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The Swing and Mr. Jones

Well, I wonder what Mr. Jones has in store for me today. It has to be my pussy, because he has put his monster 15 inch cock in my mouth and a-s hole, and that’s all that is left If you haven’t read about my earlier adventures, go back and start with Me and Mr. Jones, so you will have all the background. I went upstairs, and knocked on the door, and he opened it buck naked, with his big old dick sticking straight out. I just smiled and said looks like you are ready for action. Did you start without me? He just chuckled and said no honey bunny, I am saving it all for you. Take your clothes off and come in the bedroom, I got something just for you. I quickly stripped down to my birthday suit, and ran in and jumped on the bed and started jumping up and down like the k** I am. He said I sure was rambunctious today, and I said yep, whatever that means. He went to the closet and got this box out, and opened it, and took out this thing with straps, and a big black rubber cock on it about 12 inches long. I asked what we were going to do with that, and he said I was going to fuck him with it, and I jumped up and down and clapped my hands, and said heck yeah.
He put some pillows on the floor so his knees wouldn’t get hurt, and strapped the thing on me. I went and looked in the mirror, and laughed because I looked so funny with a big black co-k sticking out in front of me. He got down on his knees, and handed me the KY jelly, I was familiar with it, because he had used it on my asshole yesterday. The strap on thingy had a big cock in front, and another one about 9 inches that went in my pussy, and another about 6 inches and curved that went up my butt. I would clinch my butt cheeks and pussy, and it felt good. I he told me to lick his asshole first to warm him up, so I got down on my knees and he reached back and spread his cheeks as I started to lick him, he farted in my face! I jumped back, and said ewww that stinks, he fell down laughing, and said that he had always wanted to do that to someone, and he could with me, because I was his sex slave, and his hunny bunny. I stuck my tongue back in, and licked and sucked for a while, then he said to squirt the KY in him, and I put the top up his hole as far as I could, and squeezed real hard, and it all went up there, and he just grunted. He said OK, stick that thing in me, slowly, and push it all the way in until it can’t go any further. This obviously wasn’t his first time, because it just went right in, like it was at home. He said, ok, now pull it almost all the way back and ram it all the way back in, and keep on doing that, and that’s call butt fuc-ing. I did, and every time I went in and out, my cocks moved in me some, giving me wonderful feelings in both holes. His legs were so long, that I was at the perfect height standing behind him, and grabbed a hold of his hips and went to town. I went slow and deep, fast and deep, as hard as I could, and looked under him, and he was frigging Mr. Snake, who had already shot a big load on the floor, and just kept dribbling. He said it would keep on coming out as long as I fucked him because it was rubbing his potentate or some big word. Prostrate, that’s it. I guess I fucked him for about half an hour, until I was dripping wet with sweat and pussy juices were pooling on the floor between my feet, and I had about 20 orgasms, like I had never had before. Now I know what it feel like to be the man in a fuck, because he has all the power, and it felt good trying to hurt his ass, even thought I knew I couldn’t but it was a real charge anyway. After a while, he said let’s give my ass a break, and work on yours a while. I said fine with me. He had this contraption hanging from the ceiling over his bed, some pulleys and ropes with a nylon harness like I have seen climbers use on the end. I asked what that was for, and he said it was for me. He Ky’d my butthole, and rammed a few fingers up there to loosen me up some, as I was still a little sore from the reaming I had gottten the day before. I then got in the harness and he adjusted it and it was just like a swing, and I kicked my legs and said Wheee, as I swung back and forth across the bed. Mr. Jones just stood there smiling with this loving look on his face, and said that’s my girl, enjoy yourself.
He then lay down on his back under me after raising me up. All he had to do was pull the rope, because he had 3 pulleys and it looked real easy, because he was doing it with just a few fingers, like I didn’t weigh anything. He then lowered me down until his humongous cock was touching my butthole, and told me to line it up. I grabbed that big, hot, hard tool, and held it against my puckered anus, and he slacked off on the rope, and I felt the pressure on my sphincter, and pop! In it went. He slowly lowered me down, giving my chi-ds body time to re-adjust my internal organs for that monster. Soon, I was sitting on his pubes, and smiled at him. He asked me if it hurt very much, and I said not at all, it was just hard to breathe. Wow, was I ever full. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue and looked at him and asked if he could see the head in there. He laughed and said he loved me, and I said I loved him too. He then pulled it up and lowered it down faster, and did that for a few minutes until we both came. The white cum was dribbling out of my butt, and every time he pulled me up, his monster pulled the insides of my butt out with it, and it was perfectly round and pink. It looked so cool, and Mr. Jones said it looked even better from where he was. I bet it did. He then lowered me down until my feet touched the bed or his body, and told me to do whatever I wanted that felt good to me, to play and invent stuff. He had about 13 inches up my insides, and I could feel it all the way. I used my feet to start turning around, and went around about 20 times in the same direction. As I went around the rope got shorter, until only about 4 inches of cock was left in me. I had done this on swings at the park, so I knew what was going to happen. I lifted my knees up to my chest, and started spinning around in the opposite direction, faster and faster. As I went around, and round, I started to lower my asshole onto his cock more and more, and I could feel it stirring up everything inside me. It almost made me sick to my stomach, but the feeling was so intense, that I came and came like a machine gun the whole time I spun, until I was at the bottom, and braked myself with my feet. I just hung my head and gasped, as I didn’t expect anything like that, and neither did Mr. Jones, because he shot another load up my colon, and cum, bl**d, and brown stuff came out and pooled on his belly. He said, I think that one time is enough for today. I agreed, and he unstrapped me, and we got into the bathtub together, and soaked and dozed in post sexual bliss. I was loved. And, I was still a virgin, but that’s another story. Please comment.

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