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The Sluts’ Spring

This text is actually a work in progress. My objective is to be able to collect enough adventures to be able to complete these novels in order to reunited them in a whole book. English isn’t my first language so, feel free to bring some corrections or suggestions if ever you feel like it. I would sincerely appreciate some help and feedback.

First things first – Who am I ?

I wanna taste every flavors, I wanna feel every shiver.
Sex is my playground.

We’re a quite unconventional couple. I like to turn you on, it excites me to know that you are watching me, and he likes making me show you what you need to see.
He’s my guide and Im following, eyes wide shut.

We’re both footfetish and panties are my delicious weakne> *I’m an happy and proud slut, a known exibitionnist and a curius and enthousiast student. I’m a dominatrice in evolution and an uncontrollable bratz…
but deep inside of me, I need to be his slave…

I’m the proud puppet belonging to the produceur of my sexual adventures, my scenarist, the love of life…
my only true owner

We’re a one-of-a-kind team and you’ll quicky see that travelling with us is like no other ride.

Cover Picture

Part 0 – Prelude

I’ve spend the most of my life behing ashamed of who I was, having the feeling that I wasn’t “right”. I tryed to hide it inside of me, I tryed to control it, to shape it… Nothing was really working. Something wasn’t normal about me, I was sure that somehow, I was broken.

While everybody around me were apparently fonctionnal, I was dealing with a huges and almost incontrolables sexual pulsions. As dar as I can remember, I almost never had taboo or discomfort regarding sexuality, and most of all, felt a permanant thirst, pushing me further, always trying to learning something new, making me wanting to go over my own limits again and again… Sex never was totally satisfying, I always had to deal with the need to discover something more powerfull.

That kind of drive wasn’t welcome in my relationships, so I tryed, with all that I could, to change.

It was burning inside of me. I needed sex and shivers like a d**g addict needed his fix.

I ultimately tryed to banned sex of my life. When something is keeping you from behind happy, it is probably better to avoid what you cannot control…

Finally, when I thaugh that I was finally winning against the b**st inside of me, living my life with an eternallly sl**ping libido, HE jumped into my life and took me everywhere I never allowed myself to go. He awakes the artificially sl**ping part of me and let me be what I was truly meant to be….


Part 1 – Introduction

For me, nothing exist except what’s I’ve have already allowed inside my sexuality. I know that there’s people that likes extreme things… But them apart, it’s like I never ever suspect that there’s more, getting people excited everywhere around me. So I’ve spend so much years, trying to find something different but without knowing where to look, or what I was looking for.

When I’m discovering something new… It takes me a moment to understand the explosion inside my mind, slowly incomporated it as a potential part of my universe. Then I feel the need to explore, see, try and learn everything about it. Finally, when I feel like home in that universe, it gets sexualized and completely becomes a part of me.

It occured so often that something that wasn’t even related to sex at all suddenly becamed one of my favorite turn on….

I’m like a virgin book, slowly getting written on… And, everytime, I feast like an emperor at the banquet.

I’m can be scared or intimidated by new things… Each time, I haven’t ever figured out it did exist for some people, never ask myself questions about it, never thaught about it.

It’s like a total new reality, a new face of sex.
It’s always weird feelings melting pot when I’m making those explorations, almost like if I was doing bungee, not sure where I’ll stop or where it’ll bring me, but always so exciting and incredible.

The bad part is that I need someone to show me everything, to trust, to prevent me to loose control and go too far… Alone, Im afraid, I’m sticking to my own reality and stay there, unsatisfied and discovering my own sexuality and kinks by accident, so slowly…

I never have enough. I’m never satisfied with my universe.
I always wanna expend it again, again and again…

Like a greedy little cunt.

Come share with me my walk through the revelation of the universe that’ll quickly become mine. I have so much to taste.


I’d really like to be able to publish my own book some day… Until then, it’s still possible to buy my confessions as they are available gradually, to rythm of its creation..


Part 0 | Prelude | 248 + 146 words |
Part 1 | Introduction | 200 words |
Part 2 | Other girls’ panti­es | 742 words | fetish, panties, submission, initiation
Part 3 | Forbidden at­traction | 1057 words | i****t(cousin), domination, taboo


In the next chapter….

Part 2 – Other girls’ panti­es

One day, we were wat­ching porn and talkin­g…
We are doing quite often. Exploring ­our own
and each othe­rs’ brain. I like so ­much doing this.

Few months ago, he confessed to me that,*)
last summer, he ­stoled some girl’s
dirty panties.
Once at h­ome, he used them,
sniffing and licking them all while he was

H­e was kind of grossed­ out at first but quickly
got turned on like­ crazy and cumed really,
really hard.

I had never taught about ­it before. I knew that
it was a thing but Inever felt the need to do so.
I never were repulsed either, I just…
It never have been an option in my head to
use them on my own nose….
One­ time, I gently f***ed a friend ­to steal and
sniff another girl’s panties.
Lots of times, I let one of mine where
someone could find it, by “accident”…
Could it turns me on to be the one
suffering the treatment ?

I never even thaught a­bout doing that…

I didn’t really had the time to try to pictured
how it could be.. he was there,­ in front of me,
offering me to try.­..
I was so excited ! It was so tempting,
The words escaped my mouth before
I even realized that I was succombing to […]

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