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Ryan walked around town to find something for his mother’s birthday, he didn’t have or wanted to spend a ton of cash on her as they weren’t that close to begin with. His mom developed a bitchy attitude ever since he started working. But she was still his mother and he still did love her.

Ryan was just out of high school and had a job at the local gym. The pay was poor, but he got to use all the exercise equipment that he wanted to, as long as he wasn’t working at the time, which also helped to keep his young 20 year old body firm.

He never had any trouble dating any girl he went after. His dark hair and brown eyes made him look quit handsome. But Ryan developed a taste for the more mature women once he started at the gym, and with all the older women trying to stay toned, he didn’t have much trouble getting his fill.

That didn’t go over well with Lisa, Ryan’s mother. At 38 she looked more like 28, but felt like she was 48, if that makes any kind of sense. Lisa didn’t care for Ryan chasing women her age and older. But he was an adult now and she knew she couldn’t stop it.

Lisa’s appearance wasn’t the only thing that looked 28, her body did also, her size c chest and slim waist were in perfect proportion to her 5 foot 6 height. Lisa’s long dark hair and blue eyes were the envy of all her friends.

Lisa and Ryan were the only f****y they had; Ryan’s dad had died in a car crash just before his 19th birthday, leaving him and his mom to fend for themselves. The insurance he had did help, but the policy wasn’t large enough to set them up for life, they both had to work to make ends meet.

As Ryan walked around, he eyed a strange store with a bunch of odd looking things in the window. He figured that it wouldn’t hurt if he took a look around, maybe something might spark his interest. And besides how expensive could any of that stuff be, it all looked used.

As Ryan entered the store a bell chimed above his head.

Wow, how old fashioned is that, he thought.

The place almost didn’t look like it was open; it was kind of dark with a bunch of old incandescent lights that dangled from the ceiling. Large rows of metal storage selves were throughout the place and the wooden floors were all dusty and squeaked with every step he took.

“May I help you?” A voice cried out from behind a slate top counter.

Ryan turned to face a very old man. He looked ancient to Ryan, maybe 70 or older, his hair was all white and he was hunched over a little. He reminded Ryan of an old shoe cobbler.

“Just wanted to take a look around if that’s okay.” Ryan said.

“Anything in particular you looking for.”

“I’m not sure. My mom’s birthday is coming up and I wanted to get her something.”

“A gift for your mom you say. Well tell me son, you and your mom close”

What kind of a question is that to ask, Ryan thought to himself?

“I’m sorry if I seem to be prying, it would just make it easier for me to help you if I knew what kind of a relationship you have, I might be able to figure out what type of gift to suggest. ”

“Not very close at all, as a matter of fact I think it’s gotten worse since dad died.”

“Oh I’m very sorry for your loss son. As a matter of fact I lost my mother a couple of years ago so I kind of know what it’s like to lose a loved one.”

“Well thank you but dad and I weren’t close at all, as a matter of fact, I use to be closer to mom, well until then.”

“So you think maybe your mom changed after your dad passed away.”

“Maybe, I don’t know.”

“Well I might have just the thing, but I have to go upstairs and dig it out. I’ll be right back, can you watch the place for me while I’m gone.”

Ryan really didn’t want to, but the gentleman did seem genuinely interested about finding a gift for his mom.

“Okay no problem.”

“Thanks I’ll be right down.”

And the old man walked over to an old storage elevator and left.

Ryan listened as he heard the cables going up the elevator shaft. He heard the elevator door creak open and herd the old man walking around above him. Ryan listened as it seemed like the old man was moving something that was big.

The elevator door creaked shut and he heard the old man coming back down. The door opened and he watched as the old man made his way closer to him, as he carried a large object covered with a sheet.

The old man uncovered the object and this large oval sized mirror was staring at Ryan. The edges of the mirror were gold with leaf carvings completely encircling it. The back was flat and was gold colored also. The mirror was attached to a gold base that looked like a pair of lion’s feet.

“Well there she is son. I think your mother is going to love this.”

Ryan didn’t want to hurt the old man feelings, not after all the work he knew the guy put into digging this out for him.

“Errr thanks mister, but I was looking for something a bit smaller for her.”

“Son listen to me. If you want your relationship back to the way it use to be with your mom, this is your answer. Do you know what this is?”

“Um yeah it’s a mirror.”

“No it’s not a mirror, it’s a looking glass. But it’s not just a regular looking glass either, it has special abilities.”

Ryan now figured the guy must be a nut job, special abilities, he just had to ask.

“What special abilities.”

“I know what you’re thinking son, this guy is a flake, but trust me, I had a similar problem with my mom in my youth. I got her this looking glass and it changed our lives forever. But before I let you have this, you have to promise me something first.”

“What’s that.”

“When the time is right, I need you to smash it apart.”

“You want me to break this mirr.. I mean looking glass?”

“Yes, and bury it someplace that no one will ever find it again.”

“And when will I know the right time.”

“You’ll know it when you set it, do he have a deal.”

Ryan thought long and hard , but figured the best way out was not having enough money, it had to be very expensive.

“I guess so, so how much is it any ways?”

“It’s my gift to you. I was given this by a man that helped me and my mom so very long ago; it’s my turn to return the favor.”

Ryan was now getting interested in what the gentleman was saying. Maybe this wasn’t bullshit.

“So why didn’t you smash the mirror.”

Ryan waited for an answer; the old man looked like he was deep in thought.

“Because I was weak. I wish I did, things might have turned out different. I miss her so much now.”

Ryan felt the pain that was emanating out of the old man. Ryan wished he had a bond that close.

Maybe I should give this mirror thing a try, Ryan pondered, what’s the worst that could happen, his mom not like the gift.

“Okay I guess we have a deal, but I’m going to need someone to help me get this home.”

“Nope, I’ll gift-wrap it and have it delivered to your address.”

Ryan agreed and gave the old man his address. As he left the store he took one look back at the old man and thought, I hope there’s some truth to this looking glass thing, I would love to get back to being close to mom.

The next day, Lisa was home doing her daily chores, when the door bell rang, she walked over and glanced out the side window. Standing at the doorway were two gentlemen with a large crated package.

Lisa opened the door and greeted the men.

“May I help you”

“Yes we have a package here for a Lisa Simmons.”

“That’s me. Who’s this package from.”

“It doesn’t say ma’am, I just need your signature right here.” And he handed Lisa the clip board for her to sign.

They brought the package into the living room and removed the crate. Lisa could see the item was still quit large and was wrapped like a present, there was a card on the side that said happy birthday from Ryan.

Lisa couldn’t believe her son went through all this trouble for her birthday present. But she was giggling to herself in excitement as to what it might be. Lisa pondered over the idea of maybe opening it up early. But decided against it, if her son put this much into it, she had to wait and let him see her surprised look.

Ryan showed up at home an hour later, he was exhausted from work. The normal lady that did the fitness class had called in sick and Ryan had to step in and do her routine. All he wanted to do was take a shower and crash.

Lisa ran up to her son and have him a big hug. Ryan had to do a double take, his mom hasn’t done this in years.

“Thank you honey for the present. It arrived awhile ago.”

“Listen Mom don’t get too excited over this, I’m not even sure if you’re going to like it or not.”

“Of course I’m going to like it. You got it for me.” Lisa said as she kissed him on the cheek.

Ryan now hoped she did like it, after seeing how excited she was.

“Ryan why don’t I open it now, I know my birthday is two days away, but this box is taking up so much of the living room.”

Ryan just wanted to get into that hot shower he was hoping for, and to just relax and do nothing for the rest of the evening. If opening that box was going to get him there faster, he had no problem with it.

“Yeah mom that sounds like a good idea.”

