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The Taming of Amy IV- Sandra

I woke up and felt my wife Amy stir next to me. I looked over and could see her nude body under the thin sheet. Her face looked so relaxed. She had been such a bitch for so long. Just a week ago she would have probably scowled in her sl**p. I was convinced she was a bitch even when she was sl**ping. Then that wonderful potion came along and now she was the sweetest, sexiest and most submissive wife any man could have!

I was pondering all of this when another slender arm moved across my chest and I felt Sandra snuggle up to me on my other side. Sandra is Amy’s mom and if Amy had been a bitch then her mom was the Queen Bitch!

At least she had been. Just the night before I had given her the same potion and the transformation was awe inspiring. Last night I had the most incredible threesome with mother and daughter. Now both women were pledged to be my sluts. They had promised to do whatever I told them.

Amy had been under my control longer and she had proved herself many times in the last week. She had just done her first ever porn movie and was going to be popular. She had also hosted a party for some very appreciative gentlemen who made sure I had funds to keep her “available”.

Sandra on the other hand had not been confronted with the choice of my wish verse what her nature was. As I laid there and thought about it I realized that she needed to be tested that day. The question was “how?”. Then I remembered her episode with the gardener.

There was no doubt Sandra was a closest racist who viewed black people as inferior and beneath her. I thought about it and I wondered just how willingly she would be to submit to the gardener’s desires. Then I wondered if the poor gardener would even want to!

A little while later after another hard fucking threesome it was time for me to leave. My two sluts sat there looking at me and I could tell they did not want to be parted from me.

“Amy, I have an appointment for you later today. There is gentleman that loves schoolgirls. Go buy a sexy schoolgirl outfit with knee socks and those shiny black shoes. Make sure you shave your pussy. You are to do anything he wants and you will tell me all about it tonight. Now you will have fun right?” I said with a smile and then kissed as I felt her tremble.

“Yes Barry.” She said as she smiled after our kiss.

I looked at Sandra and she also stood there and trembled. Her blue eyes looked intently at me.

“Sandra, I am not sure if you are ready to serve me like Amy. You were a good fuck last night but I have not seen you submit to someone for me.” I said and watched her face become more panicked as she worried about displeasing me.

“Oh Barry, I will do anything you want! I could not live without you as my lover….my master! Please let me prove myself!” Sandra pleaded as sweat began to bead on her forehead.

“You know that I might ask you to do things that you might not like. Maybe even tell you to go have sex with someone you find unattractive.” I said with an even voice.

“I am your slut! I will do anything!” She pleaded.

“For instance, you told me about your bitching at you gardener and how he was stupid. In fact you really made a terrible racist comment. Amy would tell you that I’m not a racist and in fact I do enjoy watching Amy fuck and suck a big black cock. Right Amy?” I asked Amy who was standing there proudly shaking her head in agreement.

“Yes Barry! Mom he really does enjoy watching me. He fucked me so hard after and made me cum!” Amy said as Sandra looked at her with a shocked look.

“So what would you do if I told you to go find your gardener and please him in every sexual way that he wants.” I said as I looked at her as her eyes looked at the floor.

“This is hard…” She started to say.

“Well I guess there are things you would not do for me. Amy I will be home at six. I will see you then.” I said as I kissed her and started to leave.

“Please Barry! I will do it! Please I need you!” She pleaded as tears ran down her face.

“You will do what?” I asked calmly.

“I will fuck my gardener.” She said as she sobbed.

“Good! You are not to let him use a condom and he must cum in your pussy at least once! Now make sure you record it on video. I think it will make a nice evening’s entertainment for us all tonight.” I said as I pulled Sandra to me and kissed her. As I did I felt her body go limp and as we parted her blue eyes looked like hungry wolf on the prowl.

As I drove away I laughed as I imagined the shocked black gardener reacting to a suddenly nyphomaniac racist white woman’s sexual advances.

My day went by and I received a message that Amy had performed in an outstanding way. In fact the gentleman had already requested another meeting. If this kept up and her porno career took off I might just retire to manage her activities.

As I left my office I sent Sandra a text message; “did you complete your task?”.

My phone buzzed: “yes! I will have the video for you tonight. Thank you!”

I arrived home to find Amy in her new schoolgirl slut outfit. She looked awesome with her hair pulled back and very little makeup. It made her look deliciously younger. The skirt was red and black plaid and came to the middle of her thighs. Her socks came up to her knees and then her slender bare legs filled in the difference. She had a simple white blouse and under it I could detect sports bra that covered her to the midriff.

“Nice outfit! I Bet the old man went nuts when you showed up! So what kind of panties did you wear?” I asked as I looked her over

Amy lifted her skirt as she tilted her head in the most shy but seductive pose I had ever seen. Then I saw the sexiest red laced thong I had ever seen. She then turned around and showed me her ass and I could see that her butt cheeks were still slightly red from a spanking.

