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The Small Bet w/ s****r In Law

The Small Bet w/ s****r In Law

It was a f****y get together and it was a perfect day for us to watch sports and play board games. The entire f****y was over. Grandparents, uncles, aunts, nephews, nieces, b*****r, and s****rs. The story begins once the f****y started coming over. I said hi to everyone except my s****r in law. We knew each others presence was there but for some reason we didn’t acknowledge each other. Although I am one to keep to myself this was unusual for her. Well throughout the board games we played, laughed, and argued. It was a great time. My s****r in laws team was going against mine and per usual we had our jerseys on. In the spirit of good luck and such. I have always had this infatuation with my s****r in law. I have known her for more than half my life. She is well over my age. Something about an older woman turns me on especially knowing she is a horny little devil. I’ve tried throughout my years to find anyway possible to catch a glimps of her I guess you can say.. Exposed. I felt as if my attempts continued I ended up getting shorter and shorter. As they continued to fall short I eventually fell off of the idea. She would give me small hints and signs that there was sexual tension there. I always felt it between us. She recently got married so I felt I was done for. Right before the game started she takes about a million selfies without exaguration. She takes pictures of her and of the f****y. Edits it and uploads to Instagram. I look at my phone to see I have a notification and I was tagged in one of her pictures. Everything looked normal but I was specifically tagged on her eye. It may sound extremely stupid but I was obviously in the group/f****y picture… But I was tagged in her selfie of just her.. And her eye? It was subtle but very seductive to me. Although I still thought nothing of it. I whispered to her before the game. “Hey if my team wins you wear one of my jerseys?” — She replied “You’re on little b*o.”
Indeed it was truly on. The game was over and so we were excused from the party. We get into my room and I began joking with her. I slide open my closet and pull out all my jerseys. Being a die hard fan I had multiples. She still being mad and salty gave me a big huff and puff snarling at me saying “Whichever sheesh.” I toss her one and turned and was about to head out the room so she can change. Before I can turn around she pulled off her jersey without hesitation and there she was. Standing in front of me in some sort of sexy see-through bra.

“Shit I forgot which bra I was wearing.”
I just stared at her having my mouth covered and laughing. Staring at her nipples that were obviously hard behind the bra and imprinting them.

“What? It’s a bit cold in here. You act like you never seen full grown breasts.”

I reply, “Not as sexy as yours and plus I haven’t seen you this bare since your boob job.”

She blushed and replied..”Get out of here they’re not even that big.”

But they surely were. Completely different from what she was while I was growing up.
That was the end of our small interaction. She headed back downstairs and the f****y chuckled and giggled at her knowing she had lost some sort of secret bet we had. The night was almost bearing down but knowing the f****y they hang out from sunrise to sunset. I had to work late that night so I said my goodbyes and headed back to my room to rest before my night shift. I change into some more comfortable clothes and jump into bed. I fell as if it was onto a cloud. The blankets flew in the air in slow motion and then I noticed so did my s****r in laws jersey. She must have forgotten it. Oh well. I held it and the smell of her was all over it. I thought about her putting on my jersey. Her and I… Right there and she was exposed and it wasn’t nothing to us. It felt so normal. As if she knew something was there between us. We were never close by any means, but we both felt this sexual tension I knew it. This certainly backed up all my theories throughout the year. Maybe my chase was not over yet!
The smell of my s****r in law and the burning image I had in my head were just cycling throughout my mind. Before bed I usually would jack off to get my feeling a little more tired. I said why not. Everyone was downstairs and if anything maybe they’ll be leaving soon. I pulled my shorts down and I had one hand on my cock and the other hand with her jersey stuffed in my face. I was into it for a few minutes then my door erupts and opens.

“Wow.. Really little b*o? What are you doing?… Well no wonder I call you little.”

I just smirked going along with her knowing no one was really startled in this situation. I just responded with. “What? It’s a bit cold in here.”
“Ha Ha really funny… And really? My jersey?”

I couldn’t do nothing but shrug. “Well go ahead and finish so I can put it back on.”

I slowly began stroking myself again and obviously she started to get rusty I see her watching me stroke myself off. Slowly I get turned on more and so does she.

“Well maybe I should give you yours back.” She took my jersey off slowly and letting her hair down afterwords slowly whipping her hair back and forth. Just so sexy and ellegant. “If I’m gonna stand here I mine as well help.”