Lisa hastily walked over to the box and began to peel the paper off it. Finding a corner of the cardboard she pulled a side off.

Lisa didn’t know what to think, this big gold looking glass was reflecting back at her. It’s been years since she has ever seen one. Her mother use to have on in her bedroom and she would use it see how she looked in her attire, making adjustments to her clothes as she twirled around checking out her figure.

“So mom, what do you think.”

“Ryan, I just love it. Please help me carry it up to my bedroom.”

Ryan grabbed an end and they made their way up the stairs to Lisa’s room and set in the corner between the two windows.

Lisa stood back and checked out her own reflection in the looking glass.

“Oh thank you so much honey, I just love this gift. Where on earth did you ever find it?”

“Well a small shop down town had it; a very nice old man suggested I get it for you.”

“Well please tell him I love it, will you.”

“Sure thing mom. Now if you don’t need me anymore, I would love to grab a shower.”

“Oh, sorry honey, yes I’m done, you can go and take your shower, I just want to admire this some more.”

Ryan turned and headed to the bathroom. Stripping down, he wasted no time getting in and just relaxing as the hot soothing water splashed over his back.

Lisa was still in her room admiring her new gift. She made slight adjustment by tilting it up and down until her entire body could be viewed in it.

Lisa stood in front of the looking glass checking out her own figure. She caught movement on her bed behind her, quickly she spun around, but no one was there. Feeling kind of silly, Lisa went back to looking at herself. But again she saw movement. Lisa stepped slightly aside and was able to see two people on her bed. Slowly Lisa turned to look, but again no one, she turned back to the looking glass and the people were still there. Clearly she’s looking at two people, one is a older women around 40ish and the other is a young man maybe in his yearly 20’s. They seem to be having some kind of a conversation as they were seated on her bed. A chill ran through Lisa’s body as she continued to look at her imaginary guests.

Then Lisa heard the bathroom door open and it drew her attention away from the mirror, when she looked back the images were gone. Lisa had to sit down, she plopped on her bed, but quickly stood back up, after she realized that’s where she seen her intruders. I must be overtired, Lisa thought. How else could she have imagined that? Lisa blew off the visions and went back down stairs to finish her chores.

Ryan was in his room and felt refreshed after his hot shower, he changed into a pair of loose sweats and made his way downstairs he felt a little hungry and figured he’d grab something out of the fridge and watch a show on the tube before he headed off to bed. He found some left over spaghetti from the night before and zapped it in the microwave. His mom was still running the vacuum in the living room so he waited until she was finished before heading in to catch a show. He heard her turn it off and headed into the room with his plate.

“Ryan where do you think you’re going with that plate.”

“I was going to eat it in the living room and catch some tv.”

Lisa was a little upset with him. She knew he must of heard her cleaning in there, and now he wanted to make a mess as soon as she finished cleaning up. But she also was still happy with her gift he bought, and figured she’d let his inconsideration go, at least for tonight.

“Please just make sure you keep the room tidy for me, I did just clean in there.”

“No problem mom, I’ll even wash the plate when I’m done for you.”

“Thank you sweetie.”

Lisa was amazed that Ryan suggested he would clean up his own plate. She definitely felt over tired now. Cleaning the house and working a full time job at the same time was taking a lot out of her.

Lisa put the vacuum away and turned out all the lights downstairs, living the light on in the room that Ryan was in.

“Ryan I’m heading to bed, please turn off that light and check the doors before you head up.”

“I will mom. Good night.”

“Good night honey and thank you again for the gift. I really do love it.”

“I’m glad you like it mom.” Ryan said, and went back to watching the tv.

Lisa went straight to her bedroom and changed out of her clothes, tossing her bra, shirt and pants in a hamper she opened her dresser drawer and took out a light sheer pink slip it barely covered her panties that she had left on. Lisa slipped into it and tucked herself in the bed; she reached over and flicked the out off on her night stand.

As she rested her head on her pillow she thought about the vision she saw in the looking glass earlier.

Lisa turned her head and glanced over at it, the angle it was in gave her a clear view and she was able to see herself as she laid in her bed. Lisa found some humor in what she thought she had seen.

I just have to be tired, she thought and turned over on her side and went to sl**p.

Ryan did as he promised and washed the dish he dirtied; he checked all the doors and turned out the light. Ryan was dead tired himself and wasted no time heading to his room; he stripped down to his underwear and just plopped onto his bed, in record time he was out.

As the night progressed Lisa began to dream, foggy in her mind at first but as she dreamt it became clearer. Her dream took her into the mirror and to the people she saw in there. She watched as they sat on her bed and were having a conversation. The words she couldn’t make out were now able to be heard. Lisa listed as they talked to one another.

“Mom I don’t understand. Why do you think this it’s wrong. I love you so much. How can it be so wrong.”

“Because Jason, it’s i****t. We have to stop before the community finds out. They’ll think we’re possessed by the devil and burn us both.”

“But mom I can’t help it. I need you, I don’t care if what they think. Why can’t we just leave the community and live somewhere that no one would bother us.”

“Oh honey, I wish we could, but it’s impossible we’d never make it out in the wilderness on our own.”

Lisa watched her room change into some other place, it looked like an old wooden cabin, there was a fireplace with a big black kettle hanging over it. The room was only light by the firelight and she seen her new guests dressed in early colonial attire.

The mother wore a black dress with a white apron, and her son had on black paints that went to his shins with a pair of high white socks. His pants were held up by a pair of suspenders that were over a white ruffled shirt.

In the flickering light Lisa watched as the mother pulled her son closer to her and snuggled him into her breast and hugged him close.

“Oh honey if only we could leave, I do know how much you love me. I love you just as much, but we have to stop this, for our own sake.”

Lisa caught a shimmer from the fire, she turned and stared at the dark corner of the room. There was the looking glass. Lisa’s attention was drawn back to the Unknown people when she heard a soft moan.

In front of her eyes she watched as the son had opened the front of his mother’s dress and was sucking on one of her large breasts.

“Oh Jason. Please stop, you don’t understand what can happen to us.”

The door to the cabin smashed open. Four men entered and grabbed hold on them both.

“Evil has taken over these poor souls.” a man yells.

“Your bodies must be cleansed for this damming act before it infests the rest of the community.”

“Please, please forgive us, my son didn’t know any better and I was to weak to fend him off.”

“God is the only person that can forgive you now. Take them away and ready the fire, we must hasten before Satan leaves their bodies and damns some other poor soul.”

Lisa screamed and awoke quickly, she jumped out of bed in total fright by what she had dreamt. She turned and looked at the looking glass that sat in her room.

Ryan was awakened by his mothers horrify scream and dashed to her room, he flung the door open and quickly turned on the light.

“What’s wrong mom!” Ryan anxiously expressed, as he caught sight of his mother standing in the room barely dressed.

Ryan couldn’t believe what his mom had on. Her breasts were covered by the thin material, but he could clearly see her areolas through it. He also couldn’t help but see her white string panties and how they barely covered her mound. He felt his dick begin to stiffen. Ryan strained to keep his eyes focused on his mothers face.

“Oh honey, it was nothing, I just had a terrible dream, I’m okay now, please go back to sl**p, and thank you for coming to my rescue.” Lisa said, as her own eyes caught sight of her young son standing before her in nothing but his white briefs. His crotch jetted out and showed his bulge to her. Lisa watched as the bulge increased in size, she forgot for a moment what she was wearing.

“Oh honey, please leave, I’m so embarrassed.”

“Oh I’m so sorry mom.” Ryan said and quickly turned his head away.

“I’ll get the light. Goodnight mom.” he said as he left his mother’s room and quickly closed the door.

“Goodnight honey.” Lisa yelled as her young man left.

