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The REST Of The Story: Watching a Mom and Her Dann

The REST Of The Story: Watching a Mom and Her Danny Boy

Many of you have asked about me waking up with my s****r after having a perverted dream of a man watching a woman deflower her son. What would have led up to that? What happened with the s****r? Give us more!!!

So this is the story AROUND the story. It tells you what was running through my mind to seed my imagination with such taboo thoughts. It also then tells of what happened then with my s****r… At least some of it!!!


My s****r and I fooled around as we grew up. I am two years older than she is and so we each started becoming “aware” and curious at about the same time. Mom was doing her best to raise us on her own, but we were still sl**ping in the same bedroom until I turned 16. We were well beyond curious by that point.

She got pregnant at 17, got into it with Mom and moved to Seattle Washington. That was 15 years ago. Mom died last month and Kay drove cross country with Teagan to start life over again. We had not had direct contact with each other for over a decade, so it was really odd seeing this grown up version of her standing on my porch right next to the version I remembered!!!

As Teagan went to the bathroom, Kay asked if she could crash at my place for a few days. She had decided that with Mom gone, she wanted to come back and start over again. Now I live in a two bedroom apartment because I am still trying to recover financially from what my ex and her lawyer did to me. I told her it would be cramped and she said it would only be for a while.

So after dinner, I helped Teagan bring her stuff into my spare bedroom where I have a daybed. She looks so thin that you would be tempted to think a strong wind might blow her over, but just like when Kay was her age, she was a feisty and wiry little gal! Shoulder length, straight brown hair, green eyes, nice tan, small but obvious breasts and long skinny legs leading up to a nice thigh gap and round ass, I found myself thinking of her much the same as I had thought of her mother a decade and a half earlier!

Fast forwarding, through most of the evening, Teagan went to bed around 10:00 and Kim and I stayed up and talked until midnight. I told her I would sl**p on the couch, she said, “no” … blah blah blah… I finally crawled into my bed, a little buzzed and very horny after remembering stuff with Kay. She is carrying about 40 extra pounds but my eyes and mind had explored her larger breasts, and ass throughout the evening and as I slipped under the sheets I thought about beating off.

I was just getting good and stiff when I felt her enter my room. I stopped. I felt the sheets moving and then I felt Kim climb into the bed. She was naked. “I decided I wanted the bed after all,” was all she said and within a minute we were fucking like teenagers, trying to keep quiet, only this time it was to keep from waking Teagan!!! Damn the sex was good, even if it was over quickly for us both.

I was drifting off to sl**p when Kay asked the most inappropriate question ever. “Bryan, part of the reason I came back was you. You taught me what love is and how to make love. I have had dozens of guys since then, but you are the only one that makes me… feel like I do now. I want that for Teagan to. Tomorrow is her birthday. Will you show her what love done right is like?”

I shook my head, started to tell her “HELL NO!!” but she kissed me on the lips and asked me to sl**p on it.

You may have read what I dreamt that night as I slept on it! “”Watching a Mom and Her Danny Boy.”

All Friday at work I kept thinking about what Kim had said! Let’s just say it is a damn good thing I don’t work in health care because people could have died from my inattention! I could focus on nothing but her and Teagan! Did she really want me to…. I mean, sure we had been that age when we…. But we had been in the same room since she was born! I hardly knew Teagan!

I sent that protest to Kim and told her that I did not want to spoil her daughter’s youth. She responded with three pictures of Teagan flirting for a phone selfie with no top on and one of her with a dildo up in her!!! “She looks all sweet, but three months ago when she broke curfew, I took away her phone for five days. During that time I found these!”

If I had not been completely screwed up mentally before, I certainly was now!! Damn, she was much more a young woman than a girl! Those pictures, which I could not get out of my mind, showing her firm, just more than a mouthful tits, with nice tight dark areolas, well defined and stiff, long (for a k**) nipples had me needing some relief and I kept telling myself, “Why not her? Why not me?”

By the time I was driving home one thing had been settled in my mind. Someone was going to get fucked before I went to sl**p, because I only need one set of tonsils and having my nuts riding as high and tight as they were was simply not going to cut it!!

