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My user name on is machineted1965. I’m forty six years old. I’m involved in a sexless marriage. I love my wife who is three years younger than Me. Shes a tiny little lady 5′ 4″, 110 lbs. Red hair and fair skin. We’ve been together four and a half years and have been married for a little more than a year. We’ve been having problems lately with her son, and his dad. Who is still jealous of our marriage after all this time. He’s always making physical threats, and causing problems over stupid shit that is none of his business. Due to all the stress my wife is constantly ill, and never has any desire for sex. And when we do have sex its clumsy, and unsatisfying. I’ve been laid three times in the past nine months, and all three times she was finished before me, and I had to finish the job myself. My wife has never been a sexual a****l to begin with. she won’t blow me, or jack me off, because it reminds her of when her dad m*****ed her as I c***d. I knew she felt this way from the beginning, and thought I loved her and we could work past that. I understood, because of my father, who felt it was necessary for at least two of his four k**s to learn about sex before they were eleven yrs old. That’s what made me the sexual freak I’ve become. When the sex stopped, I found this site. I’ve been reading stories and some of them I’ve liked allot. Whenever I had time alone I would read a story or watch matures and slutty little teens get every hole stretched. But it got to where it just wasn’t enough. So I decided I would live out all my fantasies in print.
I’ve had the Mommy thing since my dad let me watch him fuck my mom. Mom was a beautiful young women. A fine body. She fucked with such skill. She Sucked,and Fucked like a porn star. No holes barred. I have watched her with every other man she’s been with since my dad passed away. Which was when I was fifteen years old. I saw her with one guys cock in her ass, and I swear this guy was thirteen inches long and fat as a beer can. It’s been my biggest dream to fuck her in the ass. She is sixty seven now, and I’d still fuck the hell out of her today, if I had a chance. In fact I’m going to try to set something up for her sixty ninth birthday. So I started writing down my fantasies, and found myself having to jack off several times during the process. it was taking a couple of days to write a two or three paragraph chapter. I was content for a while, and was thinking this might help me get past my thoughts of infidelity until the other day. I was getting ready to go do a job for a friend, My wife and her k** had me pissed off because he smarted off to me about something I had asked him to have done before he did anything else when he got home from school, and I snapped on his ass. I didn’t hit him or anything, I just told him never mind you worthless little piece of shit. So now I’m the asshole. I went to do the job for my Buddy but it fell through because of the weather. He paid me for an earlier job I had done and I started for home. I got about a block away and thought fuck it I’m not going back there till I relieve this urge to get fucked up. So I stopped and got some beer, weed, and vodka and headed to an old friend of mines place.
Sheila and I had known each other since we were k**s she was my first fuck other than my s****r, and I was hers. Our parents were friends, and like I said before my parents were freaks, and so were hers. Our parents Swapped out a couple of times. Once my dad and her dad made the swap. My mom stayed at Gary’s house and His wife Sandy stayed in our house. they divided us k**s up between the two places. There were six of us k**s. My s****r Karen, Shelia and I had gone with my dad, and my little b*****r, oldest s****r, and Shelia’s older s****r stayed at Gary’s. We lived in a small house and us k**s all slept in the same room. That night my dad had taken Shelia’s mom into his bed. When I thought He would think we were asl**p I woke the two girls up, and we crept into the closet that connected the two rooms, with nothing to divide them, You could go through to the other room. And we went to watch the action causing all the moaning noises next door. My s****r was already totally naked before we even got in there. Sandy was a fine little thing too. Four and a half foot tall dark brown hair and hazel eyes 100 lbs soaking wet. She had little bumps for tits all we could really see were her nipples they were longer than pencil erasers, and dark brown. She was on her hands and knees sucking him all the way down. We watched for a couple minutes. Shelia seemed shocked to see her mother with another man, but she never turned away. My s****r was rubbing her blossoming titty’s with one hand and her pussy with her other hand. I was stroking my little dick as fast as I could go. Karen and I came at about the same time. Shelia was glued to the scene taking place in front of her. Her mom had stopped sucking long enough to turn around into a sixty nine position, and was facing away from us. They sucked on one another for a bit then Sandy rode dads meat for at least 45 mins. I remember Shelia’s face when she heard he mom screaming from her orgasm. My s****r and I knew it wouldn’t be long before Dad shot his load, and we had better get out before Sandy saw us.