Lisa slipped back into bed flustered by everything that just happened, the terrible nightmare, seeing her son get excited by her almost nakedness.

Why did she dream that, what could it mean. Why was the looking glass there? Nothing made any sense to her. Lisa struggled to try and get some sl**p but the images haunted her the rest of the night.

Ryan was having troubles of his own. As he returned to his room he couldn’t shake the image of his mother in her almost naked attire. Getting back into his bed the image kept rolling over and over again as he pictured her perky tits jetting out of her transparent sl**p attire. His mouth began to salivate as he pictured her almost visible pussy. Ryan’s hand began to move to his groin as the image of his mother kept playing in his mind. His fingers snaked around his cock and he found himself stroking off to the sexy image that danced in his head. Faster and faster he stroked as the image seared his mind.

“Oh god oh.” Ryan said, as his dick shot hot cum all over his hand and bed.

Ryan became confused by what he just did. He knew his mom was sexy, but until then he never had any sexual tendency towards her.

I think I need to get laid, Ryan exclaimed, feeling that must of been the reason for his i****tual act.

Ryan grabbed some tissues from his night stand and cleaned himself up as best as he could and returned back to his bed, but like his mother, he found it difficult to sl**p that night and just laid in bed as the image of his mother danced in his mind.

Lisa woke to the sound of her alarm, as she rose from her bed, her mind rewound to the dream she had, trying her best to clear her mind she quickly stripped off her sl**p wear and headed straight to the master bath and turned on the shower. Lisa quickly got herself in and tried to wash her troubles away, as the hot water sprayed over her body. Lisa lathered up her hands with soap and began washing her body. As Lisa began to relax from the pulsating water, her hands ran over her breast and they became hard and sensitive.

As she soaped up her breast her mind uncontrollably went back to the vision of the mother and son, she pictured how the boy nursed on his mothers breasts, sucking them into his mouth. Lisa’s fingers began to manipulate her own nipples as the scene played in her mind, her pussy began to moisten as she watched how the woman’s face expressed her arousal to her son’s assault on her breasts.

Lisa became more and more aroused, her mind went from the i****t couple, to that of her son from the night before, standing in front of her with only his briefs on and his hard cock pressing against the material. Lisa’s hand trailed down her body and began to toy with her pussy. Her mind fixated on her son’s dick and she found herself getting more excited at the thought of seeing it. Her fingers began to dabble on her clit, bringing her to an orgasm.

Lisa quickly stopped, she focused on what she was doing and was horrified to the fact that she was playing with herself to a vision of her own son.

“Oh my God, what’s wrong with me?” Lisa said out load.

Lisa turned off the water and stepped out of the shower; wrapping a towel over herself she headed back into her bedroom. Lisa stood in front of the looking glass and gazed at herself, trying to make sense out of her sexual thoughts.

Lisa glared into the looking glass and it began to fog, she figured it was from her just getting out of the shower and tried to wipe it off, as the mirror cleared with each wipe it wasn’t Lisa’s reflection behind the mirror, but that of a different woman. Standing back from the mirror Lisa stared at this strange women before her.

The women had long blonde hair and blue eyes; she looked to be about 40ish and appeared to be in a airline stewardess attire. As Lisa looked on, a younger man appear behind this woman, she could tell it must be her son; his face resembled the women’s. His hair was dirty blonde and he also had blue eyes, he appeared to be about 19 or 20 and looked very fit. Lisa backed up more and found herself bumping the bed; she sat on the bed and kept her eyes glued to the figures.

As Lisa watched on she became more and more engrossed with the images and her room began to morph around her, she was no longer in her bedroom but in another house, sitting on a different bed.

The young man moved closer to the women, until he was standing right behind her, he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her neck.

“Mmmm.” Lisa heard the woman say.

“Honey, I’m going to be late, can’t you wait until later tonight.”

“You make me so horny mom, I can’t help myself. All I think about is making love to you anymore.”

“Please honey, wait till later, I promise I’ll make it worth your while.”

But the boy seemed to ignore her and went back to kissing her neck, his hands moved to her breast and began fondling her.

“Ohh… Honey, you’re going to make me late.”

“Please mom, I want you.”

“Honey Ohh… I can’t, I… Ohh.”

The boy fumbled with the buttons on his mother shirt as was removing it while he kissed her neck.

The woman’s hand eased back and began to rub her son’s cock through his pants.

Lisa was getting aroused by the sight, her own hand dipped down to her pussy and she slowly tickled her pussy lips. Her other hand reached up and removed the towel from her body and toyed with her breast.

Ryan woke up from his sl**p, he noticed he didn’t hear his mother walking around as he usually did every morning, thinking maybe something might be wrong he slipped into a pair of sweats and quietly crept down the hall to his mothers room. He must of forgot to close the door all the way last night when he rushed back to his room, because he could see it was slightly open, peeking into her room Ryan was shocked. He didn’t see all the strange things his mother did, but what he did see was his mother sitting on her bed naked and playing with herself, as she peered into the mirror.

Lisa was total engrossed by the action, as it played out in front of her.

The boy had removed all of his mother’s clothes as was now facing her. His fingers worked tirelessly on her pussy. The mother had her own hand wrapped around her son’s massive, hard cock and was jerking him off. They were bringing each other to a climax right in front of her.

Lisa’s fingers found her clit and they matched the pace of the apparitions. Faster and faster her fingers went, her breath became heavy as she approached a orgasm herself, her other hand pinched and fondled her nipples.

“Ohh.. Ohh..” Lisa said as her excitement grew.

Ryan couldn’t take his eyes off his mother; he pulled his sweats down and began to stroke himself off in the hallway. He was lusting more and more for his own mother. He pushed the door open more to get a better view. The door creaked as it moved but his mother’s eyes never left the mirror.

Lisa’s hips started to gyrate as she felt herself getting close; she dipped her fingers down to her pussy and inserted two digits into her wet cunt, pushing them in and out, in and out.

Ryan kicked off his sweats and moved himself into her room, his hand still stroking his cock as he moved closer to his mother.

He noticed that her eyes seemed to be fixated on something, as if she was intensely watching a moving or something.

Ryan was now standing right beside his mother; she never made any indication that she was aware of his presence. He watched as she masturbated next to him. His mind burned with lust by what was happening.

Lisa watched as the boy moved down to his mother pussy and began to lick his mother’s pussy.

“Oh my god he’s eating out his own mother!!!” Lisa exclaimed as her eyes widened at the forbidden act taking place

Holy shit, what did I just hear? Ryan thought to himself.

He turned to the mirror and the only thing that he witnessed was his mother masturbating in front of it.

“Oh god.. Oh god he’s sucking his mother pussy, and I’m watching him do it.”

Ryan didn’t know what trance his mother was in, but his driving lust had taken over. Ryan lowered himself down until he was in front of his mother, He could smell his mother’s sex as it dripped out of her wet pussy. Taking his hand he slowly removed hers from her snatch and eased his head in. Ryan licked his mother’s outer lips with his tongue.

“Oh god. Oh yes that’s it. Make her cum. Make your mom cum.”

Ryan took that as a go sign and planted his face into his mother pussy. Lapping at her with his tongue. Faster and faster he licked. Her hips bucked against his face, he felt her put her hands on his head and push him closer to her pussy.

“Oh I’m going to cum!” Lisa said.

The boy was making his mother cum. Lisa felt her own orgasm release, she gripped tightly to something and squished her legs against it. She felt her pussy being licked and she exploded into this stranger’s mouth, humping her pussy against the invader, Lisa felt herself getting weak.

“Ohhh… I’m cumming!!! Ug.. Ug.. Ug..”