I met a pizza delivery boy coming out of my driveway when I got home. I parked out on the street, waved to the little old lady who lived in the other half of the duplex apartment. She smiled and waved. I responded in kind, thanking the stars above that she was both nearly deaf and generally in bed before 9:00!!! Kim was at the door. She was wearing a red halter top and shorts. That sexy combination had her showing a lot of mature alluring flesh! Her large breast moved easily removing all questions about her wearing a bra. Her smile removed any question as to whether she had forgotten or decided not to pursue any further sexual relations!

I saw the hands behind her take the pizzas into the shadowed interior of the apartment as she stepped out and pulled the door closed behind her. After giving me a kiss that I felt confident even my oblivious neighbor had to have noticed, Kim whispered to me, “So I have been thinking about this all day. I think that Teagan should get to know you better tonight! She is stuck with us anyway. I think we should make it really fun for all of us!” Kim kissed me again, pressing her large chest into me. My cock was getting stiff and all of the arguments and objections that I had come up with during the day as to why this was wrong or I should not do this flew out of my head! When we finally came up for air I managed to say “OK” and she kissed me once more and then turned, opened the door and we went in.

I went in and changed into some shorts. I could not help but notice the stain in the front of my briefs from all of my thinking about what might be about to happen. I kept telling myself I just needed to get a grip on my self-control but then a thought would enter my mind or a memory from decades before would surface and I was a goner!

As I walked into the kitchen Kim told Teagan to get me a beer and she did. I watched her tight young ass on top of those long thin legs sway over to the refrigerator, move seductively as she wrestled a can out of the box and then I feasted my eyes on her flat belly with the belly button piercing as she came back to me. Her shorts, like the tube top around her chest, was just sufficient to cover her goods and still not leave much to the imagination! My trouser snake was unwinding and I was very glad to have the excuse of just sitting down to adjusted myself!

“Thanks Uncle Bryan for letting us stay. Mom told me you were the best older b*****r any girl ever had. She has told me so many stories about things you two did that it almost makes me wish I had an older b*****r myself.” She handed me the beer walked over to the eat at bar separating the kitchen from my living area and she plopped herself down on the countertop… legs slightly apart…leg holes on her shorts gapping to the inside and affording me a glimpse of her red and blue striped panties! I wanted to groan!!

“So what do you guys want to do?” Teagan asked before taking a bite of her pizza pie.

“I know! Let’s play cards!” Kay said. She shot me a look and I smiled. We had played strip poker nearly every night when Mom left the house to both pass the time and to determine things like who got to be on top or what sexual activity we would try that night! I have hardly played since Kim moved away and never without remembering some of those crazy nights!

I retrieved a deck of cards and brought out a big bowl of pennies. We each stated with a $1.50 in pennies and a couple of beers later, Kim lost her last cent. “That’s not fair!” she pouted.

“Looks to me like you just lost your shirt!” I laughed.

“If I do, what will you give me?” She fired back coyly.


“Relax, Teagan. Your uncle and I shared the same room and most of the time the same bed until I was a little older than you! Trust me, he isn’t going to see anything he hasn’t seen before!” They both giggled and I offered her $.50. Teagan offered her $.60 and we all laughed and she declared her shirt sold, took it off and handed to her only c***d. Both Teagan and I were staring at Kim’s beautiful free swaying tits. Her nipples were pointing at the table top and we all laughed when she said, “My girls are pointing to the two of you and saying, ‘Somebody deal!’” We all laughed.

Now the pots grew large quickly and the bets were more long shots. Soon it was my turn to borrow money. “No, your shirt doesn’t cut it!” Kay said. “Lose the shorts and I will give you a dollar.” And the deal was done. Kim laughed and pointed at the front of my light gray briefs. “Looks like the one eyed Jack is enjoying this game a lot.” I looked down and immediately could feel my ears go red as I saw the dark patch near the end of my cock where my pre-cum had soaked the fabric!

