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The Not So Quik Stop!

So there I am standing in line at the corner gas-stop/foodmart. Last in line behind four really pissed off people who have already been standing there for quite some time.

After joining them, I’ve been in line for about two minutes, the first fuel customer, a lady in her mid thirties, retrieves a small fold of bills from her purse and leaves it on the counter. She then departs the store, hops in her car and leaves.

The second patron, an older man in a bermuda shirt and kahki shorts, says “Fuck this…” takes a map book from the stand, walks away from the store and hops into an RV and he continues on his way to who knows where.

The third person, a young teenage boy who keeps eyeing an old BMX bicycle leaning against the glass, laughs and takes the first customer’s forty dollars, steals a nudie magazine then runs out and hops on his bike, high tailing it to his local hang out, I’m sure.

The fourth person, a young lady in her late teens, shoots a look at me. She says calmly, “If I show you my tits will you keep your mouth shut?” Without waiting for an answer she leans over the counter, her loose shirt completely revealing her small and delicate perfectly formed breasts, and proceeds to clean out the register. She leans back, smiles and says, “Thank you! Come again!”

I’m standing there gawkeyed. I look up to spot the security camera and sure enough, that tell-tale little red light is on. So my hands are clean, but my conscious is not… Its true, I just stood there, and got quite an enteraining show. However, there is still no sign of the store attendant. I slowly wander over to the office door. Being slightly ajar I clear my throat and nudge the door open with my foot. Empty. Now being closer to the rear of the store, out of range of the sounds of the slushie machine and the videogames, I can hear mumbling from the rear wall. Maybe someone robbed the place, tied him up and hid him under the desk. I waltz over to take a look. Nothing. While the sound is muffled, it is slightly louder. I look up and see an air vent. Next room maybe?

I leave the office, returning the door to its original position, and proceed further down the dimly lit hall. The next door must be the staff washroom. It has the washroom decal on the door, but a little sign taped to the door says, ‘Employees only, patrons may ask for outside latrine key at counter.’ I try to open the door, but it is locked. However, the mumbling is louder, the voice is obviously gagged, but not very well. “Helb be! I’b stug ad I gan’d ged oud.”

A key slides out from under the door, coming to rest against my shoe. I unlock the door and slowly open it to find a tiny, well-lit bathroom with a toilet directly opposite the door and sink beside it on the back wall. The opening door comes to a bumping halt as it hits something wedged between the wall of the door and the wall of the sink. The attendant is lying on the floor with the front of his shirt up-over his shoulders, his shorts around his ankles. Legs over head with his ass against the close wall and his head against the far wall under the sink. His shoes however are caught on the faucet and taps of the sink above his head. His entirely too large yet flacid cock is resting against against his lips.

“Well I’ve been in that position before, but never stuck in it.” I smirk at the young man as I enter the room and close the door behind me. I instantly understand the predictament. This room is perfect for the foldover or “plow” position. About three feet across with a low sink to help with leverage. While I may be a “head only” kind of guy, this room would probably let me deep-throat myself to bliss. I unhook his shoes from the fixture and he slowly lowers his ass to the floor and tries to sit up. His face is completely red. Could be embarrassment. Could be he’s been stuck down there for an hour. “You okay?” I ask him gently, “It sounded like you were gagged.” He slowly rises to a kneeling position, the bl**d in his head slowly returning to the rest of his body. He leans over the sink, opens his jaw, and drools out a mouthful of cum. He must’ve cum off two or three times before realizing he was stuck.

“Thanks! I’ve been stuck there for 15 minutes. Everytime I heard the door chime I came a little more.” He tells me with his head still in the sink.

“Why didn’t you just swallow?” I can’t imagine the answer.

“Are you k**ding, that’s way too embarrassing!”

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