Ryan sucked the juices from his mother as her orgasm seemed to go on and on. When his mother finished he slowly removed his head from her pussy, as he backed away, he now as able to see what his mother was watching. Still on his knees he turned around and noticed the two people. He looked back at his mother, but it seemed she still didn’t see him, she was still watching the couple.

Ryan watched as the boy stood up in front of the women and kissed her patiently.

“Mmm… Thank you honey. You know how to make mommy happy.”

Ryan got up and took a seat next to his mother. He watched as the women knelt down in front of the young man and began to take his cock in her mom.

“Oh god mom. You give the best head. I love how you suck cock.”

Ryan wondered if he could get his mom to do the same. Slowly he eased himself next to her ear and whispered.

“Mom I bet you give great head to.”


“Yes mom, it’s your son, and I bet you can suck me just like this mother can suck her own son.”

“No honey it’s wrong. This isn’t real. I’m dreaming. It can’t be happening.”

“Then what could it hurt if it’s a dream. Don’t you want to please your son?”

“Oh..Ryan I don’t know. It’s wrong.”

Taking his mother’s hand Ryan placed it on his cock and moved it up and down.

“See mom it’s hard just for you. It wants to feel your lips around it.”

“Oh Ryan.. Oh this is too much. I can’t…. I can’t do this.”

“Yes you can mom. Remember, it’s only a dream.”

As the mother worked faster on her son Ryan heard him moan in ecstasy.

Ryan put his hand on his mother’s head and slowly lowered her down towards his cock.

“No honey. I… I.. God it’s so big.”

“That’s it mom. You want it don’t you. Take it. Take your son down your throat. Just like them.”

Ryan lowered her closer to his cock; he could feel her hot breath blowing on his dick.

“Oh mom you’re so good. I going to cum soon.” The boy said, as he took his hands and pushed his mother harder on his cock.”

Ryan nudged his mother to the tip of his dick; he could feel her lips touching it.

“Take it mom. Taste your son.”

Lisa opened her mouth and slid her son in. Further and further his dick went.

“Ohhh..Yes mom that’s it. Oh god this is so wonderful. God you’re a good cock sucker.”

Lisa began to move her head up and down on her son’s cock. Faster and faster she worked, she was lost in her own lust now, wanting to taste her own son.

Ryan couldn’t believe what’s happening; his mother’s mouth was doing things he never felt before. He felt his cum building.

“Oh mom… I’m going to cum… Oh… Oh..”

Lisa pushed hard on his cock burying it deep down her throat as she felt him ready to explode.

“Ohhh!.. Uh!.. Uh!.. Uh!..”

Ryan’s dick exploded, his hands pushed her further down on his cock. His hips bucked up and down as he fucked her face. He could hear her gagging as his sperm spurted down her throat.

Ryan looked up at the couple, the boy was ready to cum down his own mother’s throat.

“Oh mommy, I’m cumming!”

The woman grabbed her son’s ass and pulled him to her face. Ryan saw the boy go weak in the knees and his body began to tremble.

As the boy withered from his orgasm, his mother slowly removed her mouth from with cock. She wiped her lips and smiled at her son.

“I hope there’s more of that for me. I can’t leave until I fuck you now. Mommy’s pussy wants to feel that monster of yours.”

Lisa heard what the mother said; she picked her head up from her son’s cock and looked at the mother.

“He’s going to fuck her.” Lisa said in a shocking voice.

“Yes mom there going to fuck now.” Ryan said, feeling his dick getting hard again from hearing his mother’s response.

“I.. I can’t watch this anymore. I have to wake up. This is so wrong. I can’t be thinking these things.”

“There’s nothing wrong with fucking the person you love mom. They love one another and want to please one another.”

“Don’t you love me mom?”

“Yes honey, but. It’s too far. We can’t do that. It’s so not right.”

Lisa watched as the mother jerks her son back to hardness. She felt herself getting wet again.

“You want to see them fuck don’t you mom. You want to see that big cock fill his mother’s pussy.”

“Ohh, Ryan, what’s wrong with me.”

“Tell me mom. Tell me you want to see them fuck.”

“Yes. God yes I do. I want to see them fuck.”

“What about me mom. Don’t you love me as much?”

“Ryan. Baby, please don’t make me do this.”

“I’m not mom. You have to want to.”

Ryan placed his mother’s hand back on his semi hard erection.

Turning back to the couple Ryan and Lisa watched as the mother got down on her hands and knees, her son got behind her and lined his dick up with her wet pussy.

“Oh god there going to do it.” Lisa said, as her hand began to work on her son.

“Yes mom they are. They’re going to fuck for us.”

The boy inserted his dick and his mother let out a soft moan.

“Ohh baby. Oh I love your cock inside me. Fuck mommy.”

The boy grabbed hold of his mothers hips and slowly pulled her back into him and worked his dick slowly in and out of her.

“Oh god…There fucking” Lisa said, her hand gripped tighter around her son.

Ryan was completely hard now; he took his hand and reached for his mother’s mound. Sliding his fingers down until they inched inside her.

“You’re so wet mom. You like seeing them fuck. It’s so wrong but so exciting, isn’t it?”

“Oh honey, please stop. Please stop before….”

“Before what mom. Before you want to fuck your son.”

“Ryan…Ohh… We can’t do that.”

The couple was building speed, the mother was moaning lauder, and the boy was grunting with every thrust of his dick.

“MMm.. Mom.. Just think, that could be us.” Ryan said as he worked his fingers faster inside his mother.

“Oh god…I can’t help myself.”

“What mom. Want can’t you help. Can you see us fucking, mom? Tell me. Tell me mom.”

“Yessss.. God yesss… I can see us fucking.”

Ryan stopped fucking his mother with his hand. He grabbed her by the waist and helped her to her feet. Placing her in front of him he lowered her down, putting her on her hands and knees, facing the mother and son as they continued to fuck out of control.

Ryan grabbed his dick and guided it between his mother’s legs, slowly sliding his cock against her pussy lips; he moved back and forth sawing at her cunt with his penis.

“Oh…Ryan.. Oh…Honey” Lisa said as her pussy moved trying to catch her son’s dick.”

“You want to fuck your son don’t you mom. Put me inside you. Show me you want to fuck me.”

Lisa was so excited now and with her trembling hand she grabbed her son’s cock and guided it to her pussy; pushing herself back she felt it part her lips and slid inside her dripping cunt.

“Ohhh…… God… What are we doing.”

“Were fucking mom, and I’m going to give you the fuck of your life.” Ryan said, as he grabbed hold of his mother’s hips and slammed his cock deep into her cunt.

Ryan was out of control he never wanted to fuck someone this bad before. Harder and faster he rammed into his mother.

“Ohhh God.. uh.. uh..” Lisa screamed as her son pounded her pussy.

“Your one hot fuck, mom. I can’t believe this. I’m fucking my own mother.”

“Ohh!.. Ohh!.. Ryan please!. I’m.. I’m going to……”

Ryan pushed hard and Lisa fell forward, he grabbed her waist and pulled her ass up high in the air.

Feverishly he pounded his dick in her. His cock was ready to blow. With one deep thrust he buried his cock deep into his mom.

“Ohhhh!.. I’m cumming!. Mommy’s cumming!..”

“Ohh. Mom..Ug. Ug” Ryan yelled as his cum poured into his mother’s love hole.

Lisa collapsed and her body went limp, as her son kept shooting his sperm deep into her.

Ryan watched as the boy had cum inside his own mother.

As the last of Ryan’s sperm filled his mom. The room went back to normal. The couple had disappeared, and his mother appeared to have passed out.

Ryan slid his cock out of her and picked his mother up; gently he placed her in her bed and covered her with the sheets. He picked up the towel and placed it on the bed and closed her bedroom door.

As Ryan walked back to his room he pondered over the images that were there and how did it happen. He also wondered what was going to happen between him and his mom.