I lost that money in a heartbeat and this time Kim came to my rescue gave me $25 for my shirt. Then it finally happened. Teagan went broke. “I quit!” she announced laughingly and acted as if she was going to leave the table.

“That’s not how we play the game, T. Now, what are you putting up for your loan?” Kay smiled at her daughter and I openly stared at her. Her green eyes and thin lips were so much like looking at a living photo of Kay from years before. I knew without a doubt that my wet patch was growing right along with the length and thickness of my cock!

“Fine.” She smiled coyly at us both and then, barely raising her firm young ass up off of the chair she was sitting in, she removed her shorts and pushed them down her legs to the floor. Smiling from one of us to the other, she then leaned down and I noted with pleasure that the red and white triangle covering her pussy was held in place by just a couple of strings and nothing else! Her as was bare except where the string climbed out of the valley between her twin cheeks! As she bent at her waist and retrieved her shorts from under the table, she sat back up and put her shorts in the middle of the table. “I want $.75 for them and not a penny less!”

I looked over at Kim who looked back at me shrugged and without a moment’s hesitation she shoved all of her money over almost to Teagan. “Go naked and you can have all but one penny of mine!” We all burst out laughing, Kim’s big tits bouncing merrily in front of her!

“Deal” Teagan yelled and I watched as she pulled that stretchy band up and over her head. Her tits hardly moved except for her nipples hardening and puckering more tightly! I found myself licking my lips, needing to devour her. Teagan’s cheeks were red, but her embarrassment only seemed to make her nipples stand out all the more and I was certain it was also making something on me beneath the table stand out fore as well!

She stood up and extracted her thong from all of her private areas. It was now very evident that I was not the only one at the table with a “leakage” issue as her delicate pussy lips were evident ever before the thin cloth was pulled away and down those long skinny thighs!!

“And this penny is for you.” Kim slid her last cent across the table to me. “You can have it if you take off the last of your clothing.” If you looked up the word ‘lecherous’ in an English dictionary, the look on her face would be on display next to it! The pink tip of her tongue peeked out from between her lips and the smile that slid across my lips had to be nothing less than just pure evil intention.

Standing up I let my gaze rove over the flesh of the two women sitting around the table. I pushed myself back from the table as Teagan dropped her damp underwear on the pile of coins in front of where she sat. The eyes of the two women moved to the clear outline of my cock. The darker splotch had indeed spread. There was no denying that they were as excited as I was and in fact as I stood up, Kim reached up and started cupping one of her full breasts. I watched as she reached across the table and gave Teagan’s bare bottom a squeeze.. Teagan jumped, but only for a second before turning her attention fully back to me.

“I think I need some help. Teagan, would you mind pulling my briefs down for me?” I stood up and walked over so that I was standing only a few inches in front of her. She slowly brought her hands up to the sides of my hips and hooked her thumbs under the waistband. Very slowly and deliberately, she began pulling kneeling down, pushing my shorts lower as she descended to the floor. The waistband caught on my cock and began tugging my engorged cock out to point further in front of me as she did it. When my cock flipped free and up, it flung a single silver thread of my need out in a graceful arc that landed on Teagan’s forearm. She glanced at it and then at my cock before looking up into my eyes. Slowly she lifted her hand from my thigh and brought her arm up in front of her face. I was completely mesmerized as her tongue snaked out and licked the thin filament from where it landed into her mouth.

“Mmmm, Mom was right. You are good! You even taste good!” The little vixen was staring straight in my eyes as she knelt before me and helped me step out of my shorts. She tossed them up onto the table, landing on top of her own. Little Teagan’s eyes were big and the look on her face betrayed a little fear. “Bryan, you are a lot bigger around than the guys I have messed around with. I’m not sure I can handle something that big yet.” She bit her lower lip.

“It’s alright Teagan. I think every girl gets a little nervous going from having boys to fucking with men. I tell you what. What don’t you go and take a pee and clean yourself up real well. Then you can come into Uncle Bryan’s bedroom where we will all be more comfortable.” Kim stood up as she was talking and offered her daughter a hand up. I began to have second thoughts as Teagan looked up at me a little shyly and then at Kim. Kim undid her shorts and shoved them over her round hips and I smiled as she revealed that she had been going commando. “I figured why create the added laundry.” She said with a coy smile as she put her shorts on the table with our undergarments. “Shall we?” she asked as she held out her hand toward the bedroom and I took her arm and led her away.

