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“You lookin’ for a little fun tonight?”
The young black girl was leaning through the open passenger side window. She a bit older than the usually girls he picked up off the street but he was never shy about trying something different and found the girl pretty in her way.
“I guess I must be,” he responded.
“You a cop?” she asked.
“Do I look like one?” he answered.
She shrugged her bare brown shoulders. “Who does nowadays.”
“I’m not. Are you?”
“Do these look like the tits of a cop?” she asked and opened her shirt wide enough to quickly reveal modest sized breasts.
She slipped into the car and he drove off. She told him that she had a room nearby where she conducted business unless he another location in mind. She reached over and placed her hand on his erection, squeezing it gently.
“You are ready, baby,” she said.
“It’s the effect of the time traveling,” he said wihout looking over at her to get a sense of her reaction. It was always the same regardless who he picked up. He knew this area well and its rich supply of cheap sex and where he could purge himself. He had all the neccesary shots to ward off all the prevailing diseases of this time period.
The remark did cause the girl to quickly withdraw her hand from his crotch which was feeling quite pleasureable and he sensed that she was staring him.
“Holy shit, I got a crazy one tonight,” he heard her mumble.
“I assure you I am not crazy. My name is Nosferatu Phibes,” he said.
“Sounds German, but you sound American.’
“I’m actually an agent from Galaxy X and periodically time travel back to this time to observe your behavior and report back to my superiors.”
‘You are crazy,” she said and attempted to jump out of the car which was traveling at an excellerated speed at the moment but Phibes reached over and slammed the door shut before she did any serious damage to herself.
“I’m sorry,” he said.”I was jut k**ding about all that stuff about time travel. It was just a bad joke.”
He looked over at the girl who was still a bit shaken by his introduction.
‘What’s your name?” he asked in an attempt to interject a note of normalcy into the conversation.
“Tracee,’ se said but her voice betrayed her continued unease.
“I neglected to mention early that you have very nice breasts,” he said and glanced quickly over her. “We services do you offer?”
“It depends on what you are looking for,” she answered after a momentary silence.
“Everything,” he said.
“Everything? You mean an entire round the world package deal?”
“Yes. My wife is very sexually conservative and does not like doig certain things,” said Phibes but he could never explain that the sexuality was beyond the imagination of such a primitive species who were confined to three orifices through which sexual gratification were attained.
“It’ll cost you,” said Tracee, who was never an afficiando of anal sex especially with guys with big cocks and some sixth sense told her that this guy was packing a lot of muscle in his pants. The sexually deprived husbands fell into two groups: the quick shots and the marathon runners with a lot of pent of energy and a bit of hostility to purge from themselves. This job was not easy on the body and took its toll.
“I’ve got plenty of money,” said Phibes as they pulled into the parking lot of the little motor lodge where she had a room. It was the last one at the end of the row and pulled into the parking space in front.
His erection still throbbed. The residual vibrations were undetectable to humans but someone with his physical sensativity could feel into for hours after the initial materialization had happened. It effect was short lived but unconvenient until it passed and his body readjusted to the atmosphere of this world. He opened the glove compartment and removed a bundle of money they had manfactured so easily and stuffed it inside his coat pocket. Tracee was already at the door, standingin the open threshold waiting for him. She was a striking specimen. He retained a nostalgic fetish for the older models.
The room was Spartan and indistinguishable from the mulitude of motel rooms he had been over the course of his many visitations. They were variations of the same concept and only varied in their shabbiness due to neglect on the part of the owners.
Tracee was standing beide the bed. He stepped up to her. She was few inches taller than himself. Her hair was cloe cropped in a military style and dyed blond. Her body was slim and surprising devoid of any tattoos which he found very unappealing on men or women as was glad it didn’t survive into his time period, dismissed as an ugly defacement of the body.
Tracee had reached down and opened his pants, curious as to what she had to deal with. She could not conceal her wonder when she extracted Phibes’ cock and weighed it in her hand and looked into his eyes and imagined this monster inching up her ass. Her ex’s cock wasn’t even this big and he left her pretty tore up and sore.
