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The mile high club

This is a true story it happened in 1978 on a red eye flight to Los Angeles, Ca. from new York City, NY. I met a young lady who had two c***dren with her so she had seats at the back of the plane. I was on stand by so I had to take what ever the airline gave me so I ended up in the tail of the airplane with this young lady and her two (2) c***dren. She was a very good looking lady with very fine legs beautiful hips (36″) a very small waist (24″) and a pair of great tits (36C) she was dressed in a big skirt and a sweater blouse she was a looker, her c***dren were 7 and 4 years old cute k**s we were in the center last row so it was 5 wide, we were the only ones in the last row. So we talked she said she was flying to L A then she was going to Bakersfield to her parents house. We talked somemore her k** were real well behaved the went to sl**p right away so they were no trouble the stewardess gave us blankets to get confortable. She said she had just gotten over a real tough divorce and that she was kind of put out with all the problems of travel and the divorce, that her husband left her for a 19 yo k**. She said that she hadn’t had sexy for more than six months I suggested that we should do something about it she said here I answered that we had blankets and we were alone at the back of the plane she got this really big smile said she had never done it on an airplane before I said it was easy all we had todo was cover ourselves with the blankets, it could be done. So we covered up to our necks we took out all the armrests between us she pulled up her blouse to her neck, I had a midnight snack of her beautiful full tits I licked all around her areoulas she grabbed my head pulled me to her tits, she let out a very soft moan, she held my head to her tit, she didn’t want to let go I moved my hand down between her legs to her panties which was already soaking wet, I put my fingers into her pussy she almost screamed I stopped sucking her tits and kissed her to stop her from screaming to loud, she pulled up her skirt so I could put my cock into her pussy which I did so. I spooned her we were at it for a good 20 to 25 minutes, I could feel her pussy grabbing on to my cock she was really massaging me she said she wanted me to cum inside her, than she went stiff she whispered that she was cumming she said don’t stop keep going so I did and she came again and so did I. She said don’t move so I stayed still I could feel her cunt pulsating on my cock you could smell our sex it was very headdy it made me hard again so I started to move again she said wow your still hard I said that if she was ready I was going to fuck her again she just moved her head up and down so I keeped on fuck her in her pussy I had a tit in each hand so I squessed her nipples a little harder and she came again I could feel her pussy clamp around my cock it was fantastic we were on an airliner at over 35,000 feet and we were fucking like there was no tomorrow. I pulled out of her pussy and shoved my cock into her ass she almost screamed from the surprize but she came again she had such a tight asshole that it didn’t take long for me to cum in her ass it was fantistic she held me in her ass for a while, than let me slip out. She said now what am I going todo about this mess I handed her my handkerchief she put in between her legs pulled up her panties smoothed out her skirt, and sweater. She went to the head to clean up. After a while I pulled up my shorts and pants got up to go to the other head when she started to come out she saw me and pulled me in with her she opened my pants and dropped my shorts she grabbed my cock went down to her knees, so she could suck my cock she moaned that t=she was going to clean me up. We stayed in the head for almost 20 minutes it was great this how i became a member in good staning of the mile hig club. Let me know what you think thanks to all.

Updated: October 20, 2016 — 7:21 pm

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