Ryan remembered what the old man said and wanted to find out more about the looking glass.

Leaving his mother sl**p he got dressed and headed downtown to the place where he purchased the mirror, but when he arrived at the store’s location, only a vacant lot was there. Ryan asked around at adjacent stores as to what happened to the place and his face went pale when he was told the news.

Apparently the building had been knocked down 10 years ago after the owner hung himself and a mysterious fire gutted the place.

Lisa woke and looked around she noticed the towel on the bed and her naked state. She was so confused, did she dream everything or was it real. Was she going mad. Why did she dream about fucking her own son, it seemed so real?

Lisa called work and told them she was sick. She got dressed and looked for her son; seeing he wasn’t around she felt somewhat better feeling it must have just been some kind of a strange dream. Lisa grabbed the phonebook and started looking for a ther****t. Finding one that she felt might be able to help her; she made an appointment for the following day.

That night as Ryan entered the house he played it as if nothing happened.

“So um, how was your day son, anything new happen?” Lisa asked.

“No just the same ole thing. What’s for dinner mom?”

“Oh I didn’t get around to making anything. I wasn’t feeling well before, why don’t we just go out and get something tonight”

“That’s fine with me mom, that is if you’re feeling better now.”

“Yes much better.”

So they both headed out for an evening meal. Lisa felt sure everything that happened took place in her mind, and Ryan was thinking how he could get to fuck her again.

After dinner, Lisa and Ryan headed home and retired to their rooms. Lisa took a couple sl**ping pills in hopes of passing out and getting through the night without having another strange sexual encounter.

Ryan decided to fire up his laptop and investigate more about the old man’s establishment. But after hours of looking, nothing came up. Ryan changed his search parameters for “mystical items.” Except for the fictional material written, only one thing caught his eye. He found an article on paranormal activities and how they sometimes attached themselves to objects.

That has to be it. He read page after page on the subject. But in the end, so much was different. How can a spirit send an item to mom, and materialize an entire building. I need to do more investigating.

The next day Lisa was pleasantly happy she hadn’t had any more strange dreams as she quickly dressed, skipping her morning shower and hastily went out the door to her appointment with her shrink.

Ryan awoke to the sound of his mother rushing around and bolting out the door. He couldn’t imagine where she could be going so early in the morning but this gave him a chance to take a better look at that gift he had presented her.

Ryan walked into his mother’s room and studied the looking glass. Everything about it seemed normal, nothing special at all. As he gazed at his own reflection something was happening. The mirror became dark and his image disappeared. Another person appeared in his place.

It was the old man. But his face wasn’t as old as he remembered. In fact, as he stared at the old man, he began to grow younger and younger right before his eyes until he looked twentyish. Another person started to emerge next to him — an older woman, maybe in her forties. The clothing they wore had a distinctly colonial look.

The vision expanded out of the mirror until the entire bedroom changed into an old wooden cabin. He was himself being drawn deeper and deeper into this mystical world. The old man approached the woman and he began to speak.

“Mom, I’ve been hiding my feelings from you for too long now. Ever since dad passed, I’ve been having unthinkable thoughts about you.”

“Jason, I know it’s been hard since your father died, but these thoughts and feeling you’re having must be forgotten. I too miss your father and the warmth of a man against my flesh. But for our sakes, we must control our own desires. What you talk about is frowned upon by our people, and if they ever thought we engaged in these sinful desires they would surely put us to death for being possessed by Satan.”

“I’ve tried, Mom, believe me, but these feelings just grow stronger. I feel my hunger increasing everyday and I know you feel these same needs. I hear you at night when you think I’m asl**p, exploring your sexual desires.” The old man said this as he slowly approached his mother”.

Ryan watched as the old man took hold of his mother’s buttoned dress and tore it open, baring her bosom in front of him.

“Oh… Honey, no… Oh god, no.” the woman shockingly expressed as she desperately tried to cover her heavy breasts with her hands.”

“Yes. Mom, you don’t need to hide your feelings from me. I know the urges you try and conceal. I’m going to help you set them free.”

The old man grabbed his mother and pulled her warm body close. The woman showed resistance to her son’s advancements. But the old man persisted and managed to pull her arms away from her chest. Dipping his head down, he drew a soft nipple into his mouth with great eagerness. His mother’s body writhed as he licked and sucked on her hardening nipple.

“Oh.. honey.. this is sooo wrong. We have to… control… Oh…” The woman whimpered, but her son never stopped. His mouth and hands were on her chest as he kneaded and sucked out his mother’s dark desires.

Ryan could see the woman’s willpower had weakened as her son ravaged her exposed flesh. Her hands touched his head and her fingers stroked through his hair. Her body moved closer and closer to his until their bodies melded together.

“Oh.. It’s been so long.” the mother said, as her breathing heaved and light whimpers escaped her lips.

The old man traced his hands down his mother’s sides. Taking hold of her dress he pulled f***efully down. His mother’s dress puddle to her feet as his hands traced around her and grasped her petticoat covered ass.

“I know you want this mom.” the old man said, as his hands again grasped the last of his mother’s clothes, and with one quick swipe they were pulled to the wooden floor.

Wasting no time, the old man’s hands groped dropped down his mother’s body. The mother’s hands never left her son’s head as he inched closer and closer to her forbidden zone.

“Ohh.. Jason.. What are we doing? Please stop before it too late. We’ll be dammed forever. ” his mother pleaded. But Jason continued and Ryan watched as the old man tasted his mother for the first time.

“Oh… Yes!…” the mother exclaimed as her son brought her to climax with her hips jerking and quivering, lustful moans filling the room.

Then, without warning, a blinding flash filled the room and Ryan was back in front of the looking glass.

What the hell just happened? he wondered, as he backed away from the mirror.

Ryan looked at his watch. What had seemed like an hour was in reality only a couple seconds. Ryan left his mother’s room and headed off to work, bewildered.

Lisa walked into the shrink’s office and greeted the receptionist.

“Hello I’m here for my appointment with the doctor.”

“Please take a seat and she’ll be with you in a moment.”

Lisa waited patiently. As she glanced around she found herself having second thoughts about discussing her past experiences with a stranger but before she could change her mind the door to the doctor’s office opened and a middle aged attractive woman waved her in.

“Hello, Lisa. I’m Doctor Williams; come in and make yourself comfortable.”

Lisa shook the woman’s hand and sat on a typical lounging chair.”

“So is there any special reason as why you’re seeking my assistance today?”

“Well, Doctor, I think I might be suffering from delusions. For the past couple of days now I’ve been experiencing imaginative events.”

“Can you be more specific as to the nature of these views of grander?”

Lisa was reluctant at first but finally explained in great detail what she had experienced.

The doctor was quite shocked by all that Lisa was saying and found herself getting excited as well by what she was hearing. The doctor herself was a single mother with an adult son at home. Never had she thought about having sex with him but strangely as Lisa continued on with her dark secrets she thought more and more about him. When Lisa had finally finished her lustful thoughts, the psychiatrist quietly cleared her throat and spoke.

“I think there maybe be some deep suppressed feelings that you had bottled up. And for some reason this looking glass brought them to the surface and now you’re having these imaginative experiences. If you can track down the real source of the problem they should go away.”

“What should I do, doctor?”

“Please, Lisa, call me Liz. I think we have a very long road ahead of us. Things like this just don’t expose themselves overnight. What we have to key on at the moment is why the looking glass is bringing these feelings out. If you don’t mind, I think before our next session I should see this looking glass. With my help we should be able to jar your memory.”

“Okay, Liz. But I’m not sure I want to be around that thing anymore. Especially now after you told me it might be the cause of all this. But I can’t just toss it out either. My son purchased it for my birthday and ever since my husband’s passing we’ve been distant to one another. This gift seemed to change that.”

