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The Misadventures of Anita Chapter 2

Joe continued licking working his tongue deeper into Anita’s her cunt before moving up towards her clit. Pulling back the top part of labia he revealed an erect clit and as his tongue brushed it Anita shivered with pleasure, then he began to really to go to work on it with his tongue and mouth, flicking it and sucking it, until Anita was almost screaming with pleasure. Looking up at Karen “Can you not shut her up for a few minutes” Karen smiled and moved so that she was squatting over Anita’s face and slowly lowered her eagerly awaiting cunt on to her mother’s mouth. Anita saw what she was doing and grabbed her daughter’s ass and thighs and pulled her down on to her mouth and started sucking at her cunt, so hard that Karen could not believe it.
Joe then slowly inserted two fingers into her cunt and continued licking at her clit, her cunt was tight and seemed to suck his fingers to her cunt deeper and deeper. Joe pulled them out and sucked them clean off her cunt juices and drank them down, he heard Karen groan in pleasure and moved up behind her and pushed her forward so he could see Anita’s tongue flick in and out of her pussy. Then with a wicked smile he leaned down and pulled her ass cheeks apart and licked around her succulent little start shaped asshole with his tongue. Karen could not believe Joe was licking her asshole and she did not stop him as her mother’s tongue was like heaven in her cunt and her ass seemed to cry out for his tongue. Karen thought Oh my god why have I not let him do this before I am on fire from his tongue on my ass.
Karen could feel something strange happening in her ass and it suddenly clenched down tight. What had happened she had no idea then her cunt started to twitch and she felt her orgasm approaching very quickly. Then suddenly something hard was pushing against her ass and she looked back and saw Joe pushing a finger at her asshole, and then it penetrated her ass up to the first knuckle. Then her cunt seemed to explode on her mother’s face as her juices free flowed from her cunt into her mouth and onto the sheets. Karen had never come so hard in her life as she had on her mother’s tongue and she was still licking her. Karen took Joes hand and pulled his finger from her ass and sucked it in front of him and then kissed him, tasting her own ass in his mouth.
Then looking down at his cock she smiled and pointed to her mother’s cunt “Fuck my mother like you fuck me make this bitch beg for you’re cum and fuck her hard and long, I want to see you fuck my mother and film you fucking my mother.”
Joe smiled and moved between Anita’s legs and pushed them wide and backwards exposing her cunt to him and then Karen leaned back and took his cock and guided it to her mother’s cunt lips and Joe pushed forward slowly inserting his cock into her cunt inch by inch. Anita begged for him to stop but he kept on going and soon she was moaning as he filled her cunt with his cock “God yes fuck me harder, like you fucked Karen last night, fuck me harder” Joe increased his pace and felt his balls slap against her.
Karen sat watching as he fucked her mother harder and harder, and he did not let up his pace. Anita could not believe her boss was fucking her and he filled her more than John ever had and the pace he was fucking at was incredible, she wanted him to slow down so she moved her legs around his waist and tightened them so he filled her to the hilt and then Anita reached up and pulled herself up and pushed him on to his back and then sat astride him and rode him. Looking at Karen she smiled “God his cock feels so good in me, no wonder you love him so much. You should let him fuck your ass you would love it just watch me later. Now look in the case and you will find some lube get it because I want him in my ass before I let him fuck you again.”
Karen got off the bed and looked through the case and pulled out more pictures, clothes, gags, vibrators and dildos, and in one pocket she found some anal lube. Looking up she could see Joe on his back and Anita still astride him but her tits hanging in his face and he was sucking on her nipples, for all he was worth and pulling them with his teeth. Karen smiled as she heard her mother beg for more and she was really grinding down on his cock, trying desperately to get him to cum, but Karen knew he would only come when he was good and ready and Mum was going to get a first of many lessons in this.
Then Karen had an idea taking the strap on she put it on and took the lube and opened it and squeezed some on to her Mum’s asshole and then put some more on the dildo. Then she pushed the dildo against her mother’s ass, Anita felt the dildo push against her ass and pushed back on to it. Anita screamed in pleasure as her ass was filled as well as her cunt. Karen could not believe it as her mother screamed out loud, but was too fucking horny to care and she pushed back forcing the dildo in deeper. Anita looked back and smiled “yes fuck my ass, you slut bitch, fuck it really hard and make me cum” Karen pushed deeper and increased her pace pushing as hard as she could into her Mum’s ass.
