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The Sleeepover – Chapter 15

The Sleeepover – Chapter 15

by samslam

Dad is excited that I asked him to help me around my house and we agree to get an early morning start on Saturday. We spend the day repairing cabinet doors, hanging a ceiling fan, and fixing minor plumbing problems. The ceiling fan takes longer than we thought it would because he ins!sts we add a separate wall switch for the fan. My dad knows how to do all this stuff and I try to pay attention so I can learn too but my mind is distracted wondering how mom and Lauren are getting along.

I find out later that night, after dinner at mom and dad’s house, that it went better than we had anticipated. The last time I had talked to Lauren she was still trying to decide how to approach mom. She was going back and forth between crawling in bed with her right after dad left or surprising her in her morning shower. It turns out she didn’t have to do either. It seems mom was just as anxious to continue their liaison as Lauren.

Lauren had been awake since Dad left, trying to get up her nerve to crawl into bed with mom. Should she be naked or leave her sleeep shirt on? What super sexy way could she wake mom up? Before she can decide, mom appears at her bedroom door.

“I’m going to take a shower.” mom says, smiling seductively while posing in the doorway in a thin, sleeveless sleeep top that hangs down to the middle of her thigh. “Would you like to join me?”

“Yes!” Lauren answers, jumping out of bed and pulling her sleeep shirt over her head.

She tosses it aside as she heads out her door, following mom down the hallway. Mom pulls her sleeep top over her head as she walks, revealing her firm round ass, which she is sexily swaying for Lauren’s benefit.

The shower is already running and mom steps in, holding the door open for her daughter. They stand facing each other with the spray hitting mom’s back.

“You orchestrated everything so we’d have the day together didn’t you?” mom asks, once again reinforcing the notion that moms always know what’s going on.

“How did you know?” Lauren asks, sincerely perplexed.

“Please,” mom answers, her eyebrow raised as if saying don’t insult my intelligence. “First, your br0ther never asks your father for help and second, you have been anxiously jittering around here for days, texting and calling. It was obvious something was going on and I hoped it was this.”

“It worked,” Lauren shrugs as mom lathers soap on her hands and starts washing her daughter’s lovely breasts.

“I’m flattered, really,” mom says, gently lifting Lauren’s breasts and washing the undersides. “But what about our agreement that no one should know? Did you tell your br0ther why you needed dad out of the house?” Lauren nods.

“He won’t say anything!” Lauren assures her but mom looks sceptical. “He and I have the same secret,” Lauren says, locking eyes with mom.

“What?” mom looks perplexed at first and then her eyes widen in understanding. “Oh, I see.” Mom’s hands are now on the front of Lauren’s soapy breasts, caressing and teasing her aroused nipples.

“How long has this been going on?” Mom asks, while pulling lightly on Lauren’s nipples, causing them to stiffen even more.

“Since the weekend you and dad went to the cabin with the Andrews,” Lauren answers, gripping mom’s hips and arching her back. Lauren briefly explains about the sleeepover and Brandon judging the sexiest girl and how it led to him sleeeping with all the girls including her.

“Wow,” mom says. “He’s quite the stud, isn’t he?” Lauren nods as mom’s soapy hands glide down her hips and around to her ass cheeks. “So, you and Brandon have been…”

“Yes,” Lauren sighs as mom pulls her close, mashing their breasts together while tenderly kissing her daughter.

“And the woman you asked my advice about?” mom says. “That was… Kristina?”

I told you mom was no dummy. Lauren nods again as she pushes her tongue into mom’s mouth. They kiss, squeezing each other’s ass cheeks as they grind their soapy bodies together.

Damn! Maybe I should have listened to my s!ster and gone with her but then who would have ensured dad stayed away.

“It was really Brandon and I,” Lauren says, as she takes a breath. “We used Kristina as a decoy so no one would question us spending so much time together.”

“Because that would be insest,” mom says with her eyebrows raised.

“Right, but that didn’t work out so well,” Lauren says.

“Right, once we explained about Kristina.” mom adds with a tense laugh. “What a cluster fuck that must have seemed!” Mom says. “And now, we add more insest to the mix,” she adds, pulling her daughter into a tender embrace. “What does Brandon think about this?” mom asks, her hand indicating that she is talking about her and Lauren naked in the shower.

“He helped arrange it, Mom,” Lauren says as mom’s hand lathers her stomach and slides down through her pubic hair.

“And you’re sure he won’t tell your dad?” Mom asks, as she cups Lauren’s pussy mound.

“No way!” Lauren says, almost gasping when mom’s middle finger touches her pussy lips.

“How long do we have?” mom asks. Lauren spreads her legs apart, allowing mom better access to her anxious pussy.

