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The New Step s****r’s Sex Party

Lydia was excited about Saturday. First it was her turn to host the party. She was going to have her girlfriends over for a pool party and the best part was her mom and new stepdad were going to be gone until Monday. This would give her the opportunity to host her first orgy.

Lydia remembered how her friends had introduced her to the teen swingers club. Since her first orgy she had come to love the lifestyle of swinging. She had sex with dozen of guys and girls and frankly could not imagine just being with one guy for more than her next fuck.

Neither could her group of girlfriends and when they heard that her folks were going to be gone it was quickly determined that the next orgy would be at her house.

“Lydia? I need to see you for a moment.” Her mom’s voice said

“Yes mom, what’s up?” She answered

“I have surprise for you. Your new stepb*****r Tyler is going to arrive on Thursday and I want to make sure that you make him feel at home.” Her mom said as Lydia ‘a heart sank

How could her mom so this to her? She was so looking forward to her party! She was going to get her first ever black dick from Damon! Shit the new b*****r was going to fuck this all up!

“Really mom! You know I was going to have my girlfriends spend Saturday night with me! We were going to have a real girl’s night! Couldn’t he come next week?” She pleaded

“Lydia, you should look at this on the bright side, you have a new good looking guy to introduce your friends to and besides it would make him feel welcome to join your party. I know you will have some of you boyfriends coming over so he could be just another guy.” Her mom said
Lydia could not believe she was watching her big event slip from her hands. She went back to her room and called Sarah.
“Looks like we are going to have to call off Saturday!” Lydia said
“Why? Shit it was going to be great!” Sarah replied
“My stepb*****r Tyler is going to be here.” Lydia said again feeling dejected
“Is he cute? Maybe he wants to get fucked too.” Sarah said
“I really only met him at the wedding he lives with his mom most of the time. He would probably just snitch on me.” Lydia said
“How old is he?” Sarah asked
“He is about a year younger than us.” Lydia answered
“Well if he cute I will fuck him and if he has a big dick I’ll fuck him even if he is ugly.” Sarah laughed
“No he is kind of cute but he hardly said anything to me. Well we will see. I will try to figure it out when he gets here.” Lydia said but with doubt in her voice
On Thursday Lydia went to the airport with her parents and picked up Tyler. Her first impression was not so good. Tyler was incredibly shy. It was hard to get much except a yes or a no out of him. Lydia quickly concluded he did not want to be there any more than she wanted him there.
Later that night during dinner Tyler sat at the table and continued to say as little as possible but then Lydia noticed that he would be looking at her out of the side of his eyes. Lydia checked him out again and this time looked at him as a guy she might be interested in. He was good looking and she noticed for the first time that he was actually very buff looking. Yes, he would be a guy I would fuck, she thought.
Later that night she put on a pair of shorts that hugged her ass and a white tank top with no bra. She knew her nipples were easily visible and her ass cheeks were peeking out. She paraded by him and she could feel his eyes follow every move that she made. Then her mom walked in and looked at her. She held up her hand and with one finger told Lydia it was time for a talk.
“Lydia, you need to put on some clothes. You have a boy here now and you have to understand that you look like a sex fantasy walking around dressed like that. Hell you might as well just take your top off and giggle your tits in front of him. Now go put on a bra and something that covers your ass.” Her mom said
“OK, mom!” was all that Lydia said but now she knew her stepb*****r liked girls which made her smile
The next day she found herself alone with Tyler and she decided that she was going to take it one more step.
“Hey Tyler, did mom tell you that I’m having a pool party on Saturday?” Lydia asked
“Yeah” was all he said
“My friends are real pretty. I bet your going to like looking at them like you did me last night.” Lydia said
Tyler turned red and shrugged his shoulders. Lydia smiled but wondered how she was going to loosen him up. There was no doubt in her mind that her friends would want to fuck this good looking boy.
Saturday came and Lydia’s mom and dad made their exit. Lydia was still wondering how she was going to get Tyler to join the party. Then she had a new thought. She quickly called Sarah and told her to tell the guys to wait for a call to join the party. She then told Sarah what she had in mind. Sarah giggled and then said it was a really sexy idea. Lydia then changed into her sexiest outfit.
“Tyler, would you help me clean the pool?” Lydia asked as she strutted in front of him
Tyler looked up and his eyes about popped out of his head. They went out to the pool and Lydia moved around the pool deliberately bending over or wiggling by him letting him look down her cleavage. Lydia could see his erect cock tenting his pants.
It was just then that her four friends came into the backyard. They all were dressed in sexy summer clothes and high heels. There was Sarah and she was blonde like Lydia. Then there was Cortney, Tammy and Tania who each had dark hair and dark complexions.
The girls all started talking and laughing but Tyler quickly moved off to the far side of the pool. Lydia waved at him to come and join but instead Tyler headed into the house.
“Well, I had hoped that he would make this easy girls but I guess we have to do what I said.” Lydia said
The four other girls giggled.
“Well at least we get to play!” Tania said
“OK, you get started and I will bring the sacrificial virgin back out!” Lydia laughed
Lydia went in the house and quickly found Tyler.
“Aren’t you going to come out and play with my friends?” She asked
“No, I don’t fit in with them.” Tyler said sadly
“Yes you do! They’re sexy and I know you like to look at sexy girls or at least you liked checking me out the other night until mom made me put on some clothes.” Lydia laughed
Tyler just looked at her and blushed.
“Come on let’s go see what they are doing. You might like what you see.” Lydia said as she led him back to the pool
The sight that greeted them made Tyler’s jaw drop and Lydia smile.

