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the simpsons female dominance chapter 1


bart woke up one morning to find that he was tied to the bed another thing he noticed was that he was in his aunts bedroom. “well well well look who’s up” said his aunt patty as she walked in with selma, and marge.
they were all in a nurse type outfit then he noticed that there was medical equipment in the room.
“we are going to conduct medical experments on your genitals” said selma. then she pulled out injection and sounding equipment.
“please why are you doing this” bart pleaded “because we have grown tired of men walking over us like were dirt” marge said “and the genitals are the cause we already ruined other mens genitals now it’s your turn” selma said the she put a gag in his mouth “what should why do first how about we make his penis super erect to the max!” marge said looking at his 8 inch flacid penis “ok,hmmm lets make it 25 inches flacid and while thats happening well come back tommorow to make it to the max and not just that he is already a freak of nature i mean look at his cock.” patty said “so it’s going to be 25 inches flacid then wont it be 35 inches hard” asked marge pulling out the injection out of barts penis. “yes then well ruin him like we did the other men” patty said “do you wanna know what we did bart,no well ill tell you anyways when we got the other men to full erection we put it in a giant hotdog bun and ate it.” she said smiling wickedly “in other words we cannibleized it and used the balls as meat balls.” she said putting a large sound slowly into his penis.

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