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the weekend away part 1

My name is Ben, and this story happened back when I was at Uni.
At the time I didn’t do a lot of studying, just drank a lot and played a lot of sport. I’m quite a big athletic guy, I stand 6ft4 and around 240lbs.
I started dating a girl called Beki, she was amazing. 5ft 6, not fat but not thin. A real hour-glass figure. Huge 36F boobs, striking dyed red hair, a real wild c***d. And the first girl I ever met who was a squirter, and so good in bed, really dirty, and as I was to find out, no taboos!
We’d been seeing each other a couple of months and had loads of fun. The holidays were coming up and she invited me for a weekend away, at her mums house.
Beki had told me previously about her mum. She had, had Beki when she was quite young so was still only 38. She had been divorced for 4 years and never seemed interested in dating again. Beki was always talking about getting her another man.
We went down to her mums house for the weekend in the summer, the weather was amazing, and Beki was on real form, horny as hell, and all the way driving, she was telling me different places she wanted me to fuck her. Sat on the motorway she played with herself so the lorry drivers could see, and gave me a blowjob while I was driving.
When we got to her mums house I was very surprised when I met Louise { mum }, she was a very attractive woman. I could certainly see where Beki had got her figure from. About the same height and build , but if anything she had bigger tits. Blonde hair and the same big blowjob lips.
Louise was very friendly and accepted me straight away, telling me to make myself at home. Over the next couple of days we all had a great time, eating drinking and Beki and I at every opportunity were fucking like mad, although it was hard work when her mum was home as Beki was very loud.
On the Sunday we went out for a big lunch at the local pub, and that’s when things all got a bit strange.
I’d been to the toilet and when I came back I interrupted a conversation. Beki was trying to convince her mum to start dating. When I sat down, Beki involved me, asking if I thought Louise was attractive. Of course I agreed. But then it went a little to far when Beki asked her mum if she had, had sex since her dad had left…… the answer was no!
The walk home was very quiet. when we got back Louise went upstairs out of the way while we started drinking. it did take long before we were fucking on the sofa…Beki was even louder than normal… screaming that she wanted my big cock, how much she was cumming and to fuck her harder.
After we had finished I went for a long shower. when I went back to down stairs, Beki and Louise were sat together having another heated conversation about Louise dating.
Louise said she had heard us having sex, every night and just before….. Beki’s reply shocked me…..”Did it turn you on mum?”
“No!” was the reply
“Okay, so when I went into your room while Ben was in the shower, why were you laid on your bed asl**p with your vibrator on the bed?” Beki asked.
There was no reply.
“Come on mum, you must miss getting fucked?…..What about Ben, he’s hot and well hung and a really good fuck?”
“Are you suggesting I have sex with your boyfriend?! Louise said …so shocked her voice trembled.
“You’d fuck mum wouldn’t you babe?” Beki asked, but before I could reply she took matters into her own hands.
She turned to me and kissed me deeply, rubbing my cock through my shorts, then stopped and said ” Fuck my mum for me babe, make her happy”
“Stop it Beki” Louise shouted!
Beki stood me up and pulled down my shorts exposing my semi erect cock,
for the first time I spoke…” What the fuck are you doing Bek?”
She didn’t reply….instead she took my cock in her mouth and started sucking, rolling her tongue around my bell end then taking it deep until I was fully erect.
“O my god Beki, what do you think you are doing?” Louise asked… but never stopped staring.
“Look how big he is mum, was dad that big?” she asked
Louise’s voice wobbled….”No….not even close”
Beki took hold of her mums hand and guided it to my cock… “Hold it mum”
Reluctantly Louise wrapped her fingers gently around my cock…”We can’t do this ” Louise said, her voice still shaking.

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