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The Sleeepover – Chapter 13

The Sleeepover – Chapter 13

by samslam

A few days later, I find out how right I am about my s!ster’s intentions with Kristina. Apparently, after I dropped her off at home, mom came into her room and they talked late into the night. According to my s!ster part of the conversation went like this.

“Mom, I want to know how you and dad and the Andrews did this,” Lauren asks.

“What do you mean?” Mom says sounding fairly perplexed.

“I mean were you in separate bedrooms, were all four of you together, did you spend the entire time with Mr. Andrews or did you trade off with dad?”

“Honey, I don’t think it’s appropriate…” Mom says but Lauren cuts her off.

“It will help me process it, Mom,” Lauren says. “Besides I have something important to ask but it depends on how you guys did it.” Mom sighs resignedly and curls her hair behind her ear, a sure sign that she’s nervous.

“At first…” Mom starts, clears her throat and then starts again. “At first we used separate bedrooms and spent the entire weekend with each other’s husband.”

“When did that change?” Lauren asks, clearly picking up on mom’s inference.

“A few years after we started making it a regular trip,” Mom says, looking at the ceiling like she’s trying to recall the details. “I don’t really remember how it happened. We were all very comfortable with each other and during this one trip we just all ended up naked in the living room, trading partners and that’s how we’ve been ever since. Does that help you process?” Mom asks.

“Yes,” Lauren answers, then hesitates.

“What else did you want to ask?” Mom is running her hand up and down Lauren’s arm.

“Have you and Mrs. Andrews… um… you know… done anything… um like sexual?” Lauren asks, hemming and hawing and not looking at her mother. Mom waits a long time before answering.

“Why is that important to you, Lauren?” Mom asks.

“So you have,” Lauren says.

“But why is it important?” Mom coaxes her.

“Because I think I might be bisexual,” Lauren blurts out.

“You think you might be or you are?” Mom asks.

“I’m attracted to this girl,” Lauren says. “But I also like guys,” she adds quickly. “She was with a guy and I’m not sure if I would want to be with her without the guy there. But when it was the three of us I wanted to do things with both of them.” Lauren shakes her head. “I’m not making sense.”

“Yes you are, sweetheart,” Mom says pulling Lauren into a hug. “And I understand why you asked about Julie and I.” Lauren nods her head against her mother’s breasts. “The truth is that yes we have done some sexual things but only when we were in the cabin with our husbands. We’ve never been together just the two of us. Does that sound like what you’re talking about?”

“Exactly!” Lauren says excitedly. “But I haven’t acted on any of this. Can you tell me how you and Mrs. Andrews started, who initiated it and how did you know the other person would be receptive?” Mom takes a deep breath and looks at Lauren.

“What I’m going to tell you cannot be repeated,” Mom says. “I’m only telling you to help you understand your own situation. Is that clear?” Lauren readily agrees and anxiously waits for her mother to start. Although hesitant at first, once mom starts talking it’s like she’s wanted to share this with someone for a long time.

“A couple of years ago, we were all very anxious to get to the cabin,” Mom says. “We hadn’t been up there in almost a year and you could tell everyone was very excited. As soon as we walked through the door, Julie was pulling her blouse over her head and unfastening her bra. The guys were bringing in the luggage as I watched Julie disrobe. I started shedding my clothes too and was surprised at how aroused I got looking at my best friend’s body. It had never been just the two of us naked. Usually the guys were already touching us and distracting us from each other. Her nipples were jutting out invitingly like she was already aroused and I felt myself getting wet, thinking about sucking on her nipples. Is that how you’ve felt?”

“That’s exactly what I’m talking about!” Lauren answered excitedly. “What did you do?”

“Nothing right then,” Mom says. “The guys came in, we paired off and started fucking right there on the couch. Larry and your dad were sitting on the couch and Julie and I were straddling them, bouncing on their hard… maybe this is too much information,” Mom says.

“NO! I need to know this stuff. Please!” Lauren’s body is responding to mom’s tale and she can’t wait to hear what happens between mom and Mrs. Andrews.

“Anyway, Larry had me pleasantly distracted just as your dad had Julie’s undivided attention. We rode those guys side by side on the couch and I remember we were smiling at each other when we realized we were almost synchronized in our movements. It wasn’t something we did intentionally but somehow we all four climaxed at about the same time. It all seemed so perfect when Julie and I grabbed for each other to keep from falling over.”

“Wow,” Lauren whispers. “Were they still inside you?” she asks.

