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the time I saw my friends mum naked

One of my mates mum was really pretty, when our group of friends grew up we later all joked how we would love to fuck g’s mum. She was really hot, she was only about 5’3 tall, she had a great little body, she had mousey blonde hair and a nice tan. But I was lucky enough to recall the day I saw her naked, all those years ago when I was 7 years old.

It was the summer holidays and I spent a lot of time at my friend g’s house. My parents were at work so I had to stay there all day. We would play around, playing football, or cricket. Or we would watch tv and play video games.

One day she took us swimming to a leisure park with slides and everything. We arrived and we paid and then walked down the corridor to the changing rooms. There were communal ones and then f****y cubicles as well. G and I were going to the mens changing rooms and then G’s mum said we had to change with her because she was looking after me. She was worried about us going into the mens changing rooms without an adult.

So we went into a f****y cubicle. G’s mum placed her bag on the bench, as I moved to the opposite bench and put my sports bag on the bench. G was a bit embarrassed but we were only 7 years old so it was’nt that big a deal.

ANyway, I watched as Gs mum started to get undressed. taking of her top, she had a white bra on. Then she took her jeans off, she had her back to me at this point, I was geting changed myself.

As she tooke her jeans off i saw her arse was amazing, quite round but nice and smooth. She had white cotton knickers on. Then she took her bra off, turning to the side as she did. I caught a glimpe of her breasts, they were nice, not massive but a good size.

Then she took her knickers off, as she stepped out of them i saw her pussy from behind, could just see the flaps underneath. I was naked now and felt a sensation in me, i was nude and another woman could see me and i could see her naked. A situation that in adult life would lead to one thing.

as she put her costume on I wished she would turn around so I could see her pussy in full but she did’nt. she put her costume on, then she asked if I was ok and had everything i needed before we went to the lockers. I had put my trunks on by now. We went swimming and then when we had finished went first to some showers, were we showered with our swimming gear on and then to the lockers and then back to the changing cubicle.

She took her costume off, placing on the bench, then she tooke her towell out of the bag, and started drying off. This time she turned around for a second as she was drying off, she was talking to me about something, i cant remember exactly. It was then i glimpsed her pussy properly for the first time, she had a hairy bush, it was a browny blonde colour, i saw her pussy flaps as well.

I had a slight hardon, Id just started getting them around this time, I could’nt help it, i was with a beautiful naked woman, as i dried off it got harder. I tried to hide it, G would have been embarrassed. But I think G’s mum saw it and I went all red with embarrassment. She said something about maybe I was getting a bit too old to be changing with a woman but it was only because she was worried about us that we had to change with her.

I never forgot that day and as we gre up and would see her, i always had the image of her naked in my mind.

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