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The Motherly Thirst Of An Indian Son

My name is Rishabh Rajput.. It started when I was in my 11th standard and i got my first computer. I was pretty excited about it as we belonged to a middle class f****y and hence wasn’t such privleged to get anything unless it serves a good purpose. Along with the computer came the internet as well.. My parents thought it’ll help me learn many a good things.. In fact it did..!!

I learned a way too many things during the whole day but at night’s i learned even better things..!!

That’s the point of my life when i was introduced to my destiny.. i****t

The first time i read a story was about mother and son.. and i cant describe you all what kind of fire it burned inside my penis.. I never had such an ejaculation in my life.. It aroused me so much that i came 3-4 times in 2 hours repeating that story and imagining it in reality.. After getting exhausted and laying down on my bed i started imagining my mother.. My mother is a tall extremely fair Rajput woman.. Its a Royal trait.. All rajput women’s are beautiful.. My mother was no exception..

In fact she proved it more than ever.. As she was married only at the tender age of 20, and my dad couldn’t wait to fill her void.. I was born the very next year at the age of 21.. Though being 40 no one could tell from her looks.. She looked 6-8 year’s younger.. Her firm breasts which by the size of it looked like a 32 B, that waist of 30, and that huge ass of 38, That glaze on her face.. Such beautiful green eyes.. Any guy would still die for one bite at her..!!

But I had never noticed all these before now.. That moment laying on the bed in my room i masturbated for the 5th time again thinking of my mother and trust me it was better than the earlier four.

The next morning when I woke up all that was on my mind was to how to get laid with my mother.. I was literally in love with my mother’s beauty.. It was as if a thirst which was hidden inside me from ages. I started to staying around her as much as i could.. I never missed any opportunity to peek into her cleavage when she was dusting and cleaning up.. Sometimes when she used wear a baggy nighty I could see much more deeper which would give me an instant erection and my only help was to run to my room and masturbate.. It felt so lucky that i was the only single c***d of my parents and i had a liberty to have my privacy.

As i started staying more often at home than usual my mother got suspicious about being something wrong.. one day when i was helping her in the kitchen after coming back from school she questioned me.. “Rishabh you stay at home a lot these days.. What is it..? You got any problems with your friends? ”

“Problems.. What do you mean..? There’s nothing like that.. I just don’t feel like going out anymore.. I enjoy being around you more”

“Really.. Is that all what it is ? Or are you hiding something ”

“Why would i hide anything from you maa.. Is it wrong if a son wants to spend some time with his mother? ”

“NO..absolutely not my dear.. I didn’t mean that.. I am happy you are in front of my eyes more now.. I am lonely all day as well.. Your dad leaves at 10 in the morning and returns at 10 in the night.. I am lucky that my son is here with me to accompany me in my solitude..”

With a giggle she leaned forward and planted a small kiss on my cheek..

I was delighted with her ruby red lips touching my cheeks..

Seeing it as an opportunity to strike.. I hugged her from the back closing my arms just an centimetres beneath her huge breasts so that she doesn’t feels uncomfortable and planted a return kiss just close to her lips.. Saying “offcourse meri pyaari maa.. Itni khubsurat maa ko kaise akela chor sakta hu”
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“Aawwww.. Mera raja beta.. Go now wait in my bedroom room I have job for you ”

I followed her instructions with hundred questions in my mind.. What could it be.. Why would she ask me to wait in her bedroom.. Then i saw her coming towards me with a cup of oil in her hand..

“Here hold it..”

I said what is it..

“Beta my head is paining a lot.. Please massage it for a while.. I’ll feel better.. ”
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Ohkk maa.. Sit.. I’ll for sure

“She sat on the floor and i sat on a chair at a height so that it’ll be easier for me to massage.. From the height i could even have a better look at her cleavage.. It looked so enormously erotic i had a arousal in my pajamas right there.. I was staring at it like anything..

Maa turned back and said smilingly..

“What happened you’ll massage or just stare.. It’s your mummy’s breasts.. You have suckled a lot on them while you were little don’t be fascinated by them they are too old..”

I couldn’t help blushing and just started to massage her head.. But still couldn’t take my eyes of it..

After she started to feel a bit relaxed i gathered courage to reply

I said ” They don’t look that old”


What did you said..??

“I mean.. They still look firm and really attractive ”

“Ohh.. Really.. My son is now old enough to talk about her mother’s breasts now.. ” she replied smiling..

I moved my hands down to massage her shoulder.. and said..

“You said yourself.. I suckled on them a long time ago.. ”

She let out a moan.. As my hands massaged her back..

She replied..

“You used to suck on these boobies 10 hours a day.. You might not remember that.. But I sure do.. I still have a bite mark of yours.. When i tried to remove you but you bit on me instead.. ”

She said with a chuckle..

I joined her in the laughter and said.. “Ohh my god.. Really.. They must be a one hell of a pair of breasts.. Can i see that mark.. ”

“Whhaattt.. Shut up and keep massaging.. ”

She replied laughing..

“Maa please.. ”

“Sssshhh.. You are too old to see your mother’s breasts now.. ”

“What.. That’s just bullshit.. I am still a c***d for you..” I protested..

“Nooo .. I can’t do that ”

I said.. Fine now I know how much you love me… I pretended to cry a few tears..

My mother got emotional..

“Ohh.. You are such a big stupid.. What would you do watching your mother’s old they are old and saggy”

I didn’t replied.. Showing anger..

Then she agreed..,

“Okay.. I’ll show you.. Stop your drama now ” she said with a smile…

I turned towards with a big smile on my face..

“But on one condition.. ”


“You won’t tell your father about it.. and you won’t touch my breasts either..”

Ohkk.. I agreed.. But I different plans in my mind..

She said ” Go lock the doors and come to the bedroom..”

By the time I returned.. She had already removed her blouse of her red saaree..

She looked like a sex goddess to me.. She was covering her breasts with her hands only.. With a small smile on her face.. She said..

“What… Are you having an election seeing your half naked mother.. ” she said with a smile..

I was aghast at her comment.. as i tried to hide my erection in my pajamas..

“Stop trying to hide it.. It’s not the first one i have seen :-P”

I was blushing like a red tomatoe.. I approached her smiling to take a closer look… and gathered my courage to speak..

“Show me the bite.. Take off your hands.. ”

She said “as you say mr.crybaby ;-)”

I almost fainted at the beauty of those heavenly breasts.. So milky white.. As if they were made off white creamy clouds.. No wonder i bit them off in my c***dhood.. I was dying to eat them.. My mother noticed my curiosity in my eyes and said..

“Ohkk go ahead touch them.. I know you want to.. Or else you’ll start crying for it again :-P”

I didn’t missed a second to grab them.. She got surprised by my quickness.. and couldn’t help but moan..,as i was needing them pretty hard.. She was crying.. “aaahhh .. goo.. Sloowww.. They will not run away..”

I didn’t care.. I was not listening to anyone.. I was massaging those beautiful breasts.. After kneading them for few minutes.. I took the right side of the nipple in my mouth and started sucking on it.. She got surprised and aroused at the same time.. But she couldn’t do anything because i was out of control.. No one could have stopped me at that time.. Mom was in her pleasure zone and was moaning badly

“Aaahh … Nooo.. Aahh.. What are you doing stupid.. Aaahhh .. Aaahh … Noooo … Aaahhh …”

After sucking and biting for 3-4 minutes.. I came in my pajamas and mom came in her saree..

After that she asked me to go to my room and then she locked her room from inside..

I followed her order and went to my room dropped my wet pajamas.. After that I masturbated again imagining her heavenly breasts and didn’t realised when i slept.

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