“If you’re not busy at the end of today, I think I might be able to stop by your house after I finish with my last patent. Oh, I forgot. I have to pick up my son . His car is in the shop and I told him I would give him a ride home. Would you mind if I brought him along?”

“Well, I don’t see the harm. You are only going to be giving the mirror a quick look. Right?”

“Oh yes. This isn’t going to be a session. I’ll tell him I just wanted to see a friend’s gift she got for her birthday. He won’t even know you’re a patient.”

“Okay, then. What time should I be expecting you?”

“Is 6 o’clock okay?”

“Yes. I think that is perfect. My son should be home by then and he can keep your son occupied while I show you the mirror.”

Lisa gave Liz her address and left her office feeling much better. She felt confident that with Liz’s help, her life would return to normal.

Lisa went home and waited for her son’s arrival. She dared not to venture into her bedroom, feeling she should wait until Liz showed up. Ryan walked in at 5 and Lisa explained to him that a friend of hers was coming over with her son at 6. She made up a story that the woman was a friend and was interested in seeing her looking glass. Ryan found it strange that his mom was having someone coming over to see her mirror.

This might be interesting. Ryan thought.

The door bell rang promptly at 6 and Lisa greeted both her guests into her home. Liz introduced her son Kevin to Lisa and Ryan, and Lisa in return introduced her son to them.

Ryan gave his mother’s new friends a once over. Liz looked to be about his mother’s age and just as sexy. Her thin build and long legs looked very attractive in her tight black skirt. Ryan glanced up to Liz’s face and admired her jet black hair and deep blue eyes. Turning to Kevin he gauged his age to be in his early 20’s. His frame was like his and seemed to be in as good as shape as he was. His hair was dark like his mother’s but his eyes where hazel.

The group made their way into the living room and began to chat. After 10 minutes of small talk Lisa stood up and asked Liz if she was ready to see her gift. Liz stood up and both women excused themselves as they left for Lisa’s bedroom.

Ryan wasted no time it trying to find out more information about Liz and Kevin.

“So Kevin, how old are you?”

“I just turned 20 last month.”

“And what does your mother do for a living?” Ryan asked.

“She’s a psychiatrist.”

“Really.” Ryan replied. “So how about your dad?”

“He’s a Dentist, but I haven’t seen him since my parents separated.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. My dad passed away not too long ago.”

“That’s terrible, Ryan.”

“It’s okay. Mom and I are learning to cope without him around. But I know mom feels the loneliness at night. I just wish I could help her more.”

“I hear you. My mom hasn’t been the same either. They haven’t told me the reason for their separation but I think Dad might have strayed and mom found out. But I can see how she misses him at night. She never seems happy anymore when she goes to bed.”

“I think we might have something in common Kevin…”

I wonder if Kevin feels the same about his mom.

“Kevin, what if I told you there might be a way we could help our mothers? Would you be interested?”

“Sure! I’d love to help my Mom out. What did you have in mind?”

“I’ll show you in a couple of minutes. But you’re going to have to trust me. And just believe in what you’re seeing.”

“Hugh?” Kevin replied, looking puzzled by what Ryan said.

“Just trust me. It will make sense if it happens.”

Lisa and Liz were in her room looking closely at the looking glass.

“Well, Lisa, I’ve seen one of these before — but a long time ago. Is anything feeling familiar to you? Like maybe your mother might have had one when you were growing up?”

“Yes, my mother did have one.” Lisa said. “But it wasn’t as old looking as this one.”

“Maybe something happened to you when you were by it and you’ve blocked out that memory. Let’s see if you can remember.” Liz said as she guided Lisa over to the foot of her bed.

“Lisa, I want you to sit down with me and look at the mirror. Try and think back to when you were younger. Maybe looking at the mirror will take you back.”

Lisa looked at herself and tried to recall a past memory, but the only one that came back was seeing her mother standing in front of it.

Liz also gazed at the glass. She could see how intensely Lisa peered into her past. But as Lisa stared, the room slowly darkened around her. Without Liz knowing, images began to change for Lisa in the mirror. In the reflection different figures began to form.

Clearer and clearer the images showed themselves until the mirror vanished and a young lad and older woman were in its place.

“What do you see, Lisa?” Liz asked as Lisa’s breath quickened.

“You see them also?” Lisa asked, as she watched the strangers standing in front of her. It was a different couple from the previous time.

“No, Lisa, I can’t. Please describe to me what you’re seeing.”

“I see a woman in her 40’s with blonde hair and brown eyes. She’s very attractive. She’s wearing a light blue dress and apron. Standing next to her is a young man. He has…”

“What… Lisa… What do you see?”

“He looks like a person I knew, but younger. A lot younger.”

“Who… Who does he look like?”

“My grandfather. He’s dressed in a pair of shorts and a short sleeve button top.”

“What are they doing?”

“Oh… God no… They can’t… This can’t be real.”

“What Lisa… What’s happening?”

“They’re holding each other. He’s feeling the woman’s breasts. I think the woman is his mother.”

Liz felt her pussy twinge at the thought of what was happening. Lisa was putting dark, unspeakable images in her opened mind. Liz crossed her legs tightly as she tried to control her sudden excitement.

“Go… Go on Lisa. What do you see them doing.” Liz hesitantly asked.

She’s moaning. The young man opened her dress and is sucking on her breasts. The woman is reaching for his…. Oh.. Oh.. She’s undoing his shorts. Her hand is reaching into his pants. I can see her rubbing her son off.” Lisa said, as her own hand began to wander. Ever so slowly her palm crept up her thigh. Higher and higher it traveled.

Liz was lost her in her concentration, her body overriding her moral thoughts. Her own sexual needs that had been bottled up for so long hung on Lisa’s every word and they had a stimulating affect on her. She glanced at Lisa’s lap and felt her mouth water as she watched intently to Lisa’s hand searching for its target, even as Liz’s own hand pushed tightly between her own legs and began to lightly rock front to back.

“Oh..” Liz whispered. “What… Are they doing now?” Liz asked, as her voice cracked.

“The woman’s dress is on the floor. The young man removed it from her body. His fingers are… .Oh… are inside her pussy. He’s fingering his mother. She’s moaning loudly while her hand is stroking his cock. His pants are down to his knees and he’s pushing his dick closer to her mound.”

Lisa’s hand found its mark. Her fingers clawed at the material, trying to dig into her love hole.

“Liz, I don’t think I can’t keep going. This is so wrong. I’m getting…”

“Excited. Yes, Lisa. I know. But you must keep going. You have to let yourself go if we are to find the truth.” Liz said this as her hand continued to rock on her mound.”

Liz was hot and wanted more, so much more. Gently taking hold of Lisa’s arms she helped her to her feet. Slowly Liz reached for the zipper holding Lisa’s skirt on and eased it down while Lisa’s fingers still scratched at her panty covered pussy.

As the zipper opened her skirt and it flowed off her body, Lisa’s hand was now free to roam. Twisting her fingers around, she was under her panties, massaging her protruding clit.

“Oh… Liz… Oh…” Lisa moaned as she described the sinful passion unfolding before her. “The boy is facing his mother and backing her to the wall. He’s lifting her up by her ass. She is spreading her legs. wide. Her legs are now around his waist and her hands are hugging his neck. He’s lowering her down. Oh…My God… He’s fucking her! They’re fucking! Lisa said, as her finger rammed deep into her swollen pussy.

“Ohh… Fuck… Liz… Why is this exciting me so much?… Oh..” Lisa whimpered as her fingers fucked her hot pussy.

