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The Many Misadventures of Young Adults pt. 2

Harry Potter: The Many Misadventures of Young Adults pt. 2 – Harry And Ron Join In

Harry and Ron stood in the doorway, their mouths moving like those of fish caught out of water. Hermione smiled at them condescendingly.

“Didn’t it occur to you to wonder why no one else came up, with all the noise we were making? Of course not. Boys!”

She got out of bed and marched menacingly towards them. “I cast a spell to keep sound from leaving this floor. Now if you don’t do exactly what I say, I’ll drop it and both Ginny and I will start screaming. Got that?”

“Y-y-y-y-y,” was all they could managed.

“Very good. Now go to your rooms, strip down completely and wait for us.” As the boys turned and marched off, she looked down at their packages. Ron looked normal enough, from the pictures she had seen, but Harry…. Now she knew why he was so short and thin. All the extra material had gone between his legs. She felt a moment of hesitation. How was she, much less little Ginny, going to fit that in? Oh well, in for a penny, in for a pound.

Shortly they entered the boy’s room, clad in their school robes, to find them sitting nervously on the edge of Ron’s bed. The girls turned to face them, fists on hips. Hermione stepped behind Ginny and pulled off her robe with a flourish. Showing a confidence she didn’t really feel Ginny looked at them, daring them to jeer. Their eyes roamed up and down her young body, from her luxuriant red hair, down her pert, cute face, past her budding breasts and her still, slightly baby fattish stomach to her slit, dusted with a red-gold peach fuzz, between, hips just starting to fill out and legs that were still more girl, than woman. Rather than jeer, they couldn’t tear their eyes away, though part of Ron wanted to, this was after all, his s*ster!

Until Hermione disrobed. She was magnificent.

Unlike the naked Ginny, she wore a sheer, dark grey, slightly transparent body stocking that she had gotten from a Slytherin girl in exchange for certain “favours” that she preferred not to think about, though she had learned a lot in the exchange. It caressed her slender figure, swelling
hips and small breasts like it was glued on. Both boys started to move towards her instinctively.

“Oh, no!” she said, whipping out her wand from behind her, not transformed into a riding crop. “You two wait until I tell you to move.”

“Good. Now Ron come here and stand in front of me.” As he did so she pressed her nearly nude body against him. “See, that’s not so bad is it?” and bit playfully on one ear. She then took Ginny by one hand and guided her over to the bed.

Ginny lay down on the bed with a mix of excitement and fear. “It’s going to hurt isn’t it? I mean, look at him!”

“It’ll hurt some but I’ll be here to help with things.” But Ginny was right. She had once had a pony that wasn’t any bigger that Harry down there.

All, right, Harry, first let’s get Ginny nice and wet.” Ginny spread her legs. “You saw what Ginny did to me, now you do it to her.”

“You mean you want me to put my face down there?”

“Oh, don’t be a baby. Trust me, you’ll get used to it,” she said with a smirk and sure enough after a bit of hesitation Harry’s tongue was plunging in and out of Ginny to her enthusiastic moans and whimpers. After a bit Hermione grabbed Harry by his unruly mop and pulled him off.

“But I was liking that!”

“You’ll like this better, trust me,” she said as she positioned him between Ginny’s legs, his huge cock just touching the young girls glistening pussy. Then Hermione got on top of Harry from behind, whispering “We’ll take her together. Now push in, just your head at first, that’s it.”

Ginny grimaced as her slit started stretching. Hermione blew her a kiss to reassure her.

“Now push in until you feel her cherry. There you go. Now pull back almost all the way out, then ram in!”

“OOOOOWWWWW!” Ginny screamed as Harry’s meat rocket slammed through her hymen. In pain she started to panic and pull away. Hermione knew she had to calm her before things got out of hand.

“Shh, shh, it’s alright love. Now you just stay still ’til she gets used to you,” she told Harry sharply, because she knew that his first instinct would be to keep hammering at the girl under him. To put her point across she gave him a sharp slap with her crop/wand.

“How’s it feel Ginny?”

“BIG. And heavy. But not bad. I think he can start going again.”

Slowly at first, then faster, harry started moving in and out, pounding into the small redhead like a steam piston. Hermione started to get caught up in the passions of her two friends chanting “Fuck her, fuck her fuck her, fuck her… FUCK her!”