“Brandon says they’ll be here for dinner around five,” Lauren answers, nearly panting with desire. “He’ll text me if dad leaves sooner.”

“Then let’s get rinsed off and take this to the bedroom, shall we?” mom asks.

“Oh yes,” Lauren says, either in answer to mom’s question or because the tip of mom’s finger just penetrated her slick pussy.

They towel each other off before mom leads Lauren to the bed. They embrace again, pressing their bodies together for a tender kiss before mom lowers Lauren onto the bed and lies down beside her. With Lauren on her back, mom lies on her side and reaches for her daughter’s breast.

“You are so beautiful,” mom whispers. “Your br0ther is a lucky man.” She smiles as her hand lightly caresses Lauren’s skin. “I’ve been thinking about this ever since that day in your bedroom.”

“Really?” Lauren asks, surprised that mom has been as anxious as she was. “So have I! I couldn’t stop thinking about it.”

“Even when you were with Brandon and Kristina,” mom asks, with a gentle laugh.

“Yes! Even then,” Lauren exclaims as mom’s hand glides over her hip and rests on her inner thigh.

“Did you and Kristina get a chance to…” mom lets the question trail off as she moves her mouth to Lauren’s closest nipple.

“Yes,” Lauren sighs, combing her fingers through her mother’s hair as she watches her suck on her nipple. Wow! As a baby she had, of course, suckled at her mom’s breasts but never in her wildest imagination did she ever think mom would return the favour.

“Did Brandon watch?” mom asks as she shifts her mouth to her daughter’s other breast.

“He didn’t just watch… mmmm,” Lauren moans as her mom’s fingers explore the slick outer lips of her wanton pussy.

“I want to hear all about it,” mom says as she trails kisses down Lauren’s abdomen and through her pubic hair. “Tell me everything.”

As mom settles comfortably between Lauren’s widespread thighs, Lauren begins recounting the seduction of Kristina. She describes in luscious detail how Brandon orchestrated the whole thing and what a willing participant Kristina was.

Mom, being no stranger to eating pussy, has Lauren right where she wants her and by the time Lauren is recounting how Brandon fucked Kristina while Kristina was eating her out, Lauren can barely speak.

Following a lengthy exploration of Lauren’s delicate folds, with an occasional dip into her juice filled channel, mom starts rhythmically flicking her tongue over Lauren’s sensitive clit.

“Oh Mom!” Lauren moans, arching her back to raise her ass off the bed.

Grabbing mom’s hair, she humps her pussy against her face. Telling her mom all the juicy details of her threesome with Kristina and Brandon has added to her lengthy arousal and now she is about ready to explode.

“OH YEAH!” Lauren cries when mom slides two fingers into her soggy pussy and fixes her lips around Lauren’s engorged clit. “Don’t stop! Oh Fuck! You’re making me cum! Oh! MOM!”

Lauren is completely out of control, writhing on the bed, holding mom’s head in place and frantically fucking her face. She is pressed up on her toes and her back is arched as high as she can go when her orgasm finally hits.

“OH MY GOD! OHHHHHHHHHHHH! FUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKK!” Lauren screams, her body shuddering with pleasure as she drenches mom’s face with her plentiful juices. Bucking feverishly through several trembling aftershocks, Lauren eventually releases mom’s hair as she drops back onto the bed, thoroughly spent, her chest heaving as she gulps huge lungful of air.

Mom hungry laps up Lauren’s tasty love juice while Lauren tries to catch her breath. She’s almost oblivious to mom’s insestuous tongue buried in her pulsating pussy.

“Wow!” Lauren breathes as mom slides her body up and lies on top of her. “You are very good at that!” she smiles.

“You have a very responsive body, sweetie,” mom says before pushing her pussy-soaked tongue into her daughter’s mouth. The passion of their kiss reignites the fierce cravings and their bodies rock against each other, pussy to pussy and breasts to breasts as their tongues intertwine.

“It’s my turn now,” Lauren pants, breaking the kiss.

“That was your turn, honey,” mom smirks.

“I mean, my turn to… um… you know… pleasure you,” Lauren blushes.

“You want to eat your mother’s 44-year-old pussy?” mom asks incredulously.

“I want to try and give you at least some of what you gave me,” Lauren smiles, rolling them over so her mom is on her back and Lauren is lying atop of her. “I’m sure I won’t be as good as you are, but I’d like to try,” she says, planting quick kisses on her mother’s chin, neck and breasts.

“Oh, sweetie,” mom moans as Lauren sucks a thick nipple into her mouth and flicks her tongue across the tip. Lauren alternates between mom’s large breasts, swirling her tongue around her wide areolas and tugging on her taut nipples with her teeth as mom cradles Lauren’s head much like she did when Lauren was a baby.