She had me lay down with my feet up at the headboard and then across the bed diagonally. She then got up on all fours near the headboard and started sucking my less than fully erect cock. She was even better than I remembered and as she looked up at me and I down at her, there was electricity that sizzled through the room! I reached down and gave her big heavy breasts a couple of good squeezes before running my hand down her belly and up between her thighs. My god she was wet! She was nearly dripping before I even touched her!

Teagan walked in and stopped at the doorway. I was afraid she was about to turn tail and run when Kim looked up and let my now solid shaft fall out of her incredible mouth with a wet slap against my belly. “Come on in baby and join the party. Trust me when I say, Bryan’s tongue is not just silver because he is good with words! It is gold because of what it can do with a pussy! You have to let him eat you out!”

I smiled over at her and winked. “Are you sure the two of you wouldn’t rather… I mean. I have never been a part of a threesome. And doing it with the two of you… it’s kind of weird.” She was slowly walking toward us, almost as if she was staying ready to run from the room should either of us make any sudden moves.

“Teagan, I won’t do anything you do not want me to do and I will stop at whatever point you say stop. Your Mom just wants you to know what it is like to have sex with people that care about you so you can recognize the difference and avoid people in the future who are just in it for their own gratification. I promise that you are in charge.” I smiled. Kim was stroking my thick hard cock and Teagan’s eyes were so glued to my prick that I wondered if she even heard what I said!

As she stepped up to the foot of the bed, I was treated to the most incredible sight. Her pussy was well forward and she only had a thin layer of fine pussy hair around her pretty pink pussy. There was no reason to shave such a downy layer!! The top of her cleft looked like the hole for a large skeleton key, round at top, with a descending slot with the promise of treasure to the one that could release the lock and open her up! Lower down, two twin edges of thick rose petals appeared, just emerging from her secret cleft. Each one was glistening and as I inhaled her musk was so clean and fresh! It was almost like having someone freshly slice open an apple and the moist, sweet hidden fruit promised to be even more tasty!

Teagan took a hand of mine in each of hers for stability and gently put a knee to one side of my head and then the other. Her thighs were quivering with anticipation. There was almost no separation between the dividing cleft of her ass and the deeper cleft of her young pussy! Staring up at her she was the personification of young beauty! Even as I watched, she slowly lowered herself. I could feel her Mom rising up and I heard them kiss. It was not your typical familial kiss!

Nor was the kiss I gave her as I lightly played my tongue over the tender curves of her soft rose petal labia! They were so soft, tender and delicious that I just wanted to gobble her up, but I made myself go slowly. In response I both heard and felt her moan!

Oh yes, THIS was going to be so wrong and soooo fucking hot!

I parted the fold of her pussy as her descent into decadence continued! My nose nuzzled the crack of her ass and she leaned forward on my hands. My tongues slid up her delicate folds of flesh and were brought into contact with thicker folds of flesh that seemed to be hiding something. I determined to discover what lie beneath!!!

Sucking the tiny knot of flesh into my lips and teeth, I flicked my tongue over the knot, trying to untie the tender tendrils of lust that were wound up in it! Teagan moaned again and released my hands as she leaned forward. I felt a set of lips on my cock and then a second set on my shaft. I moaned and my moans were echoed back as giggles and faint undecipherable words from between my thighs!

I hummed and moaned on the flesh I had captured and was rewarded almost immediately by a flow of warm thick juices spilling as if from no where and every were down into my mouth and across my chin! Releasing my kiss, I pressed the flat of my tongue against her clit, I gently moved it in small circles and occasionally sucked on the wider region of the top of her pussy. She was nearly moaning in a continuous fashion now! So was I.