Liz couldn’t take her sexual frustration anymore. She needed to feel relief also. With a quick motion she dropped her skirt and panties to the floor and sat back on the bed. Her legs were spread wide and her fingers dabbled at her moist box as she watched lustfully as Lisa finger fucked herself.

“Let yourself go, Lisa. You have to let yourself go.”

Lisa backed up until her legs bumped the bed. She eased herself back and sat. Her legs parted and spread over Liz’s bare leg causing her pussy quivered from the unexpected touch of flesh to her skin.

“Oh.. Liz… Your masturbating, too.”

“Yes… It’s okay, Lisa.. We all need relief. Now tell me what they are doing.”

“They’re still fucking. The young man is going crazy pounding into her. His mother is wailing and her head is shaking from side to side. Her breasts are bouncing up and down, her hands digging into his back. The sweat is pouring off their bodies.”

Lisa took her free hand and touched Liz’s body. She rubbed it against her stomach as she heard Liz panting loudly. Her hand traveled up Liz’s body until it found her covered breasts. Lisa wiggled her fingers until she worked her hand under Liz’s shirt and slid it to her heaving bosom.

“Oh… Lisa…” Liz cooed, as her hand undid her shirt buttons, and pulled her bra up and off, exposing her breasts to the prying hand.

Lisa wasted no time and toyed with her horny shrink’s nipples. Her own fingers continued slamming into her soaked pussy.

Their legs slid against one the others as they approached their climaxes.

Wildly, their hips bucking off the bed, their moans became loader. Both women were lost in their lust. Their need to climax grew with every second.

The sound traveled down the stairs and drew the attention of both sons.

“What do you think they’re doing?” Kevin questioned.

“Why don’t we slip up the steps and take a peek?”

Both sons quietly crept up the stairs to Lisa’s bedroom. The moans became louder as they approached the open door.

Ryan poked his head around the opening and his dick immediately went hard. Still looking into the room, Ryan waved Kevin over to have a look.

Kevin gasped at the sight of seeing the half naked women masturbating on the bed.

“Holy Shit!” Kevin whispered.

“Isn’t that the hottest thing you ever seen?” Ryan asked.

“What are they doing?” Kevin asked, as his own dick began to harden.

“Are you k**ding me? They’re getting themselves off.”

“I know that.” Kevin added, “Why?”

“Does it matter? Just keep quiet and watch. I don’t want them to catch us spying of them”

As they both admired their mothers dabble their fingers playfully, bringing themselves to orgasm, Ryan found it hard to contain his own excitement. His hand began to rub his cock through his jeans as his mom moaned in ecstasy.

“Lisa.” Liz said. “What do you see them doing now? Please tell me. What is the boy doing to his mother?”

“She’s on her knees. Her son’s dick is sliding in and out of her mouth. Her hands are on his ass. She’s pushing and pulling him into her mouth. The boy is grunting. His hands are on his mother’s head. His legs are shaking. I can hear her moaning and huffing as her son…. Oh God, Liz, I’m cumming!!!” Lisa said, as her hand pushed hard into her cunt. Her body trembled out of control.”

“Ohh.. Cum.. Lisa.. Thattss… It.. Cumm… Oh..Shit… I’m cumming too..” Liz exclaimed, as her own body quivered out of control.

We’d better scam.” Ryan whispered.

Both boys hastily slipped back down the steps.

“Did you hear your Mom? She was talking about i****t.” Kevin asked.

“Yeah, I heard and also noticed your mom got into it.”

“She did.” Kevin thought out load. “You don’t think they…”

“What? Maybe want to fuck their own boys? I don’t know. But if they were considering that, what would you do?”

“Hey. I don’t know about you, Ryan, but I think both our moms are fucking hot. If they are interested in us, I’d have trouble turning their offer down.”

“What if I told you I already fucked my mother?

“No fucking way. Really?!”

“Yeah but she thought it was a dream. I think your Mom is here to try and help her figure it out. But from what I saw, I think your Mom might be interested in exploring the idea herself.

“So what should we do?”

“Nothing, for now. Let’s see what happens when they come back.”

Lisa and Liz basked in their release. Lisa opened her eyes and all was back to normal. Except for the fact her psychiatrist was half naked and lying next to her.

Lisa got up and redressed and Liz fallowed suit.

“So… Liz.. what’s my problem? Why am I seeing these visions of i****t? Why is it always a Mother and son? And why do I get so excited by seeing it happen?

Liz fixed her hair and clothes. Looking at Lisa, she smiled and said. “I told you this would take a while to sort out. But I think this was a good starting point in the process. I think we might have to continue our sessions here in your room. The mirror definitely is the key to this. We might also have to explain to your son what is going on.”

“Oh, no, Liz. I would just die if he knew I was having these thoughts. Not to even mention me imagining having sex with him.”

“Maybe for now we’ll keep him out of it. But before this is over you’re going to have to face him. But I also don’t know how we are going to explain why I need to continue coming over.”

Lisa sighed, as she finished fixing herself. “I guess I’ll have to tell him who you are and that your here to help me with a problem.”

Ryan and Kevin heard their mothers coming back and acted as casual as they could. As they entered the room Ryan quickly spoke.

“So what do you think of the looking glass, Liz?”

“It’s a very nice gift but the truth is…”

“I’ll tell him Liz.” Lisa quickly interrupted. “Ryan, I asked Liz over to help me. She’s my psychiatrist and… Well, I’ve been having a problem that I asked her to help me with.”

“What problem, Mom?”

“It’s very personal. But the reason I’m telling you this is because Liz will be coming over once in a while to help me resolve my issue.”

“Is there anything I could do to help?” Ryan said, but thought Like fuck you and your friend Liz until my dick hurts?

“No, honey, but thank you.”

“Say, me and Kevin could hangout when you have your meetings. We found out we have a lot in common. Isn’t that right, Kev?”

“Ummm. Yeah. We do.”

“I could show you those workout moves I told you about.” Ryan said, as he gave a sly wink to Kevin.

“Sounds good to me.” Kevin replied.

“I guess it’s settled, then.” Lisa said.

The four of them mingled for another hour before Liz and Kevin said goodnight for the evening.

Once they left Lisa quickly tidied up around the place but as she was running the vacuum she had a feeling as if she was being watched.

Ryan still felt horny from the show his Mom and Liz put on. He couldn’t help but stare at her firm ass as it swished back and forth as she vacuumed. He imagined his dick sliding between her soft cheeks. He needed to feel her warm wet pussy around his cock again.

Lisa quickly glanced over her shoulder and sure enough there stood Ryan – just watching her. His presence was somehow disturbing. Lisa turned of the sweeper and to asked,

“Is there something the matter, honey?”

“Mom, about Liz coming over to help you with your problem. You do know that I’m here for you. Right?

“Yes I do. But this is something I need to discuss with a professional.”

“I don’t understand why you can’t talk to me about it.”

“I’m sorry Ryan, but it’s a matter that I have to sort out.

“Okay, but you have been acting strange ever since I got you that mirror.”

Lisa’s face went pale.

“That’s it, isn’t it? There’s something you’re not telling me about the looking glass.”

“Ryan… It’s… It’s nothing. Let’s just drop the subject for now.”

“No! It’s something and I’m going to find out what.” And with that he turned and headed for her room.

Lisa quickly followed to stop him. But Ryan had already ducked into her room.

As Lisa entered her bedroom Ryan was already standing in front of the looking glass acting as if he was thoroughly checking it out.

“Ryan. Please leave my room.”

“Just as soon as I finish, Mom.” he said as he continued his misleading survey.

Lisa approached her son and took hold of his hand. But Ryan quickly broke the grip and grabbed hold of her shoulders. Standing behind her, he f***ed her to face the mirror.

“What’s the secret, Mom? What are you hiding from me?” Ryan said as they both gazed upon their reflections.