Joe could not believe his luck not only was he dating a very hot little slut, now he was fucking her mother as well, and he could hear Anita telling her to fuck her ass harder. Well now she had broken that taboo on her mother she was going to lose her anal virginity today as well. As he thought her mother would help after she had fucked her ass. He felt Anita’s cunt grip his cock hard as an orgasm ripped through her body, but unlike her daughter she kept going making it last longer and then another seemed to sweep her body as his cock seemed to be sucked deeper into her.
“Karen roll onto your back but keep the dildo in your mothers, ass. Anita roll over with her and f***e that dildo deeper into your ass now.” Karen pulled her mother over with her keeping the dildo deep into her ass and then sat forward so she could get a deeper penetration and Karen moved slightly so she was more sat up. Joe finally free from Anita’s cunt stood up and offered her his cock which she grabbed and sucked her cunt juices from whilst looking up at him. Joe pulled his cock from her mouth and then pushed it towards Karen’s mouth who eagerly gobbled his cock like her mother had. Pulling his cock from her mouth he turned and smiled at her and pulled his ass cheeks apart and Karen after hesitating for a few seconds started licking his asshole, and crack and finally got the courage to lick deeper and harder at his ass. Tapping Anita on her shoulder she turned and saw what was going on and somehow managed to start sucking the tip of his cock, whilst still fucking her own ass with the strap on.
Joe finally pulled his cock away and from Anita and his ass of Karen’s mouth and then looked at Karen, and smiling at her he leaned close to her ear and whispered “Your ass is next for fucking and sucking.” Karen smiled at him and laughed “If you have any energy left after fucking my Mum then you can do with me what you want, you fucking pervert.”
Joe smiled “Oh I will have energy left for you and that little tight ass of yours and I think you Mum will want a piece of it too.”
Anita heard them and smiled “I want both of your asses you disgusting cunts, and I will teach you things you have not even thought off before and I will make both beg for mercy, but will give you none the same as you have shown me.”
Joe smiled at her and grabbed the tube of lube and squeezed some into his hand and pushed it in to her ass with two of his fingers, then rubbed some on his cock and before Anita could say anything he pushed his lubed up cock at her ass and squeezed it just inside her ass with the dildo. Anita screamed inn pain as it felt her ass was being stretched apart as he pushed into her and Karen pushed upwards with the strap on. Joe did not stop and pushed further and felt the dildo against his cock, which felt strange but also very pleasant, Anita with tears in her eyes begged his to stop it hurt too much. However Joe just smiled “No mercy you said no mercy is what you get whore.”
Anita could not believe the pain in her ass as they both fucked her and stretched out her ass, but as always this slowly started to give way to waves of pleasure in her ass and she could feel an orgasm to build. Watching Joe she could not believe he was fucking her ass and making such a good job and he had not come yet, it felt like hours he had been fucking her, but then looking across at her bedside cabinet she saw it had only been 1 hour and 20 minutes since these two had entered her room and he had been in her almost 45 minutes without finishing. Then she noticed he was increasing his pace and all the tale tell signs where their he was close, then with a huge grunt he shot his load deep into her ass and kept shooting for almost 30 seconds.
Joe finally could not hold back any longer and he shoot his load into Anita’s ass, and almost collapsed on top of her, but he kept his cock in her and leaned back, as his cock finally started to go slack. Pulling out of her ass he noted the shot on his cock and rolled off the bed and went to the bathroom and showered and washed his cock and body. As Joe turn’s to shot the shower off the curtain is pulled back and Anita steps in followed by Karen. “So this is where you ran off to.”
“Yes I need to clean up and get ready again.”
Karen smiled and looked at him “So do you want my ass now or later?”
Joe looked at her and held out his hand and as she took it he pulled her past Anita and under the shower so her body was hit with the hot spray. Looking at Anita “Would you care to help me take your daughters anal virginity?”
Karen smiled “Oh yes this little slut needs a good hard butt fuck and that cock of yours is just the thing for it, but she needs to be cleaned up first doesn’t she, just like my ass needs a good cleaning out and I suspect yours too. Do you want me to do it or you?”