Coming to herself she saw Ron was entranced, stroking his meat rhythmically. She slid off Harry, as Ginny’s tiny hands and slender legs started wrapping around the boy she had wanted for so long.

She moved across the floor on all fours, swaying sensuously like a cat. When she got to Ron traced her nails up his legs and started to stroke his balls, while running her tongue up and down his member.

“Didn’t think I’d forgotten you, did you Ron?” she purred.

Hermione pulled herself up Ron’s body and got behind him as Harry and Ginny came to a sweaty, moaning climax and collapsed into each other’s arms. “Like what you’re seeing?” she whispered. His only reply was a slight nod. “So, where do you wish you were? On top of your s*ster, or under Harry.”

“Bitch”, he muttered, but the truth was part of him did want to be inside Ginny, and another part, one he didn’t like to think about, wanted Harry inside him.

Hermione, slid her body back in front of Ron’s and said, “Undo me.”

“How? There’s no zipper.”

“See that tiny line, down my spine? Just lick at it.”

As Ron slid his tongue down Hermione’s back, the bodysuit started coming undone, until it finally dissolved away when he reached the cleft of her tight, perfect buttocks.

“Keep going,” she said. “Lick and bite my bum. Oooh, yes, that’s it, good boy.” She melted down on all fours. Now do me like a bitch Ron. Make me your bitch!”

“Oh, I will,” Ron growled. But not in the way Hermione intended, for the next thing she felt was a searing pain as he rammed his cock up her ass!

“OOOWWW! Stop it Ron, stop it!” Her eyes brimmed with tears from the unexpected pain and humiliation. But after the first few thrusts, a different burning replaced the pain and if it wasn’t quite what she’d wanted (and wouldn’t she think of a way to pay Ron back for that!) she had to admit that she was starting to like it.

Meanwhile the other couple were watching. “Maybe we should give Hermy a hand,” said Ginny.

“What do you have in mind?”

A grin spread across Harry’s face as his petite lover whispered suggestions into his ear, accompanied by her tongue. Then both young lovers slid out of the bed and crawled towards their friends, not sensuously like Hermione had but because after their intense fuck-session neither had the strength to walk upright. Ginny in particular didn’t think she’d walk straight for days.

Harry approached Hermione, whose face was a mask of concentration as Ron rocked into her from behind.

“You okay?”

“Well, it’s not… unh… quite as I planned… oh… but… mmm… not as bad as I thought when he first started… not really bad at all,” she finished dreamily.

“Well, let me see what I can do to help,” Harry said and started to massage and play with her breasts and nipples, while gently kissing her neck and face.

Meanwhile Ginny was confronting her br*ther. “Ronald Bilious Weasley, you stop that!” as she pushed him out of Hermione and onto the floor. Hermione was about to object because she had come to rather like the sensation of Ron thrusting into her butthole but decided to wait and see how this played out. Besides, at the moment her tongue and Harry’s were knotted around each other, making communication difficult at best.

Ginny straddled her br*ther, taking his member and rubbing it provocatively against her labia. “What are you doing? You’re my s*siter!”

“You still want to fuck me, don’t you? Admit it.”

“Ron’s face turned red, fighting against his feelings. How had his shy innocent s*ster changed so suddenly?

As if reading his mind she started talking to herself while rubbing her nipples. “It’s glorious, is what it is. The fucking, I mean, there’s nothing else that matters.” Her attention moved back to her br*ther, “So admit it or I’m putting it away right now.”

“All right, I want to…”

“Want to what?” she teased, putting his cockhead at the entrance of her slit.

Ron caved at that. “I want to fuck you Ginny! All right? I want to fuck my s*ster! Happy now?”

“No, but we will be,” and with that mounted him enthusiastically.

Shortly all of Ron’s misgivings were swept away as he thrust vigorously into his s*ster’s pussy. They had both been at the edge of orgasm and it wasn’t long before the siblings came together noisily.

At the same time Hermione’s mouth and fingers had coaxed Harry into coming over her face, neck and shoulders. She fell back on the floor musing as Ron and Ginny crawled over to lick her clean, Ginny squeezed happily between Harry and Hermione. It had all gone so well. There had been that one wrong turn with Ron, but even that had turned out all right. She had hoped to get her cherry popped but that just left her something to look forward to over the school year. Which was going to be the best ever, she just knew it.

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