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the real me part two

I took the mail in the house and mom was on the phone.She got off the phone and said we need to do something now. I said what she said go to my bathroom were she had me lift up my dress and take off my thong an bend over. I felt something cool and wet on my hole.Then felt her slide something warm inside me i moaned a little the felt warm liquid flowing in me,she ladies must douche and be clean and fresh.Then right in front she did her self her pussy was smooth with long lips.
Well it was close to 9 pm and she asked me if I would drive to the next town and get some stuff at the store.I grabbed my purse and keys and went.I was going down one of the ailse when I couldn’t belive my eyes there was my friend MIKE. I just walk by him and he didn’t relize it was me,the whole time I was thinking he suppose to be gone for the summer.He stared at me and kind of followed me around i would bend over makeing sure gave him good eye full.Well i checked out and didn’t see him.
I got back home took stuff in house, mom asked how it went I told her great and about what happen. She kind of smiled and said she knew he was back and her and becky,mikes mom set it up so we be there at same time.
The phone rang and it was Becky, she told my mom that Mike came home and told her about what happen.She then told Mike that it was me he seen.I wonder what he thought about me now.Just then my mom laughed and said well thats up to Paula,I said what up to me.She said Mike asked his mom if you were going to dress and be paula now? I said I am sure this is the real me.Well I walked out of the kitchen to the back deck.
I was sittng there drinking a soda and mom came out asked what bothering you?I said I can’t tell you I have put enough on you today.She said well if I tell you something you won’t get mad,I said no. She said well since your dad left and never around and Becky’s same boat as we are with Mikes dad that her and becky were lesbain lovers.I said cool thats its ok with me.So tell me whats bothering you she said.
I looked at her and said well I wanna makeout with mike and see if anything happens.She smiled said ok. Then she blew my mind by saying well I closed the shop for a week to take a break and Becky and Mike are comeing over to stay with us while they fix there house.

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