She certainly isn’t a baby anymore! Mom swipes her tongue against her cheek, relishing the residual taste of her daughter’s pussy while her own pussy is dripping with desire, anxious for her daughter’s mouth.

“I can’t wait to taste you, Mom,” Lauren says as she kisses her way down mom’s torso, hesitating only long enough to gaze at her neatly trimmed triangle of pubic hair, the same colour as her own.

“Oh, Lauren,” mom sighs, spreading her legs wider as Lauren settles onto her knees between them. Lauren stares at mom’s splayed open pussy with its thick labia and dripping arousal.

“It’s beautiful,” she murmurs as she extends her tongue and licks around the edges of her outer labia.

“OH GOD!” mom moans as Lauren’s tongue glides over her slick pussy lips with tantalizingly light licks that barely penetrate her inner sanctum. After a few tentative licks, Lauren dives in, devouring every part of mom’s succulent pussy, teasing her lips, dipping her tongue inside and flicking her engorged clit.

“Ohhh, Yes! Suck on it!” mom begs as Lauren’s tongue flirts with her sensitive love button. “Suck my clit, Lauren. Please!” Mom arches her back and pulls Lauren’s head tightly against her overheated pussy. Lauren obliges, sucking her mom’s prominent nub into her mouth and swirling her tongue around it. “Ohhh Fuck! You’re going to make me cum, baby girl!” mom cries. “Put your fingers in me!” she instructs. “Oh fuck yes! That feels sooooo…” mom’s voice trails off as Lauren pumps her fingers into her pussy and sucks on her thick clit. Mom is thrashing around on the bed, her head rolling from side to side as her orgasm builds to a frantic climax.

“OH! GOD! I’M CUMMING!” mom screams, bucking her ass off the bed and humping Lauren’s face. With a shuddering tremor mom’s pussy gushes succulent love juice while she pushes Lauren’s mouth away from her sensitive clit. Panting like a dog in a closed car, mom collapses back on the bed, clamping her thighs around Lauren’s head while sucking in deep, breast-swelling breaths.

Prying mom’s legs apart, Lauren devours mom’s exotic tasting syrup, enjoying the tangy nectar while smiling with pride at how hard she made mom cum.

“Enough,” mom sighs, pulling on Lauren’s shoulders to get her from between her legs.

Lauren kisses her way up mom’s body, stopping to suck on her tits and gently bite her hard, thick nipples. Mom tugs again and Lauren moves up farther, pressing her firm, round tits into mom’s plentiful chest while pushing her tongue into mom’s waiting mouth.

With her legs spread wide apart, mom loops her feet behind Lauren’s legs, pulling her more tightly against her. Their naked bodies rock back and forth as they squeeze their pussies together and suck each other’s tongues.

“That was amazing, Mom,” Lauren says, breaking the kiss.

“Yes it was,” mom answers, while stroking Lauren’s hair.

“I wish Brandon was here right now to fuck me,” Lauren smiles, watching for her mom’s reaction.

Instead of saying anything, mom rolls Lauren off of her and swings her legs over the edge of the bed. Lauren watches her rummage through a dresser drawer and return to the bed with a long, thick vibrator.

“It’s not a cock, but it’s better than nothing,” mom says as she motions for Lauren to spread her legs.

Mom sucks the vibrator into her mouth, coating it with saliva to ease its insertion but she needn’t have bothered. Lauren’s pussy is soaking wet and the vibrator glides right in. Lauren is no stranger to dildos or vibrators but it’s totally different when it’s your mother pushing it inside you.

“Ready?” mom asks, as she grips the knob on the end of the vibrator and prepares to bring it to life. Lauren nods and mom starts the device quivering inside her daughter’s cock-hungry pussy.

“Now tell me about you and Brandon,” mom says while the vibrator begins its electro-charged stimulation of Lauren’s pussy.

“What do you mean?” Lauren asks, as the vibrator sends shivers through her body.

“I mean, you and Kristina have been sucking and fucking him like he’s some kind of Adonis,” mom says. “Just tell me what he’s like and what you do together.” Lauren is shocked by her mother’s request but the pleasurable vibrations inside her teenage pussy are more than making up for any indignation she might be feeling.

“Well, you just said it,” Lauren answers, squeezing her pussy muscles around the pulsating intruder. “We fuck and… mmm…” Lauren pauses to catch her breath as mom adjusts the vibrator.

“Tell me how good he is,” Mom says, pressing her thumb against her daughter’s clit as she turns the vibrator up a notch higher.

“It’s not like I have a lot to compare him to!” Lauren admonishes her mother while arching her back and spreading her legs farther apart.

“Okay, sweetie,” mom whispers. “At least tell me about his cock.”

* * *

“She did not stay that!” I yell, interrupting my s!ster’s story. “You’re making that up!”