“You as I think you have more experience at it plus I can play with her tight little cunt whilst you get her clean.”
Moving past Joe she took the soap from his hand, but not before slipping her hand down to his cock and giving it a very quick fondle, and felt it start to rise and smiled at him. Jesus what it must be like to be young again and get erections so quickly after having cum only a few minutes ago. Then turning to Karen she started to rub the soap over her body and washed her tit’s clean before moving he soap down to her pussy and washing that first on the outside and then pushing the soap bar up her cunt so it was clean as well. Karen almost came on the spot when Anita pushed the soap bar in her cunt as she had not been expecting that, but then saw Joe had another erection and wanted him in her, but Anita had moved behind her and started to wash her tight ass with the soap bar and was running her fingers along her crack to her hole and pushing at her ass hole with her fingers. Then finally her ass gave way under the pressure and a soapy finger was in her ass. Karen gave a cry of pain as she had never had anything in her ass before and now she had her mother’s finger in her ass, and she was probing deeper with every second. Then she felt the finger pulled out and then a few seconds later the shower head was close to her ass on full power spray sending water everywhere.
Then it was pulled back as her mother turned down the water temperature and she grabbed some shower gel and put it in the palm of her hand and started rubbing her ass hole again and again a finger slipped inside her this time with more ease but still hurting, then Joe was pas the shower head and her Mum removed the finger from her ass and pulled at her ass cheeks pulling her ass hole slightly a apart and then Joe leaned over his cock to close to her and she took it into her mouth sucking him before she knew it her ass was filing with water and the pressure was enormous. Quickly standing up the shower lead dropped from her ass and water squirted from her ass along with some shit, before she could say anything Joe had her bend over again and told Karen to apply the water again to her ass. “Please stop it hurts” but as they had done to Anita, Karen was shown no mercy and water filled her ass until it felt like bursting then was pulled out and water flowed down the wall as her ass squirted the water from her ass, but this time it was clear.
Smiling Karen looked at Joe “One down, two to go. Who’s next me or you?”
“I will” said Joe and stepped forward and spread his ass as Karen pushed the shower lead into his ass filling him with water Karen watched fascinated as his ass shot water from it and it ran clear, but he kept making farting noises and water would squirt from him and then he was looking at Anita. “Ok now you.”
Anita smiled and spread her ass looking back over shoulder at both of them as Joe pushed the water into her. Christ it had been years since she had done this and her ass opened up easily after the fucking it had received this morning and then she was squirting shit and water back at them both, but Joe was as always so efficient he kept applying it until she had ran clear. Then he washed all of their bodies again with soap cleaning them top to toe and paying very close attention to Anita’s pussy and ass and Karen’s as well. Finally they decide they where clean enough and Anita stepped out and grabbed some towels for them and returning to the bedroom she grabbed some oil and a plastic sheet and spread it across the bed, and as Joe and Karen entered she pulled out some restraints.
Quickly put them on the head board she led Joe other and had him lie down and stretch his arms out and tied him down with the restraints. Looking at Karen “Right you dirty slut know let him fuck your ass so I can see it.”
Karen climbed on the bed and looked at Joe and sat over his face and lowered her wet cunt onto his mouth and made him eat her out, before changing position and offering him her asshole and he licked and sucked at her ass, with Karen moaning in pleasure. Then Anita was pulling her off his face and lubed up her ass and his cock “I told you to fuck his cock with your ass not his tongue now do it so I can watch.”
Anita held Joe’s cock up right and made Karen slowly lower herself onto his cock. Karen felt it push her asshole and slip around but then Anita took control and pushed his cock head into her ass. Karen sighed in pleasure as he stretched her ass and moaned as it went deeper very slowly. Joe knew better than to start thrusting as she needed to get used to the feeling first of his cock in her ass, then Karen squealed as his cock seemed to become stuck in her and was causing pain, but Anita, quickly told her to sit up a bit and applied more lube before pushing her back down on his cock again. Karen felt him enter here and this time it was easier and past the point of no return as the pain slowly subsided and was replaced with a warm fuzzy feeling, then she was slowly moving up and down on his cock, fucking her own ass with his cock. Joe just watched and smiled as Karen took control slowly increasing her pace. Then Anita was beside him looking at him “What are you smiling at whore your ass is next?” and before he could say anything she shoved a ball gag in his mouth and tied it tight.
