around as they each took turns fucking her every which way in the back of the car. Trying to focus on the road as the 2 young teenage guys moaned & groaned in extasy as the older experienced woman sucked on their young hard cocks & let them fuck her in every hole in her body was way to much. After each of the boys blew a load in or on her, we dropped her off & I took Matts mate home.

Matt, was loaded, tired from all the partying he fell into a deep sl**p in the back of the Limo. Pulling into his street I glanced into the back, Matt was dead to the world, except for the trobbing erection in his trouser pants. Fuck it i thought, I have to have some of that. Instead of stopping at his parents house I drove to a deserted street, parked the limo & climed into the back with Matt. Matt slept as I lowered his trousers & eased his very hard cock out of his tight, white jock strap. It sprung upright like only an 18 year olds cock can, hard, shinny & throbbing. I slipped the head of his beautiful cock into my mouth, he moaned but his eyes never opened, inching it deeper into my mouth till it reached my tonsils, I was now cupping his balls with my hand, they were smooth, firm & round, large & warm & full of fresh creamy semen. I was determined to milk that cream out from there into my eager mouth. His cock was long, very long & I gagged sligtly as I took it deeper into my mouth, past my tonsils & deep into the back of my throat. My tounge sliding up & down his shaft as he slept on in his d***ken stuppor. The cum eventually erupted in thick blasts, coating my throat & quickly filling my mouth, he had only cum inside the hooker less than an hour ago, yet there was still loads of spunk that his young balls were quickly unloading into my eager mouth. I swallowed as much as I could but savoured some of the warm white juice in my mouth, letting my tounge swirl it around inside my mouth, tasteing the bitter sweetness & smelling the musky male scent of the semen. I licked the few remaining drops of semen from the tip of his cock, i took one last look at his fantatstic young penis then placed his jock strap & trousers back on. My own cock now dripping with pre cum I stepped outside the Limo & jerked myself off to an explosive orgasm, blasting stream after stream of cum into the night air, a large pool of semen forming on the ground, some landing on my highly polished shoes. I dropped Matt off home around 3 am. I woke him, helped him to the door & was greeted by his extremely attractive mom who wore a very sexy & revealing night dress, she thanked me for taking care of her son & paid me my $300 for the night, if only she knew just how well I had taken care of him.

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