“Yes!” Mom laughs. “We were sitting on their spent cocks, kind of hugging each other from the side when I told her how beautiful she looked. She said, ‘back at you,’ and kissed me on the lips. We had kissed before… you know goodbye kisses and stuff like that but this kiss lingered and I felt Julie’s lips part.”

Lauren is listening with rapt attention, hanging on Mom’s every word. “What did you do?”

Mom shrugs, “What do you think? I took a chance and pushed my tongue in her mouth.” Mom laughs. “I had no idea what she would do. We had never talked about this, never even contemplated it, it just happened. Fortunately, she responded positively and we started kissing like crazy.”

“What were dad and Mr. Andrews’ reactions?” Lauren asked.

“They were like teenagers at a porn movie going all gaga over two women kissing,” Mom laughs at the memory. “I whispered to Julie, asking her if she felt like giving the guys a show. She nodded her agreement and we started caressing each other. Tentatively at first, just running our hands up and down each other’s backsides as we kissed but I had my mind set on tasting those taut nipples of hers.”

“Did you get to?” Lauren asks, clearly engaged in her mom’s story.

“Yeah,” Mom says dreamily. “First, we disengaged ourselves from the guys’ cocks and then stretched out on the other sofa, just opposite where they were sitting. With eager encouragement from our husbands we began to seriously explore each other’s body.”

“How far did you and Mrs. Andrews take it?” Lauren asks.

“Well, I don’t think either one of us knew exactly where we were going with this. I started kissing her neck and then moved down to her breasts, kissing and licking. We were still touching, squeezing each other’s ass cheeks and then I just sucked her thick nipple into my mouth and her moan let me know that I wasn’t the only one who wanted more. It helped that Larry and your dad were very excited about the whole thing too. I think a big part of our arousal was the exhibitionist nature of what we were doing. Like I said, neither of us has been interested in pursuing the relationship away from our spouses.”

“What about… um… you know… what else did you do?”

“You mean oral sex? Did we go down on each other?” Mom asks teasingly. Lauren nods in response. “Yes, we did that and we still do occasionally when we’re at the cabin. That first time was so tentative and so sensual, both of us feeling our way and apprehensive about how far the other was willing to go. Again, I went first, kissing my way down Julie’s body and experiencing my first close up view of a woman’s vagina,” Mom laughs. “I’m not sure what I expected but it was exquisitely erotic. I just stared at her distended labia, slick with arousal and so fragrantly aromatic that thought I might come just from inhaling her scent. God, Lauren,” mom laughs. “I was so out of control. I just licked and licked and licked. I wanted to devour her and make her cum. I wanted to be the best lover she ever had. I did all the things I like and used her little groans of appreciation as my pleasure compass. I ate her through at least two orgasms. By the time she did me, I had one of the longest, hardest oral orgasms ever.”

“What were dad and Mr. Andrews doing?” Lauren asks.

“They were hard as rocks, stroking their cocks as they watched us get each other off. When we finished, they fucked our brains out and we all came again.” Mom glances at Lauren, maybe embarrassed that she’s shared so candidly.

“Wow,” Lauren says, squeezing her legs together to try and ease her own flow of juices.

“Yeah, wow,” Mom says, kissing Lauren on the forehead. “We’ve been doing that during every visit since. Does that help answer your question?”

“Yes, thanks, Mom.” Lauren hugs her. “You’re the best.” After a few second pause, Lauren adds, “Do you think you’re bi?”

“No, I just think I love Larry, Julie and your dad so much that we are comfortable being interchangeable.” Lauren nods, excited to try out her new ideas with her br0ther and… new half s!ster.

“What’s it like to kiss a girl?” Lauren asks. Mom has been on her back the whole time she was reminiscing. Now she turns on her side to face Lauren.

“It is really different than kissing a guy,” Mom says, brushing a loose strand of hair from her daughter’s forehead. “I think part of the appeal is that it is seems so naughty. That first time Julie and I were kissing… I mean we had known each other a long time… but it was like we were discovering each other for the first time.”

“You had fucked each other’s husbands to add spice to your marriage,” Lauren adds. “And then with Mrs. Andrews you were adding a little more spice to the spicing up.”

“I guess we were, weren’t we?” Mom chuckles.

“Will you kiss me, Mom?” Lauren asks.

“Oh honey,” Mom says, clearly surprised at the request. “I don’t think that’s appropriate.”

“Why not?” Lauren asks, scooting closer so their faces are inches apart. “I want to know what it’s like so I don’t make a fool of myself with this girl… please, Mom,” she whispers the last part. Their eyes are locked on each other; mom is either considering it or trying to think of a way to make Lauren understand. “Want me to get Dad to watch,” Lauren jokes.