Wrapping my arms around her thin thighs my hands pulled open the entrance to her vagina and after taking a moment to moistened my fingers with her lube, I pushed two into her tight little snatch! Teagan arched her back and I felt the tremor shake her body as she groaned. “That’s it baby, relax and enjoy what a real man can do for you!” I heard Kim saying. I smiled and began to slowly move my fingers in and out of her, only a little at each stroke!

She now was fairly melting and pouring herself out through her wet slit and I did my best to open the floodgates ever wider by intensifying my assault upon her pleasure button! She was nearly delirious with the inundation of pleasurable sensations that assailed her!

Likewise I was growing ever closer to popping my own wet load in a torrent flowing into her fertile womb. The mere idea of it had my nuts tightening! Her copious thick flow ran like liquid sugar over my lips and tongue and I swallowed every drop with an eager desire to lay claim to even more of it!

Teagan began crawling up my body and I was treated to an incredible view of her ass and pussy, covered in lusty juice and spit, moving down toward my hips. She raised herself up on foot and I watched as Kim rubbed the thick purple head of my throbbing cock up and down her slit, just before Teagan settled down on it and I felt my tender flesh wedge open the tight velvet folds of her internal furnace! I watched as the two women kissed and then as Teagan folded her leg back under her, I watched my thickness sink into the depths of her womb!!!

I have never felt anything so wonderful as sinking my shaft into the very core of Teagan’s torso! She was wet enough that I slid in with no problems and yet so tight I could feel my pulse pounding in my member as if a bl**d pressure cuff was tightened too firmly around it! She went face down between my ankles and ass high over my hips! Kim slapped her ass hard three or four times telling her, “Take it you little slut! Feel what it is like to have a real man fill you up! That’s it, get that hungry cunt of yours all the way down on his balls! My god you are such a whore!!!”

Kim moved so that her tits (DD though I thought they might be G) were hanging over my mouth. I could feel Teagan beginning to bounce her hips almost in a twerking motion on my cock as I eagerly sucked, chewed, tongued and kissed and bit the tits I remember being somewhat small… but not anymore.

I was hand deep in Kim’s pussy as she was furiously rubbing her clit. My hand, fingers and wrist were coated with her love honey and we were all three moaning like whores and swearing like sailors. Teagan started the chain reaction. I felt her slam herself down onto me in an almost brutal fashion! The walls of her love tunnel collapsed and attempted to strangle my cock and rip it off of me. That caused me to begin shooting thick gooey ropes of sperm deep inside of her as I thrust my hips up so hard I was lifting her completely off of the bed! I felt Kim shudder and impale herself onto three of my thick fingers and squirt all over!

For the next several minutes we each send mind bending gut wrenching waves of pleasure ripping through each other until at last we collapsed into a pile of lust and spent desire on my bed. As we each panted and fought to bring our racing hearts back into working rhythms there was a lot of kissing touching not to mention giggles and moans!

Finally, Kim got up off of the bed and staggered to the bathroom as I rolled and flipped over to cuddle my niece. “Happy Birthday, Teagan. Is there anything else you would like for your special day?” Her eyes were dancing with sexual energy and her smiled would have tempted even a saint.

“Can the three of us watch a movie?”

I laughed. After all, I had almost forgotten just what a girl she still was. “Sure, what’s on that you want to see?” I chuckled.

As Kim walked back into the room Teagan said in a voice that reminded me of an elementary school girl asking for a pony, “No!! I mean go into the city and watch a porn movie in a porn theater!!!” I looked over at Kim who stopped cold in her tracks. She finally pulled her mouth closed and looked me smiling like the Cheshire cat.

Kim rolled her eyes and took a deep breath. “I can’t believe I doing this, but… After what we just did, why the hell not!”

We were dressed in less than five minutes and on the road!


What a crazy ass ride!!! I mean… Oh, wait, I can’t get into that here. Maybe in another chapter!

So are you still into hearing how all of this craziness went down?

Give me some loving!!! Vote my story up! Favorite it!!!, Leave big comments! Come back and re-read this a dozen times!

As always I appreciate the love, almost as much as I liked watching Tyrone, Vince and Troy simultaneously filling Teagan with their loads….. Never mind. I am getting ahead of myself!!

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