There by the pool were all four of her friends licking each other’s pussy. Sarah was licking Cortney from behind while Cortney was eating Tammy who was licking Tania’s pussy while she squatted over her. Lydia watched along with Tyler and she reached over and felt his hard cock as they watched the lesbian orgy unfold before their eyes. He was so engrossed that he never noticed Lydia drop to her knees and unzip his shorts. She pulled his large cock out and smiled. Her mouth opened and his cock began to slide in and out of her mouth.
Tyler looked down as his steps****r sucked his cock. He groaned but then put his hand on the back of her head encouraging her to keep going. Lydia loved the taste of his pre-cum and she knew that he would not last long. In fact at that moment he moaned loudly and she felt his cum filling her mouth. His cum tasted so good to her. She moaned as she swallowed the load down. She sucked his cock and let it slip from her mouth with a loud pop.
“Welcome to the party little b*****r. All of my friends are going to want to fuck this nice cock.” Lydia said
“Bring that cock over here I need to get fucked soon! I love getting my pussy licked but I always cum hardest on a cock!” said Tammy
“Me too! I want some of the new cock!” echoed Cortney
“Well call the other guys! It’s time to get this party started!” Lydia said as squealed
Lydia watched as Cortney and Tammy took Tyler over to a lounge chair where the two started to suck his cock. Sarah walked over and lowered her pussy to the boy’s mouth. Lydia watched as Tyler started to lick pussy probably for the first time. He must have liked it because once he started his cock grew harder than ever and he buried his face into Sarah. Sarah moaned loudly as she came on the boy’s face.
“My turn now!” said Tania as she lowered herself onto the boy’s tongue
It was at that time that James and Damon walked into the yard. Lydia looked at Damon and decided she was not going to wait any longer for her first black cock. She quickly walked over to the black stud and quickly kissed him on the lips. She slipped to her knees and pulled the big black cock from his pants. She licked and kissed every inch of his shaft. She became aware that Tammy was now kneeling next to her.
“Let me have a suck of that magnificent cock!” Tammy pleaded
“OK but I get to fuck him first!” Lydia said

Lydia looked over to see Sarah was already in a doggie position with James pumping either her pussy or ass. She also saw that Ryan was between Tania’s legs with his cock pumping furiously in and out of her.
“Fuck her little b*****r! Fuck her real hard!” She creamed

Damon grabbed her head and pushed his cock back into her mouth.
“That’s it baby suck that black cock! Get real hard because I’m going to fuck your pussy and then that tight white asshole. I will make you a real cock loving whore!” Damon shouted
“Too late for that! She has been a cock loving slut for years!” laughed Tammy
“Yes but this is my first black one!” Lydia managed to say while briefly pulling the monster cock from her mouth
Lydia felt Damon lift her from her knees. He kissed her deeply and pulled her on top of him. Lydia quickly straddled him and positioned his cock at her dripping wet pussy. She felt the tip of the cock enter her as she looked down into Damon’s dark brown eyes.
The head entered her and she groaned with pleasure as she felt her pussy being stretched. More and more cock entered as Tammy cheered her on.
“Take it Lydia! Fuck that Big Black Cock!”

Lydia began to ride the big cock and quickly felt her pussy racing toward and orgasm. Just as she was cumming she heard Tania begging someone to fuck her ass hard. Lydia looked over to see Tyler pounding Tania’s ass with his wonderful cock. She watched as her friend was clearly orgasming from having her ass reamed.

This was too much for Lydia and she orgasmed so hard she nearly passed out. When she came too she was on her stomach and Tammy was holding her ass open as Damon started to push his cock into her ass. Lydia screamed as the big cock invaded her rectum. Lydia body twitched as the black man showed no mercy as her pushed deeper into asshole.
Lydia looked up to see Tyler standing there with his arms around Cortney watching her getting butt fucked.
“This is a fun party s*s! You look sexy getting fucked like that!” Tyler said
“Come on Tyler, I need my ass fucked too!” Cortney said
Damon was pumping Lydia’s ass with long deep strokes. Lydia watched as Tyler lay down directly in front of her with cock straight up in the air. Cortney straddled his dick and then positioned the cock at her tight little ass. Lydia watched as each inch of her stepb*****r’s cock entered her friend’s ass.
“Fuck that feels so good! You have the best cock!” Cortney said as she rode the cock.

Lydia shook with another orgasm but then she noticed that Tammy had managed to get her head under her. She moaned as she felt her pussy being licked and her ass being fucked hard deep strokes. Tyler was pumping Cortney ass harder and Cortney was cumming as she rubbed her pussy.
“I’m going to put this load right up your ass baby!” Damon said
Lydia was shaking from continuing orgasms. She looked and saw that Cortney was now on her knees and Tyler was cumming on her friend’s big tits.

Later that night everybody was asl**p when Tyler entered Lydia’s bedroom. He got into bed with her. They snuggled together.
“Thank you s*s, for introducing me to your friends.” He whispered
“I’m glad you had fun and we will have more fun as long as you promise not to tell anyone about our sex parties. OK?” Lydia asked
“Sure on one condition.” He said
“What condition?” Lydia asked
“As long as I get to fuck you!” Tyler said as he rolled between her legs.
Lydia moaned happily as she felt his cock sink into her pussy.

It was only the beginning for them.

(A word from the author, this story was suggested by a fellow reader. I hope that it covered the fantasy in a way that satisfied. I probably deviated some as I had to get the story to agree with the pictures that I found. If you enjoyed a thumbs up and comments and messages are always appreciated.)

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