We made it back to our beds and Shelia was nothing but questions. My s****r answered her questions best she could. That’s until she asked “whats fucking feel like?” Karen told her .It hurts at first but then it feels real good. then you cum. Karen could see the confusion in Shelia’s eyes. She called me over to the bed they were in and said to me “Show her how it feels.” OK why not. I licked Shelia’s virgin pussy and got it good and wet and stuck my middle finger in as deep as I could , then pulled it out .She said it hurt a little. I finger fucked her till she began humping back. I had a pretty big dick for a twelve year old. My Dad said it was because he had Karen sucking on it for the last four years. I moved between Shelia’s legs and laid on top of her. I rubbed the head of my cock on her pussy just like I had done to Karen’s hairy pussy so many times before. Karen covered her mouth as I busted Shelia’s cherry. It took several strokes to get all the way into her tightness. I laid there on top of her till she quieted down some. Then I began to fuck her nice and slow. Within a few minutes she was thrusting her pelvis upward to match my rhythm. She was trying to imitate the movements she had watched her mom make while we watched her fuck dad. It was fucking awesome! She didn’t have an orgasm, but I could tell she was loving it. Then Karen said “My Turn!!!” I fucked Karen from behind. Doggy was her favorite. Two minutes later She came. I loved the way her cunt sucked at my cock when she came. Karen then showed Shelia how to suck a dick. They took turns sucking my hard on for about a half hour. sucking and stroking my hard pecker, till Shelia received my hot juices in her mouth. She went to spit it out but Karen told her good cock suckers swallow it. That’s what our dad had taught her. He also told her,” There are only two places to dump a nut, in the mouth, and up the butt. With just a couple of sessions Shelia had learned about cumming, and found she could make herself cum over and over. We fucked every time we had an opportunity. Even if we were dating someone, if we saw each other we fucked. The last time I had the opportunity was when I was home on leave between duty stations in the Navy. I was staying at her parents, and she came over because she had an argument with her boyfriend, and broke up with him. Gary and I were drinking some beers when she showed up. Holy fucking Shit!! How long have you been here? She asked. I lied and said just a couple of minutes, I was just about to call you. Yeah right, your still a bad lire I see. Then she broke down and started telling her dad what had happened. He hadn’t put his hands on her, so no ass kicking needed to be done. Gary threw her a beer and we pretended to give a damn for a minute. When she finished, Gary said. So this means your staying here again. Yes If I can Dad. She answered. I’m finished with that fucking asshole. As soon as she said it, I sorta laughed a little, What you laughing at fucker? Oh nothing really. I said. I was just thinking what a lucky bastard he is that you did pinch his dick off or something for cheating on you. Fuck, you put your little fist in my eye socket when I called you Flatty Flatty that one time. I had a black eye for a week or two. But I see some things haven’t changed. A Flatty? She attacked me knocked me out of chair and we rolled around on the floor wrestling around like we did when were k**s. Gary stood, and said If you k**s are gonna play I’m taking a ride. He walked out and we heard the Harley fire up and leave.
