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The Tutor and Jenny (Part 1) by Claude van Feinbod

The Tutor and Jenny (Part 1)
by Claude van Feinbode

Every once in awhile I find myself working as a tutor while earning my PhD. The university offers tutoring to high school students that demonstrate exceptional academic skills. So during the cold winter months I find myself tutoring students that probably never get past first base because they are more worried about their rock polisher or telescope than trying to get in the pants of some beautiful young coed.

Imagine my surprise when a goddess like in a French art film arrived unexpectedly. The door opened and squealed slightly. I looked up from my copy of Sanity Faire and almost fainted from the vision before me. There she was: 5′ 8″ with small, perky tits slightly lifting a light blue blouse tucked into a grey skirt that enveloped legs that went all the way to her ass. Good thing that I was sitting down or I my cock might have betrayed my thoughts. I could feel my dick straining for release.

“Are you Mr. Feinbode?”

“Yes,” I replied. “And you are?….”

“Jenny. I am in Dr. Bakers class over at Amistad. Sorry, my cell phone died and I didn’t call first. Is it possible for someone here to help me study for my college prep finals? ”

“Hi Jenny.” I was strictly business. It wasn’t the first time a hot young coed walked into the tutoring center. However, Jenny looked more like a sophomore than a college bound senior. My girlfriend Gina was more my type. A blonde, amazon type that likes to suck my cock in the morning before breakfast and then commencing to ride me until I make her cum gloriously. I thought to myself as we talked that Jenny was certainly beautiful, (in a tomboy kind of way), and it would be nice to have a hot young girl sit next to me attentively. She was much more preferable to my present prospects of teaching young men that need help with calculus. (With one memorable exception I’ll mention later in another story).

“So, can you help me?” Jenny shocked me back to reality from my horny daydreams about my lovely Gina and a certain young man.

“Sure,” I said. “In fact, I don’t have anybody until 4pm. What subject do you need help in?”

“Biology. I got so far behind in my labs that unless I get an Superior mark on the final I’ll be fucked.” She blushed as she spoke, realizing that she might have said to much.

I laughed in an attempt to make her feel at ease. “At least you’ll be screwed before you’re fucked. Isn’t that what biology is all about” She looked at me for a second and laughed.

It only took a few minutes to have her fill out student admittance forms and then we retired to one of the tutoring rooms.

“Please have a seat. May I see your textbook?” I said.

“Uhh, yes. Here.” Her hand touched mine slightly as she handed me the books. I noticed that her nails were nicely manicured and the polish was dark blue, almost black.

“Nice nails,” I said to her. “My girlfriend wears the same color sometimes.” Jenny smiled and thanked me for the compliment and went on to say that I must be a very lucky man to have a girlfriend with excellent taste.

So for the next hour I quizzed her on various vocabulary words that she would need to know for the final exam given by Dr. Baker. Jenny was very intense and as we finished she said, “You really helped me. Thanks a lot. Will you be here later on today? I still want to review some of the bird and mammal mating rituals.” At that she blushed again slightly. ” I’ll have to tell my parents where I went to study but since my phone died I have to walk back home to tell them.”

“You could use my phone,” I said helpfully. “Then you can have another hour.” I handed her the phone and she called her parents. I heard her tell the person she was talking to that she found this great tutor at the university and was going to stay on campus for awhile. While she was talking I quickly reassigned my next appointment to one of my grad students. Let them handle the freshman math student as I was enjoying my time helping Jenny. (Still strictly business).

So I continued tutoring her on mating rituals. Peacocks, fresh water salmon, big cats and a dozen more creatures. Jenny was relaxing and laughing more as we both commented on how they have it easy. No dating, flowers or judgemental relatives! Just show your feathers or sing the best song and its their lucky day!

As we were sitting across from each other I could see down her blouse a little bit whenever she looked down at her notes. When she laughed she had this habit of leaning backward in her chair and that had the pleasant result of her small breasts straining against the fabric. Thoughts of Gina entered my mind each time she did this. But then she leaned backward just a little too far and the chair upended and with a small exclamation of surprise all I saw was Jenny’s grey skirt billowing like a parachute as she tumbled towards the floor.

For a second I was stunned. Not because she lost her balance but for what was revealed underneath her skirt. There was no doubt about it. Jenny was naked as the day she was born beneath that lovely skirt. And her legs had spread as she fell backwards in her chair and I saw a penis. Jenny was much more that the average coed. She had a beautiful dick!

Instantly recovering my composure, I jumped up from my chair as she tumbled out of sight below the desktop. I rushed around the desk and she was on the floor with her dress no longer concealing her cock. She looked up at me and started to cry.

“Hey. It’s ok. Don’t cry,” I said. I tried to rearrange her skirt but her manicured hands grasped mine just inches above her beautiful cock.

(End of Part 1)

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