“I am not!” Lauren says as she sits astride the object of mom’s question.

It’s late Saturday night and we’re in my bed. Lauren ins!sted that we get naked and start fucking before she would tell me about her day with mom.

“I swear, she wanted to know all about your cock,” Lauren says, rocking back and forth. “How big it is. How good it makes me feel. Does it fill me up? Can I deep throat it?”

“Fuck!” I exclaim. “What did you tell her?”

“I told her it filled me up nicely,” Lauren smiles as she squeezes her inner muscles around my hard shaft and leans down to kiss me gently on my lips. “I told her how considerate you are,” another kiss. “How you always make sure Kristina and I get off before you do.” I grab my s!ster’s hips and pull her down harder on my swollen cock.

“What did she say to that?” I ask as Lauren sits up and starts rocking faster.

“She just kept asking more and more questions when all I wanted to do was cum on the damn vibrator,” Lauren laughs. She’s really riding me now and our conversation is punctuated with quick gasps of breath between each sentence. “I finally told her she should find out for herself!”

“You did not!” I answer, not at all sure she didn’t.

“Fine!” Lauren pants as she leans both hands down on my chest and starts bouncing up nearly the entire length of my cock. “I don’t care if you believe me,” she says and starts riding me like a damn bucking bronco, stifling any further conversation. Fuck! I can’t believe my mom was so interested in my dick.

When dad and I got back to the house, mom and Lauren had dinner all ready and everything seemed relatively normal. At least, it did if you didn’t know what they had been up to all day. Lauren and mom kept exchanging sly glances and mom was looking at me in a much different way than she ever had before. I didn’t know what they had talked about but it was obvious that at some point it had included me.

Out of the blue, Lauren asked me what time we were going fishing in the morning. Having no idea what she was talking about, I just said early and she suggested it would be easier if she just went home with me and spent the night. Dad didn’t seem to care either way but mom had a silly smirk on her face.

“Oh yeah!” Lauren cries. “Are you getting close? I’m almost there!”

“Me too!” I pant, bucking my hips up to meet my s!ster’s downward plunges pulling her down harder on my cock.

“OH FUCK!” she screams, dropping down hard enough to push me through the mattress and clamping her pussy tightly around my cock. I finish at exactly the same time, spewing my seed deep inside my s!ster’s pulsating pussy. Lauren collapses on my chest and we both gasp for air.

“So, what did mom say when you told her to find out for herself,” I ask when our breathing has calmed down.

“I thought you didn’t believe me,” Lauren teases.

“Let’s pretend I do,” I smile at her. “What did mom say?” I guess I’m no longer wondering if I could get it up for my mom. Not if I’m this anxious to hear her answer.

“What did she say or what did she mean?” Lauren asks.

“Lauren!” I cry. “Just tell me.”

“She said, she didn’t think that would be a good idea,” Lauren says, matter-of-factly. “But it was obvious that she was thinking about it. Did you see the way she was looking at you at dinner? Her eyes were devouring you like you were some kind of exotic desert.”

“Yeah, but what if she really doesn’t think it’s a good idea?” I ask.

“She said it wasn’t a good idea for her to be with me, too, Brandon,” Lauren explains. “She just needs a little nudge.”

“Do you really think I should fuck mom?” I ask.

“I think we should do it together, like with Kristina,” she answers without a second’s hesitation. Lauren raises up on her knees, disengaging my spent cock from her soggy pussy. “Let’s talk about it in the morning,” she says as she slides down my body and wraps her hand around my pussy-soaked cock.

“We aren’t going fishing?” I tease. Her only answer is to slip my limp, wet cock into her warm mouth.

“Close your eyes and imagine this is mom’s mouth,” Lauren says as she cleans off the pussy juice and teases it back to life. It hasn’t been that long since I thought sex with my s!ster would be weird so I’m not ruling anything out, but as much as I try I can’t imagine my mom’s mouth around my cock. It just seems too unreal.

Lauren’s mouth hardens my cock in no time, with or without my imagination. I flip her over and mount her missionary style, quickly aligning my rigid pole with her slick opening. Raising up on my arms so I can look at her face, I slam in balls deep with one solid thrust.

“Mmmmm,” Lauren moans as my cock bottoms out and I drop down onto her soft breasts. “Fuck me hard, Brandon,” she pleads.

“Whatever you want, S!s,” I smile. Sliding my arms under her, I grip her shoulders and pummel her pussy with all my might.

“Oh fuck!” she screams at my relentless jackhammering of her fiery pussy. Covered with a thin sheen of perspiration and breathing like we’ve just run the 4-minute mile, we pound each other to incredibly new heights of pleasure, culminating in an explosive release that leaves us both deliriously spent and helplessly breathless.

We are zonked out for the night in no time at all.

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