Lisa watched as their images started to fade, and a shiver ran through her body.

“Please, Ryan. Please leave.” Lisa said as her bedroom darkened around them.

“No, Mom. Not until you tell me.” Ryan said this as he watched the new images appear. But the new reflections were of them. The mirror was showing what took place the night before. His mother was on her knees and he was behind her fucking her wildly.

“Oh… No… Lisa said.” As she watched, her worse fear appeared before both of them.

“Is that is Mom? Is this your secret? You picture us fucking?”

Lisa’s head was spinning. But in her madding state she also realized her son was able to see her vision.

“Ryan… You… You can see the people?”

“You mean us, Mom? Fucking on your bedroom floor? Yes… Yes I can. And I like what I’m seeing.” Ryan’s hands left his mother’s arms and cupped her soft breasts.

“Oh…. No… Honey… Oh god no!”

“You want it Mom. I can see you do. Look at us. Look at our reflection. Your face is telling me how much you enjoy my cock sliding in and out of your hot pussy.”

Lisa tried to clear her head. The sight in front of her, fucking her own son, was taking its toll on her weakened state. Her body began to respond as her son toyed with her breasts.

“That’s it, Mom. You feel it, don’t you? The lust is growing. I can tell. Your nipples are so hard. I wonder if you’re also getting wet.” Ryan ran his hand down her leg.

Ryan pushed under his mothers skirt until his hand found her mound.

“Oh.. Fuck, mom, your panties are soaked.”

“Ryan… Please… Honey, I’m your mother. I… Can’t dooo…. Ohhh.” Lisa said in vain, as her son rubbed his hand harder and harder against her stimulated pussy.”

“Yes Mom, you can. And I bet you can’t wait to feel my big cock stretch your pussy.”

Ryan dropped a hand from his mother’s breasts and slipped her skirt to the floor. The hand that had played with her mound dug under her panties was now flicking her hard little nub. Ryan went to his own pants and with one hand fumbled until his cock was freed. Pushing his mom back against him he rubbed it up and down her panty covered ass. Sliding his hard cock up and down her crack, he kept toying with her clit.

“Oh… Fuck..” was all Lisa could say. Her body was lost in the moment. She felt herself giving into her dark sinful desire. She had finally come to terms that she indeed wanted to fuck her own flesh and bl**d.

“Mmmm.. Mom, you’re so fucking wet. My dick can’t wait to be sliding inside your pretty pussy.

Lisa moved her hand over her should and took hold of her son’s neck. Pulling him closer to her face she could feel her son’s hot breath on her neck as she huffed out the words her son so wanted to hear.

“Ffffuck me… Oh.. Honey, fuck me now…”

Ryan quickly stripped her panties and took hold of her buttoned shirt. f***efully he tore it open and eased the shirt off her arms. Lisa’s bra was the only clothing left on as it tried to conceal her luscious breasts. Ryan watched his mother’s face as his hands unclasped the bra and allowed her bosom freedom from its constraint. He clutched her chest, squeezing her soft flesh as he pushed her forward until she took hold of the mirror. His cock raged as he centered it onto his mother’s wanting box. There was nothing gentle about what he wanted to do. His bl**d boiled with lust as he rammed his entire cock into his mother with one mighty push.

“Ohhh!!!! Lisa moaned as she felt her son sink deep into her slick pussy.

Ryan grabbed his mother’s hips and steadied himself as he fucked her fast and hard.

Lisa moaned in delight as she pushed back off the mirror, wanting more and more of his cock inside her.

“Ohh.. Yes… Ohh.. Fuck me.. Fuck mommy… Don’t stop…”

Ryan felt his cum boiling. He knew he couldn’t last much longer. He felt his mother’s cunt tighten around his shaft as his dick raced and rammed deep into her love canal.

“Oh.. I’m cumming… Fuck, Ryan… Mommy is cumming.” Lisa said as she clutched tightly to the looking glass.

Ryan pulled hard against his mother and his cock stiffened inside her. His cum blew out his dick and flooded his mother’s soaked womb.

“Ahhherr.” Ryan grunted as his dick pulsed and pumped the last of his seed into her.

Lisa panted loudly as she pulled herself up. Turning her head she kissed her son’s waiting lips. Her hand reached back and brushed his face as their tongues danced to their own sinful music.

“I love you, Mom.” Ryan said as his breath raced.

“I love you too, honey.”

Ryan held his mother body close to him as his cock slowly slid in and out of her drench pussy. His dick was growing again. Inch by inch it increased in size. As it grew Ryan increased his thrusts. Faster and faster. Harder and deeper.

“Oh… Honey… You’re hard again. What are you doing to me?”

“I’m giving you what you need, Mom.” Ryan said as he again was slamming his steel like pole deep into his mother.

Lisa was gripping at the mirror again as her son fucked her feverishly from behind. Her pussy quivered with the excitement. She had never been fucked so wildly, so roughly. Her moans kept pace with every thrust inside her.

Ryan was sex crazed. He wanted her every way he could. Her moans of pleasure only excited him more as he slid his cum covered cock out of her snatch and aimed it at her tight little asshole.

Lisa felt her son’s dick touch her virgin ass. Her body stiffened as she pleaded with her son.

“Ryan! No… Not there. You’re too big… Ohh.. Awww!!!” Lisa screamed as her son’s dick penetrated her tight asshole for the first time.

“Oh… God!!! It’s too big!! Ryan.. Please I can’t take it.” Lisa begged, as Ryan slowly inched his raging cock into her ass.

Every push went a little deeper. Every thrust a little harder. “Mom.. You’re so fucking tight.” Ryan expressed, as his dick f***ed deeper inside her. Her ass cheeks tightened around his cock as if they were fending off his attack. But resistance to him was futile, and soon Lisa felt his stiff cock hit bottom. Ryan worked his slick pole gently in and out his mother’s tight ass and it began to loosen up as it accepted his girth.

“Oh… Fuckkk…” Lisa moaned as new pleasures filled her body. Her ass quivered in pain and pleasure and her pussy dripped with excitement. She felt another orgasm build as her asshole welcomed its invader.

Lisa pushed back against her son’s thrusting cock. Faster and faster she heaved. Her hands clutched tightly to the looking glass as her mouth wailed out in pleasure.

“Oh.. Yes.. Fuck my ass. Faster.. Fuck me faster. You’re going to make me cum again!” Ryan reached forward and grasped his mother’s perky breasts. Fisting them in his palms, he slammed deep into her loosened little hole. He felt her body quiver as she began to scream in ecstasy.

“Aww… Ohhh. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.” Lisa yelled as she felt her body go weak.

Ryan caught her before she fell and rammed hard into her ass, lifting her off her feet as his dick exploded into her brown tunnel.

With his dick still lodged deep in her ass, Ryan held his mother’s drained body until she came off her sex induced high.

Huffing loudly, Lisa struggled to mouth words. “Ryan.. I… I have to rest. I need time to think. We’ll talk about this in the morning.” she said as she eased her son’s love stick out her cum filled ass.

“I’ll give you all the time you need, Mom. I’m not going anywhere.” Ryan said as he broke their embrace and pulled his pants up.

Lisa stumbled as she tried to regain her composure. Her pussy tingled and her ass was numb from the wonderful pounding it had received. Reaching down she gathered her clothes.

“I’ll let you think, Mom.” Ryan said as he gave her one last embracing kiss.

“Oh, honey.” Lisa said, as she felt herself wilting in her son’s arms.

The kiss broke and Ryan slowly left his mother’s room.

“Goodnight, Mom. I love you.” were his last words as he closed her bedroom door.

As Ryan walked to his own room he had to ponder. I wonder if she’s going to tell Liz about the pounding I gave her.

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