She took off her bra which was no help regardless because I could see it all. “Was this what you were imagining?” She crawling over and above me. She stuffed her breasts in my face. I knew this was it and I had to man up and take my ONLY oppurtinity I ever get with her. I go in for a bit. I nibble on her nipple and began sucking it. Taking it all in my mouth. f***ed my tongue all around her erect nipples. The moment we both been waiting for. She slowly began making her way down to my erect cock. Her hard nipples rubbing my body all the way down. She found her way to my cock and took it all in her mouth. I wasn’t huge to begin with but it was obviously good enough for her. She was just going to town. Bobbing her head back and forth. She even held her own hair back. A woman so experienced in this field I couldn’t believe it was from my own s****r in law. She spat on it, f***ed her tongue all around, up and down my shaft, f***ed it into her cheek. I couldn’t stop her she was just enjoying this too much. Then I remembered I couldn’t help but stare at her ass last christmas. She wore the thinnest clothing ever and kept saying she felt so naked while she shook her ass for the f****y. They joked but I was hard instantly. Then I f***ed her to get on top of me while I get us ready for the 69 position. I pulled down her shorts exposing her ass. She still had my cock in my mouth and I just grabbed her and put her pussy in my face. This was it. I felt around trying to get the feeling of the situation. Her body was so smooth. Sexy. Older woman with a tight body and knows exactly what she wants and is going to do. My mind was running wild. I finally find my fingers into her pussy. I been waiting for this since I have met her. All the hints and signs were finally put into use. I wasn’t the greatest at eating girls out so I knew my fingers were where the magic happen. Once I find my rhythm and position she couldn’t help but moan. “OMG feels… So… Good…” Reassuring me she had never been pleased like this before. I began stroking my fingers in and out of her in a perfect rhythm the angle I can hear her getting wetter and wetter and she paused from the sucking finally and she realized this was an entirely new sensation for her. She let loose and came all overs my fingers then squirted on my face. She couldn’t help but laid on top of me breathing heavily while stroking me off slowly. She wasn’t done yet and definitely wanted more.

She turned around and got on top of me kissing me, licking all of her juices off of me. We were making out and she whisipered to me “I want you to fuck me, fuck me for all those years I knew you wanted to.” I couldn’t help to want to continue more on this but I had to wonder realisticly. “What about the f****y?” — “They think I’m taking a shit now fuck me.”

We smiled and laughed together as I grabbed my cock and found my way into her dripping pussy. I give her a bear hug and began fucking her faster and faster. Exactly what we both wanted. The faster I fucked her sweet pussy the more she whispered “Yeah, fuck me, harder, harder.” We’ve been dying to do this for years and it was finally happening. Truly. Purely. Me and her fucking like we been dreaming and fantasizing. I was getting extremely tired from the thrusting I had to do and I decided to slow down. She couldn’t stop. She was on top with her legs spread and riding me so good. I knew I was going to cum soon so I had to pull her off. I held her hips up and she smiled and shook her head “No No” she knew I wasn’t allowed to cum just yet. She slowly lowered herself down and just grinded. My pubes rubbing on her clit and she loved it. She knew I was gonna cum so she grinded faster and faster. Throughout the years I would expect her knowing what its like to have a cock explode inside of her. She felt me building up and pulled out and started rubbing my head all over her clit and lips and she squirted all over it. She saved the day and I didn’t cum she just sat up and stuffed her mouth back with my cock. Sucking off both of her juices and mine.
“Let me see that ass you’ve always been teasing me with.” She smiled and turned around to the perfect position. She bent over and I took the position behind her. I find my way into her yet again dripping pussy and we were off to the races. I began thrusting faster and faster. I grabbed her hips forcing my cock inside her as much as I could. She moaned loud enough so it echoed in my room for us to hear and not downstairs. She began bouncing that pussy and ass as she did before when she was on top. She had an atiliary of moves that I loved to experience. I couldn’t help it but everytime she bounced up and down her asshole was there, jsut for me. I grabbed her ass and slowly found one of my thumbs creeping towards her asshole. My right thumb found its way inside and she didn’t flinch or even stop her movement. She obviously has been this route before. So I timed it just right and slowed her bouncing just a bit and shoved my cock inside her asshole. It was great hearing her moan in a bit of pain and happiness. I didn’t have the biggest cock but it was fat enough to make her cringe and give her goosebumps. I felt it as I traced down her legs and I found her ankles. I grabbed her ankles and began thrusting harder and harder. We both knew it was just about time for me to cum. I pulled her hair back so I can hear her gasping for air in this position she was in. I knew this was it. I held back once but this was for all the marbles. “Ready big s*s?” She grinned knowing what was next to cum. With a hand full of her hair still I leave my position from behind and stand in front of her. Exploding onto her cheek and getting some in her mouth. Her make up was dripping from the sweat and tears we both developed. She left her mouth wide open for awhile and I just smacked my cock on her cheek for a few time and she took her finger and wiped all the cum and sucked it on her finger. She then latched her mouth to my cock and I slowly went back to laying down. She wouldn’t stop and it was minutes after I was slowly getting soft inside her mouth. She licked the shafter up and down, all around the head. I couldn’t deal with it, it was all too good. I found my way to her pussy again and fingered her once more until she squirted. “One more for the road?” We both laughed and she finally got dressed.. I told her “You know we play one more time before the season ends?” She said “Maybe there’s more than that?” with a smile.
Throughout the weeks after that encounter she has been sending me nothing but nudes that I jack off to nightly. She would even send teasers and post pictures of her before the nudes. The secret messages continued until the next time we played. I even showed my b*****r in law which was her b*****r the nudes. His responses were hilarious. “Damn I’d fuck that.” “Fuck that’s sexy!” Before we knew it we were playing again and they were at home.. She won the bet and we still fucked. Before we knew it it became a f****y tradition.

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