They both laugh and Lauren gently presses her lips to her mother’s mouth while pulling her closer. Mom didn’t respond for a few seconds, and then somewhat reluctantly, she presses back and parts her lips. Lauren jumps at the chance and pushes her tongue into mom’s mouth. With one hand on the back of mom’s neck, she explores her mouth with her tongue, waiting for an indication that she is going to reciprocate.

Slowly, tentatively the kiss becomes a little more passionate. Mom starts kissing back, swirling her tongue around Lauren’s while moving both of their tongues into Lauren’s mouth and pressing her down onto the bed. Mom is leading this dance in the same way she must have lead with Mrs. Andrews. She is the most experienced lover Lauren has ever kissed and she’s surprised at how arousing a kiss can be. Lauren runs her hands down mom’s back, caressing her curves as she hungrily sucks on mom’s skilled tongue.

Lauren is wearing the dress she had on earlier but mom is just in her sleeep shirt and panties. When Lauren’s hands reach mom’s ass cheeks she pulls up the sleeep shirt and luxuriates in the feeling of the smooth, silky panties against her hands. It’s like nothing she’s ever felt before. She’s never touched another woman’s ass or felt the sexiness of thin panties stretched enticing across womanly curves.

Mom is almost lying on Lauren as the kiss heats up and Lauren squeezes mom’s sexy ass cheeks. Mom was right about how naughty and erotic this feels! Moaning into mom’s mouth, Lauren grinds her steamy pussy against mom’s hipbone as her fingers explore the bottom curves of mom’s surprisingly firm ass.

“Oh God!” Mom whispers as she breaks the kiss. “We can’t do this, sweetheart.” Mom is panting as Lauren continues to grind against her. “Don’t…”

Lauren silences her with another kiss, desperately pushing her tongue into mom’s mouth to try and keep her engaged.

“Hmmm,” Mom pulls back and pushes herself off of Lauren. “Please, Lauren,” Mom pleads. “We can’t.”

“Mom,” Lauren matches mom’s pleading with her own urgency. “Please don’t leave me like this. Look what you’ve done to me,” Lauren says, pulling up her dress and sliding her panties to the side of her sopping pussy. “Look how wet you’ve made me.”

Mom is still catching her breath as she stares at her daughter’s splayed open pussy. The aroma is inviting and the temptation is overwhelming. “God, if only you weren’t my daughter,” Mom whispers.

“Forget that…” Lauren begs. “We’re just two women, hot for each other. Please!”

Without waiting for a response, Lauren rolls her panties down her shapely legs and tosses them on the floor. With her eyes still locked on her mother, she sits up and pulls her dress over her head. Mom is staring at Lauren’s neatly trimmed pussy as Lauren discards her bra and lies back on the bed, completely naked.

“Please don’t make me take care of this myself,” Lauren implores. “I really want to know what it’s like to be with a woman and you can show me.”

Mom shakes her head, stands up and moves towards the door. Lauren slumps down against the bed with a disappointed sigh.

Mom hesitates at the door. Looking back at Lauren, she closes the door and pulls her sleeep shirt over her head. “No one knows about this… ever,” she says as she peels down her panties and joins her daughter on the bed.

“My lips are sealed, mom,” Lauren says as the two women embrace. “I love you.”

“I love you, too,” Mom says. “This isn’t in the mothering manual, you know,” she smiles, caressing Lauren’s breasts as she lies down against her daughter’s body. Lauren laughs as she pulls her mother’s face down for another kiss.

Mom’s hand explores Lauren’s curves as their kiss intensifies. Gently squeezing her fleshy breast before brushing her fingers across her nipple, mom’s hand trails down across her flat stomach through her neatly trimmed pubes. Lauren pulls her leg up, bending it at the knee to give her mom easy access to her anxious opening.

“Mmm,” Lauren moans into mom’s mouth, as her moist labia becomes the object of mom’s exploration. Parting her thick pussy lips with her finger, mom slips a finger inside Lauren’s slick love canal.

“Oh fuck!” Lauren breathes, breaking the kiss and spreading her legs farther apart.

Abruptly, Mom freezes. Pulling her finger from Lauren’s wet snatch, mom pushes herself up and off the bed. What the fuck? Lauren wonders if her cursing shocked her mom.

“No!” Lauren cries. “Don’t…”

“Shhh!” Mom hisses, cocking her ear towards the door. Faster than Lauren would have thought possible, mom jumps from the bed, pulls the sheet over Lauren, and is tugging her sleeep shirt over her head. She’s picking up her panties when the doorknob turns.

