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The Pool Mens Locker Room

I always looked forward to going down to Florida to visit relatives. There was always so many hot older men at the community pool.Many of them tan and hairy with salt and pepper hair wearing their short shorts.

On this one particular day i was heading in to shower as the pool was about to close, i was thinking about all the sexy old men i had seen that day. There was one in particular that i could not stop thinking about. He was one of the few still left at the pool, he had an athletic build for an older guy, strong thick hairy legs, grey beard and hairy chest.

throughout the day i kept glancing over at him, he was wearing very short swim trunk so every time he sat down in his chair i could catch a quick glimpse of his big hairy balls and the tip of his uncut cock.
I started getting undressed in the locker room when he walked in, i decided to walk naked past him to the showers instead of using a towel, i even left the curtain to my shower stall a little open so i could watch him get naked.

Lucky for me he chose the shower stall directly across from mine and of he left his curtain wide open. i watched as he soaped up his hairy body and cock. His ass was thick and hairy, every time he bent over i could see his big cock swing back and forth as he washed. I swore i caught him looking over at me a few times but wasn’t really sure.

When i was done shower headed over to the lockers and began drying off. He quickly dried off and headed over to the sinks for a shave. He was one of these guys that did not use a towel to cover up and walked around naked with only socks and sandals. He stood at the sink with his legs spread slightly apart, i was directly behind him and could see hi slow hanging balls and cock hanging triumphantly. I didn’t realize it while staring at it that my cock was now rock hard. At that moment he finished up and turned around, he noticed that i had been looking at him and also that i had a huge hard on, he smirked and looked away. I gave a half hearted attempt to hide it.

He walked over to his locked and paused for a moment, he reached for his underwear but then put them down.
He gave himself another once over with the towel and asked me if i lived here or just visiting ? And before i even had a chance to answer he started walking over to my side of the locker room, i stuttered at first and said just visiting. I could think of anything else to say as i watched his cock swing back and forth as he walked over, there was nothing more to say as both of us new what we wanted. I sat down on the bench as he got closer, my cock still hard, he said, “looks like you like what you see”. I said “yes i sure do” and that’s when he was right in front of me, still water beading down the hair of his chest, his cock and balls still a little wet from the shower. I reached for it and began slowly stroking his cock downward, peeling his foreskin back and forth until his thick prick was revealed.
It was huge, thick and hairy, just like i fantasized about.
His cock got hard fast, my mouth was watering as i put it in, had to open up especially wide. He gave out a slow groan as i deepthroated it as far back as i could. I gave it a good lick as i jerked and suck his old uncut cock, i could feel his pubic hair touch my nose every time i stuck it down my throat. “grrruhhhh” he said, I asked him if he liked it when i slapped it on my tongue and face?
He pushed his cock deep in my mouth this time and i felt his cock get warm, i new i was about to get what i came for, i nice load of old man cum, i gagged on his huge cock and he suddenly pulled out, gave his cock two strong jerks and blew a huge load all over my face and mouth. “ahhhhh” he said, “mmmmm…good boy”. I sucked the last drop out of his uncut cock, jerking his foreskin back and forth, slapping his old man meat on my face one last time.

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