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The Stock Take

I was working my way through college in a sandwich shop at a shopping centre.

One Sunday morning the manager asked me to go into the stock room in the basement and to count the non-perishables. Having spent about an hour in there I heard the voice of one of my female colleagues, Gemma. She was calling my name and came in to offer some help with the counting. I had done majority of the things on the list when she came in. Gemma was the most attractive of my colleagues always well turned out, immaculate hair and make up that accentuated her facial features perfectly, and despite the unflattering fit of the uniforms the shape of her bum was always a sight to behold.

I stopped what I was doing and explained to her I had almost finished the count. She replied saying it was a quiet day in the shop and that the manager her sent her to help me. I was grateful of the company as we sat on some of the boxes just casually chatting. Gemma asked how I was doing after recently splitting from my girlfriend. I explained how I had found her cheating on me with a friend and that it had been ongoing since we started dating. At this point I found myself getting upset. Gemma moved closer and stroked my arm in reassurance, the softness of her touch made the hairs on my neck stand on end and a stirring in my pants. I shifted uncomfortably trying to hide the growing bulge in my pants. Gemma’s gaze shifted as I moved and she caught sight of the lump in my groin. She gave a sly smile and asked if I needed a hand? I felt my cheeks flush and turned away from her. She came up behind me hugging me for first time. I felt her firm breasts pressed against my back almost causing me to explode in my pants. She kissed the back of my neck and told me she had always had a soft spot for me but didn’t want to act on her feelings whilst I had a girlfriend. I was astounded by this admission I would never have guessed from her behaviour. Sensing me relax Gemma reached around my waist and undid my trousers groping inside for my now throbbing cock. She stroked my slowly and deliberately bringing me closer and closer to cumming. I turned to face her and took hold of her hand, before leaning in to take my first kiss her tongue thrust into my mouth searching for mine, and furiously our tongues wrestled. I reached up to undo the buttons of her blouse revealing a red lacy bra I broke our embrace just to stare at the wonderful breasts that lay before me. I stared for what seem like an eternity before hungrily pushing my face into her glorious cleavage searching with my tongue for her little pink nipples. Gemma released her bra and let her breasts hang free as I furiously suckled on her nipples. Gemma’s breathing sped up and she started again to grope at my cock. I told her I was close to cumming this prompted her to drop to her knees and take the tip of my cock in her mouth, the pre-cum was starting to drip and Gemma’s tongue flicked away at the tip of my cock. I wrapped my fingers in Gemma’s hair as she took my whole 8 inches into her mouth and I fired my load into her throat. She swallowed the lot. I felt I needed to return the favour I sat Gemma on a box and took down her trousers to find a matching red thong and taking in the sight of her perfect ass. I leaned in and kissed her while sliding her thing to the side and stroking her dripping wet pussy. I played with her clit before sliding one, two, and finally a third finger into her, slowly increasing the speed. Gemma pulled me into a deep kiss to help stifle her groans. Now I wanted to taste her sweet juices, I spread her legs and dropped to my knees. I spread her pussy lips with my fingers before taking her clit into my mouth slowly sucking on it and lightly biting it. I again slid my my fingers deep into Gemma’s pussy and her breathing intensified I felt her hands on the back of my head as she started to grind on my face. My cock was again throbbing ready for action but Gemma’s grip was so strong I couldn’t move to put my cock in her. I continued to eat and finger her pussy and she let out a little scream before a small squirt of juice covered my face.

To Be Continued

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