“Carol?” Lauren hears her dad’s voice on the other side of the door. Without time to put them on, mom tosses Lauren her panties motioning her to hide them under the sheet. “Everything okay?” Dad asks.

“Fine,” Mom says, “We just finished talking.” Mom winks at Lauren as she sucks the tip of her finger that was recently inside her daughter’s pussy.

“Goodnight, sweetheart,” mom says, leaning over the bed to kiss Lauren. “I love you.”

“Love you too, Mom,” Lauren says, still clutching her mom’s panties in her hand under the covers. “Goodnight, Dad,” she adds, smiling up at her father.

“Good night, princess,” dad responds as he holds the door open for mom.

Lauren flops back on the bed with a sigh. ‘Fuck! Why did dad have to come in just then?’ Lauren pulls out her mom’s panties and looks at them. ‘They’re wet!’

She sniffs them, enthralled with the scent of her mom’s arousal. Her hand slides down her body to finish what her mother started.

* * *

I learn all this the next day from Lauren, who is already at my house when I get home from work.

“Tell me everything,” I encourage her as I open a can of beer.

“Eat me while I tell you and I’ll give you every tantalizing detail,” she promises.

She doesn’t have to ask me twice. In less than a minute we’re in my bed, naked and I’m sucking on her pussy lips as she recounts her entire conversation with mom.

As I start sucking on her clit, she describes mom’s body.

“She has really wide areolas with long, thick nipples. I can’t believe how incredible they felt pressed against my own boobs,” she says as she entwines her fingers in my hair and humps her pussy against my face.

“Her… pubic hair… is neatly trimmed,” she pants as her orgasm builds and her body quivers with arousal. “And… she smells… so… damn… SEXY! OHHHHHHHHFUUUUUCCK!!” Lauren explodes, her body convulsing as her pussy floods my face with hot juice. I release her clit and hungrily lick her sweet nectar, as she catches her breath.

“Fuck me, Brandon!” she commands, pulling me up on top of her.

My stiff cock glides easily into her slick pussy and I pound her to another orgasm. I pump my hot jism into my s!ster’s pulsating cunt, totally surprised by how turned on I got hearing about mom. I’ve never thought of my mother like that… but then I hadn’t thought of my s!ster like this until recently either.

“You really want to do Kristina don’t you?” I ask once we’ve caught our breath. I’m lying on top of my s!ster with my spent cock still buried in her warm pussy.

“Yeah, I do,” she whispers. “What do you think?”

“I love the idea and I don’t think Kristina will take much convincing either,” I answer, kissing my s!ster’s neck as we talk.

“Really?” Lauren asks. “That would be so awesome.” I wait a few minutes before I ask my next question.

“What are you going to do about this thing with mom?” I ask.

“I don’t know,” Lauren answers, contemplatively. “I really wanted her to eat me last night. Is that weird?”

“Not any weirder than what we’re doing… or what mom and dad are doing with the Andrews,” I respond.

“Yeah, I guess…” Her voice trails off and I’m sure she’s got something else to ask. I wait and she proves me right. “Would you… um, you know… I mean… with mom… would you do it, Brandon?”

“You mean would I do it if I was you or would I actually do it?” I ask, wondering if the answer is really any different.

“Both, I guess,” Lauren answers.

“I would definitely do it if I was you because you’ve already started and you know mom is willing to do it.” My cock stiffens inside Lauren’s pussy as I visualize mom eating my s!ster’s pussy.

“Yeah, but regardless of whether mom is willing, let’s just assume for a minute that she is. What about you?” I should have known that Lauren wouldn’t let me off the hook.

“I’ve never really thought about her that way,” I answer honestly.

“But you’re thinking about her now, aren’t you?” Lauren asks, squeezing her pussy muscles around my hardening cock. It’s hard to keep secrets from your s!ster when your cock is buried in her pussy. Before I can answer my cell phone rings with Kristina’s ringtone.

“Answer it,” Lauren says excitedly. “Maybe she wants to come over.”

“Hey,” I say.

“Hey yourself,” Kristina says. “What are you doing?”

“Nothing,” I smile at Lauren. “Just fucking around with my s!ster.” Lauren playfully hits my chest and I respond by pushing my semi-erect cock deeper into her pussy.

“Nice,” Kristina says. “Can I join the fun?”

“Sure, come on over, we’ll make it a real threesome,” I answer, winking at Lauren.

“Are you at home?” she asks.

“Yup, just come on into my bedroom,” I answer as Lauren massages my cock with her pussy muscles.

“You guys going to save anything for me?” Kristina asks.

“If you don’t hurry, you may have to settle for leftovers,” I laugh.

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