“Does it meet with your approval?” asked Phibes seeing the various emotions flickering over her face.
“You’ve got quite a cock hanging off you, b*****r,” she said.
Phibes was undressing her. His patience was dwindling and the sensation of her fingers around his cock spurred him on. She sat on the edge of the bed and took his cock into her mouth, or rather as much as she possibly could. Her jaws opened as far as physically capable but they quickly began to ache and she just ran her tongue along the lengthy shaft while her hands held his hefty balls.
Phibes lifted her up by the underarms and she realized how strong he was. His thin frame gave no indication of his true strength. He tossed her back onto the bed, opening her legs, and eating out her shaved pussy. She lay back and enjoyed this rare pleasure. Not many johns had the courage to eat out some whore they picked up off the street corner, figuring that innumerable guys had stuck their cocks into her, but Phibes was immune. Any virus that believed that it found a fetile plae to flourish and wreck havoc was confronted with medications the assaulted it unmercifully before any damage could be inflicted.
Tracee’s body arched from off of the moderately clean bed as she felt his tongue work it’s way over the landscape of her outer cunt before advancing deeper. She had no idea any man could eat her out as well as some of her dyke lovers. Most men treat it like a chore: a few quick cursory brush strokes and that felt that had done their good deed and went on to find their own pleasure. She had managed to wrap her legs around Phibes’ head and kept him lock down between her legs for as long as possible. He appeared to be in no particular to withdraw. Her body twitched as if touched by a live electrical wire as his tongue moved deeper than another person she ever been with. He had surpassed all her dyke lovers, especially that big butch prison guard she met at a little lesbian bar.
It was all simple physical manipulation, thought Phibes. It was an ability that this pecies had yet to achieve or were ready to acquire. They were such a pleasure-oriented species that if they discovered these new techniques they’d just fuck all day and nothing would ever get accomplished. Perhaps when they were more evolved clinics could be opened to teach them, but not now. Phibes expanded his tongue but not so implausibly long that it might arouse suspicion in the girl, but some took it too far and there were recorded incidents of intense orgasm triggering heart attacks, seizures, and comas. This was a delicate species that could not endured prolonged sexual stimulation without serious physical complications. Phibes ear forgot himself and retracted his tongue, but Tracee’s body was reduced to a series of tremors and he let her sink back down upon the bed. His excitation was unendurable by this time.
He should have allowed her a longer recovery time but he sank his cock into her engorged and damp cunt, wihdrawing it momentarily. His body was exuding a thick viscus fluid that acted as an adhesive and fixed the body of his companion until coppulation was complete. But the fluid was also a mild halucinagenic for those of his species but could be toxic with this one. He whiped himself wherever a fresh bead swelled from his flesh. A little would provoke intoxication greater than any liquor found on this planet but overdosing was a very real threat and he had to be forever mindlful of this fact as he resumed fucking Tracee.
He turned her over and spread open her buttocks and reveal her anus. Once again he manipulated his own physical proportions and decreased the size of his cock by about half and inserted it in her ass, her vaginal fluic providing an adequate source of lubrication. At this moment Tracee was roused from her stupor and looked over her shoulder at Phibes. She shifted her body and spread her legs as wide apart as possible to accomodate this massive object advancing up her asshole. Phibes continued whiping himself off as more and more beads of fluid began to flow down his body, but when he saw that she was not deriving the same pleasure as he he applied just a touch to the small of her spine. The reaction was almost imediate and her body grew more relaxed and the muscles of her rectum opened to recieve his cock.
Being from a more evolved species there was never any worry of pregnancy between the two. Only one case was ever recorded wherein a pregnancy occurred but it self terminated itself after only a few weeks of its existence, returning to its own collective. When Phibes flooded Tracess’s cunt he felt no real worries and continued thrusting his hips for several minutes afterward and he withdrew himself. He watched as the pesky erection slowly faded away. Tracee was gasping for air on the bed, flat on her belly, and still under the sway of the intntoxication.
He dressed himself and from the bundle of money he peeled off several bills which would amount to a thousand dollars and left it on the small table beside the lamp. He offered her a grateful bow and departed into the night and continue his research with this primitive species.

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