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this is true

Part one

About 5 years ago I was find I have type2 diabetes things for my wife & me was going right for us in the bed.
So we would buying toys for us to use & I got myself male strap-on so she could feel something inside her pussy, for me thinking there note wrong with our sex life.
I would use magic wand then use dildo going in & out her pussy & play games with her fuck her with strap-on, this went on for few weeks.
Then one night she said the strap-on hurt her too much to use it many more she said I did try to use it with you my husband but hurts like hell inside my pussy.
I said that ok darling we found something to use for us.
So we can use the other toys then, she said yes.
We would play with each other & use toys keep us going but each time in back of my mind I know her going to go off with other guy.
Was looking on the net for other things & come to a site called (dark side) after few days looking found a guy who sells pills to anyone who like to have sex.
After reading his profile it said send me email to this address I be in touch in few days.
I left it at that & put it back of my mind, after a week pass an email from him saying what would you like in pill send me what you like then I send you list.
I send him what I like to do to my wife but have type2 diabetes, next morning a list come saying.
For type2 diabetes x2 =£5 will get you hard-on so you can push it in her pussy.
Do put her out a sl**p x2 = £10 they are a sl**p & don’t know what happen next day.
To make them not move but still wide awake x2 = £12 awake but cannot move but knowing what happing to them
Piz pay in cash.
I sent back could I have x2 of each be £54.
He sent back asking where I live I send him few more email & my mobile number & told me meet him in Derby station at set time & date.
We meet few days later told me if goes wrong you have taken the can for it.
Saturday came & did a meal in & when I go to do the coffee drop 2 sl**ping tables in her coffee, she sat on the couch & within 30mins she was out like a light did not move.
I took 2 my pills to get hard-on while waiting I took her clothes off her left her stocking on & spenders. I pulled her up & put her over arm of the couch I went down lick her ass hole & poked it with my finger few times then put 2 in her ass-hole play around then pulled out by now my cock was hard but not too hard.
I slide my cock in her pussy & it felt so good in her & started to pump away at her pussy god did it feel good in her pussy after 7 months playing with her pussy.
I pulled out & try to slide it in her ass-hole but after sliding 2 fingers in & out & put bit baby oil it went in so easy.
I could not pull to fare back just in case it come out her ass & could not get it back in.
After good fucking her ass I shot my load in her did I feel it draining from me but I still had it hard so I decided use her mouth, I picked her up & up her on the floor & put some pillows under her ass to make her pussy off the floor.
I place my cock into her mouth & went it I started to pump it slow then went to her pussy started to lick her pussy but the more I pump my cock in her mouth the more I like to fist her pussy with my hand.
I started to rub her pussy & now & then slide a finger or 2 & before I know it I had all my hand in her pussy, I know before long I shot but keep on playing with her pussy & pushing my hand in then I tried to push my other hand in as well as just as I got both in her pussy I cum & filled her mouth full of my cum.
I picked her up took her to bed & the next morning she did not know what has happened to her.

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