Then pulling back she showed him the strap on and smiled at him “I told you no mercy. You fuck my daughter and I fuck you and make you my bitch” said Anita
Karen leaned back and smiled at him placed her hands on his chest holding him down as Anita moved around him and without lube pushed his legs back exposing his asshole and pushed closer with the dildo and pushed it into his ass. Joe had never felt such pain before as Anita filled his ass with her strap on and fucked his ass as he filled Karen’s ass with his cock. Anita just smiled at him “know you know what it is like when fucking a woman’s ass and what it feels like fucking my ass and especially my daughters tight little ass hole. Now shut the fuck up and enjoy it bitch, because I do not stop until you dump you load into her ass” said Anita.
Karen looked back at him “Oh my fucking god this is great your cock is filling my ass so much I could fuck like this forever and I want more from now on.”
Joe could not believe what was happening to him he was finally fucking Karen’s hot little ass, but her mother was fucking his and he was starting to enjoy it, what the fuck was happening to him. Anita watched him and understood that he was enjoying his butt fucking and smiled at him” Do you like this bitch, do you like your ass being fucked like your fucking my daughters ass?”
Joe nodded and Karen was shocked that he liked his ass being fucked, but his cock in her ass was like nothing she had ever had before. Yes it had been painfully at first, but after a few minutes it was like being a virgin again, but her ass gripped his cock like a glove and sucked him in deeper with every stroke in her ass. Karen felt something strange happening in her ass that she had not thought possible, it was like an orgasm then it hit her. Her ass did climax and sucked and gripped Joe’s cock even tighter than ever and then she felt him explode in her ass and he pumped his load into her ass.
Anita watched Karen climax but still fucked Joes ass for all the times he had been nasty to her at work and made her feel insignificant and small, now he was going to feel the same. When Karen finally got up off his cock she want to her knees and put her ass in the air and looked back at Anita, “suck my ass my and drink his cum from my ass, Mum and do a fucking good job.”
Anita pulled out the strap on from his ass but moved Karen around so he could see her suck her ass and suck out his cum from her ass. Anita licked and sucked like a real pro all the old ways came flooding back to her, but instead of swallowing his cum she kept it in her mouth, and when she was sure she had it all she turned to him and smiled and undid the gag. As he was moving his jaw she grabbed his face and kissed him and pushed his cum into his mouth and made him swallow it.
Karen watched them kiss and smiled at her mother finally getting back to her old self. Exhausted she got off the bed and went down stairs for some food. Anita in the mean time looked at Joe “Tell anyone what you have done her today and I will cut your cock off and make you eat it, do you understand? This is between me, you and Karen. When she goes back to college next week, you will service me exactly the way I want, when I want and where I want do you understand?”
Joe looked at her and smiled “Yes I understand, but do not think this will not make your life easier at work, from now on I expect you to work twice as hard.”
Anita smiled at him “Oh you are going to be so fucking knackered when you get to work you will not have the energy to ride my ass, at work anymore. As you will be saving your energy for when we get home so you can please me.” Then leaning over him she undid his bonds and Joe rolled off the bed awkwardly his ass still in paid from the butt fucking he had received and he went after Karen. Anita lay back on the bed aware that her body and mind had been awoken again from a deep sl**p and he was going to have to fuck her without mercy everyday he was here. Finally getting up she picked up her pictures, clothes, and sex toys and moved them to the bed room cabinet.
Looking around the room to make sure everything was away she took out a dressing gown and slipped it on and left the room. If she had looked up and out the window she would have seen Dean and Sami her neighbours from across the street, starting to fuck them after watching this morning’s show. Sami knew Anita off old, but Dean her husband had only ever meet the mourning Anita, but now he had seen her fuck like that he wanted a piece of that action himself especially with her daughter as she was fucking hot, but Anita was still great, he thought to himself, whilst fucking Sami, but she was thinking about the man and the size of his cock and how he had fucked both women and they both looked very happy she wanted a piece of that action with Anita and him, but how to get it without Dean finding out, that was her problem.

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