That Harley firing up and leaving had always been our favorite sound. It meant we would be free to fuck till we heard it again. We both stopped and Shelia was sitting on my midsection with my arms pinned to the floor. She moved closer and kissed me and said,” I missed you fucker!” I told her I had missed her too. She was a carbon copy of her mom. I asked her, “Remember the first night at our house in the closet?” She nodded. You are just as fucking sexy as your mom was that night. I said. And it was true with one exception. Shelia slowly slid her tank up and for the first time in years, showed me how much she had grown. Her tits were beautiful, small but not as small as her moms. Her Nipples were even longer. Shelia’s hard young body had me quivering. While I was getting acquainted with her tittys kissing, sucking, and squeezing, she reached back and started rubbing my cock through my jeans. Holy shit fucker! You’ve grown allot too since then. I picked Shelia up and carried her to the living room. Her folks only had a one bedroom house, and she didn’t want to get caught fucking in their bed. I peeled her skin tight jeans off and covered her stomach with kisses making my way down to her freshly shaved pussy. OOOOOOO SHIT! I have missed you! No one knows how I like to be touched like you. When I reached her pussy she arched her back and began gyrating her hips under my tongue. Shelia loved having her pussy licked and would cum easy as hell. Just like when we were k**s, I had barely started eating her pussy when she came. AAughh! fuck ! That’s good fucker. Suck it. Her cum covered my face and its pungent smell had my cock throbbing. I stood and she got on her knees before me and unbuttoned the thirteen buttons that held the front of my dress blue trousers closed. When the flap fell open my hard on was staring her in the face, and she wasted no time getting her mouth on it. She took the entire length til it touched the back of her throat, then backed off till just the tip was in her mouth. She held it there and sucked as hard as she could. She pulled off it with a popping sound. She looked up at me and said,” I want you to hold me by the hair and fuck my face as deep as you can.” I grabbed two hands full of hair and pulled her face down on my cock and started pumping in and out of her mouth getting faster and harder with each stroke. She was gagging so badly I thought she might puke, but she didn’t. I was nearing the end of my rope, but I didn’t want to leave my seed In her mouth. I moved up to her slit,and teased her with just the tip till she begged me. “Fuck me will you fucker!” and I fucked into her hard, and time after time she came. I had no sooner shot my cum into her tight little pussy when we heard the Harley making its way back up the driveway. We cleaned up our mess best we could and sat down and acted like nothing had happened when Gary and Sandy came through the door.
I hadn’t planned to spend my entire leave time there, but plans can and are changed all the time. I stayed till the very last moment. The night before I had to leave, I made my way up from the floor to the sofa. I slid in behind her just as I had every night before. but tonight was different . The tank top and panties she had worn to bed before weren’t there this time. Once I got comfortable she whispered, “What took you so long Fucker?” as she pushed her ass back into my groin. You still dont want them to know do you? I asked. Sometimes I just dont give a fuck, Fucker. I smiled. Fucker was her nickname for me ever since that first night when we watched Sandy ride my dads pole. Fuck my little ass your FUCKER! Lick my pussy you Fucker! Fuck me you Fucker !!!, is what we heard in the closet so long ago. What you fucking smirking about? She said. Why have always called me that ? Even around our friends you call me Fucker. That’s because when you did something wrong and pissed my mom off she called you a little mother fucker, and I would always think, he’s not a mother fucker he’s my fucker. And your always going to be my Fucker. Whether you like it or not. As soon as she stopped talking, the head of my cock breached the opening of her wet pussy, I slowly slid my cock in and held her tight, she pushed back. We made quiet sweet love. I kissed the back of her neck as she ground her ass back into my body. we came together and kept going . Not a word was spoken between us, our eyes never left each others. That night I fell in love with Shelia. After all the years we had been fucking. That night I knew. Shelia would always be a part of my life forever. The next morning I woke up, and Gary and Sandy were sitting at the table across the room, Drinking their morning coffee.
Sandy said nice. A bit bigger than his dad dont you think? Yeah. a bit. Gary replied with that familiar chuckle. I knew the reason for the chuckle. Gary had a cock that made a Tennessee Walking Horse Stud blush. I nudged Shela. She woke and freaked,” Holy Shit Fucker!! We’re gonna Be Late!! She was right, we had over slept. I had to get to the airport. Keep in touch Fucker! She said. She pulled away. From that day on I would regret not telling her I loved her.
I served my time and had kept in contact with Shelia the whole time. I never told her how I felt about her, When I got discharged, she had already gotten married. I drifted around the US ,for a couple of years. When I made it back home I tried to hook up with her. Shelia told me she had changed. She was a good wife, and wouldn’t risk what she had for anything. I had to respect her wishes. I had to give up what we had. She had one c***d, and on the way. She loved the father of her c***dren, and I would just have to get over it.
I saw her at a friends party and she made it quite clear. Not long after that I would start a f****y of my own. (Cont.)

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