“My daddy said I was very naughty wearing these panties today. I tried to tell him that all of mine were dirty and I had to borrow these from mommy!” She said in her best little girl voice but then she giggled.

I laughed and hugged her to me. I felt her sigh in my arms.

“Thank you Barry! Thank you for changing me from a bitch to a slut. I really do like this! My date was so much fun. The only thing that would have been better is if you were there too!” Amy said as she kissed my neck and stroked my cock.

“Glad you enjoyed it. He did too and would like another date next week. Next time he wants a cheerleader.” I said as the doorbell range.

I walked to the door to find Sandra standing there. Her hair was a mess and she was wearing a denim skirt and a tee. I did a double take when I realized she had no bra on and her nipples were proudly poking through the material. She melted into my arms and held me close.

“Please fuck me!” She moaned.

“Yes we will but I would like to know how your day went.” I said as I felt her hands try to free my cock.

“Oh god! He fucked me for hours with that giant cock! I did not think I would like it but I could not stop cumming on that black cock! All I could think of was how it was pleasing you! Oh I really want to please you!” She said as I pulled her inside.

“Hi mommy! What do you think of my outfit?” Asked Amy in her fake little girl voice.

Sandra looked at her and blinked. Then she smiled: “maybe I should be the naughty teacher!”

“That sounds like fun but let me see the white racist slut get integrated first!” I said as I took the DVD from her.

I started the movie and sat back on the couch to watch. Sandra cuddled up on my left and Amy on my right. The movie focused on my mother in law’s living room. The camera had been focused on the couch with no one there. Then Sandra walked in to the picture and sat on the couch. She was wearing the same outfit she had on now but her hair and makeup were in perfect order.

“Hi Barry. I am going to do as you asked. My gardener, Robert will be here shortly. I hope you enjoy this. I’m a little scared. My daddy is probably rolling in his grave!” She said as the boor bell range.

We watched as Sandra got up and left the scene but in a few minutes she returned with a large black man. Sandra like her daughter is short and is only slightly over five foot tall and is very petite. Robert on the other hand was massive. He was well over six foot and big but it appeared to be all muscle. His head was shaved but he did have a goatee. His skin was dark deep color. The two people standing in the scene could not have been any different.

“Ahhh Robert….I want to talk with you about yesterday.” Sandra started and she sounded extremely nervous.

“I am sorry about the rose bush Ms Sandra. I assure you they will grow back in the spring…” He said as he once again thought that she was going to complain.

“Please Robert…I just need to…ohhhh…could you set down please?” She asked as she struggled as to what to do or say.

Robert sat down while Sandra remained standing. He looked at her and he was clearly uncertain what his bitchy customer was going to do. Sandra stood there fidgeting. Finally she took a deep breath.

“Robert, I want apologize for the way I treated you yesterday. I was terribly rude to you and well the fact is what you did was exactly what should have been done to the roses. I’m afraid I was looking for a way to find fault with you. I was just being a horrible bitch! Would you please forgive me?” She said as she looked at him.

Robert looked about as surprised as anyone ever could be. I thought his eyes would pop right out of his head.

“Well….ahhh…thank you mam…it is ok.” He said but you could tell he was in an uncharted territory.

“I was raised to be afraid of black men. I know that can sound strange but I was told that black men would want to **** me. I always felt that if I did not put them in their place that they might try something. I’m a terrible person Robert!” Sandra said and I could see a tear drip down her face.

Robert just sat there and stared at her with a shocked look on his face.

“Robert, I do not want to be this way anymore! I was wondering if you could help me to confront my worst fear. Would you fuck me?” She asked his mouth fell open.

“Ah ahhh Ms Sandra?” Robert questioned.

“Robert, I am a racist but I’m also a submissive slut. Would you teach me to submit to black cock?” Sandra said as she pulled off her top to reveal mature tits that stood proudly with erect nipples.

“Holy fuck!” He said as Sandra knelt in front of him.

I watched as she looked up at him as she worked his pants open. He just stared at her as she put her hand into his pants.

“Oh my!” Sandra said with a true shock.

Then I watched as my mother in law pulled what was the largest cock I had ever seen. I heard Amy gasp as the thing pulled out in Sandra’s hand. I watched as she put one hand at the base of the cock and her other above it and there was still several more inches and the thing was not even fully erect.

Sandra looked at the giant cock but then her hands started to pump it. She appeared to be hypnotized by the thing. Robert moaned as his manhood began to stiffen. His large hand came to back of her blonde head. Her blue eyes looked up at him as her mouth opened. Her red lips wrapped on his dark shaft and we could her moan. Then her head started to bob up and down.

