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The Pub Toilet

Well after lounging in the garden for the afternoon in the hot sunshine, I think it would be nice to head off to the local pub for a nice evening drink. We get ready to go out, I decide to wear a short skirt, buttoned at the front and a low cut top as the evening is warm. We have a nice long deep kiss and cuddle before walking out the door. We slowly walk to the pub and sit down at a table next to each other. Just sitting there next to you is turning me on so much, smelling your so lickable aftershave and feeling you so close to me. I am so horny and excited and I want you so much. I run my hand up your inner thigh as we chat. Higher I go feeling your cock through your jeans. I turn and kiss you knowing the pub is quite full and that we are being watched intently. Your hand starts to slide up my inner thigh feeling my damp pussy on my thong. Oh yes, I move my legs apart as I feel you explore. I lean in and whisper in your ear “let’s go to the toilet as I want you to fuck me”. We get up and walk towards the toilets, hmm ladies or gents? Well ladies it is – no one in at the moment. We walk in and take the far end cubicle. As soon as you lock the door we kiss, hard, deep. You straight away remove my skirt burying your face in my pussy, smelling my moistness through my thong. You pull it to one side, spreading my lips with your fingers you start to flick your tongue over my clit. My body quivers with ecstasy. You probe deeper, your tongue moving back and forth, licking and eating me all over. I can feel an explosion inside my body as I come so quick and fast; I moan loudly and shout “fucking hell do not stop”. The sensations keep me climaxing covering your face with my juices. Then in a swift movement you spin me around. I place my hands against the wall as you caress my quivering lips with your hard cock, teasing me until you slide your thick throbbing cock into my dripping waiting hole. Feeling your entire length glide into me makes me moan again. I clench and squeeze your cock inside me, enjoying the sensations. My pussy dripping as I feel you run your fingers run along my engorged clit. You grab my hair hard as you thrust in deeper. I turn my head and kiss you hard. You fill me up I can feel your hardness right up into my stomach. You grab both my breasts as you ride me. You withdraw; I turn around and drop to my knees, placing your cock deep inside my hot, damp mouth, feeling you swell and throb on my tongue as I suck harder and faster. It’s your turn to groan with pleasure as I watch your expressions before I nuzzle my head in your balls sucking and licking them in turn. Kissing your inner thighs, feeling my hot breathe on your skin as I trace a line around your thighs with my tongue. I then take you again hungrily sucking and swirling my tongue around you as small spurts of come appear on the top of your cock. I lick them clean. I tell you, “You taste so good”, you fuck my mouth, holding my head there as you pump in and out so hard my teeth rake lightly along your shaft. You moan loudly and your body jerks, and suddenly your warm come fills my mouth. I suck every drop and lick you clean and then stand up. We kiss so intensely tasting each other before getting dressed. We unlock and open the door to find the room full of women. We walk out grinning holding hands, not looking back as we continue out of the pub into the warm summer night air………..

Updated: October 20, 2016 — 7:24 pm

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