“Oh shit! Fuck that is hot!” Robert moaned as she tried to take him into her mouth.

“I sorry I could not take him deep but it was so thick!” Sandra whispered in my ear as we watched suck the ever growing cock.

“Fuck yeah lick it! Lick my cock baby!” Robert moaned and we all watched as Sandra ran her tongue up and down the shaft.

She stopped when she reached deep between his legs.

“Do you like your balls sucked?” She asked with sexy voice.

“Yeah! Suck my balls!” He groaned.

We could not see everything but Robert moaned and groaned as her blonde head stayed between his legs. We could hear her making a sucking noise and there was no doubt that the slut was cleaning his black balls thoroughly.

“I’m going to make you cum now!” She said with a smile.

I watched as Sandra lightly touched the top side of his dick then she began run her tongue up and down the underside as her eyes looked up at him. She concentrated on the spot just below his cock head. Every few seconds she would stop and lick some of his pre-cum off if his cock head. Then she would return to her tongue action.

I was wondering if she could really make pop his nut like that but then I saw his stomach muscles begin to strain. Then the first jet of cum erupted. It went straight up and landed back on Sandra’s face. The next blast was even bigger and her tongue was coated in sperm. Robert kept jerking several seconds as Sandra used only her tongue to milk his cock dry. When he stopped she allowed him to look at her with his sperm covering her sexy white face.

“Fuck! I thought my fucking balls were going to cum out!” He groaned as he looked at her.

“Thank you! That was little trick I learned years ago. I have to say I never had a cock as big as this to practice it on.” She giggled playfully as she began to scope his semen up and eat it.

The movie stopped for a few second but then came on with Sandra on the couch grinding her pussy into Robert’s face. She was pulling on her nipples and her body was being racked with an orgasm.

“Please! Oh god please! Please stop! I can’t take any more!” She moaned.

Robert stood up and an exhausted looking Sandra slid on her knees. She was profiled to the camera and we watched as she pumped the black cock with her mouth and both hands. It was thrilling to see the small blonde work so hard to service that giant cock.

“I want some pussy now!” He groaned and we watched as he sat on the love seat.

Sandra straddled him in a reverse cowgirl. We had an excellent view as she held her clearly aroused pussy above the giant cock. She rubbed the big head of the cock against her pussy. Then her eyes rolled as she started to impale herself.

“Fuck mom! That cock is the biggest thing I have ever seen!” Amy groaned as she fingered her clit.

Sandra in the video was grunting as she worked to get that monster into her pussy. Robert’s large black hands cupped her small tits and squeezed as he pushed up into her. Then we watched as he held her and slowly moved the first third of the cock in and out of her.

Slowly more and more cock entered her. Eventually a few inches remained outside but they did not seem to mind as Sandra rode the cock. Then he pulled her back and pumped his cock in rapid long thrusts into her pussy. She was screaming incoherently as she was fucked by him.

“Fuck white bitch! You gonna like black cock from now on you slut. You treated me like shit but from now on I own your fucking slut pussy!” Grunted as he used her.

I looked down to see Sandra sucking my cock as I watched her in the video being used.

“I said I would do anything for you!” She said as she released my cock.

She stood up and assumed the same reverse cowgirl position but now it was my white cock that she ride as we watched Robert use her like a rag doll.

“Got to cum! Can’t hold it much more!” Robert grunted as Sandra in the video wailed like banshee.

Suddenly he stopped and she laid on top of him like she was half dead. Then she stirred and slowly pulled his cock from her pussy. The cum poured out of her. She smiled at the camera and blew a kiss.

The video ended at that point but Sandra rode me like the hornet slut around.

“Oh fuck his cock was so fucking big! Did you see him fuck me like I was a toy! Oh I was his fuck toy! Over and over all day he fucked me! It felt so sexy and every time I remembered it was what you wanted…..oh fucking cumming again!”Sandra was disintegrating into a puddle of flesh as she moaned.

I re-positioned her and slowly fucked my cock in and out if her as she just moaned. I could tell she was in sheer ecstasy. Amy kissed my neck and watched as I rewarded her mom for doing my will.

I felt my cock jerk and my sperm joined Robert’s as Sandra passed out like a d***k. She was dead to the world.

“Come on Amy! I think she needs some rest. I think I will take you out to dinner.” I said as I pulled my pants on.

“Ok, should I change or do you want me dressed like this?” She asked as she posed in her slutty schoolgirl outfit.

“I think you look great!” I said as we headed out the door.

To be continued….

(A word from the author: I hope you are enjoying and a thumbs up tells me so. I think we will have one more chapter, I look forward to comments and messages as always.)

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